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Happy Anniversary: Moving Into The Second Decade w/the Car and the Girl

May 5, 2009 | By | 4 Comments

Updated 5 May 2011


Jack and Charmaine This is wedding anniversary week in our household: We celebrate for 7 days.

Men’s Health magazine reminds us why marriage works. The April issue from last year has six compelling reasons to marry, by Anna Maltby.

Anna is a woman.

But the advice is still good,

If you are susceptible to vice, find a wife. She’ll save you from yourself — and improve your life — in a variety of ways…

1. Increase your pay

A Virginia Commonwealth University study found that married men earn 22 percent more than their similarly experienced but single colleagues.

[VCU is a terrific school located in Richmond, Virginia. Usually Conservative. Good.]

2. Speed up your next promotion

Married men receive higher performance ratings and faster promotions than bachelors, a 2005 study of U.S. Navy officers reported.

[If the Army wanted you to have a wife, it would have issued you one, goes the old joke — it looks like the military is a-changing its perception of the value of a helpmeet.]

3. Keep you out of trouble

According to a recent U.S. Department of Justice report, male victims of violent crime are nearly four times more likely more likely to be single than married.

[Your Business Blogger(R) has not been in a bar fight since getting married. But every few years I got to get the caps replaced on those cracked up front teeth from an altercation back in single days. And I wish that ringing in my ears would stop...]

4. Satisfy you in bed

In 2006, British researchers reviewed the sexual habits of men in 38 countries and found that in every country, married men have more sex.

[Don't go there...]

5. Help you beat cancer

In a Norwegian study, divorced and never-married male cancer patients had 11 and 16 percent higher mortality rates, respectively, than married men.

[Charmaine is forever pestering me to get a(nother!) physical. Goodness, I had one back in the 90's. And the colonoscopies every 5 years are her idea too. Such a pain in the ...]

6. Help you live longer

A UCLA study found that people in generally excellent health were 88 percent more likely to die over the 8-year study period if they were single.

The accountability and friendship of marriage works.

Excuse me now, I’ve got some yard work to do.

As one academic studying the men-marriage-maturity transformation wrote, “A rake, now out raking leaves,”


Thank you (foot)notes:

But we actually celebrate two anniversaries.

Two constants every man needs.

His car.

His woman.


Jack and Charmaine 1990 (Order may not be important to some.)

Even as Charmaine and I are moving into our 20th year of marriage toward that death do us part part; the other anniversary is a milestone of over two decades.

Alert Readers are thinking, I know Jack — how did he do it?

How did he survive all those years?

Without a coffee cup holder…?

The Germans do not believe that people should drive and drink…coffee. Ergo, no coffee cup holder in that old model.

So the ride has been a series of spilled hot fluids. And I would do it again.

Kisses Sweeter Than Wine – Andy Williams, Peter Paul & Mary


20 years; one owner

Your Business Blogger(R) and The Dude

Financial Expert Larry Burkett believes that a man should own but one car and run that car ’til the wheels fall off then repair and repeat.

Replacing is poor stewardship of resources.

It is also Biblical and is based on the Babe Bargain: A man should be the husband of but one wife.

Replacing is poor stewardship of resources.

A car and a girl. What more could a guy want?


The Penta-Posse

Larry Burkett continues,

Let’s face it. The majority of new automobile sales in America are made because of the buyers’ wants, not needs. Often they are just tired of their cars; they look old and out of date, or they need repairs to put them back into top condition, or their neighbors or coworkers have acquired new cars.

Lyrics to KISSES SWEETER THAN WINE here. My favorite version is by Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt.

In May of 1987 Your Business Blogger(R) bought a new car from American Service Center in Arlington, Virginia from former Redskin football player Joe Tereshinski.

My two investments; my two May anniversaries.

Follow us on Twitter: @JackYoest; @CharmaineYoest

Mission Statements for Real Growth

January 3, 2009 | By | No Comments



GARDENING WITH CONFIDENCEEvery business should have a mission statement to help focus staff, benchmarks, resources, results.

Every business could benefit. Every silo, in the business; on the farm.

Even your garden.

