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MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine on FOX, Cavuto Obama and Wright: Do They Hate America?

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Trinity United Church of Christ/Religion News Service

Sen. Barack Obama and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright God D@mn America,

God D@mn America,

God D@mn America…

The “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright cussing for the congregation.

Wright continues,

“We started the AIDS virus…

America is still the No. 1 killer in the world…

We supported Zionism shamelessly while ignoring the Palestinians”

Barack Hussein X. Obama tithed some $22,000 to Wright’s church to enable him to use other profanities such as “SH!T” from the preacher’s podium.


Elmer Gantry” Wright gives new meaning to “Bully Pulpit.”

Charmaine will have a one on one interview with Neil Cavuto to discuss the impact of Obama’s pastor’s statements and whether it will negatively impact Obama in the general election. Check local cable listing for Your World with Neil Cavuto.

Ronald Reagan said that personnel is policy. Obama is constantly telling us that he would surround himself with capable advisors. Because “Reverend” Wright has been one of them, the country should be worried.

Anyone who gets recruited for a top management job is hired for his wisdom and judgment. Obama admitted he’s not old enough to display any wisdom to compete with McCain. Now Obama is demonstrating he doesn’t have any judgment either.

Hit time is scheduled for 4:05 eastern. Please email us and let us know what you think. Your thoughts will be added to the comments section once our platform is repaired.



Charmaine at Princeton UniversityThank you (foot)notes:

See RONALD KESSLER’s article in The Wall Street Journal. At the jump, Mr. Obama consulted Mr. Wright before deciding to run for president. And now Obama doesn’t wear an American flag lapel pin. Mrs. Michelle X. Obama is not too happy with America either. Watch the video.

If Obama doesn’t win and McCain does, Wright’s first sermon might well be To H3LL With The Chief…

See A defense of Obama’s church and minister

Charmaine served as a senior advisor to the Huckabee for President campaign.

Read More

Management Training: Save the Dates in Baltimore, DC & NYC; Watch The Video Clip

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Following is an excerpt from a panel discussion hosted by iConcept Media in New York City.

Pull Out Quotes,

If it’s not core,

Ship it off-shore.

If your business is growing more than 20% a year, you must buy some debt or sell some equity — this is the only way to fund receivables, unless you have a cash business (or a Dell business model…).

In marketing run the numbers down the funnel: how many touches going in at the top, to an action, to a sale at the bottom of the funnel. Work that sale backward up the funnel to learn the size needed for your marketing budget. (And remember: Half your marketing budget will be wasted. You get paid to figure out which half. Apologies to John Wanamaker.)

Your job in business is to create a customer and make a profit. If you are not doing this, you do not have a business; you have a hobby.

Your Business Blogger(R) is honored to be speaking in Baltimore on March 26th; in Washington DC, on April 3rd and in New York City on May 29th.

For more Solutions To Your Management Problems please visit Management Training of DC, LLC


You are invited!

Visit USAToday Columnist Steve Strauss.

See Birol’s Blog for Advice, Assistance, Attitude

And while in New York City, go visit the Indian Bread Company.

If you are looking for the perfect gift, go visit NYCSubwayLine. Your Business Blogger(R) did all his Christmas shopping on-line and got the coolest backpacks, clutches, hoodies and shirts for the Penta-Posse. The hoodie is The Dreamer’s favorite. The cutting edge, high quality products are the brain-child of actress Lynne Lambert,

One day, while waiting for her train, Lynne found herself staring up at the subway signs with its big colored circles with the letters and numbers inside and thought “Why hasn’t anyone ever done anything with these quintessential NYC icons? I bet people would wear them if it was done right!” And so the NYC subway Line was born. Licensed from NY State’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the tees have appeared in movies like “Bring It On” and “Prime,” on MTV, BET and VH1 by artists and their audience, and worn by celebrities such as rapper “Fabolous” and President Clinton. Recently, Ms. Lambert was awarded the Make Mine a Million Business award that was founded by Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence along with OPEN from American Express where she received financing from OPEN, one year of intensive business coaching and mentoring from a dream team of successful women entrepreneurs, business software and training from Intuit, discounts on shipping and business services from FedEx, marketing assistance from QVC, and assistance on work/life issues and financial security from AIG.

You Are Invited: Solutions To Your Management Problems in Baltimore

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Your Business Blogger at the

Stern School of Business, NYU Solutions To Your Management Problems,

Invitation to The Harbour League Seminar-fund raiser for 26 March 2008.

You Are Invited!

