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You're Invited! Lecture on the Imaginative World of C. S. Lewis

March 29, 2006 | By | One Comment

Lifted shamelessly from the Jollyblogger.

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For all of you who live in the Baltimore and Washington DC area I want to invite you to an event at our church this Thursday night featuring author and C. S. Lewis Scholar Art Lindsley. Here’s the announcement from the church:

C. S. Lewis has found a new generation of fans with the overwhelming success of the movie adaptation of his book “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.”

You are invited to a lecture and a dessert discussing C. S. Lewis and the importance of the imagination in his life and writings.

Date: Thursday, March 30, 2006

Time: 7:00 — 9:00pm

Location: Glen Burnie Evangelical Presbyterian Church

710 Aquahart Rd, Glen Burnie, MD

For more info: 410-766-5363 or


Arthur Lindsley, Ph.DOur Speaker

Arthur W. Lindsley, Ph.D.

Senior Fellow — C. S. Lewis Institute

Art Lindsley has served at the C.S. Lewis Institute since 1987. Formerly, he was Director of Educational Ministries at the Ligonier Valley Study Center, and Staff Specialist with the Coalition for Christian Outreach. He is the author of the books True Truth and C. S. Lewis’s Case for Christ and is the co-author of the book Classical Apologetics along with R.C. Sproul and John Gerstner. He has written numerous articles on theology, apologetics, C.S. Lewis, and the lives and works of many other authors and teachers. Art earned his M.Div. from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. in Religious Studies from the University of Pittsburgh.

I hope you can come!


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East Asia vs USA Moral Molders

March 16, 2006 | By | No Comments

The biggest complaint among US school teachers is that parents are not actively involved in the training of morals of children.

In contrast, parents in East Asia are not expected, indeed do not see themselves adequate to teach moral development. In East Asia moral training is seen as the job of the child’s teacher.

The Confucious model. Teachers are revered as being more enlightened. Teachers are seen to be closer to the divine. Closer to god.

Little wonder elite USA university professors love the overseas system of hierarchy.

In East Asia, parents put the government between the parent and child.

In USA, the teachers put the teachers’ union between the parent and child.

In East Asia, parents think teachers are gods.

In USA, teachers think teachers are gods.


China's Secret To Beating the USA in Education

March 14, 2006 | By | No Comments

The Chinese school system is producing some very bright children.

The United States system is, well, academically challenged.

Here’s how the Chinese manage education:

1) Schools are ranked by qualitative measure of student performance, and

2) Any student can compete to get into any school, so that

3) Competition makes schools and students better.

Competition. In Communist China.

But not in the USA. Children must attent schools based on geography. Or pay for private schooling — in effect paying twice.

One would have hoped that the last two communist structures in the world could work together.

The communists running the National Education Association — the teacher’s union — should be following the lead of the union’s smarter comrades on the other side of the world.

And let the children attend whatever school they wish; local or not.

Freedom of association. The American Way.


Full Disclosure: Your Business Blogger was once a member of the National Education Association.