A business going to seed, so to say…

My favorite ‘plant manager’ is Helen of Raleigh who runs the premier gardening business in central North Carolina. She writes for Better Homes and Gardens and blogs at Gardening With Confidence™.

Helen is also a Garden Scout and Stylist. In her work as a field editor for Better Homes and Gardens and their Special Interest Publications such as Country Gardens and Nature’s Garden, she scouts great gardens for their publications.

When a garden is chosen for publication, Helen works with photographers to style the photo shoot.

Just as every manager needs a business coach, every gardener needs a gardening coach.

Who knew?

Helen helped create this market niche. She is in great demand as a Garden Coach.

In her former career as a Vice President of an environmental company she learned how to shovel manure.

Good management training.

Carrying a rifle in Pakistan didn’t hurt either. (Working for an environmental client. Really.)

Here is Helen’s gardening mission statement,


Helen’s Haven is a sustainable, wildlife habitat, created to attract and feed birds, bees, butterflies

and for the enjoyment of friends, family, and visitors to educate, enjoy,

and to understand we are the earth’s caretakers, so let’s take care.

If you have a garden statement, send it along to Helen. She will be posting the collection.



Thank you (foot)notes:

For the backstory see, Women, Work and Family: One VP’s Solution,

“How do you it all?” Accomplished women with kids constantly get this question.

Helen Philbrook, married and mother of three, from Raleigh, NC, has the answer.

Your Business Blogger(R) recently sat down with Helen and her husband David to learn the secret.

She’s a former Vice President of an environmental testing firm, and perhaps the world’s first female “Smoke Stack Sniffer.”

Full Disclosure: Helen is the sister of Your Business Blogger(R)

What We Learned From Marley & Me

December 27, 2008 | By | 3 Comments

The Dancer, friend of all animals, wanted a date with Dad. And off we went to see the flicka that is making moviegoers cry across America.

She was one of the five million who read the book and wanted more.

Here’s what we learned, as the 22 doggie-double Marleys gnawed their way across 15 years.

Yes, it is a dog story and no humans were hurt in the filming. But the lessons were made for the alphas in us all.

shadrach_yoest_dog_german_shepard_1995.png1) A dog is as much cost and effort as a child. Your Business Blogger(R) had a tamer Marley-like hundred pound German Shepherd: Shadrach, The Dog Genius, who chewed his way thru four houses. Shepherding our first two children. Dogs add more than they subtract. The shaggy dog is the origin of fuzzy math.

The Dreamer and The Dude at Shadrach’s last Christmas, 1995

2) Dogs are a cost-center not a profit-center: a consumer of resources. But the indoor animals (with outdoor voices) generate enough goodwill to be an asset that doesn’t need to be sold to be realized or appreciated. A lot like children.

3) The domestic animals do not always produce domestic tranquility. Until housebroken. Just as, Charmaine would say, husbands.

4) Moms and Dads always cry after a miscarriage. There’s one in the movie. If you are Pro-Choice you have our permission not to look at the sonogram. Then again, go ahead. There was no heartbeat. One pregnancy in five miscarries. One woman in four has an abortion. There is a lot of crying in America, and it’s not only over a dog in the Marley & Me movie.

5) Funerals are for the living. As Yogi Berra said, “Always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise they won’t come to yours.” There must be closure for the living over the dead. A miscarriage needs closure. An abortion needs closure. Too bad the Pro-Choice community insists that abortion is a private matter. Women (and the dads) would heal quicker with some remembrance of what was. What could have been. Funerals provide the venue for a good cry. Like dog movies.

Go read the book. Go see the movie. Take a date.

Even if you don’t need a reason to cry.

Merry Christmas 2008: Picture and Out Takes

December 16, 2008 | By | 9 Comments


This is this year’s Christmas Card from our house to yours. The card may not be as interesting as the out takes.

Or, as The Dude says, the ‘ruined pictures.’ See more on The Dude’s Facebook page.





Christmas 2007 on the Huckabee Campaign.


See Christmas 2006.

Thumbnail image for dude_christmas_2008_outtakes_3.jpg

What’s the best reason for a large family? Watching the kids get added over the years. And to watch the Penta-Posse get taller and taller. Like time elapsed photography — over 20 years.

