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September 22, 2010

Kelsea McLain On-Line: EndClinicHarrassment, MsFetus, 40DaysForChoice, ProChoiceLove, GanjaFeminist, KeepclinicSSafe

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Not Safe For Work

Kelsea McLain (not her, re: his-real name) is an abortion advocate on Twitter using a number of aliases. His Tweets are written not to provoke a thought; but to provoke a fight.

“McLain” began stalking Charmaine and me in the summer of 2010. He started with this first contact.

Screen Shot #1



This is the strategy of the anti-TEA party Liberals: Start with an insult to provoke a reciprocal response from a conservative. Then forward the Conservative’s “over-reaction” to discredit the entire TEA party movement.

Screen Shot #2

The embedded videos show Liberal Democrat campaign consultant Neal Rauhauser as the alleged libel-kingpin. Screen-shots of tweets show the coordination between Rauhauser and “McLain.”

Read “Twitter-Thugs” at Read Free We The People #Insane #Losers on #Twitter aka #TwitterGate

Screen Shot #3



Thank you (foot)notes,

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Oddly, the pro-choice Twitter stalkers are not all technology-savvy. They do not want sonograms, science or education.

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