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Kim Gandy from NOW Stepping Down See the Charmaine and Kim Smackdown

June 15, 2009 | By | No Comments

LifeNews reports that Kim Gandy is leaving the leadership of the National Organization for Women (NOW) to spend more time with her family. Maybe…

It is more likely that she will join the liberal feminists running the Obama administration.

gandy_yoest_six_panel_smack_down.JPG Charmaine has crossed paths with NOW’s Gandy a time or two. The most memorable was in November 2005. At the time Your Business Blogger(R) noted the altercation,

I was in the middle of drafting an article on the glass ceiling for women. And got a first person account instead.

Click on image to enlarge; Charmaine on Right in red.

Today I thought I’d give the little woman a respite from the laundry and the kids. “Go play in the Nation’s Capital,” I said to Charmaine this morning. “Have a fun lunch with the girls!”

Then on the radio I hear Rush talk about a smack down at the Supreme Court and see a photo of Charmaine in her red power suit at Rush Limbaugh EIB Extra… .

She had Kim Gandy in a half-nelson. Elbowing Gandy aside at a press conference.

I have sat through a number of cantankerous board meetings. Adversarial budget negotiations. Hardball sales presentations. Terminations. Giving and getting.

But no one actually got spanked.

I thought the gathering of girls today would be a powder puff tea party of cooperation. Sweetness and light and reason and ‘Please’ and ‘Thankyou.’

I was wrong. No one fights like a woman on a mission.

I’ll have to rewrite the glass ceiling article.

(It is a joy to marry over your head.)

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Press Release: AUL Senior Counsel Clarke Forsythe Publishes new book.

Dr. Charmaine Yoest, AUL President & CEO said, “Politics for the Greatest Good is a critical book for the pro-life movement at this time in history. This important focus on the achievable in political strategy…AUL Action

FOXBusiness reports, Americans United for Life Senior Counsel Clarke Forsythe Publishes Politics for the Greatest Good is now available at bookstores and

Dawn Eden, Author and Blogger Joins Americans United for Life

June 9, 2009 | By | No Comments

Alert Readers following Your Business Blogger(R) on Twitter know that Charmaine has recently hired some world-class talent.

dawn_eden.jpgWhere does she look for the best people?

The blogosphere.

Dawn Eden Senior Fellow, Publications and New Media Outreach

Start a blog. Follow on Twitter. You might find a job. An employer might find you.

From an AUL press release,

Author and Blogger Dawn Eden Joins Americans United for Life,

Washington, DC — Dawn Eden has joined Americans United for Life (AUL) as Senior Fellow, Publications and New Media Outreach. Her focus will be on writing and research to promote AUL’s legal expertise through both traditional media and “new media” outlets.

Dr. Charmaine Yoest, AUL President & CEO commented: “I am very pleased Dawn is joining our team. As a best-selling author and award-winning journalist, she brings a strong set of skills to the AUL team. With her dedication to the pro-life cause, Dawn will be a key part of our efforts to protect human life.”

Miss Eden said: “It is my honor to join the team at AUL, America’s oldest national pro-life organization. AUL is known for its unparalleled expertise across the spectrum of life issues and for its demonstrated success in motivating the grassroots. My goal as Senior Fellow is to expand the organization’s publications and media presence in ways that will increase the public’s recognition and support of not only AUL, but the entire pro-life movement.”

Miss Eden is author of The Thrill of the Chaste (2006), a guide for young adults on being counterculturally virtuous. Now in its eighth printing, the book has been translated into Spanish, Polish, and Chinese.

A graduate of New York University, Miss Eden began her career as a music journalist in New York City. In 2004, she was awarded the Associated Press’ top award for her work as a copy editor and headline writer for the New York Post.

In February 2002, she became a pro-life blogger (The Dawn Patrol), and has since contributed articles on politics and culture to the Wall Street Journal and National Review Online. In addition, she has been featured on NBC’s “Today” and on EWTN, and has spoken throughout North America, England, Ireland, Poland, and Australia.


Get a job, start a blog.

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Abortion Should Be Legal, But…

May 22, 2009 | By | No Comments

Gallup Poll shows that 51 percent of Americans are self-identified Pro-Life.