60 second script.

This is Jack Yoest Your Business Blogger with Solutions to your Management Problems.

I want to invite you to a short seminar – that you won’t want to miss.

In this short two hour meeting I will talk about what management is – and what it is not.

Here are corrections to common management myths:

Management is not barking out orders.

Management by walking around — is not management.

Management does not empower subordinates.

A Hands – on Manager is not a manager.

In our class I want to emphasis three tactics that will help change your practice of management

1 — Discipline – As a former Armored Cavalry officer I like the Army’s definition – and it’s not what you think.

2 — Selling – If you’ve ever carried a bag like I did as a sales guy – you know that in every transaction – especially in office politics — someone is selling, someone is buying – and managers always get this wrong.

And finally 3rd – Stop it – Every client I’ve ever worked with – every project I’ve ever managed – we’re working too hard because we’re working on the wrong things.

Don’t make these mistakes.

Go to for details and registration


What Is The Purpose of Business? The Video

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Watch the 90 second clip. Students: this is not a substitute for class attendance. But it is good to know what the professor thinks…

Comments disabled due to DoS attack, please email here.

CPAC: What Counts More, Issues or Attributes?

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Here in Your Nation’s Capital, at CPAC this week conversation has centered on our Presidential candidates — and the acceptability of their positions.

Mike Huckabee and John McCain are said to be imperfect candidates because there are some disputes with one position or another.

But if they are “not conservatives” as some would say, then why are conservatives voting for them? And not a Romney or a Thompson?

Back in Iowa, Your Business Blogger asked Frank Luntz about his book on Words That Work, and what he thought was going on with the electorate.

He said that voters seem to be interested, “less in issues — but in the attributes of the candidates — are they believable?” Are they likable?

This seems to at least partially explain the success of Huckabee and McCain — there may not be perfection on issues, but people like and trust and believe these candidates: the attributes of the candidates are more important; in some ways even more than the positions on issues.

This also explains the success of Obama. Who has a rather thin record of achievement . . . but has an infatuated following. No one can point to what Obama has done, but he’s done it with panache.


Little Miss Attila, Charmaine and

Baby Boo at CPAC


Thank you (foot)notes:

Charmaine has served as an adviser to the Mike Huckabee campaign. Huckabee will be speaking at CPAC tomorrow, Saturday, at 9am. Be there!

Join Reasoned Audacity at CPAC in Your Nation’s Capital

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The Dude interviewing Mitt Romney at last year’s CPAC

The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is meeting this week February 7 to 9.

Your Business Blogger,

The Dreamer,

The Dude and

The Diva will be a-blogging.

Reasoned Audacity is honored to get a hook-up seat on bloggers row.


CPAC 2008

Following are blogs on Bloggers Row.

The conservative event is held yearly and is heavily attended.

Mike Huckabee is schedule for 9am on Saturday morning.

The three-day event begins Thursday at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC.


Ace O’Spades
Alarming News
Atlas Shrugs
Bluey Blog
Captain’s Quarters
Conservatives with an Attitude!
Fausta’s Blog
Gay Patriot
Girl on the Right
Hugh Hewitt
Human Events
Little Miss Attila
Mary Katherine Ham
Matt Sanchez
Musclehead Revolution
My Man Mitt
Outside the Beltway
Reasoned Audacity
Red State
Riehl World View
Right Wing News
Sam Adams Alliance
Save the GOP
The American Mind
The Autonomist
Truth Laid Bear


Thank you (foot)notes:


Reasoned Audacity

CPAC 2007 Official Blogger Kristina Grabosky at CRC Public Relations is the go-to source for all good things PR at CPAC. (Unpaid link.)

Special thank you to Robert Stacy McCain for setting up the links.

Your Business Blogger also blogs at Management Training of DC, LLC. (Unpaid link…)

MEDIA ALERT: Business & Media Institute: CNN Gets Gas Price Prediction Wrong

November 5, 2007 | By | No Comments

Your Business Blogger has a piece up at the Business & Media Institute. BMI, as alert readers noticed, was mentioned and cited by Rush Limbaugh today — on particulary good article.

It wasn’t mine.

Rush was talking about Dan Gainor, my editor at the Business & Media Institute: Advancing the Culture of Free Enterprise in America. Rush Limbaugh discusses BMI’s special report Fire & Ice.

See more on Dan here. And be sure to watch him each Thursday afternoon on the new Fox Business Network


CNN’s ‘Your $$$$$’ Gets Gas Price Prediction Wrong

Though predicted price spike didn’t happen, show still talks down about the future.

