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17 Nov



Charmaine on CNN Debating Condoms; Obama Will Export Abortion-Condom Funding Overseas

November 17, 2008 | By | 8 Comments

Warning: The Condom Commercial is for mature audiences.

In the 1990’s CNN had a terrific talking-heads-shouting-show called Crossfire. Regular Hosts included Michael Kinsley, liberal, then moved to Slate. Pat Buchanan, conservative, former GOP, now gone from the Republican Club but still Pro-Life.

The show ran five nights a week for 30 minutes. Hosts earned about $200K and were worth every dime.

Charmaine appeared in a number of segments. In this episode she debated Kristine Gebbie from the Clinton administration on the marketing and efficacy of condoms. Charmaine’s points are valid today — truth is, well, timeless. John Sununu is in the conservative chair, on the right, of course.

Oddly, liberals demand that conservatives use science in any debate — but whenever a conservative uses real science with real data, we are then accused of “imposing our values.” A liberal pivot.

The actual condom failure rate is some 20 percent. The cost of failure could be pregnancy. Could be death.

This is described by anti-science liberals as “fear based sex ed.”

So what will Obama do about abortion and condoms?

Even before Obama gets legislation from congress on abortion, Obama will, by Executive Order, repeal the The Mexico City Policy (1984) which,

Prohibits the use of federal funding for organizations and programs “which perform or actively promote abortion as a method of family planning in other nations.”

Media Alert: Obama may very well use the Clinton’s Dancing Condom Marketing Campaign. For the Domestic and International markets.

Watch the video and let us know what you think.

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Thank you (foot)notes:

CatholicCitizens writes,

For starters, we may expect removal of the present administration’s ban on destructive embryonic research, and rejection of the Mexico City accords which restrained abortion and eugenics.

Crossfire: The Condom Campaign first aired on January 4, 1994.

Family Policy Councils: The Real Grass Roots Needed for the Next Conservative President

January 9, 2007 | By | One Comment


Policy Review

November & December 1996In the mid-nineties, Charmaine wrote a column for Policy Review magazine. One of her articles reviewed the Family Policy Councils. The FPCs are state based non-profits considered faith-based, cultural and economic conservatives.

A conservative president usually needs Ohio to win. And the embrace of the Family Policy Councils.

These state-based organizations work somewhat with the Family Research Council in DC and Focus on the Family in Colorado.

Originally published in 1996; and even more important today.

State Groups That Fight for Mom and Dad

by Charmaine Crouse Yoest

Rudy Gonzalez, a “cowboy poet” with a handlebar mustache and a home-on-the-range accent, strummed his guitar, then launched into a joke. The crowd relaxed into laughter as he regaled them with tall tales and folk wisdom.

This is the Idaho Family Forum’s annual summer fundraiser, the Spud Bake, where this group of moms and dads marks the end of summer by eating baked potatoes. Lots of them. Followed by spud-shaped ice cream.

But cowboy poetry soon gave way to public policy. U.S. Senator Larry Craig rose to address the group, and the question-and-answer session that followed was brisk and well informed. The Idaho Family Forum (IFF) and its supporters are dedicated to changing cultural trends that are undermining the stability of families — from no-fault divorce to teen pregnancy to chronic welfare dependency.

Led by executive director Dennis Mansfield, a former businessman, the IFF is part of a growing national movement of independent, state-based policy organizations called Family Policy Councils (FPCs). There are now more than 30 such organizations across the country, loosely affiliated by shared goals, common strategies, and mutual support. In order to win the ears of lawmakers, the media, and academics, they prefer research over rallies and education over activism.

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Thank you (foot)notes:

Full Disclosure: Your Business Blogger served on the Board of Directors for The Family Foundation, a Family Policy Council in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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Dirty Market Segment: Charmaine Quoted on Britney Spears by FoxNews

January 4, 2007 | By | No Comments


Britney Spears AP Britney Spears did it again. Making headlines with her antics. She followed up a round of headlines about her under-bare partying a few months back with a New Year’s eve round of parties that culminated in her handlers physically carrying her out.

Some marketers and commentators believe the dirty stunts will hurt Britney’s brands.

New Auction Sites Alternative & General News writes in The Business of Britney: Spears’ Latest Oops May Cost Her

Photos of a pantyless, glassy-eyed Britney Spears may prove “Toxic” to sales of her perfumes, albums and DVDs … or they could make her business even “Stronger.”

Family values advocates, business experts and Hollywood gossip gurus alike have been speculating on the impact, if any, that the bare-under-there shots will have on the Britney empire, especially among her younger fans.


FoxNewsFoxNews quoted Charmaine,

Charmaine Yoest, [Ph.D.] communications vice president for the conservative Family Research Council think tank and the mother of five children, said that if her kids asked for Spears’ fragrances, Curious and Fantasy, or a Britney album or DVD, she’d tell them, “You’ve got to be kidding!”

“We’re not going to buy products from people who have such a flagrant disregard for moral values and who show no concern for their role as models for young people,” Yoest said. “It’s absolutely going to hurt her sales. She’s really gone too far over the boundaries of good taste.”

Yoest said her 13-year-old daughter “is not interested in Britney anymore, or Lindsay Lohan either.”

Lohan has also been photographed in the past wearing nothing underneath.

“My daughter just looks at Britney and Lindsay and goes ‘Ick,'” said Yoest. “I think these pop stars underestimate how smart young girls are.”

Your Business Blogger disagrees. (No, not with Charmaine. Nope. Never.) I would suggest that the Britney goods will sell and sell well. As awful as Spears behaves, she appeals and is appealing to her clearly defined market segment: Sullen little girls.


