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Charmaine, wife of Your Business Blogger will be speaking at the Political Plenary Panel,

A bi-partisan discussion on political conversation across the blogosphere, featuring answers to questions such as: What makes a political blog insightful and interesting, versus a dime-a-dozen rant? What role will political blogs play in the upcoming elections and future campaigns? Where can a blogger find insightful content from which to draw? How can a blogger facilitate legitimate political conversation on his or her political blog?

Charmaine will be joining:

Hugh Hewitt / Professor of Law, Author, Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host


La Shawn Barber / Author and Writer

Blog: La Shawn Barber’s Corner

John Mark Reynolds / Director of the Torrey Honors Institute (Biola)

Blog: Middlebrow

James Kushiner / Publisher of Touchtone Magazine

Blog: Mere Comments

Joe Carter / Comm. Director at the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity

Blog: Evangelical Outpost

Rob Asghar / Writer and Political Commentator

Blog: TheAmericaBug

Ryan Bolger / Assistant Professor of Church in Contemporary Culture (Fuller)

Blog: TheBolgBlog

Marvin Hutchens

Hutchens Blog

Rhett Smith

Andrew Jackson

Melinda Penner

STR Blog

Matthew Anderson

Mere Orthodoxy

Fred Sanders


Paul Spears


The GodBlogCon 2006 is hosted by the Torrey Honors Institute of Biola University. Register now!

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29 Jun



Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera: The Difference Uncovered

June 29, 2006 | By | 7 Comments

So I ask Charmaine, isn’t Britney Spears a God-fearing Jesus-loving celebrity superstar? Or is it Christina Aguilera?

“Britney Spears,” says Charmaine, who knows all things cultural. Charmaine has the female X-chromosome, which, as scientists have proven, is absorbed from the inner pages of People Magazine. “She is oh-so spiritual,” she says.

Not Christina Aguilera?


“I don’t think so,” says Charmaine.


Christina Aguilera

“Christina, Britney — How would you know the difference?” I ask.

Charmaine says, “Britney is pregnant…”

“…And bare(foot) — just the way I like ’em.”

Charmaine doesn’t laugh.

Britney, the church-going-girl might be making money, but she’s not making a difference.

Britney Spears’ Heart to Heart“So, there’s no ‘Christ’ in Christina?” I ask.

Charmaine still doesn’t laugh, “You’re still not funny.”

But she gives a thin smile.

I reply, even as my my extra Y-Chromosome rebels, “Yes dear.”


Thank you (foot)notes:

Also see NSFW at The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Britney linked by link in Human Events.

Higher Education Titillation.

Str1ppers in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Real Painted Ladies Gone Wild.

N*pples and Circumcision: The Chronicle of Higher Education Makes the Cut

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Dr. Starling Hunter is hosting the Carnival of the Vanities. So go vist.

Pixar Cars from Disney on Route 66; a Puritan Message

June 17, 2006 | By | No Comments

John Calvin, the French theologian, once said that “self-denial is the sum total of the Christian life.” Which is why Hollywood doesn’t care for faith or self-sacrifice themes. And creative marketers are sometimes confused by timeless basics.


The Penta-Posse

at the famous

Jack Rabbit Trading Post

on Rt. 66 But sometimes marketers and Hollywood lurch into Calvin’s truth.

The Puritanical is not tyrannical.

Two items:

1. Disney’s new movie “Cars” ended with the hero making (what for Hollywood is) the supreme sacrifice. And,

2. The movie took in $60 million on its opening weekend.

They are connected. By an old road.

Lisa Baertlein, from Reuters, reports, ‘Cars’ marks Disney-Pixar’s third biggest opening:

“Cars,” a heavily marketed film whose star is a talking race car named Lightning McQueen, is competing for the family audience with animal cartoon “Over the Hedge,” which had weekend receipts of over $10 million.

Chuck Viane, Disney’s president of distribution, expects “Cars” to cross the $100 million line sometime next weekend.

“Cars,” featuring the voices of Owen Wilson, Paul Newman, Bonnie Hunt and racing icon Richard Petty, is the first Disney-Pixar collaboration since Disney acquired Pixar in January for $7.4 billion.

The feature, which is rated G for all ages, tells how Lightning McQueen learns valuable life lessons during a forced pit stop in a sleepy town. It is directed by John Lasseter, whose “Toy Story 2” opened at $57.4 million.

