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What Is The Purpose of Business? The Video

February 23, 2008 | By | No Comments

Watch the 90 second clip. Students: this is not a substitute for class attendance. But it is good to know what the professor thinks…

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MEDIA ALERT: Your Business Blogger in Business & Media Institute: CNN Reveals New Definition of Recession

November 26, 2007 | By | No Comments

Your Business Blogger was visiting mom over Thanksgiving. I told her about the good work by the good guys at the Business & Media Institute.

I explained to her about the bias that the media injects into business reporting: talking down the economy, business men are evil monsters and Republicans don’t care about the little guy (customers).

“For example,” I begin, reverting to consultant/professor mode, “the economy is on fire–”

“What?” mom interjects.

“The economy…” I stop. It is a smart son that does not lecture his mother. “Mom, do you think we are in a recession?”

“Yes!” she cries. “People are unemployed, inflation has everything so expensive and people are losing their homes!”

Oh no. CNN got to her.

Read my article over at Business & Media Institute, CNN’s ‘Recession Watch’ Continues, with New Definition of Recession: Morning show focuses on negative Christmas shopping predictions as indicator of economic health, despite strong job growth. And read how CNN got it wrong.

The Alert Reader will note that Black Friday sales are up 8 percent over same day last year. That is explosive growth — ignored or minimized by the main stream media.

The main stream media will do anything to talk down the economy to try to get Hillary elected.

From BMI,

According to the White House Fact Sheet for October, statistics that CNN …should have considered:

Real GDP grew at a strong 3.9 percent in the third quarter of 2007

October 2007 marked the 50th consecutive month of job growth.

The economy has six years of uninterrupted growth.

Real after-tax per capita personal income has risen by 12.7 percent, an average of $3,800 over the last seven years.

Mom did not believe the numbers. She believes what she sees on TV. Too much CNN. Not enough FOX.

MEDIA ALERT: Your Business Blogger at Business & Media Institute: CNN In Search of Recession

November 14, 2007 | By | No Comments

Your Business Blogger has a piece up at the Business & Media Institute. Be sure to read for the surprising (to liberals) ending.

CNN’s ‘Your $$$$$’ Scours the Nation for Recession Hints

Co-hosts prod guests about the R-word, select states with bad news.

By Jack Yoest

Business & Media Institute

11/7/2007 10:37:09 AM

The national economy continues its strong performance, but “Your $$$$$” co-hosts Ali Velshi and Christine Romans were looking hard for bad news.

In October, 166,000 jobs were added, twice the expected growth rate. General growth as measured by the gross domestic product was estimated at a robust 3.9 percent for the most recent quarter.

That meant CNN didn’t find a national recession and had to look for trouble on the state level.

“There are some states…where people are feeling all the elements of a recession already,” Velshi said. Earlier in October, Velshi told viewers “the bottom line is to most Americans, a recession is what it feels like to you.”

Velshi gets lost in the economic forest. Read the entire article and learn what the rational economic family does when living in high cost states.

You Are Invited: The Politics of Parental Leave at the New America Foundation

November 13, 2007 | By | No Comments

charmaine_speaking_ceadarville.GIF Charmaine will be giving a presentation on The Politics of Parental Leave: Is Paid Parental Leave an Effective Means of Promoting Gender Equity in the Workplace? at the New America Foundation.

Start: 11/15/2007 – 12:30pm to 1:30pm

at New America Foundation

1630 Connecticut Ave, NW 7th Floor

Washington, 20009


New America Foundation

From the New America Foundation web site,

U.S. political candidates are beginning to produce work and family policy positions in response to what most Americans feel – that work and family balance is a major issue facing American families. Women in particular struggle with such balance and with achieving equality in the workplace. Several bills have been introduced in Congress to mandate paid parental leave to help women achieve better balance and more equality. But is this approach best for women as a whole?

Dr. Charmaine Yoest of the Family Research Council served as the Project Director of the Family, Gender and Tenure research project at the University of Virginia. The research is the only study of its kind to examine the effectiveness of paid parental leave in the United States.


The University of Virginia

Dr. Yoest’s experience as a researcher, policy advocate and mother of five give her an important perspective on this current debate. Join the New America Foundation’s Workforce and Family Program for a provocative discussion on paid parental leave.

Be sure to visit and let us know what you think.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Charmaine did her dissertation on the Family Medical Leave Act, titled: Empowering Shakespeare’s Sister: Parental Leave and the Level Playing Field.

More on the New America Foundation at the jump.

