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27 Oct



The Bloggin' Boy. . .

October 27, 2006 | By | 2 Comments

I’ve created a monster! I can’t get my computer back from my boy! I’m reduced to Blackberry blogging.

Great picture of the Dude in the Blogging Scrum will follow if I can ever get my laptop back…


Read more on The Dude’s blog entries about the Blogger’s Convention here.

Heading to Godblogcon!

October 26, 2006 | By | One Comment

I’m headed to the Left Coast to talk about blogging with some of my favorite people, the godbloggers.

The Diva and the Dude are coming along because they have both become bloggers and I want them to catch the vision for blogging with a purpose.

Stay tuned — I’m looking forward to meeting some great people and learning a lot. I’ll be reporting back — right here.

Abortion, Gay Marriage, Plan B, Embryonic Stem Cell Video Clips

October 3, 2006 | By | One Comment

Get the best information on the most controversial issues of our time.


Yoest framing an issue


Watch this series of video clips.


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Charmaine blogs at Reason Audacity.

The Real Story: The Values Voter Summit in Washington, DC

September 29, 2006 | By | No Comments


Sean Hannity

The Peak Experience

from back stage Your Business Blogger was backstage with Sean Hannity of cable FOX fame. He was about to give a speech to a packed house of 1,800. “Delegates” as John Fund from The Wall Street Journal called the attendees. They came from across the country for The Washington Briefing, hosted by the Family Research Council.

Hannity looked great; sounded great. He was up. But he should have been down. No matter — he wanted to talk about how to make the country better. And he was a business case study on The Peak Experience.


Sean Hannity, Charmaine Yoest, Tony Perkins

In the small talk before his introduction and as he stashed his luggage (yes he carried his own bags) we learned that he had been giving speeches and doing his radio show across the country. He got only two hours sleep the night before.

We were witness to The Peak Experience.

The guy was working non-stop. And he didn’t need the money. But he wanted to give his speech for The Family Research Council, even if the scheduling fates had him sleepless in DC.

Yes, adrenaline kept him up. But it was more than a chemical dependence.

It is a cliche that doctors don’t get sick during epidemics; sailors don’t get sea-sick in a storm; electrical power-line repairmen are at their safest and most efficient when the lights and lines are out.

If there is a real emergency for your company or an extraordinary circumstance, your staff will know and will rise to meet the challenge. Especially if you, manager, have so trained and motivated your team that they know that they are making a difference. Doing important work. Work that’s bigger than themselves.

The Peak Experience works only if real. Epidemics, tempests, blown power grids are difficult to fake. (Although some CEO’s I know would try to trick the staff. It seldom works.)

The crisis, the impending event, the project must be more than a ‘stretch goal.’ Your team won’t work Sundays for still another artificial and moving target.

The Peak Experience is an emergency; an extraordinary misalignment of the stars that doesn’t take a day off, doesn’t worry about overtime. And will have your team working through days at a time.

Alert Readers will recall that Your Business Blogger holds for working only 6 days each week.

Ancient Jewish tradition holds that there are exceptions where work can be done on the day of rest, the Sabbath. If your “ox falls into a ditch,” — your livelihood is on the line or there is a life or death situation — rules can be circumvented.

But The Peak Experience, where the company ox is in a ditch, is the exception to resting.

Remember, The Peak Experience is not normal. But sometimes can be anticipated. When working the Y2K rollover, my team worked the final month — that would be December, 1999, for our younger readers — straight through. And we knew it would be a success.

The Peak Experience is a rush that will enter your company lore and last for years. Get ready. It will happen. If something looks like The Peak Experience, don’t be afraid to work the staff to death.

These unusual events should be perceived and received as 100 year floods. Very rare, low probability, high impact. But if The Experience occurs too often, then Peak begins to look like SOP. Something ordinary.

But not Hannity. Not that morning. Sean gives a soaring speech. And gets a standing O. He knew to work The Peak Experience.

And so will you.


John Fund and

Your Business Blogger

at the FRC Briefing

The Peak Experience


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Read more on John Fund’s take on the Family Research Council event at the jump.

See Evangelical Voters More Jaded in 2006

Colorado MediaMatters has a video clip.

The Cracked Door has Is there a nicer way to present the truth?