We once asked Charmaine’s old boss, Gary Bauer, about life before and after children. A Look Back. “Before they were born,” He says of his kids, “They were always there — like shadows.” Eternity past meeting eternity future.

And like shadows they will be gone, off to college, off to their own families. Soon — too soon. See What to take from a burning building, or Christmas by the Numbers; 16 Each

An Emergency Room & Sarah Palin

September 13, 2008 | By | 5 Comments

The Dude is competing for first string quarterback on his football team. But the coach needed him for a defensive play. The Dude went in. The play came his way. The Dude maneuvered for the open field tackle.


hand_broken_dude_fivefinger_2008.jpg Later in the ER The Dude asks, “When can we call mom?”

The Dude’s right hand

Charmaine was in St. Paul for the Republican National Convention last Thursday. “Let’s call her when we have some information about your hand,” I said.

The trainer splinted-up his dominant right hand and said it was probably broken. “X-Rays will give us something positive…” negative, “to tell her.”

The first rule of marriage for men is knowing when to keep your mouth shut.

“Let’s not worry mom…until we have to,” I said. “The more information we can give her, the better we all will feel.” The Dude understood. Uncertainty causes the real pain in life.

While The Dude was dealing with his pain, we all in the ER were subjected to a more intense pain: Keith Olbermann on MSNBC.

While waiting in the ER Keith Olbermann was complaining that the RNC showed footage of The Towers going down. This reminded us all that we are at war and maybe we still need a war leader. Rather than talk about Obama’s inexperience, Olbermann was miffed that such carnage would be replayed reminding us we live in a dangerous world.

But I think Olbermann was really upset about Sarah Palin.

hand_broken_dude_knucke_2008.jpg No one in the elite circles or the media (redundant, I know) understands Sarah and Todd Palin and their five kids.

The Palins are on a family mission.

Somewhat like the Blues Brothers, they are on a mission from God. Our liberal friends do not quite understand this. The Christian prays for guidance and accountability.

The Dude’s forefinger knuckle — note chip on side

Big families know this sense of purpose and the marriage partner who happens to get the ball, get the call goes into the game.

Todd is not the VP nominee. Sarah is.

I am not a CEO. Charmaine is.

Real men understand the talent and the gifts that only women have can be used in these unusual times. Like the ancient Jewish judge, Deborah, Sarah is being lifted up to help John McCain get the country on the right track; to bring the country to victory over evils foreign and domestic.

The American people understand this and love Sarah Palin.

Feminists understand this and hate Sarah Palin.


The story has a happy ending:

The Dude made the tackle.

Keith Olbermann got fired.

Sarah Palin will be elected.


See The Complete Married Man’s Guide To Spousal Responses

See The Dude’s other big break during the Huckabee presidential campaign.

Not everyone who appears on MSNBC is an elitist.

Why Didn’t Hillary Clinton Get the Dem VP Nomination?

September 4, 2008 | By | 10 Comments


In the Yoest household kitchen Answer: She’s not married to Todd Palin.

On CNN yesterday Charmaine reinforced the point that women can succeed in any position at any level, if she has a deep support system. Beyond the government safety net.

The best support system is to marry a guy who will embrace the family mission, the family business. A husband who is not distracted by interns at 2am.

And will lift up his wife when her time comes…

And I’m not just talking pregnancy.


About half of all women who enter into a Ph.D. program do not finish. When Charmaine was working on her disertation at the University of Virginia, Your Business Blogger(R), MBA, and Charmaine’s parents, Mom, Ph.D; Dad, Ph.D; Brother, Ph.D. and Penta-Posse gathered together and strategized on the path to make sure that Charmaine was in the half that got ‘hooded.’

The extended family decided to invest in Charmaine.

Money was key but not the entire issue. Wisdom and logistical support were the real needs of house hold and five little ones.

Extended family and a hubby who will sacrifice for the family mission is the solution to whatever success the family, the mother, the mission will achieve.

Todd Palin is my kind of guy. Like me, he married way over his head and is not afraid to let the world know.