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MEDIA ALERT: Business & Media Institute: CNN Gets Gas Price Prediction Wrong

November 5, 2007 | By | No Comments

Your Business Blogger has a piece up at the Business & Media Institute. BMI, as alert readers noticed, was mentioned and cited by Rush Limbaugh today — on particulary good article.

It wasn’t mine.

Rush was talking about Dan Gainor, my editor at the Business & Media Institute: Advancing the Culture of Free Enterprise in America. Rush Limbaugh discusses BMI’s special report Fire & Ice.

See more on Dan here. And be sure to watch him each Thursday afternoon on the new Fox Business Network


CNN’s ‘Your $$$$$’ Gets Gas Price Prediction Wrong

Though predicted price spike didn’t happen, show still talks down about the future.

By Jack Yoest

Business & Media Institute

CNN’s “Your $$$$$” is ready for a spike in gas prices. It just hasn’t happened despite predictions.

On October 20, the show’s guest Peter Beutel, president of energy risk management firm Cameron Hanover, predicted a 20-cent increase in the price of a gallon a gas. How soon? In the next week.

It didn’t happen.

Read the article here and let me know what you think.

MEDIA ALERT: Business & Media Institute: CNN Sells Fear

October 24, 2007 | By | No Comments

Your Business Blogger has an article up at the Business & Media Institute.


CNN Presents the Fear-Based Economy:

Time’s Karen Tumulty questions Reagan’s economic record.,

“You know, Ron Reagan’s fiscal record was not so great…” claimed Karen Tumulty, national political correspondent for Time magazine. Tumulty was a guest on CNN’s ‘Your $$$$$’ October 13, providing political analysis on the economic policy proposals of the presidential candidates.

The segment was titled “Fear Factor.” Christine Romans, began with the observation that there is a political party that believes, “government needs to expand its reach to protect citizens from catastrophe.” No, Romans assured us, “We are not talking about terrorism, we are talking about the economy.”

Read the entire article and let me know what you think. Did president Ronald Reagan have a poor fiscal record? And did he really win the cold war?

Or is this simply a liberal bias from the main stream media?

Media Alert: Charmaine on CNN; See Your Business Blogger in NYC

October 17, 2007 | By | One Comment

Watch Charmaine on CNN,

Charmaine Yoest, Vice President for Communications at Family Research Council, appeared on CNN Headline News October 16, 2007 to discuss a proposal at a middle school to dispense contraceptives to its students.

Watch the clip here. Please forgive the click thru the FRC site.

If you will be in New York City on October 18th, let’s visit. Your Business Blogger will be a panelist for the iNetwork2Networth event organized by the iConcept Media Group.



Inc. Magazine is a sponsor

Current sponsors include: Inc. Magazine, The New York Observer, and the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce.

And be sure to come to The Washington Briefing.

Unions and Labor Day at the Business & Media Institute

September 6, 2007 | By | 2 Comments


Your Business Blogger has an article this week at the Business & Media Institute,

CNN Doesn’t Mention Pro-Union Guest Was Union VP

Author’s former job explains her adoration of unions, but she is unopposed on ‘Your $$$$$.’

The AFL-CIO reports that only 12 percent of the work force belonged to unions last year and the hosts of “Your $$$$$” are not happy.

Hosts Ali Velshi and Christine Romans told viewers why labor unions are good — and business was not — on the September 2, pre-Labor Day broadcast. To help, they brought in Beth Shulman, author of “Betrayal of Work: How Low-Wage Jobs Failed 30 Million Americans and Their Families.” Shulman was introduced as a “labor consultant” rather than the more accurate former vice president of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union…

Read the article and let me know what you think.


Thank you (foot)notes:

The Business & Media Institute (BMI) is a division of Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center. BMI is headed and edited by Dan Gainor. More at the jump.

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MEDIA ALERT: Your Business Blogger in Business & Media Institute

August 27, 2007 | By | No Comments


Your Business Blogger has an article at the Business & Media Institute, CNN on Sub-Prime Mortgage Problems: Where is Personal Responsibility? ‘Your $$$$$’ has a new name, but keeps up the anti-business theme.

CNN’s “Your $$$$$” is the hip, fast-moving replacement for “In the Money.” But don’t bother to Google “Your $$$$$.”

It’s not easily searchable. You get millions of results, but none obviously about the program.

That’s a basic starting point for any business with an online presence. It’s an early indicator there are other basics in Business 101 that CNN are missing.

Read the rest of the story and let me know what you think.


