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Save the Date: 19 Nov. Managers and Staff; Career Advancement: How to Promote and be Promotable.

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Your Business Blogger(R) is opening a Northern Virginia Community College classroom in Arlington, Virginia near the Ballston Metro for a one hour seminar:

Managers and Staff; Career Advancement: How to Promote and be Promotable.

There is no charge to sit in on the class. On Wednesday, Nov 19 at 4pm.

But you will need to email me to register — class size is limited.

Str*ppers in The Chronicle of Higher Education

April 17, 2006 | By | One Comment

Cross Post from Jack Yoest at Str*ppers with the uncensored version.


Higher Education in The Chronicle of Higher Education


Everybody’s Toy, Nobody’s Fool

The text and photographs by Jackie Brenner, a photographer, are from the book Friday Night Grind: Bourbon Street, New Orleans, Distributed by the University of New Mexico Press for Fresco Fine Arts Publications and Shine Media Group.

The market segment for the average reader of The Chronicle of Higher Education:

Voted for John Kerry

Doesn’t go to church

Loves Darwinism; hates Intelligent Design

Hates George Bush

Hates business/commerce/filthy lucre

Loves pictures of Nekked Women…

…I made up the last point.

However, this is what the professors in the academy are reading. Are you sure you want your daughters near these guys?


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Other favorite pictures articles from The Chronicle of Higher Education include

Painted Ladies, and

Butt of Jokes.

This week’s pictures are from the April 21, 2006 edition, page B3.

Whenever Your Business Blogger thinks of Bill Clinton, I think of censored.jpg

The Chronicle of Higher Ed: Painted Ladies Gone Wild

April 10, 2006 | By | No Comments

Cross Post with modifications from Jack Yoest.

The Chronicle of Higher Education arrived in my mail box. In plastic wrap. But it should be covered in brown paper. Remember, Your Business Blogger subscribes for the articles. But I can always count on The Chronicle to titillate.

Here’s this edition’s nudie pics.


[sorry, may not be …prudent for Charmaine. But not me. See Jack Yoest, Higher Ed.]

The liberals in academe cannot understand why us parental prudes might not want their daughters dancing naked on campus and posing in paint for publication.

This is bad for the education business. Looks bad on a resume.

But I could be wrong.

Rachel E. Beaulieu (above in tiger stripes), a senior…is treasurer of the Liquid Latex Club,…wanted to improve [her] outlook on the way [she] looked…


…the nudity may attract first-time audience members…


…Ms. Beaulieu says it is not what the show is about…

And boys read Playboy for the articles.

The co-ed concludes, “It’s a very unique experience…the liquid latex allows you to do things you could never do,” with conventional cloth and clothes and virtue.

This is a subtle hint to human resource managers: The more a girl has appeared nude in print, the greater the possibility that men would have seen her. And perhaps have stared. Some will oogle.

This is a longitudinal sexual harassment case study in the making.

Ms. Beaulieu, please let us know how the job search progresses.

We’ll be watching.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

From The Chronicle of Higher Education, April 14, 2006. At least the picture was buried on A6.

Full Disclosure: The wife of Your Business Blogger has been published in The Chronicle. In conventional fashion.

Basil’s Blog has a Picnic.

Update: The Sky is Falling: Elite Women Want Motherhood?

September 21, 2005 | By | No Comments

Alert reader, Carl at Gelf Magazine has outstanding reporting and an astute observation.

Dr. Yoest,

I saw your post about yesterday’s NYT article …And noticed your comment about the methodology:

“The article is heavy on anecdote and fails to ever explain its methodology — the source of its “data” is email responses from some young women at the Ivy’s. So, even though I think the conclusion is interesting and one that I agree with, in all honesty the researcher in me has to point out to you that this is not terribly reliable reporting.”

Carl continues:

It seems you had reason to be suspicious. Over at Gelf, to which I contribute, we’ve run a copy of the survey the NYT reporter emailed to Yale students, as sent to us by one of the recipients. The survey seems to have leading questions, basically implying that all Yale women must be straight and want kids: story here David Goldenberg byline .

Well done. Carl nails it down:

Among the leading questions, many from right at the top of the survey:

When you have children, do you plan to stay at home with them or do you plan to continue working? Why?

If you plan to continue working, do you plan to work full-time in an office, or full-time from your house, or part-time in an office, or part-time from your house? Why?

If you plan to stay at home with your kids, do you plan to return to work? If so, how old will you wait for your kids to be when you return?

Was your mom a stay-at-home mom? Explain whether she worked, and how much she worked! Were you glad with her choice (to either work or stay-at-home or whatever combination she did)?

How do you think college-age men at Yale feel about whether wives should stay at home with their kids?/

In polling we call this “priming the pump.” It is used to direct answers with subtle questions with subtle assumptions. Good polls are designed to uncover the truth (of opinion) across a broad sample. Bad polls have an agenda. This is, as Carl suggests, a bad survey.

I will have more in coming posts on The NYT’s political and cultural agenda.

No matter what our differences in the blogosphere, the work by Gelf Magazine shows us why the NYT chopped 500 jobs and is bleeding red ink. The NYT has lost the public trust — because of such questionable reporting.

# # #

Outside The Beltway has more on the NYT’s firings.

What They’re Reading on College Campuses

September 12, 2005 | By | One Comment

Remember Professor Pottymouth?


Now comes the bestseller rankings: #1 is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. No surprise there.

And from Princeton is #6 Bullsh*t, by (tenured) Professor Harry G. Frankfurt*.

These two academic achievements have one thing in common: neither have footnotes.

*As ranked by The Chronicle of Higher Education, September 9, 2005.

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