We are both married to CEO’s who advance the family mission. Our extended families have made sacrifices and investments to advance very talented women, very talented wives.

If more feminists had devoted husbands, maybe they’d enjoy more success. As well as the other benefits of marital bliss (re Five Children…).

And this is the real reason the liberals hate Sarah Palin. She is normal.


Thank you (foot)notes:


Fish on a bicycle by Ray Troll Feminist icon Gloria Steinem can be blamed for a lot problems these days in verbiage and communication in the battle of men vs women.

But not this phrase.

Gloria Steinem writes to Time Magazine,

“In your note on my new and happy marital partnership with David Bale, you credit me with the witticism A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. In fact, Irina Dunn, a distinguished Australian educator, journalist and politician, coined the phrase back in 1970 when she was a student at the University of Sydney.”

Credit should go to Irina Dunn, graffiti artist and Australian Senator from the Nuclear Disarmament Party.

And made popular more by U2.

Family Research Council Says Goodbye to Charmaine

August 9, 2008 | By | No Comments

Friday was Charmaine’s last day at FRC. charmaine_pub_shot_straightup_yoest_150.pngThey gave her a nice send off. It was less like a funeral and more like a celebration — a celebration like many funerals should be: She’s going to a better place, but we wish she were here.

Later, Your Business Blogger(R) returned with the Penta-Posse to her office to gather up the pictures and files and stuff and stuffed all into the monster-SUV. We left no action, email, paper, or child behind.

It took ’til 9pm to clear out. This is how job changing is different from death:

Crossing over to eternity: Your inbox will be full.

Crossing over to another job: Your inbox will be empty.

The only thing she took with her were the memories and the comfort that she would be seeing all of her old friends again somewhere, sometime again.

Some things don’t die…

Friendships endure: Relationships in the Body are eternal.

Then again, maybe job-changing and death are exactly alike.

From the Family Research Council,

Our Loss is AUL’s Gain

It is with mixed emotions that we announce that Dr. Charmaine Yoest, VP for Communications, has accepted the presidency of Americans United for Life.

While this is great news for Charmaine and even better news for AUL, it is a deep loss for us.

During Charmaine’s time at FRC, we have gained a whole new level of visibility in the national media, developed an excellent new web site, built out the first video studio in FRC history, overhauled our media center to make it state-of-the-art, obtained record op ed placements, and maintained quality radio programs heard on hundreds of stations nationwide.

Charmaine and her entire team can be justly proud of these accomplishments. It’s good to know that her gifts will now be deployed at the helm of one of best-known and most successful pro-life groups in the country.

We wish her and her family well in the weeks and years to come, and we’re confident our paths will cross many times as we work to protect innocent human life.

What Does Every Young Man Need To Know?

August 4, 2008 | By | No Comments

Vehicle Identification.

One of the Rules of Males is to be able to fix things and know the differences of Make, Model and Year of the various cars on and off the road.

57_chevy_yoest_front_rear011.jpgAt left is one of the 1957 Chevys Your Business Blogger(R) owned a number a decades ago — back when the mid-fifties Chevys were viewed as street racers of their day (at least by local law enforcement). These Chevys started out as transportation, then hot rod and now museum piece. Few are driven on the street now-a-days except during parades.

So to continue with The Dude’s Real Education we traveled to Snow Hill, Maryland for the weekend to visit the annual classic car show and for The Blessing of the Combines with friends and family. A new combine goes for some $200,000. Farming is expensive.

But it was the cars that caught our attention.

Alert Readers will remember that Your Business Blogger(R) has also owned a number of Corvettes. At the car show, there was a well maintained 1964 convertible that was selling for $49,500. I sold mine for considerably, considerably less, long, long ago.

These days it’s not the old cars that break down…it’s the old guys.

Women! Are you looking for your man to display some emotion? Take him to an old car show! Ask him three questions:

1) Did you ever own one of these old cars?

2) What did you sell it for?

3) What are they worth now?

Give him a hug, but do not make a scene as he begins to cry. The other men present know what is going on and will avert their eyes when an old car-guy breaks down.

I’m told it happens a lot at old car shows.