Thank you (foot)notes:

The Business & Media Institute is a division of Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center.

The Carnival of the Capitalists Is Here at Reasoned Audacity

August 25, 2007 | By | 5 Comments


The biggest complaint of the blogosphere is that the writing has no accountability, no third party oversight.

Except the carnivals. And the best business carnival in the business is The Carnival of the Capitalists.

Submissions, as the Alert Reader will know, are self-selected by the author, and edited and vetted by the carnival host. Not every article submission is accepted.


My friend Anita Campbell leads this week’s carnival with about the best collection of podcasts todate. This is an essential resource for anyone considering podcasting or who might want to be a guest on radio and podcasts — and who needs a list of the better podcasts. Anita Campbell presents 100 Small Business Audio Podcasts posted at Small Business Trends Radio | Small Business Information. Anita demonstrates here what is best about the blogosphere. (Full Disclosure: Your Business Blogger has written for Anita Campbell.)

Wayne Hurlbert tells us in Management techniques: Delegating responsibility,

As a company grows, the number of responsibilities grow right along with it. Not only do the number of departments expand, but their size and scope increases as well. Taken together, managing all departments and staff within the organization becomes too much for any one person. No one possesses the time or skills required for each and every job in the business. Delegation of responsibility is essential. It is here that problems can arise that can hurt the company’s performance.

Wayne, as usual, gets it right: One of the biggest challenges to the manager, especially the business owner, is to have staff that are less Boss reliant — and become more self reliant members of the team. Wayne Hurlbert is always worthwhile reading.

Brian at Financial Dominance shows us the new Illinois 529 Bright Start Savings plan and simply explains why this plan has went from one of the worst 529 plans in the US to one of the best. This article caught our attention: the Penta-Posse will be venturing to higher education soon (too soon…) We would have liked a bit more detail on the fee structure and how other states complicate this. But Brian points us to a way these education savings plans should work at Very Happy With Illinois 529 Savings Plan.

Douglas Galbi at purple motes has a thoughtful piece television serves couch potatoes

Don’t rush the lawyers if you have been wronged. Read this counter-intuitive, yet practical article by Carmen Van Kerckhove at Race in the Workplace with What to Do If You’re Experiencing Racial Discrimination At Work,

Think twice before reporting racial discrimination to your company’s human resources department. Why? Because it’s not always the most effective strategy.

Read on for a step-by-step guide on what to do if you believe your supervisor is discriminating against you because of your race…

See Jason Koeppe’s Strategic Internet Marketing Blog and A Step By Step Guide For Choosing the Right,

Effective keyword research is underrated. Really. And not just in its benefit and importance as it relates to SEO and online search marketing. Thoroughly understanding what keyword phrases your target audience is using to find you (your product or services) is literally invaluable. This knowledge is one of the best weapons you have in your business building arsenal and this weapon can be used both online and off. We’ll come back to that thought a bit later. For now, let’s dive right into how to effectively choose the best keywords for search marketing…

Nickel does the numbers in How to Make Money in the Stock Market (Revisited). The numbers are compelling. No charge.

Here are some youthful capitalists who are starting really early with their business plans: 5 Of The Youngest Entrepreneurs On Their Path To Success And Riches on thedigeratilife by the Silicon Valley Blogger.

Steven Silvers who can manage image better most anyone has Vick story prompts greyhound racing industry to defend itself earlier than usual. posted at Scatterbox by Steven Silvers,

The American Greyhound Track Operators Association rushes to spin some distance between the controversies surrounding its own industry and the nation’s new interest in illegal dog fighting.

Vick should have hired Silvers.

David Kam presents The Importance of Logo posted at

Gustav S submits 10 Reasons why only 4% of the population achieve their goals posted at

Ian Welsh has a Biblical reference Reaping What You Sow: Hedge Fund and Housing Bubble Edition posted at The Agonist,

What’s happening to the housing and financial markets right now is the entirely foreseeable consequence of past deliberate policy decisions by the Fed and the Bush administration. The reason a bail-out is finally occurring is because the people who matter are getting hurt.

Kurt Brouwer has Subprime and Stocks? What Happened? posted at Fundmastery Blog,

Financial markets around the globe have been weak and jittery in recent weeks. The following discussion is meant to give you some background on the subprime lending mess and how it spread throughout the financial markets.

Dax Desai writes What does the potential Fed rate cut mean? posted at Dax Desai, where he explains the effect of the potential Fed interest rate cut on investments.

