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26 Apr



Is America Trending Pro-Life? Why Should a Marketer Care?

April 26, 2006 | By | 3 Comments

Susan _B_Anthony_List.jpg

Real Women’s Voices The Roe Effect.

Babies. Lots of them. And business is noticing.

If your job is strategic planning, you should know where Charmaine is today, instead of lounging in Nordstrom’s.

My Helpmeet and her cohort are making news; making a market. And creating a trend line. With who has children and who does not.

James Taranto in 2003 coined a theory called the Roe Effect in The Wall Street Journal where pro-abortion women were more likely to abort their children than pro-life women and so pro-lifers were more likely to have more children.

The Wall Street Journal plotted out this graph in Best of the Web in ’03, explaining,

Not all women, after all, are equally likely to have abortions.

It also seems reasonable to assume that parents have some influence on their children, so that if liberal women are having abortions, the next generation will be more conservative than it otherwise would be.

The next big thing will be little bundles of joy by a particular market segment: Conservative, Church going, Traditionalist, Republican.

This strategic trend will also have political muscle. These consumers are voters.

Today, I sent off the Little Woman with two of our girls for a real ‘take your daughters to work’ experience. To join lobbyists on Capital Hill.

Charmaine, The Dreamer and The Diva have appointments in Senator Hillary Clinton’s office this afternoon. We’ll let you know what happens.

The Dreamer is equipped with a camera.

From the Susan B. Anthony List:


A Panel Discussion at the National Press Club with release of

NEW POLL on Americans’ views regarding Roe vs. Wade

WASHINGTON – Ten years ago, Congress was on the brink of passing the Freedom of Choice Act. Today, from parental notification to informed consent laws, state after state is passing more restrictions on abortions. Some suggest the watershed moment for pro-life forces was the introduction of the Partial-birth Abortion Ban. Others point to the growth of pregnancy resource centers and the improvement of medical technology, such as 4-D ultrasounds. Whatever the cause, the case can be made that America is trending in the pro-life direction. An expert panel will discuss this phenomenon and its implications for the 2006 elections and beyond. A new poll regarding Americans’ views on Roe vs. Wade will also be released.


Kate O’Beirne – Author, “Women Who Make the World Worse”

Ramesh Ponnuru – Author, “The Party of Death”

Kristin Day – President, Democrats for Life

Karen Smith – the polling company,inc/WomanTrend

Moderator: Marjorie Dannenfelser, President, Susan B. Anthony List

Finally, a warning. If your strategic planner is a woman, or if your chief marketing officer is a woman, she will not know, nor care about these demographic shifts. She might very be an abortion advocate, with a particular bias and blindness.

So test her. Ask her what the Roe Effect is and how this will affect business for the next decade.

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Crew, 2010


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Jack and Charmaine also blog at Reasoned Audacity and at Management Training of DC, LLC.

Thank you (foot)notes:

Wall Street Journal blockquote BY JAMES TARANTO, Friday, January 17, 2003 1:47 p.m. EST citing Sex and the GOP

More at the jump.

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See Daily Pundit on Roe Effect Multiplier.

Visit ProLife Blogs for the Party of Death.

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17 Apr



Str*ppers in The Chronicle of Higher Education

April 17, 2006 | By | 2 Comments


Higher Education in The Chronicle of Higher Education


Everybody’s Toy, Nobody’s Fool

The text and photographs by Jackie Brenner, a photographer, are from the book Friday Night Grind: Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Distributed by the University of New Mexico Press for Fresco Fine Arts Publications and Shine Media Group.

The market segment for the average reader of The Chronicle of Higher Education:

Voted for John Kerry

Doesn’t go to church

Loves Darwinism; hates Intelligent Design

Hates George Bush

Hates business/commerce/filthy lucre

Loves pictures of Nekked Women…

…I made up the last point.

However, this is what the professors in the academy are reading. Are you sure you want your daughters near these guys?


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Other favorite pictures articles from The Chronicle of Higher Education include

Painted Ladies, and

Butt of Jokes.

This week’s pictures are from the April 21, 2006 edition, page B3.

Whenever Your Business Blogger thinks of Bill Clinton, I think of Crooked Timber.

Mudville Gazette has Open Post.

Gapingvoid has a better depiction of the Str*ppers’ audience.

Wilberforce and Gapingvoid

April 15, 2006 | By | No Comments

A tale of two sales guys. One made the big, small. The other made the small, big.


Cross Your Business Blogger recently was privileged to view an advance screening of the movie trailer about Wilberforce and his lifelong fight against slavery.

Amazing Grace. Due out in March, I saw the movie thru a marketing lens.

Wilberforce was able to sell a very big project by making the intangible, tangible. From global-big to individual-small. He made the individual slave real to the individual Member of Parliament.

Today, MacLeod is able to sell a very small project by making the tangible, intangible. From individual-small to global-big.

Micro brand to global presence:

A small, tiny brand, that “sells” all over the world.


Same Cross, Hugh MacLeod

Wilberforce and MacLeod: From the U.K. One-to-one marketing at its best.

