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Save the Date 18 March, Sales Training: How To Persuade in Business, Government, The Military

February 27, 2009 | By | One Comment

jack_yoest_awards_small_cropped.pngYour Business Blogger(R) and Charmaine are spending a few days at the Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel for a series of meetings.

This Ritz sold us in the first two minutes.


The car valet attendant took our car and offered assistance with our bags. Walking thru the front entrance, the staff welcomed us.

By name.

We are escorted to the check-in counter (of magnificent stone) and Charmaine addresses the lovely clerk (young, but mature and a happily married mother we soon learn),

Charmaine asks, “How did the door man know our names?”

She looks up. “He’s got special powers,” she replied matter of factly.

Funny. Smart. Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen.

The Ritz knows how to sell. The lifetime value of each regular guest of the hotel is over $300,000.

Commitment, Attention to Detail, Immediate Follow-up: Selling.


Save the Date:

Sales Training

Persuasion in Business, Government, Non-Profits and War.

Question: What lost Vietnam?

Answer: A failed sales presentation.

Well-run organizations have decision makers and influencers who are sales professionals at every level. People who persuade.

They sell to customers, superiors and peers. They are ‘salesmen’ who work to control events – both inside and outside the organization. Salesmen in business development who are account managers.

Who: Professionals and life-long students in management or in business development – sales, fund-raising, leadership.

jack_yoest_awards.gifWhat: The seminar will equip the attendee with background on how to manage and how to sell both tangibles and intangibles — To sell ideas, and products, and services.

When: Wednesday, March 18, 2009, 11:00pm to 12:15pm

Where: Northern Virginia Community College,

Alexandria Campus, campus map

The new Bisdorf Auditorium, room 196

3001 North Beauregard Street, Alexandria, VA 22311 street map

Why: Increase sales, Increase funding,

Sell an idea, Save the world.

Cost: No Charge. Register here at Space is limited.

Jack Yoest with sales trophies, circa 1995.

The sales training on March 18th will present an overview of the three dominant, popular sales philosophies and their application to selling ideas and products in for-profits, not-for-profits, government, military, media and academia.

Jack Yoest, Adjunct Professor of Business at NOVA and President of Management Training of DC, is a former Armored Cavalry Officer in Combat Arms. For over 30 years he has managed software, health care and international human resource management companies. He conducts sales and marketing and management training for professionals in industries from law to government.

He has sold car mufflers and intravenous catheters. He’s peddled tactics for night vision devices, partnerships with software developers, budgeting in public policy and media marketing for CEO’s.

Jack also served in the Governor’s Office of the Commonwealth Virginia as Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Resources where he acted as the Chief Technology Officer for the secretariat. He was responsible for the successful Year 2000 (Y2K) conversion for the 16,000-employee unit.

He was also a sales account manager with a medical device start-up and helped move sales from zero to over $12 million, opening over 300 accounts, resulting in a buy-out by Johnson & Johnson.

Jack has consulted across industries and in China and India. His first job out of high school was selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door in 1971.

Questions?, or call Jack at 202.215.2434.

Suggested class reading:

Selling your skills, Do You Have An Incompetent Manager? From The Washington Post.

Management_Time__Who_s_Got_the_Monkey___HBR_OnPoint_Enhanced_Edition_.pdf Harvard Business Review. How not to sell in the office.

One Minute YouTube Introduction: Office Politics: Someone is always selling, Someone is always buying.

Come to this class. You might be the one to prevent another Vietnam.

Jack Yoest


Adjunct Professor

Pro-Choice Democrats FightFOCA

February 26, 2009 | By | No Comments

Join Fight FOCA Charmaine sent this note to 300,000 of her closest friends who are Fighting FOCA, the so called ‘Freedom of Choice Act,’

Thank you for recently taking action by contacting your Member of Congress and asking them to sign onto a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi defending pro-life riders.

Yesterday, the Jordan/Shuler letter was sent to Speaker Pelosi and released to the public with 180 Congressional signers — 157 Republicans and 23 Democrats.

Thank you for contacting your Representative. Because you took action with us, a broad coalition of Members of Congress made a public stand to defend our pro-life principles.

