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Anti-Capitalists vs. “Poor Jack Yoest”

September 19, 2005 | By | One Comment

Ten reasons economic anarchists have not taken kindly to your Business Blogger:


Elephane Eggs

referred by Loaded Mouth

1) I spent $96.95 to fill my gas tank and didn’t blame President George Bush.

2) I put the gas in an SUV, a Suburban, giant monster truck.


3) To haul my overpopulating five children.

4) While stopped at Sam’s and WalMart.

5) On our way to a Bible study.

6) In land-grabbing suburbia.

7) After supersizing at MacDonald’s.

8) Following a little league baseball game where they, gasp!, kept score.


5 May 1990

9) While hanging with the mother of my said children.

10) Whom I met when she worked in the Reagan Administration.

10)(a) After I got out of United States Armed Forces.


Thank You (foot)notes

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TAS at LoadedMouth corrects — Truth or Consequences is their tag line, not their title. Ad hominems included. Debate not.

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What Pepsi is Doing Right

September 11, 2005 | By | One Comment

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. And here is where Pepsi’s Indra Nooyi gets something, somewhere right.


Jeff Gordon, #24


Why Elites Hate WalMart

September 8, 2005 | By | 14 Comments

“Law-breaker, union-buster, tax-escapee…” says Ralph Nader about WalMart. The generosity of $17 million by the retailing giant during the Katrina Aftermath has muted criticism, but changed few minds.


WalMart Protesters

Why do left of center political activists picket and pick on this American success story?

There are five basic reasons this market segment of Blue State politically liberal consumers do not care much for WalMart:

First, WalMart is a ‘Right to Work’ company, an open shop. WalMart sees little need for unions, but neither do employees. Low-cost WalMart doesn’t care for high-cost unions. The only people interested in unionizing WalMart are unions themselves and the Democrat Party.


Child-like Mocking

Second, WalMart’s political donations favor the Grand Old Party. Readers will remember the Fast Company chart depicting political donations of various companies: Starbucks gives to Democrats; Dunkin’ Donuts to Republicans. WalMart supports the red in Republican; Costco loves blue Democrats.

Third, Corporate WalMart is Pro-life. For example, the crisis pregnancy center in Baltimore recently received a grant from the retailer. The Left and our feminist friends at the National Organization of Women do not like this brand of private sector activism.


Fourth, WalMart makes money, lots of money. WalMart sales are the largest in the world at $220 billion, with $7 billion in profits. Which is too much money for critics like activist Jim Hightower. And liberals and governments want a say in how all this loot is distributed.


Fifth, WalMart is heartless to competitors. It is the All-American retail marketing-machine: big, patriotic, delivering goods to families faster, better, cheaper. And . . .crushing little mom and pop boutiques. Survival of the cheapest, so to say, isn’t pretty. (This is the only Darwinism the Left doesn’t like.)

WalMart has whipped up the perfect storm for the Liberal worldview: generous, pro-life, pro-Bush, pro-war, pro-American.


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Anti-WalMart at No Cleveland WalMart hat tip credit to NRO


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Based on an early look at blog trend tracking sites like Blogpulse, Icerocket and Technorati, the chatter in the blogosphere is just starting to pick up. But once the amplifying effect of thousands of linking blogs takes hold, expect this film to generate massive grassroots level buzz as the November 13th [2005]release date approaches.

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