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Commander in Chief

Back By Popular Demand: Live-Blogging Commander-in-Chief

October 25, 2005 | By | No Comments

I took a week off from Hillary 2008 Commander-in-Chief live-blogging, and I was roundly chastised. So, in just over an hour, come on back and join us for the Collagen Commander in action.

Tonight, according to the website: “Mac is caught off guard by breaking news of a terrorist smuggling explosives across the Canadian border.” Oooh. Good opportunity to show how tough Hillary, sorry, I meant “a woman president” would be on terrorists. Bilaterally though of course.

9:00 One thing we haven’t talked about yet: they hired SANDY BERGER as a consultant on this show. Seriously. That’s amazing.

9:02 Nice suit. Maybe Geena Davis and I can work together on bringing back the long skirt suit.

9:03 Terrorist coming across the Canadian border. (Hey, those are my glasses, too. I’m liking this show better. Kidding.)

9:07 Commercial break. So back to the Sandy Berger thing. What DO you have to do — if you’re a Democrat — to lose the lucrative TV gig??

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TONIGHT: Live-Blogging Commander-in-Chief

October 4, 2005 | By | 11 Comments

Somebody’s got to do it: Commander-in-Chief got huge ratings last week. Tonight. 9:00. Live-blogging here. Come on by and join in!

8:54 I’m asking myself: why bother with this silly show? The answer is that first, the show won its time slot last week. So there are a lot of people interested in, I’m guessing, the premise. A woman president. And that’s my second answer — this is an important topic. If they are going to do a show about female leadership, they ought to get it right.

9:03 Given the events of this week — it’s very interesting to see the Speaker of the House handing his suggestions for VP to the Chief of Staff. . .

9:04 Sniper on the roof. That’s real.

9:05 “First Gentleman” — I hope they don’t play his role for laughs the whole time. Such great serious possibilities.

9:13 So the Democrats are the majority in the Senate, huh? Funny.

9:14 He won a war without losing a single American life? (Her preferred Vice Presidential pick.) Good one.

9:43 Be sure to follow the comments with great observations from the Drill Sergeant!

9:48 It strikes me that a theme running through this show is a lack of professionalism. The Press Secretary is struggling. And the Chief of Staff just yelled at the President? Never. Ever. Not going to happen.

The collagen lips are still terribly distracting, but the Mackenzie Allen character is better than last week.

9:54 Hah. So now we get to have Wesley Clark as Vice President. It is interesting to see Hollywood dream.

9:58 I don’t think that actor is believable as a general. Looks a little lightweight.

The Speaker of the House says the General “will never be confirmed.” So they’re setting up a confirmation battle to parallel real life. Clever.

Live-Blogging Commander-in-Chief

September 27, 2005 | By | 16 Comments


8:57 Live-blogging coming up shortly. Stay tuned — and comments are open. Let me know what you’re thinking, too.

9:01 Already I’m distracted by the collagen mouth.

9:02 The President is having a brain aneurysm and the Chief of Staff comes to the Vice President and tells her she must resign. That is SO implausible. Stoopid.

9:03 And what’s with starting it out in France?

9:06 Now she’s directing the military telling them how to move around individual ships in the Med. And she says “um” every other word. AAAARRRGGGHHHHH.

9:08 She’s canvassing her children, asking them what they think about whether or not she should become President.

9:11 The President asks her to resign. No WAY that would happen. No WAY.

9:14 Look, we all knew I would hate this show. But I would so LOVE to see a depiction of an American Margaret Thatcher ascending to the Presidency instead of this stammering lightweight scenario. . . And did I mention yet the collagen lips that are so puffed up it gets in the way of her talking??

9:18 See what I mean. What kind of real American woman politician would contemplate resigning in this scenario? None. It’s ridiculous.

9:19 Okay, finally I scene I really liked: her husband tells her she is making the wrong decision. They seem to be setting them up as a real team with a real marriage. That would be nice.

9:23 Check out Drill Sergeants observations in the comments!! Great catch on the Creationism line — that obviously makes the Speaker evil.

9:25 So the Speaker is trying to talk her into resigning and says the Islamicists wouldn’t follow a woman (the leader of the Free World can’t be a woman) I guess he’s forgetting Pakistan’s (former) Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. . .

9:29 On the plus side: it was a great scene seeing a woman taking the oath of office. It will happen some day. And people won’t be as freaked out as they are depicting. It will seem natural because once she gets there she will have earned it. She won’t say “um” every other word. No collagen either.

9:31 Voice-over from a news show saying “she was wearing a navy suit.” I like that — they do always comment on a female pol’s clothes.

9:33 She is in the Oval Office looking at the former President’s stuff. That wouldn’t happen either. They would have cleaned it up right away.

9:36 They just had a scene where the former President’s secretary declines to stay on and tells Mackenzie she won’t stay because it would make her feel cheap. I worked in the White House. Nobody talks like that to a President — or a Vice President. This is just so frustrating because I want to see a female President with real gravitas!

9:39 Okay that’s kind of fun: a scene where the husband is shown his office in the East Wing as the new “First Lady.”

9:40 First Cabinet meeting. Like Johnson, she keeps them.

9:46 Is it possible to jump the shark in the very first episode? You’ve just got to love this story line where she is planning to send in the United States cavalry to rescue one African woman who was caught in adultery and is facing torture. . .

9:53 Okay, been there done that with the kid spilling juice on the suit!

9:54 Hey, that’s the Richmond state capitol — we used to live there.

9:56 Ya know, if they are going to send the copters into Nigeria, couldn’t they fix the Nigerian email scams instead??

10:03 Special thanks to the Drill Sergeant for watching with us and adding his great comments! Very fun.

(And stay tuned: I’m getting my comments fixed this next week and will soon roll out new ones that don’t require moderation!)


UPDATE: After dozing off in the middle, and who can blame him??, Jay Tea at Wizbang comes back with a great assessment of “Commander-in-Chiffon.”

Darleen says she could only take 23 minutes.

And here’s what I love about bloggers: Jeff Harrell notes that Geena Davis’ concluding speech is given at night, while they depict the rescue scene as happening at sunset in Africa — but in fact, Jeff says, “when it’s nine o’clock in the District, it’s one in the morning in Lagos.” Hah. I know it’s a minor point, but it goes to the cheesiness of the whole production.

I suppose that’s enough already, but I also liked Jeff’s point that on another show (which one? 24, I think?) there is a female president and her gender is never used as an issue.

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Tuesday is Margaret Thatcher Day on Reasoned Audacity

September 27, 2005 | By | 3 Comments

Tomorrow night at 9pm the new show “Commander in Chief” debuts on ABC. I’ll be live-blogging the show — be sure to stop by and join the fun.


Not a Chance



Prediction: There will indeed by a female President in the Unites States. She’ll be a conservative Republican.

“What does she want, this housewife? My b***s on a tray?”

Jacques Chirac, referring to Margaret Thatcher, February 1988