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Lunch at CPAC! (Conservative Political Action Conference)

February 11, 2006 | By | One Comment

Cross Post from Charmaine at Reasoned Audacity.


Wonder Woman and Right Girl

(Gentlemen bloggers to be identified when I find my notes! Sorry.) The Conservative Political Action Conference is going on here in DC this week, and bloggers were out in force. Some of the Cotillion ladies were here, so I ran over this afternoon to get a chance to meet them in person.

Wonder Woman and Right Girl have come down from Canada, while Little Miss Attila flew in from the Left Coast. We missed Attila for lunch, but Mary Katherine Ham was also there. And we were joined by LaShawn Barber and Chris Nolan. Chris agreed to be our token liberal — though never fear, we did not divulge any of the sooper seekrit right-wingnut codes.

Rob Bluey from Human Events graciously agreed to be our token male — because conservative women like men — and then even treated us all to lunch! Thanks, Rob.


LaShawn Barber


Rob Bluey and Mary Katherine Ham

Now, in the interest of national security, I really feel that I must disclose that over lunch, MK and Right Girl were developing a smuggling plot: RG would smuggle in Vanilla Coke from Canada for MK — in exchange for health care. . .

True story.


Carnival of Entrepreneurship – Grand Opening

February 9, 2006 | By | No Comments


Powerline’s Scott Johnson, Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D. and Paul Mirengoff

at the American Poitical Science Association, fall 2005

credit: Jack Yoest

A weblog reader wrote to Powerline: “Thanks for Changing the World!” When they wrote about errors on the CBS icon 60 Minutes. And bringing to the public news and expertise that had not been seen anywhere else.

Scott Allen is continuing this trend.

Whenever Your Business Blogger talks with journalists from the Main Stream Media, they always complain that there is no editorial oversight in the blogosphere.

The journalists are wrong. As usual.

Note the emergence and growth of Carnivals. They review and select the best offerings. Weblog readers and writers are segmenting down to narrower and narrower niches with greater and greater expertise.

Until they become like the old joke about Ph.D. dissertations: Knowing more and more about less and less.

And this is good. Blog readers and commenters provide some of the sharpest insight and critique around in any medium. Editorial oversight, as it were.

Here is the case study: Scott Allen has started up a start-up for start ups for weblog readers and writers. Free consulting. Every Week.

At The Carnival of Entrepreneurship. Up and running at Scott’s.


Michael Barone, Scott Johnson, Paul Mirengoff

credit: Jack Yoest


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See more on the expertise of Scott Allen in the extended entry.

See Don Surber’s Thursday Best Blogs.

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08 Feb



Glenn Reynolds in The New Atlantis

February 8, 2006 | By | 2 Comments


The New AtlantisThe New Atlantis A Journal of Technology & Society is featuring Instapundit‘s Glenn Reynolds in the latest print issue that arrived yesterday.

Most lawyers write for billable hours. Glenn Reynolds writes for bloggers and readers where:

…reading a weblog requires a deliberate act. As a blog reader, you control your time…

And attention.

And it is this:

…what is really going on is something much more profound: the end of the power of Big Media.

And most important:

…power once concentrated in the hands of a professional few has been redistributed into the those who (mostly) do it for fun.

Beware the people who are having fun competing with you.

Italics in original.

Except from his forth coming book An Army of Davids is published by Nelson Current.

I can’t wait to get a copy.


The New Atlantis is published by

Ethics and Public Policy Center


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Appreciation and thanks to Eric Cohen, Editor, for providing a copy of The New Atantis.

Be sure to read Christine Rosen’s Are We Worthly of Our Kitchens? when the issue comes on line.

02 Feb



Four in the Morning

February 2, 2006 | By | 2 Comments


Going Nuclear

with TaggingAnd mourning.

Unwritten rules of the Blogosphere. Courtesy. Spell check. Fact check. Short sentences.

Short paragraphs.

And responding to chain (e?)mail. The internet game of tagging.

I don’t know what’s worse. Being ignored. Or getting “tagged.”

I’m “it.” For now.


Four In The Morning

Four Places You’ve Lived:

Washington, DC. For a day and half, then we were robbed.