(Let’s not call them antique cars, just yet. Please)

A key vehicle series to know is the differences between the ’55, ’56 and ’57 Chevys.

57_chevy_yoest_gascap_snowhill_MD 052.pngThe Dude learned fast. And learned the secret access to the ’57′s gas cap.

At left: Driver’s side Tail Fin opened revealing the gas cap.

Photo Credit: The Dreamer.

The Blessing of the Combines at Snow Hill, Maryland, August, 2008. I did not find the owner of the red 1957 Chevrolet two-door sedan pictured, but would like to acknowledge him, if possible.

Media Alert: Penta-Posse at Presser; Repeal NEA Resolution I – 15

July 2, 2008 | By | 3 Comments

“It is something you only want to do once,” said Gary Bauer.

“What’s that?” I ask. “Running for president?”

“No,” he says. “Falling backwards off the platform.”

Alert Readers will well remember Gary Bauer falling off the podium while flipping flapjacks on his run for president. It was funny and no one got hurt.

Except, maybe, his chances for president…

The Baby-Boo, the caboose on the Penta-Posse, made a similar slip and fell off the elevated platform at a press conference today.

Falling is something everyone has to do. Baby-Boo has got his ‘falling’ out of the way — and is now ready to run without a slip for president.

Baby-Boo may not be 35 years old, but, then, he’s not that much younger than Obama.

Gary Bauer still laughs about his tumble and the uncertainly all presidential campaigns generate on the trail. Gary is a class act. (Your Business Blogger(R) would still be mad and a-blaming someone…)

Watch Baby-Boo’s fall and his quick recovery. Click here for the Family Research Council site and then click on Judy Bruns’s talk.

Pictured behind Judy Brun is Baby-Boo, The Dude and The Diva.

Incidentally, Judy’s speech is terrific on the meaning of words.

Following is The Diva’s YouTube of her pro-life encounter with teachers at her school. See Pro-Life Student Forced to Remove Abortion T-Shirt.

Read More

MEDIA ALERT: Press Conference at Teacher Convention, July 2nd

June 24, 2008 | By | 2 Comments


Your Business Blogger(R) has a degree in Education and was pressured by the National Education Association (NEA) to join the union years ago.

“The NEA is great when you get sued,” said the (very large) union rep.

I declined to teach and went into a less violent business: The Army.

The NEA is having their convention in Your Nation’s Capital next week. On July 2nd Pro-Life Educators and Students (PLEAS) will be conducting a rally at the Washington Convention Center from 10:00am and 2:00pm.

This press conference would have my attention even if I didn’t have 5 kids in the public schools or if Charmaine wasn’t speaking.

If Charmaine is speaking, you’ll want to listen. And this time we own the mic.

Charmaine is pictured above elbowing aside pro-abortion NOW President Kim Gandy at a open press conference in 2005. This is the only Women in Combat of which conservatives would approve.

PLEAS Coordinator Bob Pawson says, “Pro-Life teachers, school employees, parents, and students are invited to come pray and peacefully picket…Hillary Clinton and/or Barack Obama will surely address NEA’s 9,000 Delegates, as they did last year.”

Pro-Life teachers are concerned that their teacher union dues support and promote abortion and political candidates who tolerate the holocaust of the unborn.

Pawson explains, “Late-term abortionist George Tiller spoke at NEA headquarters for the [pro-abortion] Feminist Majority Foundation’s Leadership Conference in March 2008.” Watch the YouTube video here. Warning: graphic pictures of dead children.

No pro-life speakers or political candidates are supported by the NEA.

NEA union President, Reg Weaver is backing Obama; “every public school employee needs to get squarely behind the Obama candidacy.”

The union tells us,

“The National Education Association supports…the right to reproductive freedom” — the abortion code-words.

The “NEA supports the …Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision which now permits abortion on demand through nine months of pregnancy. The NEA is silent on the Dred Scott decision which also codified the ownership of one human being by another. The Dred Scott slave owner is the Roe v Wade feminist.

UPDATE: Press Conference at the Family Research Council building at 9:30 to 10:15am, then on to the presser at the Convention Center at 10:30am.

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