Wonkette was working. Good photos. Watch the language.

JollyBlogger is better.

Panzer Commander has photos of the FRC protestors.

Joe Carter at Evangelical Outpost has more analysis at Yes, He’s Heavy; He’s My Brother and An Open Letter to the Religious Right. Bookmark Joe Carter.

Read More

The Family Research Council, FRC Action Briefing: Family, Faith and Freedom

September 22, 2006 | By | No Comments

FRC Action, the c4 component of The Family Research Council sponsored a briefing this weekend at the Omni Shoreham in Washington, DC. Your Business Blogger attended with Charmaine and the Penta-Posse.


Charmaine at the

podium for the

FRCAction Briefing


The 2,000 attendees at The Briefing


Radio Row


La Shawn Barber, Joe Carter and Jared Bridges


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Cross post from Reasoned Audacity.

Be sure to visit La Shawn and get her take on the event.

Tony Perkins, President of the FRC, has an open letter to Barry Lynn

An Open Letter to the Reverend Barry W. Lynn

Dear Reverend Lynn,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your presence this weekend at our Washington Briefing, Values Voters Summit 2006. I was delighted to see your name as a paid registrant for a number of the activities. As head of Americans United for Separation of Church and State, you, of course, disagree with us on a number of issues.

Your support of same-sex marriage and abortion coupled with your opposition to school choice and any public recognition of God would make most people think our differences are vast. However, your willingness to attend our Briefing shows that even you recognize the importance of concerned citizens being involved in public discourse.

While you are here, I recommend you attend our Saturday session, The Role of Churches in Political Issues, moderated by Dr. Kenyn Cureton with speakers Reverend Herb Lusk, Reverend Dr. Richard Land and Reverend Dr. John Guest. I am sure you will find it enlightening as the panelists discuss how to apply the teachings of the Bible to the issues we face today.

It is reported that many Evangelicals do not vote and I’m sure you would agree such citizenly neglect is detrimental to any democracy. That is why we are holding our Briefing and also participating in nonpartisan get-out-the-vote rallies around the nation. Thanks again for being with us.

Photo credits: Your Business Blogger

Antonin Scalia, Seth Godin and Smooth Fitness

September 7, 2006 | By | One Comment


Antonin Scalia I lean over to Charmaine and say, “Hey, that guy looks like Scalia.”

Antonin Scalia was sitting in the seminar like any other nobody at a American Political Science Association convention a few years ago in Your Nation’s Capital. He even asked questions, deferring, as befitting an academic setting, to the august panel of experts. The room hushed as he spoke: We were in the presence of a gentleman.

We chatted him up after the panel. He had a firm handshake, direct eye contact, direct language. We love him.

Not everyone does.


Seth Godin Seth, the Master Marketing Guru doesn’t care for Scalia. Him being all that is wrong with America. Scalia or Godin, your pick depending on your world view of politics.

But this is not a problem for Your Business Blogger: I am on all three sides of the debate. The country has no better Supreme Court justice than Antonin, no better marketer than Seth. And now no better elliptical trainer than Smooth Fitness.

On this, Seth and I would agree, I think.


Smooth Fitness I bought a Smooth Fitness piece of hardware last month. Recently, I received a follow-up phone call from the Smooth Fitness Director of Customer Experience, Keith Menear. We talk about the terrific Smooth Fitness CE 3.2 Elliptical Trainer machinery, my smooth on-line purchasing experience, the constant follow-up and Smooth Fitness touches. Actually, Keith let me do all the talking, which is how I prefer to do business anyway. I subtly let on how I am a world famous, very influential blogger.

Keith brightens audibly, I could see the light coming through the cell phone, “Are you the Purple Cow guy?”

I tense up, “What?”

“You know,” says Keith, smiling. “The blogger who wrote Purple Cow?”


Keith is excited, “Yes, the staff let me know this author…”

“–Never heard of him–”

“…who just bought one of our ellipticals.”

Time to surrender. “Oh, I guess you mean that struggling marketer, Seth Godin.”

“Yes, that’s him! The staff is psyched — Seth Godin just placed an order.”

“Well, I suppose he has some name recognition…would be great for your business, huh?”

Keith is floating off his Aeron, “Right, I hear he’s quite a superstar.”