Richmond, Virginia

North Potomac. Used to be Gaithersburg. Property vaules went up with the name change

Alexandria, Virginia. Bought high. Sold low.

Four Jobs You’ve Had In Your Life:


Door-to-door salesman

Carpenter’s Helper, promoted to Carpenter’s Assistant

CIO in a billion dollar enterprise

Four Movies You Could Watch Over And Over (and Over and Over):

Princess Bride


It’s a Good Life

Great Escape

Four TV Shows You Love To Watch:

Brit Hume


George Will (whatever that Sunday show he’s on)

Dora the Explorer

Four Places You’ve Been on Vacation:

Back yard

Parent’s pool

Neighbors’ pool

Your pool

Four Websites You Visit Daily:

Reasoned Audacity


Don Surber

Basil’s Blog

Four Of Your Favorite Foods:

Zone Bars


MacDonald’s French Fries


Four Places You’d Rather Be:

A Red State

With Low Taxes

And School Vouchers

Near Wal*Mart

Four Albums You Can’t Live Without:

Catch Bull at Four

4 Him

Forever Young

Fortunate Son

Charmaine and I got tagged from our friend Tom McMahon. Who was trained by General Electric.

We learned from his four-some that he worked both as a janitor and Nuclear Reactor Operator. Probably at the same time.

He’s more dextrous than Homer Simpson. And he’s radioactive. Go bookmark him, anyway.

Here are the four I’m tagging:


Joe Grossberg

Writing Right



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If you have scrolled down and read all of the above — do leave a comment. I would want to publically thank you for being so kind and patient and generous with your time. And do let me know where you are incarcerated and your expected release date.

01 Feb



Keeping the Little Woman out of Nordstroms.

February 1, 2006 | By | 4 Comments


Charmaine at the


in LA

credit: Mike’s NoiseLast April Charmaine launches her blog Reasoned Audacity. To write about Politics in Real Life. Because she didn’t have enough to do.

Then, Family Research Council, decided to become even more assertive with technology. Expanding education and advocacy.

To reach and teach the people who care about defending Family, Faith and Freedom. Protecting human life from conception to natural death. A Judicary that believes in Natural Law; original intent. The traditional family.


So they brought Charmaine on-board to set up the non-profit’s corporate FRCBlog.

To change the world while changing diapers.

And blog.

Blog marketer Seth Godin reminds us that weblogs work best when based on:

1. Candor;

2. Urgency;

3. Timeliness;

4. Pithiness; and

5. Controversy

(maybe utility if you want six).

And Controversy Charmaine got.

The innovation in advancing agendas in the blogosphere belongs not to the liberal world-view, but to traditional truth seekers.

And print outlets noticed that conservative bloggers were winning readers and influencing the debate. The Village Voice, The Washington Post, United Press International and The Nation.


Protesters See

Mood Shift Against ‘Roe’Alert Readers will remember that 50 conservative bloggers traveled from across the country to blog at the March for Life. The Washington Post wrote in their dead tree and on-line editions:

Charmaine Yoest, a vice president at the Family Research Council, told a morning gathering of 40 antiabortion bloggers that the demise of Roe would mean a battle within each state over whether abortion should be legal — a more localized, grass-roots fight.

“Consensus is building that we are moving into a post- Roe future, and we need to be ready,” she said.


For Pro-Life Bloggers,

a New HubrisLike their blog brothers The (Liberal) Nation is worried:

…What Karen Hughes is to Bush’s “war on terror,” Charmaine Yoest is to the prolife movement. She was recently hired by the Family Research Council to develop a new web and e-mail strategy and to create an FRC blog….

Yoest even went so far as to claim that it is “prochoicers [who] try to make us believe that overturning Roe will be the end of abortion”…

“What we’ve been explaining to the media and others for a while is, all it would do is just throw it back to the states.”

…Yoest told the crowd, “We’re on a campaign to win hearts and minds.”


Make Love, Not Gore

Sure of a post-Roe America,

anti-abortion marchers

go cuddlyThe Village Voice writes:

Charmaine Yoest spoke of the dawn of a new era in the abortion debate. “The legal change may take awhile,” she said, “but I really do see us moving into a post-Roe America.”


