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The Mike Huckabee Presidential Campaign Ends

March 5, 2008 | By | No Comments


Governor Huckabee and Charmaine

In the background, Princella Smith and our Diva-girl Watching the Huckabee concession speech and leaving the race Tuesday night made for an emotional evening in the Yoest household.

Charmaine sent short emails to the Huckabee team — their responses were each measured and even-tempered, almost upbeat, having fought the good fight.

Today’s Washington Update, from FRCAction notes:

Despite his exit, no one can deny how influential Mike Huckabee was in championing values issues in this crucial race. While yesterday was clearly a victory for McCain, the Arizona senator acknowledged that his work is just beginning.

To succeed in his bid for the White House, McCain must consolidate his support among conservatives, including social conservatives, which will not happen just because he is the Republican nominee.

In the wake of the Republican scandals that began to surface in 2006 and the failure to advance most of the social conservative agenda, unqualified support for the GOP has diminished.


David Huckabee and Charmaine

A poll released last month by George Barna revealed that if the election were held then, only 45 percent of Evangelicals would vote for a Republican candidate.

That number is down from 85 percent of Evangelicals who voted for George W. Bush in 2004.

John McCain will have to convince social conservatives that their issues matter and that he can talk about them as a candidate and act upon them as president.

Conservatives/evangelicals still have questions about McCain’s stand on the major issues of family values, immigration, campaign finance and women in combat. But McCain is our guy.

Obama-Clinton is not.

# # #

Thank you (foot)notes:

Read Mike and Janet Huckabee’s email at the jump.

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Americans Oppose Taxpayer Funded Abortions: How Would Huckabee Stop It?

January 24, 2008 | By | No Comments


Americans Oppose

Taxpayer Funded Abortions Each GOP presidential candidate says he would not allow tax dollars to pay for abortions.

But how?

In the current tax code every line has a lobbyist. To change any line in a government rule or reg requires political log-rolling and horse-trading.

Every GOP candidate promises to tinker on the edges of our tax system. Small efforts will only provide marginal returns.

Mike Huckabee has an idea to rid America of our current scheme of tax collection. He would eliminate taxes on income and move tax collection to consumption in a national sales tax.

This is commonly known as the FairTax. Wage earners would receive their entire paychecks. No withholding. No tax preparation. No Internal Revenue Service.

April 15th would become just another pleasant spring day.


End the IRS Please help us get rid of the IRS.

Support Mike Huckabee.

He is the only candidate who would eliminate an entire government department and make real tax changes.


Thank you (foot)notes:

See the press release of the Family Research Council on the study,

New Poll: Americans Oppose Abortion Coverage In ‘Universal Health Care Plans’ Less Likely to Support Candidates with such a Plan, at the jump.

What do the Chinese like best about America? Our current tax system.


Photo Credit: Your Business Blogger

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Mike Huckabee and the FairTax: 23 percent or 30 percent?

January 10, 2008 | By | 6 Comments

FairTax Proposal Gets Unfair Reporting on CNN’s “Your $$$$$”

If it’s a new, popular GOP idea – it must be ‘spin’

Your Business Blogger is amused that differing opinions of the FairTax depend, as economics often does, on the point of view — and what number goes into the dominator.

“The first thing that I’d get rid of is the Internal Revenue Service,” said Mike Huckabee at the recent CNN YouTube GOP presidential debate. “Wild applause for axing the IRS,” said Christine Romans, co-host of CNN’s “Your $$$$$.” The Huckabee clip was the lede on the December first edition. Most people are thrilled at the thought of ending the IRS and making April 15th an ordinary spring day.

But perhaps not Pat Regnier, Senior Editor of Money Magazine who was interviewed on the IRS-ending proposal. Money Magazine is a sister company to CNN.

Huckabee is a champion of the FairTax plan where taxpayers would receive their entire paycheck – with no deductions. The Federal government would collect taxes on a percentage of sales and not on a percentage of income.

When CNN host Romans asked guest Regnier, “Wow, the Republicans in the crowd certainly liked the idea getting rid of the IRS and making a more simple tax system. What is the Fair Tax?”

It seemed that guest Regnier didn’t care for the tax reform title, ‘FairTax.’ “Let’s un-spin it,” he said, “And let’s just say what it actually is: It’s a national retail sales tax.” Pat Regnier implied that “Fair” coming from a conservative presidential candidate was simply spin. The segment was titled with a question mark: FAIR TAX?