If any statement has the conjunctive ‘but’ in the middle — what follows the ‘but’ is more important than what precedes the ‘but.’

Most Americans are not a yes or no on abortion but — but! on a continuum.

Nancy Gibbs at Time magazine notes this challenge; the simple bogus binary choice,

Are you Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?

And suggests more nuance is needed.

So Americans United for Life is giving Time news some nuance, a Plan B, so to say: To get from Binary to But.

Charmaine first noticed this when she saw the Gallup Poll showing that 51 percent of Americans are self-identified Pro-Life. But, but, when she drilled down thru the numbers the cross tabs didn’t change.

In 1975 abortion:

22 percent illegal in all cases

21 percent legal in all cases

54 percent legal under certain conditions

In 2009 abortion:

22 percent illegal in all cases

23 percent legal in all cases

53 percent legal under certain conditions

The numbers really haven’t changed.

In 1995 Gallup added another question, “With respect to the abortion issue, would you consider yourself to be pro-choice or pro-life?”

(The Alert Reader will notice the order in the choices…)

In 1995 only 33 percent of Americans self-identified as Pro-Life.

Today in 2009, 51 percent are Pro-Life.

But, but, this was the only number that really changed.

51 percent are Pro-Life, but, but, 76 percent want abortion legal under some circumstances.

Your Business Blogger(R) had to take graduate statistics twice to earn a Gentleman’s C B, so even this numbers novice can see that there is some over lap of Americans who are both Pro-Life but, but want abortion legal.

Obama might be confused when life begins in the womb. But he has company in his confusion: most Americans are confused when/if/why it ends in the womb — We are Pro-Life but, but Abortion should be legal.

Would it be true, as one political wag winced, The masses are @sses?

No, but.

But we are nuanced.


Charmaine Yoest, with her doctorate in political science from Mr. Jefferson’s University, commissioned a scientific poll to get to the nuanced granularity of the American Public.

Her findings as president and CEO of Americans United for Life did not surprise her. And, indeed, confirmed sub-trends that now have a majority of Americans as Pro-Life.

Americans have always wanted commonsense oversight of abortion.

So let’s combine a premise and an outcome, a but not binary statement, to give Time’s Nancy Gibbs the nuance we all need. Here’s what Charmaine’s poll found,

Gallup: Abortion should be legal.

Most Americans, Abortion should be legal, but

Americans United for Life: Abortion is legal but…

…Not in the third trimester.

…Not with my tax dollars.

…I won’t pay for them overseas.

…I better know if my daughter is having one.

…Law makers should make abortion law, not judges.

…There must be some restrictions.

Americans overwhelmingly want some restrictions on abortion. They will oppose any Judicial nominee who will legislate from the bench lifting any regulation to codify Abortion on Demand.

Obama will suffer a severe loss in power and popularity if he nominates a judge who will permit the removal of commonsense regulation of abortion. A judge who advocates FOCA by stealth will have a real battle on her hands.

And as the pro-choice activists say, Pro-Lifers take no prisoners.


For over forty years, Americans United for Life has been working on incremental changes in law, state-by-state to protect women’s health and well being.

And to collaterally save a few children.

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Thank you (foot)notes:

Oklahoma recently passed legislation forbidding sex-selection abortion. India and China routinely abort first-born baby girls. (I married a first-born girl — I’ve got one too. They are really quite useful…) The citizens of Oklahoma don’t think this is a good idea and passes a commonsense law. Planned Parenthood is not happy and supports abortion on demand for any reason. The Supreme Court of the United States will overturn this law if Obama gets a radical on the court. Full Disclosure: AUL assisted in the legal crafting of this bill. See LifeNews.

From The Washington Post, Nancy Northup, president of The Center for Reproductive Rights, called the [AUL] campaign “a relentless anti-choice attack that is consistent with what their strategy has always been: to take no prisoners.”

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Media Alert: Charmaine on FOX Why Does USA Poll Pro-Life? & Abortion Debate Intensifes in National Journal

May 19, 2009 | By | 2 Comments

Charmaine recently appeared on FOX discussing the shift in polling — America is now 51 percent Pro-Life according to Gallup:

Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D. on FOX

Charmaine was also interviewed for National Journal,

Abortion Debate Intensifies, Awaits Nominee, Tuesday, By Amy Harder, May 19, 2009

Abortion has re-emerged as a hot issue, and if history is any indication, it will get even hotter when President Obama makes his Supreme Court nomination.