As we’ve mentioned before, the attacks on pro-life riders is the first attempt by the pro-abortion movement to pass the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) “by stealth”.

It is so vital we do whatever we can to defend these vital amendments to federal budget bills and keep our tax dollars from being used to pay for abortion here in the United States and on our military bases worldwide. Repealing these laws is the first target of Planned Parenthood and their allies — and their first step toward pushing the FOCA agenda.

The full text of the letter with all of the signatures is available on the AUL Action blog (PDF).

We look forward to keeping you informed as things progress on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures across the country.

Yours for Life,


Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D.

President & CEO

AUL Action The Legislative Arm of Americans United for Life


Thank you (foot)notes:

DAVID CRARY at The (liberal) Huffinton Post writes, Anti-Abortion Groups Invigorated By Obama Win, which generated 559 comments,

“The hardline, divisive tactics they’ve used have been resoundingly rejected,” said Cecile Richards, president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. “We’ll probably see some splintering within the conservative community. …I’d hope some of the folks on the right, if their goal is to reduce the need for abortions, would link arms with us.”

But for now, anti-abortion leaders are eager to appear undaunted.

“Any time you have a loss like that, you have an opportunity to reassess and come back stronger,” said Charmaine Yoest, president of Americans United for Life. “If they want to see this as a big loss that will set us back, that’s OK. Our people are very energized, and ready for Round Two.”

John Cronin writes about the win in the battle on the war on FOCA in comMITTed to Romney,

As I wrote in my post from several days ago, we have won another battle in the fight to protect innocent life in the womb, but the war continues.

I post this email…to help share the conviction that grassroots activism does work. Together, we are making a difference.

See What horrors await us in the penumbras formed by emanations.

All About Americas Sweetheart – Sarah Palin.

Visit soulpants with Advocates prepare for uphill battle to end abortion under pro-choice president.

Roundup: Condoms Trump Abstinence in Obama Global AIDS Policy.

Read Women of Faith with FOCA on the Family, Pardon the pun, but churches and families need to be aware of how the Freedom of Choice Act will impact their community, something we should expect to see enacted…

SPECIAL: Interview with AUL Action’s Charmaine Yoest…

Read More Local More Personal.

The Death of Private First Class Chance Phelps

February 24, 2009 | By | 6 Comments

Updated 28 June 2012, I finally Netflexed the Movie Taking Chance. I watched it alone–with out Charmaine or our three girls or our two sons.

There is an ancient Jewish admonition that tells us to “imagine no evil.”

I didn’t want Charmaine to see the movie as our boy John applies to the various military academies or an ROTC program as I did. Losing a son would be unimaginable. But it is a necessary risk for the uniformed services.


Obama is speaking to a joint session of congress. The War is not a priority for Obama and liberals.

Every soldier’s death is a public event.

Back in the day of the horse cavalry, Your Business Blogger(R) was privileged to be a Survival Assistance Officer helping families who lost a service member. As a young Cavalry Officer, I commanded a number of burial details. The part that hurt and still moves in slow motion in my mind’s eye, is handing the tri-folded American flag to the widow.

I never cried at these funerals. I was too young. It was a task, a detail that had to be done.

Charmaine and I have two sons who we expect will serve our country in uniform. And they may serve a commander-in-chief who does not demand victory over our enemies.

Americans want Victory over — not justice for — terrorists.


The following article was written a few years ago and deserves a wide audience, courtesy of John Howland of USNA-At-Large.

chance_phelps_marine.jpgTAKING CHANCE, 23 Apr 04 – The enclosed article was written by LtCol M.R. Strobl USMC who is assigned to MCCDC Quantico, VA and served as the officer who escorted the remains of PFC C. Phelps USMC from Dover AFB, DE to his home. PFC Phelps was assigned to 3d Bn, 11th Marines – an artillery unit functioning as a provisional infantry battalion during Operation IRAQI FREEDOM 2. PFC Phelps was killed in action from a gunshot wound received on 9 Apr 04 during combat operations west of Baghdad. He was buried in Dubois, WY on 17 Apr 04.