The sleepy town is located on the by-passed Route 66. John Steinbeck, in The Grapes of Wrath, blessed Route 66 as the “Mother Road.” As in apple pie and America. Alert Drivers west of Chicago will know the road and the story well. The 2400 mile road links The Windy City to LA.



Get Your Kicks on

Route 66

TV from the 1960’sLast year Charmaine and Your Business Blogger took the Penta-Posse out west down parts of Route 66. Self Discovery, just like the early 60’s TV series Route 66. We didn’t take a Corvette — we took another Chevy, the monster Suburban.

Down parts of Route 66. A Car Guy’s Highway. It is the subtext of the “Cars” movie. An earlier time when America and Hollywood were proud to be great.

Today this greatness, this self-denial can only be marketed with a cartoon. But it’s a start.


Pixar Animation Studios/Walt Disney Studios

A scene from “Cars,” directed by John Lasseter,

which Pixar Animation Studios hopes

will be its seventh consecutive hit.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

See Route 66 News.

We took the Penta-Posse and other assorted family to see “Cars.” Tickets, popcorn, drinks, candy; a great time. Thank goodness financing was available. Heatsongs reminds us to stay well past the credits after the movie.

More history at the jump.

See Your Business Bloggers’ nostalgia for old Vettes, old times and getting kicks. On Route 66.

Seth Godin has ideas on entertainment marketing.

Mudville Gazette has Open Post.

Brand Autopsy has more on money in movies

Best of Me Symphony is up with self selected best posts over 60 days seasoned.

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The GOP and Voters

June 9, 2006 | By | No Comments

We all are accountable. To our Maker. Elected officials are also accountable to voters.


and the GOP doesn’t seem to be listening…


During a tour of duty as a government appointee, my husband, Your Business Blogger, learned that the most important character of his elected boss was his sense of Duty (he was a former Army Officer). And to keep his campaign promises.

Keeping promises to the people who voted for him.

The first rule of politicians.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Visit the FRCBlog

And Prickly City, “We may not be correct but we will always be right.”

Cross Post from Jack Yoest at Rule.

The First Rule of Politicians

June 8, 2006 | By | No Comments

We all are accountable. To our Maker. Elected officials are also accountable to voters.


and the GOP doesn’t seem to be listening…


During a tour of duty as a government appointee, Your Business Blogger learned that the most important character of my elected boss was his sense of Duty (he was a former Army Officer). And to keep his campaign promises.

Keeping promises to the people who voted for him.

The first rule of politicians.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Visit Reasoned Audacity and the FRCBlog

And Prickly City, “We may not be correct but we will always be right.”

Scars Are Tattoos…With Better Stories

June 7, 2006 | By | One Comment

From a Toyota ad June 3, 2002 in Sports Illustrated.

Your Business Blogger never quite trusts a man until I know a bit of his story; his road traveled; his pain.

In college I volunteered for the local Civil Air Patrol. The unit was run by Raymond Francis, who owned a business making prosthetics. Artificial limbs.

“Losing a limb always changed people,” he said. ” Not just physically. They either became the best person in the world…or the worst.”

Charmaine blogged on life changing pain when we traveled to the Air Force Academy last year.

These last few weeks have been ones of death and dying; a month of contemplating the purpose of pain and the meaning of suffering. It is a time for revisiting places of meditation, pondering the spaces man has devised for grappling with the eternal questions of mortality.

The famous chapel on the grounds of the United States Air Force Academy nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains is more truly a cathedral. Outwardly, it is all sleek silver-wing metal, with seventeen external buttresses, knifing severely skyward. Designed to evoke an air-frame, the architecture does not immediately summon spiritual devotion.

chapel smaller.jpg
Photo credit: Helena Yoest

But cross the threshold, step inside, and one is transported to another plane. The solemn air is bathed in the soft splendor of muted light. While the stern steel silhouette dominates the external view, the interior reveals the fragile panels of stained-glass that the harsh ribs support. The intricate glass panes filter and animate the sunlight, illuminating the sacred space with almost a visual hush.

At the front of the chapel, a single row is roped off. “Reserved” the sign says, for all the United States aviators who are missing in action or prisoners of war. The only occupant of the pew is a single, burning candle.

“Greater love hath no man than this. . .” reads the plaque. The Scripture it alludes to concludes: “that a man lays down his life for his friends.”

My thoughts immediately fly to my boy, my sweet Dude, who wants to be a fighter pilot. And baby Boo, who will almost certainly want to follow his older brother. My heart blanches. How could I bear it? And yet so many other mothers — gold-star mothers — even this very day, must find a way when their sons have given the last measure of devotion.