Because we each have our Cross to bear.

Happy Easter.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Your Business Blogger has purchased calling cards from Gapingvoid. You should too. I got the ‘company hierarchy card.’ For sociopaths.

Mudville has Open Post.

Read Hugh MacLeod’s Easter post. Like a visit to the country. In another country.

More on Walden Media at the jump.

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The Chronicle of Higher Ed: Painted Ladies Gone Wild

April 10, 2006 | By | No Comments

The Chronicle of Higher Education arrived in my mail box. In plastic wrap. But it should be covered in brown paper. Remember, Your Business Blogger subscribes for the articles. But I can always count on The Chronicle to titillate.

Here’s this edition’s nudie pics.


The liberals in academe cannot understand why us parental prudes might not want their daughters dancing naked on campus and posing in paint for publication.

This is bad for the education business. Looks bad on a resume.

But I could be wrong.

Rachel E. Beaulieu (above in tiger stripes), a senior…is treasurer of the Liquid Latex Club,…wanted to improve [her] outlook on the way [she] looked…


…the nudity may attract first-time audience members…


…Ms. Beaulieu says it is not what the show is about…

And boys read Playboy for the articles.

The co-ed concludes, “It’s a very unique experience…the liquid latex allows you to do things you could never do,” with conventional cloth and clothes and virtue.

This is a subtle hint to human resource managers: The more a girl has appeared nude in print, the greater the possibility that men would have seen her. And perhaps have stared. Some will oogle.

This is a longitudinal sexual harassment case study in the making.

Ms. Beaulieu, please let us know how the job search progresses.

We’ll be watching.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

From The Chronicle of Higher Education, April 14, 2006. At least the picture was buried on A6.

Full Disclosure: The wife of Your Business Blogger has been published in The Chronicle. In conventional fashion.

Mudville Gazette has Open Post.

Basil’s Blog has a Picnic.

Michelle Malkin has more on education.

Outside the Beltway has Traffic Jam.

George Mason Means Business and now Basketball

March 31, 2006 | By | No Comments


George Mason University A dozen years ago Your Business Blogger went school shopping.

To buy an MBA. Living in Northern Virginia, we were considering one of the three local Georges — Washington, ‘Town, Mason.

We were budgeting north of 40K. Self pay. So I was really, really interested in the cost.

So I ask GW, “How much?”

“Around $42,000 or so.”

“Or so? So what does that mean?” I wondered.

“It might be a bit more.” Said the major university big time recruiter smarty pants.

I was a sales manager at the time. I turned on the huffy sales manager voice, “Can you tell me the number it will cost me. The number I need to budget.”

“We don’t have the exact number,” says the GWU MBA seat seller.

I pause. Why would I buy an MBA from a business school that can’t even forecast their own costs? And they’re supposed to teach me this stuff?

I would have thought this unusual. But Georgetown said the same thing.

So I go visit Peggy at George Mason. She had the exact cost. No hidden charges. I like her. I bought a seat. Two years later, another consultant is set loose on the world.

George Mason had long been known for two things.

1) Favorable mentions by Tom Clancy in his books. And,

2) A university with a conservative flavor. Walter Williams et. al.

Now GMU is in the NCAA final four. Set to beat Florida Saturday nite.

Which creates a business opportunity. Alan Merten, the GMU president is scrambling to take advantage in the serge of applications that follow winning basketball teams.

“A target rich opportunity,” says Merten.

You can bet Mason will get the business branding of higher education right.

Mason can do the numbers. George Mason knows how to do business. Now basketball scores. Increased enrollment numbers are next.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

We should be hearing from Professor Starling Hunter, at The Business of America is Business. He teaches in the United Arab Emirates. George Mason has 31 students in an extension campus there. The UAE has Patriot fever, I understand.

My church pastor, David Wayne, the JollyBlogger, is a Gator guy. Can’t wait for Sunday’s sermon.

The Happy Booker has more.

Mudville Gazette has Open Post.

Jollyblogger is on the other side.

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30 Mar



Harbour League Brings Out the Best for Baltimore

March 30, 2006 | By | 2 Comments

tony blankley book the west's last chance

The West’s Last Chance

by Tony Blankley Your Business Blogger and Charmaine had dinner with Tony Blankley, and a few other couples. I ask him about his days as press secretary for Newt Gingrich.

How Newt did his speeches. Did Tony write them?

“No.” said Blankley, now the editorial page editor of The Washington Times. “Newt would sketch out ideas on a yellow pad in the back of the car on the drive to the event,” said Tony. “He would modify his remarks to fit the [tone of the] audience — but he always knew where he stood and what he would say.” And so did Tony.

Tony warmed to the topic,

My job was easy. I could go immediately to the mics on Capital Hill after session and review what Newt doing and thinking. [President] Clinton’s press people could never do that as fast, because they never knew where Clinton stood on any issue at any time. They didn’t know what Clinton would think or [how to] react to any of Newt’s proposals. [Clinton] was forever triangulating — whatever the [heck] that is — so his press people always had to wait for me to finish, then wait for Clinton to make up his mind on how he felt about an issue at any point in time….because his positions changed all the time.