PFC Chance Phelps

Chance Phelps was wearing his Saint Christopher medal when he was killed on Good Friday. Eight days later, I handed the medallion to his mother. I didn’t know Chance before he died.

Today, I miss him…

Read at the jump.

Read More

Americans United for Life Quoted in Washington Times

February 23, 2009 | By | One Comment

Alert Readers have noted that Charmaine did not make a number of points about the Octo-mom on Huckabee.

The segment was edited down for time. But Charmaine at AUL and some media outlets are reporting about the need for regulation of fertility clinics and Artificial Reproductive Technology (ART).

Cheryl Wetzstein writes

WETZSTEIN: Fertility industry in need of rules in the Washington Times,

Lawmakers in a hurry might want to consider model ART legislation from the pro-life Americans United for Life (AUL).

The bill recommends limiting the transfer of embryos to two at a time and encourages using frozen embryos before creating new ones, AUL official Mailee Smith said. It also would require comprehensive informed consent, so women can understand the range of health risks associated with multiple births, she said.

Charmaine was scheduled to appear on Larry King Live to continue the fertility debate, but was canceled.


Thank you (foot)notes,

See more of AUL‘s incremental abortion strategy in, MATTERS OF LIFE AND DEATH New trend: Ultrasounds before abortion 12 states may require doctors to offer image of baby prior to terminating life, By Chelsea Schilling, © 2009 WorldNetDaily. For example, in,

Missouri: Physicians and other “professionals” performing abortions must provide information about free ultrasound services, allow the woman access to an ultrasound and provide her with a chance to listen to the heartbeat of her unborn baby.

Currently, a patient must be informed of risks of abortions 24 hours before terminating her pregnancy. Doctors must have written parental consent or a court order to perform abortions on minors.

According to Americans United for Life, the state’s General Assembly “has found that the life of each human being begins at conception.” The state prohibits partial-birth abortion throughout pregnancy.

Most fertility clinics break the rules.

MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine On Larry King Live on the Octo-Mom Debate

February 18, 2009 | By | No Comments

charmaine_speaking_ceadarville.GIFCharmaine will be appearing on Larry King Live on CNN on Thursday, 19 Feb 2009.

She will be doing another debate on the mom with 14 children.

Charmaine lecturing on a college campus.

Hit time is 9 pm eastern. Please tune in and let us know what you think.

Watch Charmaine debate this issue on Huckabee.

Be sure to follow Charmaine and Your Business Blogger(R) on Facebook. Charmaine puts all the good stuff on Facebook — go ‘Friend’ her.

Visit Little Saints in the Making.

Charmaine on Huckabee The Video

February 18, 2009 | By | 2 Comments

Charmaine appeared on Mike Huckabee’s Huckabee cable show on FOX this past Saturday and Sunday.

She debated the Octo-mom issue.

Please let us know what you think.


Thank you (foot)notes,

See Americans United for Life.

Visit Pro-Life Choices Network letter on FOCA.

Congressman John P. Murtha (D-PA) to Oppose FOCA on Vivficat.

Renewing My Faith, Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3:5-6 writes,

I was really disappointed that Charmaine was not able to touch more on the important topics such as:

1. These Dr. are operating as self-regulated with no laws preventing them from what they are doing. The need to have public policy stating what is ethical for Dr. to perform.

2. Are these Dr. doing harm to the patient by implanting 8 embryos?…

Brook B asks good questions. Her interview was taped and was much, much longer but was edited down for the show. Many of the issues were covered in the original debate.

Your Business Blogger(R) is confident that the debate that Brook is looking for will be seen on Larry King Live tomorrow, Thursday, Feb 19, 2009 on CNN. Charmaine is schedule to appear and will continue the conversation.

Media Alert: Charmaine on Huckabee

February 13, 2009 | By | 2 Comments

huckabee_charmaine_december_07.jpgCharmaine will be appearing with Mike Huckabee on Huckabee on FOX.

She will be debating the issues spawned by the octo-birthing 33 year old Jolie-wannabee, octuplet mom Nadya Suleman.

Her bills are paid for by the taxpayers.

She might bankrupt her home state of California all by herself…and her 14 [bad word removed by editortrix] fatherless children.