* * *

The war in heaven, and its reflection that we see through a glass darkly, is one of the great mysteries of human life. The existence of egregious earthly evil is incomprehensible. . . yet for every act of aggressive hatred is its spiritual foe — the love of humans one for another that confronts and overcomes all would-be destroyers.

At the back of the chapel, a Lucite case displays a picture of a little boy who was “Cadet for a Day.” In a series of three pictures, we saw a grinning boy, sitting in a cockpit dressed in a flight-suit, surrounded by a smiling corps of cadets.

My husband was drawn to the display immediately, wanting such a grand experience for the Dude, our own boy.

Down at the bottom of the picture, however, in small type, the caption read:

Make-a-Wish Foundation.

No, no. Not my boy.

Where are the answers? Why must the innocent suffer? The vast, vacant space of the chapel responds with a twilight hush.

(Conclusion here.)


I don’t know if Tom McMahon has any tattoos. (He won’t share, if he does. A Gentleman.)

But I know he’s got a better story.


Make Tom McMahon a part of your daily reading.

Update: Marla Swoffer has more wisdom on ‘Bad’ Things to ‘Good’ People?

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Two World Views

May 14, 2006 | By | One Comment

Following is a scene as seen from a car in Your Nation’s Capital. It is not safe for children to see. It is not polite for adults to see.

But this is Your Nation’s Capital. This is politics.

The passion from Liberals. The passion from Conservatives.


The Liberal:

External Hate

Internally inspired


The Conservative:

Internal Love

Externally inspired

The two world views. Same planet, different universe.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Your Business Blogger is, no doubt, at some legal exposure on publishing the license plate of the Bush hater. A legal defense fund will be established when notified by counsel. Again.

Womens' Winner's Bracket

May 6, 2006 | By | No Comments

View image

charmaine_yoest_michelle_malkin_abduulramadman 381.JPG

Charmaine and Michelle

protesting at the Afghan Embassy So the Little Woman is on her way to Nordstroms with two of our girls a few weeks ago. They decide to stop by Your Nation’s Capital and visit with Jesse’s Girl. Maybe do some window shopping, have a spot of tea, try on some Manolo Blahniks.

And stop the Muslims from sawing off another Christian head.


The Dreamer and The Diva,

learning to take over the worldThe Dreamer and The Diva are enjoying a take your daughters-to-work day of protest and havoc. The Roe Effect gone wild.

This is the place for women in combat.


Charmaine and Michelle

are plotting…
The chicks are hatching a plot. Of World Domination. Because of superior moral clarity. And will power.

They are synchronizing strategeries. They will advance.


Charmaine and Michelle

are plotting….their place on the bracket.

They advance in the winner’s bracket. If one has to come in behind anyone, a woman couldn’t do better than Michelle.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Tom McMahon has the sharpest moral vision in the blogosphere. Simple is hard. Visit his 4-Block World. Truth is simple.

Karl Rove at the Salem Communcations Annual Meeting in Washington, DC

May 6, 2006 | By | No Comments


Hugh Hewilt, 3-Time Emmy Award Winner;

Charmaine Yoest

photo credit: Jack Yoest Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo. The fifth of May is our wedding anniversary. Chuck deFeo, Director of Online Strategy for Town Hall, Beyond the, with the Salem Web Network, asked us to join him with 300 of our closest friends in Your Nation’s Capital. Karl Rove would say a few words.

Which is odd since he didn’t know it was our anniversary. And no one mentioned it. The dinner was off the record, but I think I can report that Karl Rove was silent about Your Business Blogger and the Little Woman.

Other than forgetting our anniversay, Rove was quite engaging.


Charmaine, Mark Steyn making a point,

Michael Medved backgroundThere was a panel with Dennis Prager, Mark Steyn, Bill Bennett.

In the audience, asking questions, was Hugh Hewitt, James Dobson, Frank Gaffney, Mike Gallagher.

We picked up a copy of Hewitt’s new book, Paint the Map Red. The Entertainment Industry has the best SWAG.

Janet Parshall; Elaine Bennett of Best Friends; Michael Medved. Some of the brightest stars and thinkers in the business.

Ken Blackwell, the next president Governor, of Ohio spoke.

There were some very, very smart people in that room. I wasn’t one of them. I felt like a, well, journalist.