Obama — who first spoke out for a nominee with “empathy” before a Planned Parenthood audience in 2007 — rekindled conservatives’ wariness over the weekend with his speech at the University of Notre Dame, calling for “fair-minded” dialogue and “common ground.”

Charmaine Yoest, president of Americans United for Life, found Obama’s speech at Notre Dame troubling in light of the names at the top of his short list. “He continues to want to use rhetoric to describe a mythical common ground while at the same time pursuing a real radical actual agenda,” Yoest said. Her group recently released a report criticizing possible nominees such as Solicitor General Elena Kagan, appellate judges Sonia Sotomayor and Diane Wood, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and outgoing Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears.

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Thank you (foot)notes:

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Pro-Life Group Details Pro-Abortion Views of Likely Obama Supreme Court Picks, by Steven Ertelt, Editor, May 19, 2009,

Washington, DC ( — A leading pro-life legal group has compiled a detailed analysis of the pro-abortion views of the several leading contenders from which President Barack Obama is expected to pick the next Supreme Court justice.

Americans United for Life indicates pro-life advocates should expect a fierce battle over abortion with virtually any of the leading candidates.

Read, AUL’s short list for justice, with two notes to readers…

Media Alert: Charmaine Quoted In LA Times 51% identify as ‘pro-life’ in U.S. Why The Change?

May 16, 2009 | By | No Comments

The household of Your Business Blogger(R) has been involved in a number of studies — commissioning statistical polling.

A number of years ago, Charmaine’s dissertation centered on data gathered with a $230,000 budget. To pass academic peer-reviewed scrutiny, she was most careful in ‘framing questions’ to get unbiased responses. And she had an expert team study the study so that all the actors involved in the questioning understood the questions.

The Little Woman knows statistical sampling and polling pit-falls.

It was of great interest to learn about the new Gallup poll showing a move of America from Pro-Choice to Pro-Life. Reporters began calling.

Charmaine did an outstanding interview with the LA Times reporter, Robin Abcarian, who was engaging and fair. (I know this ’cause I was driving while they talked on the phone…) The interview follows later.

I wanted to know more on the cause of the dramatic shift to America’s current Pro-Life self-identification. So I asked Charmaine, Why such a big change?

This passes for pillow talk in our house…

She says that America has always been Pro-Life and there are four reasons for the poll shift:

Reframing Pro-Choice,
Obama Backlash,
Advances in Technology,
Financial Independence

Reframing Pro-Choice

How polling questions are framed can prompt a particular answer. But this was not the challenge of Gallup: They have asked the same question for years. The issue may well be the question itself. It seems that the public is beginning to understand when an abortion occurs — in which trimester — is important to being Are you Pro-Life or Pro-Choice in this black and white question. No shade of gray.

So. If a Pro-Choicer recoils at partial birth abortion, as do all normal humans, can she still be Pro-Choice? The question (and Cecile Richards at Planned Parenthood) does not allow this.

Or, more likely, if the Pro-Choicer is confused about any abortion after viability, is she no longer Pro-Choice? Maybe. If I am not Pro-Choice, then I am Pro-Life.

Charmaine’s work reminds us that most Americans have always been Pro-life. But only now have the extremists of the Pro-Choicer agenda — of abortion on demand — pushed the public out of the comfortable gray area — the mushy middle — into a stark admission: I am not a part of any group who holds for partial birth abortion.

The public perception — the shifting of the frame of the question — changed.

It was: Yes, I am Pro-Choice because a woman can abort her baby in the first trimester.

It is: No, I am not Pro-Choice because there is no reason to abort in the third trimester.

The shift was not in the framing of the question but in the understanding of when the abortion was taking place during the pregnancy.

This demonstrates that the incremental strategy of changing law state-by-state in universal, common-sense regulation is what all Americans want. The incremental strategy of Americans United for Life is working.