Charmaine Yoest and Mike Huckabee, Dec 2007


George Weigel gave a lecture the other night in Your Nation’s Capital. His theme was about the cultural shift in the recent election. It was not so much that Obama had won, but who, or, rather ‘what’ the real winner was.

The real winner of the presidential election was…the 1960′s.

George Weigel recounts that the 60′s as the winner actually began when convicted felon Bill Clinton was able to remain in the office of the president. The liberals and the elites and the academics and Hollywood and mainstream media would rather have a sexual harasser remain in office than restrain — in any fashion — the libertine sexual freedom born in the 60′s generation.

Obama embodies that leftist sexual license, George Weigel writes,

My reading of Senator Obama’s record is that he is a genuine leftist: not a pragmatic liberal, like Clinton, but a true man of the left, in the European sense of the term. And that’s probably why he’s so popular in European circles.

On abortion, though, he is not simply a leftist, but a radical: in the Illinois state legislature, he led the fight against a partial-birth abortion ban, and against a law that would have given legal protection to infants who survive a late-term abortion.

From the latter, one would have to include that Senator Obama thinks a women has a right, not only to an abortion, but to a dead baby.

This is a position far, far to the left of the American mainstream. Obama’s instincts in foreign affairs are also leftist: he does not seem to understand that there are people who hate the West and who are determined to do it harm for their own reasons, not because of anything the West has putatively done for them.

The 1960′s won. It will take some time for the adults to take back power.


The sexual revolution separated sex from procreation.

And today the sexual revolution has separated procreation from sex.

The Octo-mom wanted children. Lots of them. But a husband; a father for her children wasn’t happening. No need. Like feminists the world over, she needed a man like a fish needs a bicycle.

Why a man? When the taxpayer will send home the bacon and pay the rent.

Tune in and let us know what you think. Hit time is 8pm eastern on FOX.


Thank you (foot)notes,

Charmaine served as Senior Advisor traveling with the Huckabee for president campaign.

Read more on Wiegel’s Cube and Cathedral.

Pro-Life State Rankings by Americans United for Life

February 9, 2009 | By | One Comment

Americans United for Life has released a state-by-state review of local abortion laws. The ranking is based on a numerical evaluation-criteria. See State by State Legal Guide to Abortion, Bioethics and the End of Life.

The Best States

1. Pennsylvania

2. Louisiana

3. South Dakota

4. Oklahoma

5. Mississippi

6. Texas

7. North Dakota

8. Nebraska

9. Arkansas

10. Indiana

The Worst States

50. California

49. Hawaii

48. Vermont

47. New Jersey

46. Connecticut

45. Nevada

44. Oregon

43. New York

42. Washington

41. Illinois

And please sign the FightFOCA petition!

Join Fight FOCA


Thank you (foot)notes:

The KansasJackass loves abortion and Planned Parenthood.

Also see LifeNews reports, Missouri Bill Introduced for Ultrasound, Better Informed Consent Before Abortion

See 12 States Weigh Ultrasound Abortion Bills, by Christianity Today.

Is The State You Live In For Or Against Life?

See Craig’s Cogitations.

Is your state for or against life?

Read the outstanding writing by Meredith Turney at California Ranks DEAD Last.

SwampFox discusses FOCA

Jeremy Alford blogs How pro-life is Louisiana?

Dr. Charmaine Yoest, AUL president, says the ranking offers every reason for optimism for conservatives in Louisiana, especially with the election of Democratic President Barack Obama, who is pro-choice. “Since the election, we have seen a huge outpouring of grassroots support for our work opposing the radically pro-abortion Freedom of Choice Act as well as hundreds of inquiries about life-affirming legislation,” Youest says.

Life as it Happens has more on Obama and FOCA.

Kyrie Eleison gives a link.

The Spin Cipher has Freedom of Choice for who?

Cellar dweller has California at bottom of list in pro-life group’s ranking of states.

Memorize the Presidents

February 3, 2009 | By | 4 Comments

Alert Readers know that Your Business Blogger(R) advises students and clients to memorize important presentations.

Brute memorization is mocked by educracrats, the union thugs well-meaning liberals who run public education.

