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01 Nov



How to Tell When Your Accountant Has Attention to Detail

November 1, 2006 | By | 2 Comments


Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D. (?) What is a good way to learn if your accountant is getting all those numbers to add up right?

He spells your name right.

When Your Business Blogger was in the army way back in the days of the horse cavalry, I had a boss, Captain Akroyd, who once gave me a memorable ‘corrective interview.’ The West Pointer said I needed to concentrate on my Attention to Detail.

And, in lacking that quality (back then!), I am, of course, very quick to criticize the same lack in others (today).

I often see this lack in the spelling of our names: Charmaine has an unusual first name that is often misspelled, or misidentified. Yoest, a Flemish name, is often misspelled.

The cliche goes: There is no bad PR, as long as they spell your name right.

So it was memorable that my name would be misspelled and insulted in the same article. Very bad.

A two-fer.

Dennis Howlett on innovation for professional accountants who blogs at AccMan gets my name wrong and uses bad language.

Sounding like, well, a blogger:

I come up with Jack Youest, …an A&&hole.

My new best friend, Dennis Howlett might be right half the time. But these would not be the odds one would take.

From an accountant.

New tag line:

Dennis Howlett on innovation for professional accountants — We’re Right Half the Time! We’re British!

We May Have Lost the Empire, But We Won’t Lose Your Money!


Thank you (foot)notes: I do hope Dennis Howlett is not disqualified for the AcountancyAge Awards 2006 coming up on 15 November. His ciphering is no doubt more accurate than his spelling. More at the jump.

Management Training Tip: Get the name right; both sight and sound, for the eye and ear, spelling and pronunciation.

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Montaigne's Advice from Hugh Hewitt via Mere Orthodoxy

October 30, 2006 | By | No Comments


Hugh Hewitt and Charmaine Yoest

May, 2006 GodBlogCon finished up this weekend with bloggers from coast to coast gathering for a good time and, perhaps, some learning.

Andrew McKnight from Mere Orthodoxy has this observation,

Somehow politics don’t depress Mr. Hewitt. He walks in a murky world, but to watch him you’d think he lives perpetually on a sunny hill. His advice to young would-be culture changers (like me!) was two-fold:

1) Take Montaigne’s advice, “Constant cheerfulness is a mark of a truly wise person” and

2) “Find the good, and praise it.”


Hugh Hewitt’s

Painting the Map Red We just finished Hewitt’s Painting the Map Red: The Fight to Create a Permanent Republican Majority

A cheerful book.

A must read.

A happy read.


And be sure to catch the Young Politics Carnival at good reads for any age.

27 Oct



The Bloggin' Boy. . .

October 27, 2006 | By | 2 Comments

I’ve created a monster! I can’t get my computer back from my boy! I’m reduced to Blackberry blogging.

Great picture of the Dude in the Blogging Scrum will follow if I can ever get my laptop back…


Read more on The Dude’s blog entries about the Blogger’s Convention here.

Heading to Godblogcon!

October 26, 2006 | By | One Comment

I’m headed to the Left Coast to talk about blogging with some of my favorite people, the godbloggers.

The Diva and the Dude are coming along because they have both become bloggers and I want them to catch the vision for blogging with a purpose.

Stay tuned — I’m looking forward to meeting some great people and learning a lot. I’ll be reporting back — right here.

NRO 10th Anniversary Celebration

October 11, 2006 | By | One Comment


National Review Online So Charmaine gets bumped and dumped from Bill O’Reilly on Fox. She was to debate the Foley fallout. But a plane crashing into a building in New York City might command better ratings and revenues.

But no matter. We skip over to NRO’s open bar bash at Charlie Palmer’s Steakhouse in Washington, DC. They are celebrating their 10th Anniversary.

“Hey,” I say to Charmaine. “Look-it who’s here!” I’m moving into the swarm of 500, leaning forward.

She says, “Yes, Romney’s straight ahead.”

“No,” as I push Laura Ingraham aside. (She looks marvelous.) She topples over Rebecca Hagelin from Heritage, spilling a drink on Kathryn Lopez. I dodge Rich Lowery. I’m almost there.