Obama Backlash

This is why Planned Parenthood was so insistent that Candidate Obama push and pass The Freedom of Choice Act or FOCA. This law would kill all incremental controls passed by local lawmakers on abortion. The public is not happy with the extremism of the current Executive Order allowing Federal funding for abortions overseas. Americans don’t want to pay for abortions in any country.

Americans do not want to pay for any abortion bailout.

President Obama has installed radical pro-abortion political appointees to implement Planned Parenthood’s abortion on demand agenda — abortion at any place; at any time; for any reason; at taxpayer expense. People don’t like this. This makes self-identification as Pro-Choice unpalatable.

The Obama Backlash began when Jill Stanek documented his position against Infants Born Alive. What politician dare be against legislation protecting infants born alive?

Advances in Technology

Four Dimension Sonogram — where the mother can watch her baby move about in real time. 85% of women who see the sonogram do not go through with a planned abortion — which is why Planned Parenthood doesn’t care for the science of the sonogram: It kills profits.

Babies can now survive at very young stages. Years ago Your Business Blogger(R) worked with aggressive technologies to help neonates with underdeveloped lungs to ‘breathe’ and to live. The public understands the new survival rates and is beginning to understand the illogical of aborting a child who could, today, survive outside the womb, where, a few years ago, could not.

Financial Independence

Most legal scholars — even Obama short-listers — agree that Roe v Wade was poorly reasoned and poorly decided. Even back then, the Justices cited a compelling state interest against third trimester abortions.

But recent Supreme Court cases have shifted from the healthy viability of the baby to the financial viability of the mother, a “reliance interest.” The Court has now ruled that abortion is necessary so that women can break the glass ceiling.

And this is why liberals are so unhappy with Sarah Palin: She could have lotsa babies and still be a governor. Palin proves that financial success is compatible with motherhood (X 5).

(No, it is not easy. Do not just drop by our house unless you want to help do laundry…)

51% identify as ‘pro-life’ in U.S. It’s the first time the Gallup Poll finds ‘pro-choice’ outweighed — at 42% — and a near-reversal of last year’s figures, By Robin Abcarian,May 16, 2009

At a time when President Obama is trying to convince opponents in the abortion battle that they can find middle ground — in rhetoric, if not reality — a new Gallup Poll shows that more Americans describe themselves as “pro-life” than “pro-choice.”

For the first time since it began asking the question in 1995, Gallup reported Friday, a majority of adults questioned for its annual survey on values and beliefs — 51% — said that when it comes to abortion, they consider themselves “pro-life”; 42% consider themselves “pro-choice.” (The margin of sampling error is plus or minus 3 percentage points.)

…antiabortion activists think they have more than the new poll on their side. “This isn’t new,” said Charmaine Yoest, president of Americans United for Life. “It tracks pretty much with what we’ve always known: People generally are pro-life depending on how you ask the question.”

But Yoest said abortion foes were not placated. “There has been such an avalanche of pro-abortion activity that it’s jaw-dropping. It’s not just that his rhetoric doesn’t square with reality; the gap is Grand Canyon-size. I think this administration has fundamentally miscalculated how out of step they are with the American people.”

Join Fight FOCA


Thank you (foot)notes:

From the Gallup organization,

May 15, 2009, More Americans “Pro-Life” Than “Pro-Choice” for First Time

Also, fewer think abortion should be legal “under any circumstances,” by Lydia Saad

PRINCETON, NJ — A new Gallup Poll, conducted May 7-10, finds 51% of Americans calling themselves “pro-life” on the issue of abortion and 42% “pro-choice.” This is the first time a majority of U.S. adults have identified themselves as pro-life since Gallup began asking this question in 1995.

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USS Scorpion Lost: A Remembrance 2009

May 16, 2009 | By | No Comments

Each year in May Your Business Blogger(R) remembers the Cold War loss of submarine Scorpion. We are so lucky to have such brave men. And their families.

Our prayer is that our current Commander-in-Chief would know the culture of our warriors.


In Remembrance of

those in the

Submarine Service Some 40 Years ago the USS Scorpion was due in my hometown, Norfolk, VA. She never returned.

She is, as the veterans say, on Eternal Patrol.


Your Business Blogger(R) wrote an article for National Review Online about those left behind from the loss of the USS Scorpion.