Brute memorization is loved by home-schoolers, the brilliant parents and students who are get education right.

There are some facts that must be learned. Must be memorized.

Our Penta-Posse was home-schooled for a season. And have now moved into the public school system. (High school sports beckon.)

The idea for this YouTube comes from The Dude. His elementary school teacher once asked about the presidents and who followed whom. The Dude knew the answer, and volunteered a bit more.

“It seems that you know all the presidents,” says The Dude’s teacher. “Can you name them in order?”

“Sure,” says The Dude. “How do you want them? Forwards …or backwards?”

Learn how at the end.

Here are the presidents in order Washington to Obama:

And reverse order Obama to Washington:

Want to learn the State Capitals and the presidents in order? Then order States and Capitals and the Presidents by Jerry Lucas


Thank you (foot)notes,

Be sure to follow Your Business Blogger(R) and Charmaine on Twitter: @JackYoest and @CharmaineYoest

Jack and Charmaine also blog at Reasoned Audacity and at Management Training of DC, LLC.

FREE Management Training: The One Minute Manager Meets The Monkey

February 2, 2009 | By | One Comment

Conservatives have the correct content and communication, but what is needed now is control — the control seen as a component of management*.

Quin Hillyer at the AmSpecBlog, the American Spectator Blog, writes, We Need Managers,

I can think of all sorts of conservative organizations that need better management skills. Maybe they should try to learn something here.


yoest_stern_business_school_NYU_nov_2006_cropped.jpgAlert Readers know that Your Business Blogger(R) reminds students and clients that management is defined as more than merely getting things done through others.

Management is getting things done through the ACTIVE SUPPORT of others. Lean how.

Your Business Blogger(R)

at the Stern Business School

at the New York University

Following is your invitation.

You Are Invited.

The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey: An Introduction

How to Manage Your Staff and How to Manage Your Manager

Well-run organizations have managers and staff who work to control events, instead of events controlling them. They anticipate the future . . . adapt to the present . . . and learn from the past.

Who: Managers who need to get in control of events or to better influence results

What: An introduction to The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey

1. The Management Equation:

Vocational Time vs. Management Time

2. How Management Really Works:

The Molecule of Management

3. The Who and How of Promotions:

The Freedom Scale

When: Wednesday, Feb 18, 2009, 11:00am to 12:15pm

Where: Northern Virginia Community College,

Alexandria Campus, campus map

The new Bisdorf Auditorium, room 196

3001 North Beauregard Street, Alexandria, VA 22311 street map

Why: Improve managerial effectiveness and staff efficiency.

Cost: No Charge. Register here.

The class will center on the work of Ken Blanchard and Bill Oncken in their book The One Minute Manager Meets The Monkey. Also used will be the Harvard Business Review article, Managing Management Time: Who’s Got the Monkey?, published in 1974, by Bill Oncken, Jr.. The article, an edited excerpt of the Managing Management Time™ seminar, has gone on to become one of the two most requested reprints in the history of the Review. The training summarized in the article is sometimes called the “Monkey Management” seminar.

Jack Yoest, Adjunct Professor of Management and President of Management Training of DC, is a former Armored Cavalry Officer in Combat Arms. His military leadership training and experience guides his management philosophy at the core of Managing Management Time™. He has managed software, health care and international human resource management companies.

Jack also served in the Governor’s Office of the Commonwealth Virginia as Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Resources where he acted as the Chief Technology Officer for the secretariat. He was responsible for the successful Year 2000 (Y2K) conversion for the 16,000-employee unit. He was also a manager with a medical device start-up and helped move sales from zero to over $12 million, resulting in a buy-out by Johnson & Johnson. Jack has consulted in China and India.

Questions? email or call Jack at 202.215.2434 to save your spot.

Suggested class reading:

Do You Have An Incompetent Manager? From The Washington Post

Who’s Got The Monkey? from the Harvard Business Review

One Minute YouTube Introduction:

Jack Yoest


Adjunct Professor


*Management is traditionally defined as planning, organizing, leading, motivating and controlling.

There is no free lunch. The class is not FREE. It will be presented at no charge to the guests.

Parking and Directions at the Campus here.