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In Memoriam: Cody Brown, Killed by Drunk Driver

September 19, 2005 | By | One Comment


Cody B. Brown

Hudson, Colorado

June 30, 1980 – September 16, 2001

Stacy, from Not a Desperate Housewife, spent last week blogging for her nephew, Cody, who was killed by a drunk driver four years ago this month. Seven other friends were also killed with Cody when the drunk annihilated the SUV in this picture.


The drunk, of course, survived.

Paul Mirengoff: “Tearing Down the Gates”

September 2, 2005 | By | One Comment


Paul Mirengoff getting a laugh from John Kienker, Claremont Review of Books, and Scott Johnson

Following Scott’s presentation at the American Political Science Association in DC, Paul began his remarks by invoking Law and Order, turning to the panel and saying: “The only thing you forgot to do Scott, is read the MSM their rights.”

Paul then tackled the central question of the panel: how does the rise of the blogosphere influence politics?

Answer: The MSM is less able to dictate the political stories people can access. Blogs help circumvent the gatekeepers.

Then he moved to question the secondary effect. Will blogging affect how the MSM behaves?

Using a business analogy that I thought was particularly effective, Paul argued that the MSM is in the position much like how any big company reacts when threatened by an upstart competitor — it is still less than a year since bloggers even registered on the national radar screen.

What do bloggers contribute to the debate? Paul argued that bloggers are now out-analyzing the MSM on Roberts — blogging does, in fact, represent a real threat to the status quo.

So how will they react? Returning to the analogy, in business, you must move to emphasize your core competency to be competitive. But what is that for the MSM? Paus says their core is to provide “fair and balanced” news coverage; to provide objectivity in covering the news.

He then observed that “That’s the one thing bloggers have a hard time providing.” No one spends the time and energy it takes to be maintaining a blog consistently without being highly motivated.

Then he asked the key question: But aren’t MSM reporters motivated by political passions in the same way??

Pray for Noah Pincusoff, Seriously Injured in Iraq

August 24, 2005 | By | No Comments

UPDATE: Noah’s Mom talked to him at 6:30 EST Wednesday. He’s in a lot of pain and on morphine, but is at least joking with his mother. . .

Noah Pincusoff

From Some Soldier’s Mom:

My Son Has Been Injured

in a VBIED attack… a serious spinal injury… being operated on in Iraq. Please pray for my son.

He is SPC. Noah Pincusoff

God bless you and keep you, Noah. . .

* * *

Via Beth at MVRWC.

Ed. note: VBIED is a “vehicle borne improvised explosive device.”

Advice to New Bloggers: Joe Carter and Captain Ed

August 22, 2005 | By | One Comment

What advice do Captain Ed of Captain’s Quarters and Joe Carter of Evangelical Outpost have for new bloggers? Trey Jackson has video!

Here’s a few main points: 1) Find a Niche; 2) Read a LOT; 3) Engage in the Blogosphere; 4) Work Hard; and 5) Grow a Thick Skin . . .

Joe Carter with Captain Ed Expose!!

August 21, 2005 | By | One Comment


It’s my Diva-girl

hamming it up!

With Lance McMurray

Joe Carter, too, too, funny:

Several weeks ago a diarist at the DailyKos mentioned that the reason Ed Morrissey of Captain’s Quarters was able to post as frequently as he does was because he uses special blogging software. Intrigued, I was hoping to find out the truth during our JS2 coverage. Instead, I discovered something far more disturbing. The secret to the Captain’s prolific (and profligate) blogging is that he outsources his work; all of his posts are written by sweatshop laborers in Nicaragua.

Because the event was live, though, Ed resorted to using domestic child labor . . .

And, wait, what’s this about Ed drinking daiquiris with Tom DeLay??!! Read the rest of Joe’s hilarious expose over at Evangelical Outpost.

We did have too much fun in Nashville. . .

Thinking About Renting Alexander (the Movie)?

August 21, 2005 | By | 10 Comments


Worst. Movie. Ever.

The “Burden” of Children. . .

August 18, 2005 | By | No Comments

See Jill Stanek today on a press release from the European Union’s Commissioner of Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities:

Placing the burden of having more children, working more and caring for the growing number of elderly at the door of women is neither practical nor fair – requiring therefore new policies, mentalities and attitudes to confront the EU’s demographic challenges.

The over/anti-population gurus at the EU face a neat challenge. . . not enough kids! So they are carefully crafting a new message:

Hey ladies. . .Have more of those burdensome brats.

30 Jul



Parent A and Parent B

July 30, 2005 | By | 2 Comments


Mitt Romney

Kathleen Parker writes today in her columnn,”Parent A and Parent B – and baby makes C” that Mitt Romney, Governor of Massachusetts, is coming under attack from gay groups because he refuses to allow them to replace “mother” and “father” on birth certificates with “Parent A” and “Parent B.”


If I used this example as a hypothetical result of establishing gay marriage, I would be accused of exaggerating the possible consequences — of making up a ridiculous “what if.”

But no. Wer’e already there. It’s real.

And good for Mitt Romney.

(Lucky for him, yesterday the Republican presidential sweepstakes for 2008 opened up significantly, due to the political self-immolation of presidental aspirant Senator Bill Frist . . . the GOP base appreciates politicians who take principled stands on tough issues.)


Thank you to Mudville Gazette for the Open Post. And be sure to see Toe In The Water and learn a bit of the history of my husband’s old cavalry unit: Ready and Forward.

Cotillion Cuts Loose

July 28, 2005 | By | No Comments


The femme fatales of the Cotillion have cut loose again. Check out this week’s ball, hostesses are: Sadie, Fistful of Fortnights; Denita, Who Tends the Fires; Claire, at e-Claire; and Beth, My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

A sad Cotillion post for this week’s favorite: Carol, An American Housewife, recently lost her husband Mike, and her post reminds us all to treasure the time we have together with our loved ones. Take a minute to visit and tell her hello — she recently had a visit from a troll who left a really vicious comment on her site.