Five Days in May: The loss of the USS Scorpion.

By Jack Yoest

Yolanda Mazzuchi was about the prettiest girl in our school class. Our dads were in the Navy, often gone for months at a time. And they would be welcomed home at dockside with cheers and homemade signs. These gatherings at the D&S Piers at the Naval Base in Norfolk, Virginia, were a regular part of our lives growing up. Families often took children out of school to celebrate a ship’s homecoming.

At 1 in the afternoon on Monday, May 27, 1968, at the height of the Cold War the USS Scorpion was due in port.

Yolanda didn’t know it then, but her dad was already dead….

Continue reading here.

John Howland at USNA-AT-LARGE has set up a group for the boat,

Dedicated to and in honor of the 99 U.S. Navy submariners who perished in the loss of SCORPION in May 1968. The 40th Anniversary of that tragedy …[is] (May 2008), yet the cause(s) of the loss remain a complete mystery.


USS Scorpion

40 Years on Eternal Patrol

This lack of clarity and closure has created a void into which charlatans now have full play in creating bogus theories for profit.

This unsatisfactory situation may result in the SCORPION 99 going into history forever at the mercy of the unscrupulous.

The solution that this group will work toward will be to encourage the U.S. Navy to, at the very least, put to rest the loss scenarios which have MINIMAL TO NO PROBABILITY of having actually occurred.


Thank you (foot)notes:

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More from BubbleHead.

And read about the Loss of the Bonefish.

Your Business Blogger(R) of Management Training of DC, LLC, is a licensed agent for the William Oncken Corporation, presenters of Managing Management Time(TM) fondly known as Monkey Management.

Remember Me at the jump.

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AUL Comments: Charmaine on the Souter Retirement

May 1, 2009 | By | One Comment

Following press release was issued this morning from Americans United for Life.

Charmaine is scheduled for a number of media appearances today. Follow her on Twitter: @CharmaineYoest

Press Release: AUL Comments on Reported Retirement of Justice David Souter from the Supreme Court

By Daniel McConchie | May 1, 2009

“Pro-abortion Supreme Court nominee will read Freedom of Choice Act into the Constitution.”

WASHINGTON – Major media outlets are reporting that United State Supreme Court Justice David Souter has informed the White House that he plans to retire at the end of the Court’s current term.

Dr. Charmaine Yoest, President & CEO of Americans United for Life, stated, “We will work to oppose any nominee for the Supreme Court who will read the Freedom of Choice Act into the Constitution in order to elevate abortion to a fundamental right on the same plane as the freedom of speech. In his search for a replacement for Justice Souter, President Obama should avoid a pro-abortion litmus test.”

Dr. Yoest continued, “This nomination represents a test for a President who has expressed a public commitment to reducing abortions while pursuing an aggressive pro-abortion agenda. Appointing an abortion radical to the Court — someone who believes social activism trumps the Constitution – further undermines efforts to reduce abortion. In the days ahead, Justice Souter’s retirement also represents a test for the Senate: will they uphold their duty to raise serious questions over a nominee’s judicial philosophy?”

“The irony is that even many abortion rights supporters agree that Roe v. Wade was poorly decided,” Yoest said. “One person often cited as a potential Obama pick, legal scholar Cass Sunstein, has argued that Roe ‘badly overreached’ and that the decision rests on shaky constitutional foundations.”

Regarding Souter’s tenure on the Court, Americans United for Life Senior Counsel Clarke D. Forsythe stated, “Justice David Souter is one of the most pro-abortion members of the United State Supreme Court. During his tenure, Justice Souter voted to uphold abortion on demand and to strike down common sense abortion regulations that the vast majority of Americans support. He voted in 2000 and again in 2007 to strike down prohibitions on the barbaric practice of partial-birth abortion. As many votes on abortion have been 5-4 decisions, his presence on the Court has extended the tragedy of abortion by restricting the right of states to make their own decisions on abortion law.”


About Americans United for Life: Americans United for Life (AUL) is a nonprofit, public-interest law and policy organization whose vision is a nation in which everyone is welcomed in life and protected in law. The first national pro-life organization in America, AUL has been committed to defending human life through vigorous judicial, legislative, and educational efforts at both the federal and state levels since 1971. The Wall Street Journal has profiled AUL, and PBS’ Frontline program chronicled AUL’s successful efforts in Mississippi.