Regnier continued on the FairTax, “It’s a 30 percent mark-up on basically every thing you buy.”

No, it is not.

FairTax proponents at use 23 percent per transaction rather than the 30 percent number. The two different percentages is a common mistake produced by using a different base number in calculating the tax rate.

The current federal tax rate and the FairTax proposal use a ‘tax-inclusive’ calculation, where the tax is included in the base. A simplified chart from, demonstrates the fallacy of multiplying percentages on two difference numbers.

For example, a worker earns $100 and pays $23 in taxes and is left with $77 in discretionary income. The tax-inclusive rate is 23 percent. (23 divided by 100.)

CNN guest Pat Regnier used a ‘tax-exclusive’ calculation, where the tax is not included in the base. Here the $23 for taxes is figured in the equation with the discretionary income spent on consumption, $77 and not on the total income of $100. In this example, the tax-exclusion rate is 30 percent. (23 divided by 77.)

This makes the percentage higher, on the smaller denominator.

The difference is one of calculating the tax as a percent of total income, vs. calculating the tax as a percent of spending or consumption.

Mr. Spear Lancaster is the Maryland State Director for Americans for Fair Taxation and says that this (mis)calculation is deliberate by the detractors. “The feds use the inclusive [formulation] to make people think they are paying less taxes.” The FairTax proposal uses the inclusive equation for an entirely different reason. The FairTax rate is applied to the cost of goods and services, not on income.

FairTax proponents use 23 percent number because the calculation more “correctly represents the tax burden compared to the current system” — not because the 23 percent number happens to be lower than the 30 percent number cited by cynics.

23 or 30 percent, abolishing the IRS is a truly progressive policy initiative. The only radical new ideas this election cycle may be coming from the Grand Old Party.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Jack Yoest, has written for National Review OnLine, the Business Monthly and is a freelancer for the Business & Media Institute. He is president of Management Training of DC, LLC and teaches business at the Northern Virginia Community College.

Full Disclosure: His wife is a paid senior adviser with the Mike Huckabee presidential campaign.

Governor Mike Huckabee: Exceeding Expectations in New Hampshire

January 6, 2008 | By | 3 Comments


Celebrating in Des Moines After celebrating and driving from Iowa to New Hampshire we followed Mike Huckabee’s performance at the events today in snow-covered Manchester.

Huckabee hosted a Chowder Fest originally booking a 75-seat restaurant. But the advance team learned that the crowd was going to be considerably larger and they scrambled make the move to a larger venue.

A high quality problem to be sure.

The final count was over 700 coming out to support Mike Huckabee.

Mike Huckabee will do better than expected in New Hampshire.


The future First Lady, Janet Huckabee

with two of the three future First Hucka-Dogs

in Cedars Rapids, Iowa

Credit: The Dreamer



Thank you (foot)notes:

New Hampshire is a state of 1.3 million; Manchester is the largest city in the “Live Free or Die” state with some 100,000 souls. Concord, the capital has only 30,000.

Getting rid of the Internal Revenue Service might appeal to the voters of the Granite State. Huckabee is the only candidate pushing for real change.

Huckabee Wins the Iowa Caucus — Big: A Study In Resource Management

January 4, 2008 | By | One Comment

Mike Huckabee won. But more important, he won in the category that counts: He exceeded expectations — he beat the point spread.

And he did it the hard way.

In any military campaign, marketing campaign or political campaign the resources are time, talent and treasure. Seldom is there enough of all three to satisfy every requirement. Usually, a campaign will have two. Seldom three.

(Your Business Blogger is a former marketing guy. My favorite question, “Budget, what budget?” Usually big budgets can fix any short coming.)

The Huckabee campaign didn’t have the treasure. It had the same time as the other candidates.

The only variable that Huckabee had was talent. Oddly, that was enough.

Chip Saltsman, the campaign manager said, “We play to Huckabee’s strengths.” And he won.

The Iowa Caucus made history: It proved a candidate could win on his record; on issues. Without big money. Without the elite media. With out the elite conservative stalwarts. And, sadly, I guess, without Rush Limbaugh…


Thank you (foot)notes:

Charmaine emailed from New Hampshire at 3:22am,

Hillary’s plane and edwards’ plane were across the tarmac. It is unbelievably cold

Caution: Gloating Follows. Clinton and Edwards got there early. They may have had less to celebrate than the First Place Winners.