Pawel Brodzinski presents 15 Ways to Be a Good Boss posted at Software Project Management,

Want to be a leader who will be followed by the team? Want to have employees working willingly on your success? Want to be a good boss?

Michael Fowke presents Canary Wharf: the new reality posted at Money is the way. All about investment banks in Canary Wharf and their new way of doing business.

Barry Welford presents Google Rankings Drive Sales – SEO Expectations posted at BPWrap – Internet Marketing From A Different Point Of View,

Some website owners assume that Google keyword search rankings directly affect sales. So a #1 position will be better than a #2 or #3 position. What counts is the bottom-line result and many other factors come into play in determining that.

Louise Manning presents What is business ethics? posted at The Human Imprint,

Politicians are trying too hard to pressure the Federal Reserve. If they aren’t stopped now, we’ll have a much harder time stopping them in a few years when they try to use an inflation tax to balance the budget.

Peter has Decide For the Success of Your Home Based Business posted at Make Money Online.

Read the Millionaire Mommy Next Door with How to Treat Affluenza: Spend Less and Live a Happier Life posted at Millionaire Mommy Next Door,

The number of “very happy” people peaked in 1957, and has remained fairly stable or declined ever since. Even though we consume twice as much as we did in the 1950s, people were just as happy when they had less. 86% of Americans who voluntarily cut back their consumption feel happier as a result.

wilson ng presents The Challenge of Providing Choice posted at Reflections of a BizDrivenLife,

Some people want a variety of choice, while some people want quality pre-selected information. Whether you are selling products or ideas, how many alternatives do you provide? Here is a short article on how the number of offerings affect decision-making.

Chief Family Officer presents Great Debate over at AFM: To Sell or Not To Sell? posted at Chief Family Officer.

FMF submits What I’d Do with a High-Paying, Unrewarding Job posted at Free Money Finance and read how he’s handled bad job situations

Alvaro Fernandez outlines The Ten Habits of Highly Effective Brains posted at Brain Fitness Blog with some tips to keep our brains sharp.

Good news for health insurance costs: Insureblog‘s Henry Stern reports that prices are moderating, and explains why.

Leon Gettler has original reporting with an Interview with AXS-One chairman and CEO Bill Lyons posted at Sox First,

An interview with AXS-One chairman and CEO Bill Lyons on why companies struggle with their electronic documents and how email is the new legal Chernobyl.

Wally Bock at Three Star Leadership says, Evidence-Based Management offers the manager some effective tools for making better decision. But it may be harder than you think to make the vision of what Evidence-Based Management can do match up with reality. See issues.

Nina presents Gay Affluence: fact, fiction, or somewhere in between? posted at Queercents,

Gay affluence is a myth and perhaps the most misunderstood fact about gays and lesbians. We are not wealthier. Or are we?

Rob May writes What Dasani Bottled Water Taught Me About Better Blogging posted at Businesspundit, A case study of Dasani provides insight into why blogging requires more than just quality posts.

Matthew Paulson presents Long Term Care Insurance: When It Makes Sense, When It Doesn’t. posted at

Where are interest rates headed? James Hamilton of Econbrowser concludes that the Fed has abandoned its 5.25% target for the fed funds rate, and, when it goes back to targeting, will pick a lower value, in Whee!

Charles H. Green presents It’s a Dog Eat Dog World, Isn’t It? posted at Trust Matters,

In an emerging business world that throws everyone together in constantly permutating ways, that old competitive nature we prized decades ago is becoming a bit of a millstone.

Babak presents Bond Market Screaming For Rate Cut – Fed Listening? posted at Trader’s Narrative.

Marlon J. Broussard presents The True value of Money in Our Age | MoneyBlog posted at MoneyBlog,

The point is not to just point out the fact that a dollar is only worth 4 cents (about the exact cost of printing, regardless of the denomination), but to shed light on some things you need to be mindful of…

Logan Flatt, CFA suggests A Simple, 3-Step Program posted at,

How would you like to live in crushing, abject poverty? Does the idea of living and sleeping on the streets of a major American city sound appealing to you? Would you like to grow old and penniless, spending your final days on this Earth barely getting by on the meager checks sent to you by some large government bureaucracy? Well, my friend, do I have the program for you.

Michelle Cramer warns us of A Bad Customer Service Experience posted at GreatFX Business Cards,

The customer, in fact, is not always right, but good customer service is treating her as though she is. Making the customer feel appreciated, even when they are not pleased, is the goal.

Next week’s carnival will be celebrated on September 3, 2007 at the Geek Practitioners Blog.