“I suppose…well, this is nice Keith. Now, what can I do for you?”

“What was your name again…?”



Smooth Fitness

Some Assembly Required In any event, customer service was outstanding. The Dude, a pre-teen in my Penta-Posse, read the directions (something I’ve never done before), followed the directions (something I’ve never asked for) and completed the assembly and had me working out in an hour. Silent and smooth as silk.


Smooth Fitness

Under Construction by

The Diva & The Dude Your Business Blogger has very simple tastes — the best in everything. I have noticed, however, a near fatal flaw in the Smooth Fitness product. Shared unfortunately, with my old Mercedes: no place for my coffee cup. (The only thing that ever had a cupholder was my computer…)

And please understand that Smooth Fitness products are frightfully expensive. And worth every dime.

And that’s no lie.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

This is an unpaid endorsement. So far. Smooth Fitness has a referral program — drop my name (if you can remember it) (no one else does) when you order and I get a few bucks from Smooth Fitness. To buy a coffee cup holder for my ellipitcal trainer.

Marketing as Idol

August 21, 2006 | By | One Comment

There might be some confusion between God, the Creator and marketing the created.


But good marketing, well, does seem to be all-powerful.


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And if there is one thing Hugh at gapingvoid can do

is to prompt critical, logical thinking, as in:

All flowers are plants

All weeds are plants


All flowers are weeds

And not all are happy with Hugh’s provocation, see theotherblog.

And is Hugh McLeod talented or lucky?

Remembering Staff Sergeant Dan Clay

August 3, 2006 | By | No Comments

A few months ago, President Bush paid tribute to Staff Sergeant Dan Clay, who died in Iraq. The President read portions of a letter Dan wrote to his family. But his full letter gives a powerful testimony to his eternal values — my friend Stacy Harp at Writing Right has posted that letter:

MOM, DAD, KRISTIE, JODIE, KIMBERLY, ROBERT, KATY, RICHARD, AND MY LISA: Boy do I love each and every one of you. This letter being read means that I have been deemed worthy of being with Christ. With MaMa Jo, MaMa Clay, Jennifer … all those we have been without for our time during the race.

This is not a bad thing. It is what we hope for. The secret is out. He lives and His promises are real! It is not faith that supports this … But fact and I now am a part of the promise. Here is notice! Wake up! All that we hope for is Real. Not a hope. But Real.

But here is something tangible. What we have done in Iraq is worth any sacrifice. Why? Because it was our duty. That sounds simple. But all of us have a duty. Duty is defined as a God given task. Without duty life is worthless. It holds no type of fulfillment.

The simple fact that our bodies are built for work has to lead us to the conclusion that God (who made us) put us together to do His work. His work is different for each of us. Mom, yours was to be the glue of our family, to be a pillar for those women (all women around you), Dad, yours was to train and build us (like a Platoon Sgt.) to better serve Him. Kristie, Kim, Katy you are the five team leaders who support your Squad ldrs, Jodie, Robert and Richard. Lisa you too.

You are my XO and you did a hell of a job. You all have your duties. Be thankful that God in His wisdom gives us work. Mine was to ensure that you did not have to experience what it takes to protect what we have as a family. This I am so thankful for.

I know what honor is. It is not a word to be thrown around. It has been an Honor to protect and serve all of you. I faced death with the secure knowledge that you would not have to. This is as close to Christ-like I can be. That emulation is where all honor lies. I thank you for making it worthwhile.

As a Marine this is not the last Chapter. I have the privilege of being one who has finished the race. I have been in the company of heroes. I now am counted among them. Never falter! Don’t hesitate to honor and support those of us who have the honor of protecting that which is worth protecting.

Now here are my final wishes. Do not cry! To do so is to not realize what we have placed all our hope and faith in. We should not fear. We should not be sad. Be thankful. Be so thankful. All we hoped for is true. Celebrate! My race is over, my time in war zone is over. My trials are done. A short time separates all of us from His reality. So laugh. Enjoy the moments and your duty. God is wonderful.

I love each and every one of you.

Spread the word ….. Christ lives and He is Real.

Semper Fidelis

Always Faithful

* * *

God bless the Clay family. How humbling — we all live more safely today because of the ultimate sacrifice of their son. Greater love hath no man… May we make grateful and good use of that gift.