Britney Spears

National Ledger

This is not judgmental. This is life. This is real. This is marketing.

Except that young girls can pick their own market segment. They can pick their own peer group.


Thank you (foot)notes:

And marketers should monitor the Roe Effect.

TimeCheese has pictures. Yes, those pictures. Not safe for work or families. Available only for scientific marketing analysis.

Kevin Federline has had little input.

Carnival of Christmas is up at Adam's Blog

December 21, 2006 | By | One Comment

Adam and Andrea are hosting a timely Carnival. See: The Carnival of Christmas II Official Announcement.

Use the Blog Carnival submission form.


The Nativity Story



Thank you (foot)notes:

And see Christmas Alliance 2006 by Random Yak

And be sure to watch The Nativity Story this Christmas Season.

20 Dec



Media Alert: Charmaine on Tucker Today on MSNBC

December 20, 2006 | By | 2 Comments


Tucker Carlson Charmaine will be on Tucker Carlson today, Wednesday to talk about sex. The out-of-wed-lock kind.

The AP reports, Wait Until Marriage? ‘Extremely Challenging’

A 2002 survey of about 12,500 men and women found that 97 percent of people who were no longer virgins at age 44 had sexual intercourse for the first time before they married.

By age 20, only 12 percent of people interviewed had married, but 77 percent had sex, and 75 percent had sex before marriage. By age 44, 99 percent of people were no longer virgins, 95 percent reported having had premarital intercourse, and 85 percent had married at some point.


MSNBC Charmaine has another take on the topic. Tune in today and let us know what you think. Hit time is 4:20 Eastern.


Thank you (foot)notes:

And if you have any doubts about our dealing with our daughters, see Our Rules for Dating.

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13 Dec



Non-Profit Corporate Governance: The Rotary

December 13, 2006 | By | 2 Comments


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Alexis de Tocqueville In the United States associations are established to promote the public safety, commerce, industry, morality, and religion, wrote Alexis de Tocqueville in Democracy in America.

If Tocqueville were driving today into Anytown, U.S. of A., the first road sign he might see would be for local Rotary. And he would not be surprised at the mission of this civic organization.


The Business Monthly ‘Service Above Self’

In 1905, attorney Paul P. Harris gathered three friends together in downtown Chicago as professionals with common interests for the common good. The group expanded and began to rotate meetings among members’ offices, lending the name of “Rotary,” with a wagon wheel (now the familiar cogwheel) as the logo. As the membership grew, they realized that internal networking was not enough. Harris wanted to serve more than just that group.

Rotary International is recognized as the world’s first service club. The organization’s first contribution to the community was a horse. A local preacher’s “transportation” died and the congregation could not afford another. The Rotary stepped in. Harris’s Rotary then built the first public restroom in Chicago and the Rotary began to grow.

Rotary members donate their time, talent and treasure to the local communities.

Succession Management…


Thank you (foot)notes:

This article was orginally published in The Business Monthly as Rotary Governance this year.

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Seattle Christmas Trees Are Back: Watch Charmaine's Interview on ABC

December 12, 2006 | By | No Comments


Charmaine on ABC News Charmaine appeared on ABC News last night. She was interviewed on the “Christmas Wars” where Seattle airport removed Christmas Trees.

Even the airport Santa Clause was concerned.

And now, airport management, has re-installed the trees.

Watch the video here.

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Thank you (foot)notes:

Stop the ACLU has more.

Media Alert: Charmaine on ABC World News Tonight — Christmas is Bad for Business: Seattle Removes Christmas Trees

December 11, 2006 | By | One Comment


ABC World News Tonight Charmaine will be interviewed on ABC about Seattle Airport’s take down of the 15 decorated evergreen trees (also known as Christmas Trees this time of year).

Hit time is tomorrow Tuesday the 12th tonight Monday. Tune in and get ready to get angry.

See the backstory at ABCNews.

The Washington Post has the AP story.

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Charmaine and Jack


Thank you (foot)notes:

Check local listing for ABC World News Tonight.

Self-Interest Rightly Understood: The Rotary

December 7, 2006 | By | No Comments


The Business Monthly The Frenchman, Alexis de Tocqueville, had a unique analysis of America.

And the Rotary underscores, even today, the generosity and the indirect, intangible rewards of American associations.

The following article was originally published this year by The Business Monthly.

The Rotary: Making a Difference

By Jack Yoest

The teacher’s lounge in Belle Grove Elementary School needed work, lots of work, but no one really saw the need. After all, only teachers frequent the lounge.

But the Glen Burnie, Maryland, Rotary Club stepped in with the time, talent and treasure of its members and refurbished the rest area for the educators. The Rotarians spent a weekend gutting and then rebuilding the room. They saw this as the perfect project — make a difference toward improving education, with no one really noticing except the teachers and the students.

Patrick Perry, Glen Burnie Rotary president, said, “Our club intends to undertake a similar project this year for [another school]. Please don’t publicize — this will be a surprise for the teachers.”

Rotary is known as an international organization of business and professional leaders. But what is less well known are the good works of the local clubs. District Governor Pat Kasuda, who shepherds the 69 area Rotary clubs, said, “We only see a need and want to give back to the community.”

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Charmaine Interviewed on CNN — Britney Spears Behaves Badly

December 6, 2006 | By | No Comments


Charmaine will be interviewed on CNN’s ShowBiz Tonight, tonight. She will be discussing the Britney Spears antics marketing campaign.

Hit time is 11pm Eastern. Please tune in or TiVo and let us know what you think.