Charmaine’s got my coattail telling me to stop. My target’s in range. Jonah Goldberg and Kate O’Beirne start backing away. But it’s not them I’m after. Elaine Donnelly is off to the side wondering why she ever retained me…

I push the other groupies away — and fall at his feet and grovel. Paul Mirengoff, from Powerline looks down benignly. (This supplication happens quite a bit.) “Yes, my son…”

“Paul,” I beg, “Please link to me.

I could see a kind look in his eye before security rudely pulls me off. Liberal union thugs.

But it was a great evening, anyway.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

The National Review Institute wishes to thank the following organizations and individuals for participating in and sponsoring this special celebration at the jump.

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10 Oct



NEW: Jack Yoest and Reasoned Audacity — Merged

October 10, 2006 | By | 4 Comments

So we decided to marry our fortunes together. And begot the New* Reasoned Audacity.

Just as in-real-life we didn’t get hyphenated: We got married.

Our feminist friends will smugly note that the female in this union kept her name.


Jack and Charmaine Yoest by Elgin Tyrell

Your Business Blogger will continue to write on Business Sense, Military Precision and Timeless Truth. Charmaine will continue to write on Politics in Real Life. Where these two become one.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

*The Alert Reader will note: the ‘New’ as adjective for Reasoned Audacity in this post. We were considering a nifty trick Lee A. Iacocca performed as he was rescuing Chrysler in the early 1980’s. He officially changed the automaker’s name to ‘The New Chrysler Corporation.’ So that every time reporters mentioned the troubled company’s name the copy would read, “The New Chrysler Corporation.” The only thing new was Iacocca and the name (and a lot of managers)…

…The government bailout didn’t hurt either. But it gave the public the perception that new and good and wonderful things were coming out of Chrysler.

Proving again that Seth Godin is right in All Marketers are Liars.

Charmaine and I are now planning to sell The New Reason Audacity to Daimler-Benz Chrysler.



The Carnival of the Vanities is up at First Carnival

September 13, 2006 | By | One Comment

And gets down to business by lowercase stingfellow.

While visiting First Carnival be sure to check out Creativity: Throwing out the box by Wayne Hurlbert,

Think in terms of strange questions. I’m not only talking about the overworked tree falling in the forest here. Of course, thinking about whether or not there is indeed a sound can help trigger new ways of looking at the world. The point is to move far away from your routine framework of thought. New worlds await discovery. It may as well be you who plants the first flag. Right?

Wayne reminds Your Business Blogger of my favorite creative question:

What would you never do?

It usually makes the staff and clients uncomfortable or even angry. But it makes them get off the dime.

And out of the Box. Read Wayne now.


Correction: John Aravosis is not always a Jerk

September 8, 2006 | By | No Comments

Your Business Blogger unjustly suggested that John Aravosis at AmericaBlog had deliberately, with malice aforethought, deleted a photo of Charmaine he took during the G-8 and blow up of 7.7 in London last year. I was looking for that particular shot of Charmaine, but I lost my copy. (I’m looking for a way to blame the kids.)

John, in an email exchange, becomes unhinged, as liberals are known to do and calls me a “goof.” The slander! The hate! l’insulte!

And then he asks me for the photo when I find it. John smugly assumed that I had it stored in some hidden folder and that I would eventually uncover it.


I found it.


John, here’s your copy.

I goofed.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

John was right about the picture location; he’s right that it’s a great shot. But he’s wrong on everything else.

Your Business Blogger at Small Business Trends

September 6, 2006 | By | No Comments

Love. Every Tuesday and Friday I am honored to have a column published over on Small Business Trends and Small Business Trends Radio

Following are recent titles:

Job Interviews: When To Lie

Practice for Small Business Managers

3 Questions for Mentors and Advisors in Small Business

Hiring? The Best Question To Ask a Job Candidate

Mastering the Mic for Sound Management

Test Your Business Idea On A Critical Audience

How To Guarantee Your Best Show Business Introduction


The Dude and Diva


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Anita Campbell, my Editrix at Small Business Trends also hosts a live call-in radio show.

60-minute audio interviews with small business experts — the podcast home of Small Business Trends Radio, broadcast Tuesdays at 1:00 pm Eastern time.

Host: Anita Campbell

Exec. Producer: Steve Rucinski

Please tune in for the best in business education and entertainment.