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Charmaine Speaks at CPAC 2010, Video and PowerPoints

February 19, 2010 | By | No Comments

Charmaine speaking at CPAC 2010Here’s Charmaine’s talk at CPAC 2010, the Conservative Political Action Committee annual meeting in Your Nation’s Capital.

Listen to her brief update on Pro-Life strategies.

“We are winning.”

Incremental legislative action at the state and local level works to reduce the numbers of abortion.

In those states that have two parent notification of a minor child’s abortion — the number of abortions goes down by 31 per cent.

If Obama really wants to reduce abortion, he will support parental notification legislation for the states.

Charmaine’s PowerPoint slide presentation, CPAC_CY.ppt


Thank you (foot)notes:

Be sure to follow Your Business Blogger(R) and Charmaine on Twitter: @JackYoest and @CharmaineYoest

Jack and Charmaine also blog at Reasoned Audacity and at Management Training of DC, LLC.

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Did Mike Huckabee Change His Positions During the Campaign?

March 31, 2008 | By | No Comments

CPAC_08_SAT_penta _posse_Huckabee_culberson_panoramicvisions.png

Back row, L to R: Belinda Culberson,

Congressman John Culberson, Mike Huckabee

Front, L to R: The Dancer, Baby Boo,

Miss Culberson, The Diva, The Dude

Back ground Bob Wickers, Charmaine

Credit: Panoramic Visions/CPAC 2008 The Purple State-New York Times has a video on Mike Huckabee’s campaign. The clip claims that Huckabee changed, modified his positions once he became popular and donations came in. (Oh how these liberals love evolution…)

The narrator makes the assertion that Huckabee “compromised his position” on the conduct of the war.

The Purple Stater implies that Huckabee grew in office and had to change his positions on the war and immigration to satisfy big-money donors.

Two problems with the PS-NYT clip:

1.) Huckabee remained constant on his positions, and

2.) Big-money donors were not all that big.

Goodness, it would have been nice to be tempted by big donations. But the temptation was easily avoided because the really big money; wheel barrels full of cash weren’t there.

Alert Readers will recall that funding for Huckabee staff had to be cut back after the loss of South Carolina by 3 points to McCain. Most of the campaign workers were released, resigned or worked for free.

The clip speaks of Huckabee being “cavalier on going to battle.” This is a liberal interpretation, of course. In that there are no wars of which liberals approve. Huckabee as governor was most sensitive to the responsibilities of the leader sending soldiers into harm’s way. And that Huckabee saw this as a weighty — a deadly responsibility.

Just as he exercised the death penalty in Arkansas.

“Cavalier” is precisely the wrong word.

The New York Times gets Huckabee wrong. But this is not news.


Your Business Blogger(R)

was honored to be an

Official Blogger, CPAC 2008


Thank you (foot)notes:

Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D., served as Senior Advisor to the Huckabee for President Campaign.

Purple States: Huckabee Reviewed.

I would suggest that this clip is designed to malign Huckabee for his “deep conviction for life.” Abortion is the sacrament for the liberals’ theology.

Purple States is less Red than Blue,

“This election season, we aren’t interested in hearing politicians and pundits talk about what the people want. We don’t want analysts to trot out a list of issues that have polled well, or polled badly. We don’t want one campaign to focus-group-test a pitch here, and another campaign to focus-group-test a pitch there, and use the results to divide and conquer. We are tired of hearing about who is jockeying for first place in the presidential horse race. This election is about more than politics, politicians, or political science. It is about us.

We want to see a mother of three with medical bills of over $15,000 ask Mike Huckabee how his health insurance proposal can help her. We want to see a pistol-packing Republican ask Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama how they propose to keep the country safe. We want a man with Mexian-American [sic] grandchildren to talk with John McCain or Mitt Romney about their immigration policies, and be challenged by the wife of a construction worker whose livelihood is being threatened by cheap labor. This is Purple States. There is no filter and no script. We are a group of citizens who look like America, going nose-to-nose with the candidates and each other, asking the questions closest to our hearts, wrestling with the implications of this choice for us, our families, our communities, and our country.”

I’m not sure about the compassion of Purple States for the plight of immigrants when they can’t spell ‘Mexican.” This is liberalism defined: All heart; no brain.

Alert Readers know well that when compromise is presented, it is always the conservatives who must move. When does the liberal democrat change on abortion?

Purple States is run by Cynthia Farrar, Ph.D. from Yale University. Your Business Blogger(R) and Adjunct Professor of Management would challenge any reader to identify a pro-life conservative in the political science department at Yale. I would suggest Dr. Farrar is pro-abortion and wants a ‘pro-choice’ president. And uses Purple States to move the country from Red to Blue.

Special appreciation to Lisa De Pasquale, CPAC Director, The American Conservative Union. About CPAC 2008,

“… A showcase of the heart and soul of American conservatism”

Los Angeles Times

“… Unmatched in both the numbers it draws and the quality of speakers who appear”

The Politico

“ The nation’s premier gathering of conservatives…a key event for conservative candidates ever since the first gathering was held in 1974.”