Anti-abortion bloggers

convene in Washington UPI reports:

Networking among anti-abortion bloggers through technology will counter the portrayal of the anti-abortion movement in mainstream media, according to Charmaine Yoest, vice president for external relations at the Family Research Council and managing editor of the daily blog

Yoest compared the anti-abortion blogging movement to a line of high-tech 21st-century water buckets putting out a large fire burning since the Roe vs. Wade decision was passed down in 1973.

“We form an association, that’s the American way,” said Yoest, one of three hosts for the event.

Emphasizing the impact of technology in actively promoting the anti-abortion stance, she said more women on both sides of the debate were becoming more conscious of the healthy fetus via technology including sonograms.

“We are headed into a whole new era of abortion public policy,” Yoest said.

The liberal left couldn’t get an audience on talk radio. And now has lost the blogosphere to conservatives — the real progressives.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Be sure to bookmark The FRCBlog.

Yahoo News has The Nation article with links. Added value. For Free.

The main stream media is pro-abortion, anti-tradition — as well as the Bush-hating blog innovators Seth Godin and Brad Feld, Tbogg and the readership of Fast Company.

Basil’s Blog has a picnic.

Don Surber has best posts for Wednesday.

Alas has open thread.

The Carnival of Marketing is Up and Running at Emergence Marketing

January 30, 2006 | By | No Comments


Emergence Marketing is

a member of the

Corante NetworkAnd is hosted by Francois Gossieau and Gabe d’Annunzio. Emergence Marketing also points us to two other quick, interesting posts.

Including Your Business Blogger.


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The seasoned pro’s writing Emergence Marketing lend their experience making the blogosphere a better place in extended entry:

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Weblog Awards

January 24, 2006 | By | One Comment


Weblog Awards

the 2006 bloggiesDonald Trump once admitted on The Apprentice that, “I’ve been duped.”

Well, Your Business Blogger’s just been duped. Again.

I thought the Weblog Awards was a straight up competition for best blogs. But no.

I nominated a number of outstanding blogs for each category. Like, say, Reasoned Audacity.

But most of my nominees didn’t survive the cut.

Most of my suggestions were right-of-center writers.

Look-it the finalists.

Left-of-center. Which is OK, if I knew before-hand. Now I know.

(But you, Alert Reader, probably already knew that.)

Anyway, two of my nominations did get thru. gapingvoid and The Political Teen.

I’m sure Hugh MacLeod at gapingvoid and I would not agree on most policies political. But I bought business cards from him. He runs a great business. He’s up for Best Brit Blog.

And nobody beats The Political Teen on conservative video and commentary. Ian Schwartz is up for Best Teen Blog.

Go vote. For these two.

Not Firedoglake.


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gapingvoid.comHere’s the backside of my new business cards — artwork by Hugh MacLeod. Loved by sociopaths everywhere.

Don Surber didn’t make it as a finalist. He’s that good. Bookmark him.

March for Life Tomorrow!

January 22, 2006 | By | No Comments


March for Life is tomorrow — start your day with Blogs for Life at the Family Research Council — 801 G Street — right across from Gallery Place metro from 9:00 till 11:30. . . or, if you aren’t in DC, join us by webcast starting at 9:30!

More on the March for Life convention and the Roe Effect at

Cross-posted from Reasoned Audacity.

Monday at 9:30 AM: Live Webcast of Blogs for Life!

January 22, 2006 | By | No Comments

If you are in Washington, D.C., come on by 801 G Street tomorrow morning at 9:30 to join the Blogs for Life gathering!

If you can’t be there, tune in to the LIVE WEBCAST, here!

Cross-posted from Reasoned Audacity.

Blogger Meet Up At March For Life

January 22, 2006 | By | No Comments


Blogs for LifeOver 50 bloggers have signed up. We will be live blogging the annual March for Life in Your Nation’s Capital, Monday 23 January 2006. See Blogs4Life.

The blogger event is co-sponsored by Tim from Pro-Life Blogs and Peter Shinn from March Together and Family Research Council.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D., will be assisting with logistics. She blogs at FRCBlog and Reasoned Audacity.