By Jack Yoest

Business & Media Institute

CNN’s “Your $$$$$” is ready for a spike in gas prices. It just hasn’t happened despite predictions.

On October 20, the show’s guest Peter Beutel, president of energy risk management firm Cameron Hanover, predicted a 20-cent increase in the price of a gallon a gas. How soon? In the next week.

It didn’t happen.

Read the article here and let me know what you think.

MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine on Squawk Box on CNBC Against Online Gambling

November 2, 2007 | By | One Comment

Legalize Poker on-Line

An ounce of appearance is worth a pound of performance, my Army buddies would often joke.

But this video clip brings the ditty to life. Charmaine, seen here, is the angel of light and brillance and reason and hope.

She was debating Howard Lederer, All-star professional poker player, who is lobbying Capitol Hill to legalize poker on the internet.

Howard Lederer is the ideal type-cast as a poker player: unkempt hair, ill fitting suit, a gentleman who should stand a little closer to his shaving razor. At least he wasn’t wearing sun glasses…

Some 85% of communication is non verbal. This debate is the kind of test Roger Ailes would often use to evaluate talking heads for the small screen.

Ailes would watch the talent on his hotel TV the night before the appointment — with the sound off — and if Ailes caught himself, unconsciencely wanting to turn up the sound, he knew he had a real candidate to work with to make a difference.

Ailes judged people, well, on sight. Then sound.

Howard Lederer looks like a villian, a con-man, a tempter — a poker player — something unsavory out of a Frank Peretti novel.

Charmaine is heavenly, of course.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Full Disclosure: Charmaine is the wife of Your Business Blogger.

Roger Ailes was the creator of Squawk Box while at CNBC, before he moved to FOX.

The PPA, Poker Players Alliance, advertising on the Gambling Blog wants more gambling.

No one used the euphemism “gaming” instead of the accurate word “gambling.” Maybe those guys are not so smart after all.

Frank Peretti blogs at Peretti’s Blog.

MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine on Squawk Box on CNBC Debating Online Gambling

October 22, 2007 | By | No Comments

Words are important. Especially in the selling of ideas; selling the intangibles in the marketing of public policy.


The Squawk Box on CNBC It is a swamp. Not a wetland.

It is a jungle. Not a rain-forest

It is abortion. Not a choice.

It is gambling. Not gaming.

The last euphemism is the subject of Charmaine’s media appearance Tuesday, 23 October.

Tomorrow, Charmaine will be debating the wisdom of legalizing online poker on the CNBC business news program “Squawk Box” with Carl Quintanilla, Joe Kernen and Trish Reagan (filling in for Becky Quick).

Hit time is scheduled for 7:15am ET. It will be live. In the morning…

The second guest will be professional poker player Howard Lederer.

If you are up or can TiVo, please watch and let us know what you think.

Listen close: Lederer will say “gaming.” Yoest will say “gambling.”


Thank you (foot)notes:

From CNBC,

CNBC airs in 95 million homes in North America, 391 million homes worldwide. An appearance on CNBC reaches one of the most influential and affluent audiences in television. A recent CNBC Viewer Tracking Study found that 70% of top management executives watch CNBC and that the average net worth of our viewers exceeds $2.7 million.

“Squawk Box” is the ultimate “pre-market” morning news and talk program, where the biggest names in business and politics bring their most important stories. “Squawk”‘s unique sense of street smarts and wit, mix business news with an unscripted and fast-paced exchange of banter.

Anchored by CNBC’s Joe Kernen, Becky Quick and Carl Quintanilla, CNBC’s signature morning program features reports from Washington, Silicon Valley, London and Hong Kong.

“Squawk Box” brings Wall Street to Main Street and is a “must see” for everyone from the professional trader to the casual investor.

Your Business Blogger counsels to minimize risk, avoid both unjust enrichment and zero sum negotiations. To ignore this advice is, well, gambling.

Media Alert: Charmaine on CNN; See Your Business Blogger in NYC

October 17, 2007 | By | One Comment

Watch Charmaine on CNN,

Charmaine Yoest, Vice President for Communications at Family Research Council, appeared on CNN Headline News October 16, 2007 to discuss a proposal at a middle school to dispense contraceptives to its students.

Watch the clip here. Please forgive the click thru the FRC site.

If you will be in New York City on October 18th, let’s visit. Your Business Blogger will be a panelist for the iNetwork2Networth event organized by the iConcept Media Group.



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