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February 18, 2007

The Diva at Disney

February 18, 2007 | By | 4 Comments


The Diva and I are in Orlando for the annual meeting of the National Religious Broadcasters. So our first stop when we arrived Friday evening: Disney, of course. There’s a section of the Disney Empire called Downtown Disney that is just shops and restaurants where you can walk around for free, so that’s where we headed. Fortunately, our cab driver suggested dropping us off by the Lego store — outside were tables with a bin in the middle full of legos and kids building all kinds of creations!

What I found most interesting though was how amazingly upscale everything was.

What happened to Everyman Disney?

For dinner we dropped in to the Wolfgang Puck cafe. . . and had four-cheese pizza, complete with little dollops of goat cheese. The Diva looked at me skeptically and wrinkled her nose, but she did eat it. We got a side order of the best cole slaw ever. I think I tasted horseradish in the dressing.

To top it off, we headed over for hot fudge sundaes. No Hershey’s syrup, here, no sirree. Ghirardelli’s natch.

charmaine_diva_ice_cream.jpgI’m certainly not complaining. It was a lovely evening. And I was very happy to have grown-up food. But still.

And that isn’t even addressing the merchandising! What happened to cheap, overpriced Mickey ears?

Now Disney is hawking “Classic Pooh” bone china. And tastefully monogrammed golf shirts by Greg Norman. I really wanted to get the one with Grumpy breaking his golf club over his knee. . . but a quick call to your Business Blogger verified that yes, indeed, he would not wear it no matter how funny I thought it was. No fun at all.

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  1. Ugh.

    Especially that second picture.


  2. The only Disney places ive been to are some of the parks in Florida. I avoided the magic kingdom park and went only to Epcot and the Disney Studios. Im not a great fan of parks, but I found Epcot to be quite good, as themeparks go. Sugar-coated as possible of course, but this is Disney, after all.

    I was far less impressed with the nearby Universal park. That park was supplied with continuous piped music coverage, very loud, covering every spot in the park – particually the queues. I am oversensetive noise (its a medical thing), and particually loud and prolonged noise is physically painful for me… I had to ruin the day for the entire family by forcing them to leave before I passed out.

    I do not intend to go on any holiday outside this country again. Ever. Im sticking to rented cottages in the more rural areas of the UK – places with a lot of walking, and plenty of the great british rain.

  3. Pat Patterson

    Everyman Disneyland, at least in Anaheim, disappeared when the park closed the picnic area outside the park. Years ago, way to many to mention, I worked at Disneyland as a sweeper and parking lot attendent in the summers and holidays.

    Being cheap, I always brought my lunch and ate in the little picnic area hidden behind tall shrubs near the ticket windows. There was a good example of humankind in action, families of all races and nationalities would sit at the spotless tables and eat food they either brought from home or the local markets that used to be on Harbor Blvd.

    I even met a Persian family that I kept in contact with who eventually sent their twin daughters to the US to study at USC. The girls would tell me how much of their first impressions of the US were formed by the amusements in the park and the motley riot of people at the picnic tables.

    Tam Sawyer’s Island and Autorama were my favorites.

  4. You and the Diva look so much alike. It is so wonderful that she can accompany you when you travel. Be safe and enjoy.

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