Charmaine is scheduled for a number of media appearances today. Follow her on Twitter: @CharmaineYoest

He is Risen Where Would the Messiah Worship Today?

April 13, 2009 | By | No Comments


Charmaine, Your Business Blogger(R)

Penta-Posse at the Grand Canyon

Easter 2005 Disciplines of the Risen Christ celebrate the Empty Tomb on Easter Sunday.

A few years ago Alert Readers will recall that Your Business Blogger(R) with Charmaine and the Penta-Posse attended a Sunrise Service on the rim of the Grand Canyon in John McCain’s home state. The Grand Canyon is Federal Property, but the surrounding locals quietly support a congregation of church and state.

Easter is a Red-State kind of celebration — even though Arizona is one-third blue.

So, is likely that Obama would permit a continuation of Easter Services on Federal Lands?

Would the leftist, blue-state messiah tolerate the red-state Messiah? The One without the teleprompter?

Obama ceased attending church regularly since the bungled swearing-in. But He attended Easter Services at nearby St. John’s Episcopal.

Will the messiah choose St. John’s? We may have a hint. He might be just as happy where the Clintons churched.

We know the church habits of Obama and the Clintons.


Cross Obama attended the Hate America First church and was mentored by Jeremiah Wright for some two decades.

The Clintons attended Foundry Methodist church when they lived in the White House in Washington, DC.

Your Business Blogger(R) attended services a time or two at Foundry Methodist during the Clinton tenure. It is a liberal church that differs from Obama’s Chicago church only by degree, not kind. I stopped visiting.

Your Business Blogger(R), John Wesley Yoest, now has little use for the church founded by John Wesley.

The United Methodists at Foundry have run off the Biblical rails,

“…we proclaim this statement of welcome our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender brothers and sisters: we affirm you…”

Obama and Clinton support liberal churches. Clinton’s former church supports Obama’s former church. It is likely He will continue to enjoy liberal theology.

It is certain Obama will support liberal positions in his pro-abortion-choice in the church chosen.

yoest 019small.jpg

Sunrise Service, Grand Canyon

Photo Credit: The Dreamer

I would predict that the messiah will shut down Easter Services at the Grand Canyon.

And the president will be happy only in a pro-choice church.

Happy Easter.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Easter: He Is Risen; Family, Faith & Freedom

He is risen! He is risen indeed!

The Pill For Minors (and Your Mother Need Not know…)

March 24, 2009 | By | One Comment

George Weigel says that the real winner in the last election was…

the 1960′s.

The Woodstock-er Flower Power, Free Love-Hippy-Hypocrites are having children and presidents of their own.

Love Hypocrites? Yep.

If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with!

Sex sells as nothing else. But only sex. Nothing else.


Your Business Blogger(R) was at a local high school sporting event in the stands next to another doting dad who truly cares about his daughter. (Note: this story is essentially true; some details have been changed for obvious reasons.)

I know about the daughter. A lot. Too much.

Charmaine and I regularly monitor The (teenaged) Dreamer’s and the Dude’s Facebook friends. And saw pictures of someone else’s daughter that would not get her hired in any company I advise.

I gently suggest to the Dad that Facebook is a good source to learn if teenage daughters are well, “active.”

He says. “I don’t want to know.” I am perplexed.

He smiles, “They are just going to do it anyway.”

He didn’t want to know about his daughter’s (potential) amorous adventurous.

But he might get concerned…

If he learned that she might be smoking.

And without a doubt, if her football friends were drinking and driving.

Sex: OK anytime.

Smoking: BAD anytime.

Drinking: BAD while driving.

Facebook: WHAT?

Woodstock-ers don’t mind if their daughter’s are sexually active, as long as they really care about their health: no smoking and don’t drive while drunk.

(I’m still waiting for the public school system Safe Smoking Class; the Safe Drinking Class.)


The contraceptive pill known as Plan B soon will be made available without prescription to minors without parental consent . . .

This is Woodstock-ing your children.