David Aikman moderated the panel. He spent two decades with Time magazine. He’s the former Beijing bureau chief. He is such an unTimely kind of guy. (David and Dennis Prager greeted each other speaking fluent Russian.) Anyway, he wrote Jesus in Beijing: How Christianity is Transforming China and Changing the Global Balance of Power. David says that China is changing. They are beginning to understand the rule of law. Lex Rex. He says most of the young lawyers–lawyers! there are Christians. Go figure.

I read Aikman’s book. He starts his book with a lecture from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing in 2002. Aikman quotes a Chinese academic speaking to a group from the USA visiting China:

One of the things we were asked to look into was what accounted for the success, in fact, the pre-eminence of the West all over the world…We studied everything we could from the historical, political, economic, and cultural perspective. At first, we thought it was because you had more powerful guns than we had. Then we thought it was because you had the best political system. Next we focused on your economic system. But in the past twenty years, we have realized that the heart of your cultural life was what made possible the emergence of capitalism and then the successful transition to democratic politics. We don’t have any doubt about this.

The Chinese don’t doubt the source of our cultural heritage. Sadly, American liberals do.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

The National Day of Prayer was Thursday, May 4th. George Bush spoke.


Ed Atsinger

Salem President

and CEOSalem Communications Corporation, NASDAQ SALM,

… is the leading provider of radio programming, online resources and magazines targeted to the Christian and family themes audience. …Salem Communications currently owns and operates 95 radio stations nation-wide, with 60 stations located in the top 25 most populated U.S. markets. …Religious formats constitute the third largest radio format in the United States. Currently, over 2,000 radio stations are identified as having primarily a religious format. Approximately 52% of Americans been identified as listeners to religious formatted radio.

Read more on Salem’s Editorial Board: Hugh Hewitt, Terry Eastland, Janet Parshall, Albert Mohler, Jr., Michael Medved, Phillip Johnson and David Aikman.

Basil’s Blog has a Picnic.

Mudville has Open Post.

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Hollywood Military Movies: Ryan vs Jarhead

May 4, 2006 | By | One Comment


The Saving of Private Ryan Movies about the American Soldier in this generation always regress to anti-war screeds.



the movie Charmaine and I rented Jarhead the other night. Slow moving movie. She mumbled, “Boring. I thought liberals could make movies…” then dozed off. Mercifully.

Jarhead missed the mark. Off target. Unless you wanted to bone up on Marine mast*rb*tion. Combat Jacks. Hollywood style.

Saving Private Ryan was only marginally better. Following is a review by Your Business Blogger originally published by the Scripps Howard News Service



“Please tell me I’ve been a good man,” Private Ryan tearfully begs his wife when, as an old man, he visits the grave of the man who died for him. “Tell me I’ve led a good life.”

Well frankly, Ryan, your life probably wasn’t all that special. At least not good enough for another man to die in your place. No man is “good enough,” no man is truly worthy of the ultimate sacrifice. In his heart, Ryan knows this. And so do we.

But as Hollywood prepares to honor the depictions of sacrifice in the movie “Saving Private Ryan,” it’s worth reflecting on true worth of that ultimate gesture. …

…There is an Unknown God that we all seek. Speilberg was on to truth in depicting Captain Miller as “the teacher,” a rabbi, a Christ-figure. In its final moments, the movie reveals its allegory of man’s yearning for Christ. Only in this context does “Saving Private Ryan” make sense. Private Ryan cheated death, but he didn’t cheat eternity. Was he good enough? No man is good enough.

In the end, Ryan falls to his knees before his savior’s grave feeling his unworthiness. Asking in anguish the movie’s central question: was I worthy? The only answer Speilberg leaves us with is a silently waving flag and Ryan’s hollow cry … I tried to be a good man! The difference between saying “I was a good man” and admitting, “I am not worthy” may seem slight. But traversing the chasm between the two provides the true liberation Ryan was seeking.

In Spielberg’s movie, Ryan is saved by Everyman. But the captain’s grave provided no ultimate answers. For salvation, Ryan should have kneeled before an empty grave.

Read more at the jump.


Dog tags with P38

Service Number blurred


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Thank you (foot)notes:

scripps howard news service logo yoest

Originally published by

the Scripps Howard News ServiceAlso titled The Salvation of Private Ryan by The Virginian Pilot.

Rule of Reason has more at the capitalist movie critic.

BlogCritic has an excellent review of Jarhead.

Mudville has Open Post.

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