Bob Wickers of Dresner, Wickers and Associates, is the genius behind the filming of the Huckabee TV spots. His firm is based in San Francisco (!).

Please email me any spelling corrections. Extra credit for the Alert Reader…

Watch Cynthia Farrar on Beet TV,

Democrats and Abortion: Obama and the Blood

February 9, 2008 | By | No Comments


Gianna Jessen

Abortion Survivor

Marathon Runner Years ago, Your Business Blogger was clipping the finger nails of the infant Dude. My fine motor skills and eye sight were not quite what they once were and I clipped deep and The Dude bled red bad.

Everyone present cried.

Nothing hurts more than baby blood.

But this blood may not bother everyone.

Trick Question: To a Democrat, What is botched abortion?

Answer: A Live Birth

This is a world-wide problem. See Alive and Kicking Campaign: Run, Gianna Run!,

Every year in Britain, 50 babies are born-alive — after an abortion attempt.

Babies born alive. Don’t you just hate medical malpractice? The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is mounting an investigation into this horrible rash of babies born alive — according to their standards an abortionist is supposed to be sure they stop the baby’s heart with a direct injection of potassium chloride.

The problem? “In practice, few doctors are willing or able to perform the delicate procedure,” says Britain’s Sunday Times.

But in the virtuous US of A Congress addressed this abortion loophole and crafted the Born Alive Infants Protection Act,

“The law guarantees that every infant born alive enjoys full legal rights under federal law, regardless of his or her stage of development or whether the live birth occurred during an abortion.”

Who could possible vote against saving a baby. A baby born alive?

Barack Obama. Democrat.


Thank you (foot)notes:

My grandparents immigrated from Poland in the ‘teens. Mom, or as Babcia as she is now known to her grand-kids, would occasionally let loose a Polish cuss word, Scha-clef.

A horrible, terrible word.

It means, Dog’s Blood.

The British with the King’s Language, also use bloody words. As in Bloody Fool. This is actually a blasphemy referring to the Blood of The Christ. Should not be used in polite company (or in a respectable blog…).

Alert Readers remember the Roman governor Pontius Pilot publicly washing his hands of the blood of The Innocent Man.

And we will also remember Lady Macbeth’s problem with blood that would not wash, “Out, out d@mn spot…”

There is power in the blood.

Text of the federal Born-Alive Infants Protection law (Public Law 107-207)

See Heart of Darkness at The Caferteria Is Closed.

Barack Obama has baby blood on his hands. And he doesn’t hurt.

CPAC: What Counts More, Issues or Attributes?

February 8, 2008 | By | No Comments





Here in Your Nation’s Capital, at CPAC this week conversation has centered on our Presidential candidates — and the acceptability of their positions.

Mike Huckabee and John McCain are said to be imperfect candidates because there are some disputes with one position or another.

But if they are “not conservatives” as some would say, then why are conservatives voting for them? And not a Romney or a Thompson?

Back in Iowa, Your Business Blogger asked Frank Luntz about his book on Words That Work, and what he thought was going on with the electorate.

He said that voters seem to be interested, “less in issues — but in the attributes of the candidates — are they believable?” Are they likable?

This seems to at least partially explain the success of Huckabee and McCain — there may not be perfection on issues, but people like and trust and believe these candidates: the attributes of the candidates are more important; in some ways even more than the positions on issues.

This also explains the success of Obama. Who has a rather thin record of achievement . . . but has an infatuated following. No one can point to what Obama has done, but he’s done it with panache.


Little Miss Attila, Charmaine and

Baby Boo at CPAC


Thank you (foot)notes:

Charmaine has served as an adviser to the Mike Huckabee campaign. Huckabee will be speaking at CPAC tomorrow, Saturday, at 9am. Be there!

Media Alert: Charmaine on FOX News

February 6, 2008 | By | No Comments


Charmaine on an earlier FOX debate Charmaine will be interviewed on FOX News tonight. She will be discussing the politics of John McCain’s work on judicial appointments and “The Gang of 14.


McCain and Huckabee

credit: CNN Hit time is scheduled to be 6pm Eastern.

This segment was taped earlier today.

Let us know what you think.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Update: Your Business Blogger and Charmaine and the Penta-Posse will be attending CPAC as Official Bloggers. Be sure to call and visit if you are among the 6,000 conservatives across the country coming to Your Nation’s Capital today thru the weekend.

Mike Huckabee is scheduled to speak on Monday at 9am.


CPAC Blogger

Update: From the Family Research Council Action,

Dr. Charmaine Yoest, FRC Action’s Vice President for Communications will appear on Fox News “Special Report with Brit Hume” at 6:10 PM ET this evening to discuss the Super Tuesday results.