NATASHA SINGER writes in The New York Times, Contraception Pill Strictures Are Eased by a Judge

A federal judge ordered the Food and Drug Administration on Monday to make the Plan B morning-after birth control pill available without prescription to women as young as 17….

The agency has 30 days to comply with the order, in which the judge also urged the agency to consider removing all restrictions on over-the-counter sales of Plan B. The drug consists of two pills that prevent conception if taken within 72 hours of sexual intercourse…

Not until 2006 did the F.D.A. rule, saying that the drug could be sold without a prescription only to women over 18. In order to enforce the age restriction, the agency also ordered that Plan B be stocked behind pharmacy counters, in contrast to other over-the-counter contraceptives like condoms.

Americans United for Life Condemns Ruling Increasing Minors’ Access to Dangerous Plan B

Washington, DC – Today, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York unilaterally determined in Tummino v. Torti that 17 year old girls should have unrestricted, over-the-counter access to Plan B or so-called “emergency contraception.” In doing so, the court overruled a previous decision by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requiring that minors first obtain a valid prescription for the potentially dangerous drug.

The Obama Administration is widely expected to welcome the ruling and not pursue a meaningful appeal in the case.

Dr. Charmaine Yoest, President & CEO of Americans United for Life said, “Given legitimate concerns about the safety of self-medicating with Plan B, it is incomprehensible that we would allow a minor to walk into any pharmacy and obtain this drug without medical oversight or parental involvement.”

So where did this new nonsense originate?

Sam & Dave sum it up,

I was educated at Woodstock

When I start lovin’, oh, I just can’t stop

Join Fight FOCA Maybe the Obama administration is right:

Kids are going to do it anyway:

They just can’t stop.

But they better not have a cigarette after…


The Woodstock-administration is working to promote prescription pills to underage girls.

Abortions are coming next.

Stop the Woodstock-ers.

Fight FOCA.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Some versions From the Blues Brothers have,

I was educated from good stock

When I start lovin’ I just cant stop

The Woodstock-ers have created the party of death.

Alert Readers know that Your Business Blogger(R) spent a number of decades in pharmaceutical and medical device companies and had to work with FDA requirements.

The FDA has its reasoning upside down, backwards, wrong.

That is to say: They are making political — not a medical — decision.

The normal contraceptive Pill requires a prescription from a licensed physician.

Plan B IS the Pill, except much, much stronger.

Now Plan B will require no prescription, but its stronger dose twin does?

This is lunacy. This is anti-science. This is anti-health.

This is the new administration.

See Truthspeaker’s Weblog

Visit Court Gives 17-Year-Old Girls Unrestricted Access to Morning-After Pill

Tuesday, By Susan Jones, Senior Editor

MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine On FOX: Embryonic Stem Cell Research

March 6, 2009 | By | No Comments

Charmaine_Yoest_CSPAN_cropped.pngWhen does life begin? Obama wasn’t sure, but the science is settled.

Life begins at conception.

Charmaine on an earlier appearance on C-SPAN

From an article by William L. Saunders, Jr., graduate of Harvard Law School, in the Fordham Urban Law Journal,

Lethal Experimentation on Human Beings: Roe‘s Effect on Bioethics,

There is no mystery about when human life begins. It is only within the political and ideological context that this matter is contested…

When the matter is not being debated in a courtroom or on the floor of the Congress, when it is left for scientific analysis, the resolution is clear.

Human life begins, in the normal, ordinary case, at “conception,” that is to say, at fertilization…

See, e.g., C.R. Austin, Fertilization, in Germ Cells and Fertilization 103, 103 (C.R. Austin & Short eds., 1972).

Charmaine is scheduled to debate against Embryonic Stem Cell Research and for Adult Stem Cell Research on Fox and Friends on Sunday morning the 8th.

Note this is not the Sunday morning Fox with Chris Wallace.

Hit time estimate is 8am eastern.

Thank you (foot)notes,

See Adult Stem Cell Research: Benefits and Successes

The Politico Quotes Yoest on Embryonic Stem Cell Legislation

Charmaine Quoted in Congressional Quarterly on Stem Cell Research

West Wing propaganda on stem cell research

What’s a Blastocyst, Anyway?