Congratulations to First Place Iowa Winner for the Dems Obama.

Your Business Blogger is a-packing up the Penta-Posse to work the phone banks in New Hampshire. A mere 22 hour drive from Des Moines. Reporters would give me horrified stares when I told them I was driving instead of flying. “What do you think this is?” I asked, “The Romney campaign…?”

OK, so I didn’t say that. But there are some things that money can buy. Like an additional 707. (We brought a lot of coats.)

We would be loading up pictures, but we lost all the cabling and adaptors, and the batteries, and the camera.

But we didn’t lose any children.

Bryon York, the National Review White House Correspondent, has more analysis — with children. See, Inside Huckabee’s Victory, How the impoverished governor from nowhere beat the mighty Romney machine.

Alert Readers will remember that the National Review has endorsed Mitt Romney. Your Business Blogger still subscribes to NR. And so should you. (Unpaid endorsement.)

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The Sixteenth Amendment and the FairTax Proposed By Huckabee

December 28, 2007 | By | 2 Comments

Your Business Blogger did a short tour of duty in government where two little words dominated my life:




We The People Amendment XVI says,

“The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration.”

Shall or May. In crafting legislation, policy and procedure my two little buddies could dictate or suggest.

Directive or suggestive.

“Shall” was not the first word in a question. ‘Shall’ did not ask a question, did not seek permission, did not offer options. ‘Shall’ is not squeeshy legalese.

Shall would appear as an ordinary word. But it is not. It is SHALL. It is the Scriptural equivalent of the GREAT I AM.

‘SHALL’ shall not be disobeyed. It meant that the text which follows ‘Shall’ directs that ITS WILL WILL BE DONE.

“Shall” indicated that an action was to be followed. Concrete Action.

‘May’ was a sandy suggestion. An option. An idea whose time may or may not have come.

Whole government departments and the livelihoods of thousands of bureaucrats hinged on ‘shall’ and ‘may.’

Lotsa power in SHALL. That’s why “Congress shall make no law…” is so popular.

Lotsa liberty lost in SHALL.

There has been much criticism of presidential candidate Mike Huckabee’s FairTax proposal. One concern is that the 16th Amendment would have to be repealed.

This is not true.

The Amendment only says, “The Congress shall have power to…collect taxes on incomes…” The amendment is silent on whether or not the Congress shall (re: must) collect taxes — only that Congress now has the power.

If it desires.

There is no imperative that taxes be collected on income.

The 16th Amendment does not have to be repealed to implement the FairTax; a tax on consumption — not income.

The critics’ concern is that we could end up with both: an income tax and a national sales tax. And the American public does not trust the Congress with the public (or private) purse.

The only strategy workable is to ensure that we elect the next president, the next leader, like Mike Huckabee who can be trusted to do what he says he will do. And rid the nation of the federal income tax. Rid the nation of the IRS.

Could we end up with both the FairTax and an income tax? Possible. But,

… concurrent with the repeal of the income tax, a constitutional amendment repealing the 16th Amendment and prohibiting an income tax will be pushed through Congress for ratification by the states (filed as HJR 16 in the 110th Congress).

This will be a noble goal and will require some heavy lifting. But it is not impossible. It is time for real change.

Huckabee will lead the change.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Mike Huckabee is often labeled as a “populist” (who favors abolition of the IRS?). This is in contrast to the genuine populists of the late 1800′s who pushed for the income tax. Populist presidential contender William Jennings Bryan supported an income tax in his famous “Cross of Gold” speech on July 9, 1896, at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago,

The income tax is a just law. It simply intends to put the burdens of government justly upon the backs of the people. I am in favor of an income tax.

Populists/Democrats favor the income tax. Conservative/Republican Huckabee wants to abolish the income tax.

Voting on the 16th Amendment was 1909 to 1913 and was ratified by 42 of the then 48 states. But not Virginia. My beloved Commonwealth of Virginia didn’t even bother to present the Amendment. Sic Semper Tyrannis.


The Washington Post doesn’t seem to care for the FairTax. See Criticism Aside, ‘FairTax’ Boosts Huckabee Campaign, byline Jonathan Weisman.