Alert Readers will recall that Charmaine has served as a paid senior adviser to the Huckabee campaign. She has returned from her leave of absence from the Family Research Council as Vice President of Communications.

See the Washington Post Campaign Tracker: McCain has raised $7 million, spent 10 million and has 3 mil on hand. (6 mil came from somewhere — accounts payable? Owner investment?)

Campaign finance does not add up in the same way numbers do when Your Business Blogger teaches his business courses…

McCain bio at the jump.

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Join Reasoned Audacity at CPAC in Your Nation’s Capital

February 5, 2008 | By | No Comments


The Dude interviewing Mitt Romney at last year’s CPAC

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is meeting this week February 7 to 9.

Your Business Blogger,

The Dreamer,

The Dude and

The Diva will be a-blogging.

Reasoned Audacity is honored to get a hook-up seat on bloggers row.


CPAC 2008

Following are blogs on Bloggers Row.

The conservative event is held yearly and is heavily attended.

Mike Huckabee is schedule for 9am on Saturday morning.

The three-day event begins Thursday at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC.


Ace O’Spades
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Reasoned Audacity
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Riehl World View
Right Wing News
Sam Adams Alliance
Save the GOP
The American Mind
The Autonomist
Truth Laid Bear


Thank you (foot)notes:


Reasoned Audacity

CPAC 2007 Official Blogger Kristina Grabosky at CRC Public Relations is the go-to source for all good things PR at CPAC. (Unpaid link.)

Special thank you to Robert Stacy McCain for setting up the links.

Your Business Blogger also blogs at Management Training of DC, LLC. (Unpaid link…)

Media Alert: The Dude on WRKO Boston’s Talk Station

March 17, 2007 | By | No Comments

The Dude will be on Gregg Jackson’s show Sunday night, March 18th. Gregg and The Dude met while The Dude was blogging the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).


R to L: The Dude from Panzer Commander, John Tabin from The American Spectator, Michelle Malkin, Ed Morrissey at Captain’s Quarters.


On March 2nd The Dude was the youngest blogger on the scene. He secured an interview with Mitt Romney and gives us Mitt’s take on bloggers vs. the mainstream media here. The Dude is pictured above proudly wearing his hat.

The Dude was working the exhibits at the CPAC trade show — he knows how to work a trade show — and introduced himself to Gregg Jackson.


CPAC 2007 Hit time Sunday is 9:40 pm Eastern. Listen in and let us know how he did.


WRKO Talk Radio



Thank you (foot)notes:

Gregg Jackson is the Co-Host of Pundit Review Radio on WRKO Boston’s Talk Station He is also a contributing editor at, a 2005 and 2006 Weblog Award finalist in the Best Media/Journalist Blog category.

Jackson is author of Conservative Comebacks to Liberal Lies: Issue By Issue Responses to the Most Common Claims of the Left from A to Z. More at the jump.

Alert Readers know that The Dude is is no stranger to show business. See his First Show Biz Break.

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The Ann Coulter Comment on John Edwards

March 3, 2007 | By | One Comment

So. I was in the room when Ann made her comment about John Edwards:

I was going to have a few comments on the other Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, but it turns out you have to go into rehab if you use the word ‘faggot,’ so I – so kind of an impasse, can’t really talk about Edwards.

(Video here.)

But I didn’t hear it. I think a lot of people missed it because no one around me, in the back at the press table, reacted visibly.

We were all startled by the fact that she cut her talk off so abruptly. I thought it was strange that she talked so briefly.

And stranger still that she went to questions and the microphones weren’t even set up. So there were these awkward moments while she was waiting for questions and no one was lined up for questions. She laughed nervously and clearly working to stay in control of the situation, told people to just shout out questions. Which, of course, the crowd packed with college-aged boys was happy to do.

Knowing now what it is that she had just said, retrospectively, she seemed to have been rattled.

Meanwhile, back in the exhibit hall, crowds were wrapped around the room waiting to have her sign her books. It looked a little like a camp-out before a rock concert, with kids sitting on the floor, some of them waiting for hours. Jack says bloggers are reporting this morning, however, that she left with scores of people still standing in line. (Link to follow when I find it.)

Yeah, What She Said: Ann Coulter Handicaps the Race

March 3, 2007 | By | No Comments

Backstage at CPAC
While she stopped short of endorsing Romney per se, Ann Coulter did say that “Romney is probably our best candidate.”

But her most pithy remark came related to Giuliani when she observed that:

If we get to the point in this country where both candidates for President are for abortion, then we can just hang it up as a country.

Well said, Ann.

Rudy the Rockstar

March 3, 2007 | By | No Comments

Catching up from yesterday at CPAC — here’s the Rudy as Rockstar pics:


And the lines that went on and on and on. In all fairness, however, we discovered that these lines were quasi-permanent throughout the afternoon as the day wore on with people waiting to see Romney and Ann Coulter as well:


For example, you’ll see the Tancredo signs in this line for Rudy’s speech.

more_lines_at _cpac.jpg