Nobody on Clinton’s team, including Clinton, had an internal compass; standards; core beliefs.

Blankley was reviewing the Ronald Reagan dictum that Personnel is Policy.

The dinner was arranged courtesy of the Harbour League based in Baltimore. Past guests have included Michelle Malkin and Grover Norquist.

If you are in the Mid-Atlantic area, do get on their good-guy list for upcoming events.

Here’s the next gig.

The Harbour League Presents

From the Gulag to the Killing Fields

Featuring Dr. Paul Hollander, author of From the Gulag to the Killing Fields, — holds degrees from the London School of Economics and Princeton University and is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. He is also an associate of the Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies at Harvard University. A widely published author, his books include Political Pilgrims: Western Intellectuals in Search of the Good Society; Anti-Americanism: Critiques at Home and Abroad, 1965 — 1990; and Political Will and Personal Belief: The Decline and Fall of Soviet Communism.

Thursday, April 6th

7:00pm — 8:00pm (Reception to follow)

Doors open at 6:30pm

Hilton Pikesville

1726 Reisterstown Road

Pikesville, Maryland

There is no charge for this event; however, RSVP is a must. Seating is limited and Harbour League members have priority seating. To RSVP please visit or call 410-206-3445.

The lecture is free. And well worth your time.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

John MacStansbury says that Your Business Blogger is an inveterate name dropper. I don’t know where he gets that. (He must have heard about my meeting Alan Greenspan and Andrea Mitchell — while they were dating! — in the Presidential Box in the Kennedy Center years ago.) John is a good-guy, anyway, even if prone to exaggeration. He has interesting observations on Democrats. May not be workplace safe.

More on Blankley and the Harbour League at the jump

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You're Invited! Lecture on the Imaginative World of C. S. Lewis

March 29, 2006 | By | One Comment

Lifted shamelessly from the Jollyblogger.

This is a cat.

aslan jollyblogger

Aslan’s on the move

For all of you who live in the Baltimore and Washington DC area I want to invite you to an event at our church this Thursday night featuring author and C. S. Lewis Scholar Art Lindsley. Here’s the announcement from the church:

C. S. Lewis has found a new generation of fans with the overwhelming success of the movie adaptation of his book “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.”

You are invited to a lecture and a dessert discussing C. S. Lewis and the importance of the imagination in his life and writings.

Date: Thursday, March 30, 2006

Time: 7:00 — 9:00pm

Location: Glen Burnie Evangelical Presbyterian Church

710 Aquahart Rd, Glen Burnie, MD

For more info: 410-766-5363 or


Arthur Lindsley, Ph.DOur Speaker

Arthur W. Lindsley, Ph.D.

Senior Fellow — C. S. Lewis Institute

Art Lindsley has served at the C.S. Lewis Institute since 1987. Formerly, he was Director of Educational Ministries at the Ligonier Valley Study Center, and Staff Specialist with the Coalition for Christian Outreach. He is the author of the books True Truth and C. S. Lewis’s Case for Christ and is the co-author of the book Classical Apologetics along with R.C. Sproul and John Gerstner. He has written numerous articles on theology, apologetics, C.S. Lewis, and the lives and works of many other authors and teachers. Art earned his M.Div. from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. in Religious Studies from the University of Pittsburgh.

I hope you can come!


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Free Stuff at the C S Lewis Institute.

Visit the Jollyblogger.

East Asia vs USA Moral Molders

March 16, 2006 | By | No Comments

The biggest complaint among US school teachers is that parents are not actively involved in the training of morals of children.

In contrast, parents in East Asia are not expected, indeed do not see themselves adequate to teach moral development. In East Asia moral training is seen as the job of the child’s teacher.

The Confucious model. Teachers are revered as being more enlightened. Teachers are seen to be closer to the divine. Closer to god.

Little wonder elite USA university professors love the overseas system of hierarchy.

In East Asia, parents put the government between the parent and child.

In USA, the teachers put the teachers’ union between the parent and child.

In East Asia, parents think teachers are gods.

In USA, teachers think teachers are gods.


China's Secret To Beating the USA in Education

March 14, 2006 | By | No Comments

The Chinese school system is producing some very bright children.

The United States system is, well, academically challenged.

Here’s how the Chinese manage education:

1) Schools are ranked by qualitative measure of student performance, and

2) Any student can compete to get into any school, so that

3) Competition makes schools and students better.

Competition. In Communist China.

But not in the USA. Children must attent schools based on geography. Or pay for private schooling — in effect paying twice.

One would have hoped that the last two communist structures in the world could work together.

The communists running the National Education Association — the teacher’s union — should be following the lead of the union’s smarter comrades on the other side of the world.

And let the children attend whatever school they wish; local or not.

Freedom of association. The American Way.


Full Disclosure: Your Business Blogger was once a member of the National Education Association.