Thankyou (foot)notes:

Cross Post from Reasoned Audacity.

Lawyers and Good Books for the Middle Kingdom

July 26, 2006 | By | No Comments

When Charmaine attended the National Religous Broadcasters (NRB) tradeshow, she decided to help make a difference by making trouble with a book.

Books make a difference.

Especially the Good One. Look for the effect of those printed pages, especially with interesting developments in China. And it’s not just the utilitarian totalitarians preparing for the Beijing Olympics. On my visit to China, I learned how the legal profession was building a framework to speed international transactions. Growth is coming from the young.

And coming from the young new lawyers in East Asia. Yes lawyers. Heaven Forbid. It seems that the legal minds have been studying legal foundations in other cultures and traditions. End up studying Judeo-Christian concepts, then studying Jesus.

And come away with a new look on life.

Would that our lawyers here in the USA were so diligent.


With Bob Fu and Peggy Dau

Mailing a Bible to China! Following is a cross post from Reasoned Audacity and Bibles for China: Voice of the Martyrs.

One of the best parts of being at NRB is meeting some of the wonderful people in ministries represented here. The Voice of the Martyrs has a large booth here and they are offering NRB attendees the opportunity to mail a Bible to China.

I did one for each of my children — so I now have names of five people in China for our family to pray for.


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Stop by Voice of the Martyrs and learn more about the persecuted Church. . .and the Bibles Unbound program.

26 Jul



WTC: A Must See Movie

July 26, 2006 | By | 3 Comments


World Trade Center “Redemption,” wrote Cal Thomas earlier when he saw Oliver Stone’s movie. Stone may have redeemed himself.

This is a cross post from Jack Yoest, World Trade Center, Stone’s New Movie. From last week.

Tonight, Thursday, The Washington Insiders were invited to a private screening of World Trade Center. I got in on a waiver. I would have been easy to pick out of this cool crowd: I was the only one with a bucket of (fattening) buttered popcorn, slurping a giant Coke.


Your Business Blogger, Charmaine

Melissa and Rob Bluey

Charmaine and I joined Rob Bluey, blog editor at Human Events and his wife Melissa from The Atlantic Monthly and the smart crowd at a Cinema near Charmaine’s office to see Stone’s newest movie.

What it was and what it was not.

It was not a conspiracy movie.

It did not bash Bush.

It was not sappy.

It was not about stupid, church-going nuts.

It did not mock marriage.

It did not blame America.

It did not support radical Islam.

It did not mock Marines.

It did not mock Jesus.

It did not mock cops.

It did not mock family, faith or freedom.

Charmaine says, “It was a Hallmark Hall of Fame special…on steroids.” Jim Pinkerton, from the New America Foundation DID NOT tear up. Me neither.

But the theater was a bit dusty. That stuff can get in your eyes. Or was it dust from the movie?

This is a movie that you will see in a few weeks and you will be glad you did. After the viewing, there was no applause, little talking. At the end, the crowd audibly exhaled, as one.

People moved out as if leaving a wake. Tony Blankley and his significant other were the last, the very last to leave. They were moved.

Laura Ingram moved out quick; she was among the first out. Dr. Land, President of the Southern Baptist Convention expected to walk out early and didn’t.

We spoke to Blankley. He was surprised at Stone’s movie, “Good, True, Patriotic, Religious.”

Kate O’Beirne from Nation Review was a bit more skeptical about Oliver Stone, “His other movies don’t sell, nobody goes to them. So he made this to appeal — to sell. He wants to make money.”

And so he will. You must see how Stone can make a movie with Jesus, yes Him, without a smirk. Mel Gibson can do Passion, sure. But Oliver Stone?

Better check the temperature in Hell. The impossible has happened. Oliver is redeemed.


World Trade Center


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Thank you (foot)notes:

The movie will be theaters August 9, 2006

Special thanks to Mike Thompson, Senior Vice President of Creative Response Concepts, who coordinated the event for Paramount Pictures.

More on the movie at the jump.

The Raw Story has more. Read the Comments, liberals still believe “9/11 was an inside job no doubt.” And my favorite, “Hey cons, Jesus says watch this film or you’ll go to hell.”