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Homosexual Agenda

Freedom of Conscience? Homosexuals Question Medical Care Freedom

August 19, 2008 | By | One Comment

Your Business Blogger(R) once worked in medical device start-ups teaching new surgical procedures to clinicians.

My physicians were constantly demanding the latest data on patient care and what would work best to improve patient care.

They taught me that they were held to higher standards because the clinical community was the steward of the public’s trust.

When a person is hurting, trust is the currency of the care giver.

The patient must believe that the doctor or nurse sincerely believes that the care given is the best — and that the care giver would not violate the trust of the patient or the care givers’ own conscience.

The public well understands that if a doctor will not violate his own conscience, he will not violate the patient.

This conscience clause of the medical community is being attacked by the homosexual activists. Homosexuals are demanding elective procedures — non-life saving interventions — medical attention that would violate the conscience of some clinicians.

And this is bad for business. Homosexuals are attempting to equate race with sexual preferences: attempting to make homosexuality a civil right.

The homosexual marketing campaign might be gaining traction in the courts — but not with voters, not with legislators not with common sense.

An African-American will always be black; he has no choice and cannot stop being black.

A homosexual may return to hertosexuality; he has a choice and can stop being homosexual.

African-Americans are of a particular race from conception. Homosexuals make a decision well after birth. They are not born in that state. There is no homosexual gene in the human DNA. Race is not equal to homosexuality.

Look for more cases like this one in California where the homosexual activists are looking for businesses to take to court. Your business might be next.

Fox Business posted information from Americans United for Life,

California Supreme Court Ruling Threatens Medical Care and Religious FreedomBy Matthew Eppinette | August 18, 2008

Chicago, Illinois — The California Supreme Court today ruled that patient demand for nonessential, elective care trumps the freedom of conscience of physicians and their ability to practice medicine in accordance with their religious or moral beliefs.

Denise Burke, Vice President & Legal Director of Americans United for Life (AUL), said, “This ruling will deny physicians and other professionals the ability to freely exercise their religious convictions.”

Added Burke, “By forcing healthcare professionals to choose between conscience and career, we will lose doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals who are already in short supply.”

Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D., President and CEO of AUL added, “Medical experts already project that existing shortages of nurses, physicians, and pharmacists will soon worsen, failing to meet future healthcare needs. Legal action to compel healthcare providers to participate in procedures to which they conscientiously object threatens to make the already dangerous situation disastrous.”

Mailee Smith, AUL Staff Counsel, said, “It defies common sense that a patient would want a doctor to violate his or her conscience in practicing medicine. A diminished physician population is not good for medical care.”

The case — North Coast Women’s Care Medical Group v. Superior Court of San Diego County (Benitez) – involves a situation where artificial insemination was not provided due to the marital status of the patient (Ms. Benitez).

Ms. Benitez filed suit arguing that she was not provided the procedure because she is a lesbian. However, the physicians testified that the real issue was her marital status, and that they would not have provided artificial insemination to any single woman.

Ultimately, Ms. Benitez received the procedure from another physician after receiving a referral from the objecting physicians (who paid the additional costs she incurred).

AUL filed an amicus brief in the California Supreme Court on behalf of the Christian Medical & Dental Associations, the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, and Physicians for Life, arguing that federal and state law as well as the ethics standards of major medical organizations support the physicians’ right to conscientiously object to performing certain nonessential, elective medical procedures that conflict with physicians’ religious and moral beliefs.

Media Contact

Matthew Eppinette

MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine Soundbite CNN: Homosexual Marriage, The Problem.

Congressional Hearing on Military Readiness and Homosexuals

July 22, 2008 | By | 2 Comments

The House Armed Services Subcommittee on Personnel will be conducting a hearing on the issue of homosexuals in the military. Among the witnesses who will offer testimony will be Brian Jones, a highly-decorated former Sergeant Major of the US Army’s elite Delta Force, who served with the Department of Defense in Iraq in 2004.

Sgt. Maj. Jones will testify in support of the 1993 law stating that homosexuals are not eligible for military service. The law passed Congress with veto-proof majorities in 1993 and has been upheld as constitutional several times.

The hearing will take place in Room 2118 of the House Rayburn Office Building, at 2:00 PM on Wednesday, 23 July .

John Howland from USNA-at-Large sends this along from Allan Slaff,

I am delighted that…Sergeant Major Jones will be on hand to testify before the House Armed Service Committee on Personnel on 23 July in regards to gays in the military.


I am confident that…he will do a superb job. I have a concern…on the unique sociological problems that would be generated by permitting openly practicing gays to serve in the ships of the fleet. These unsolvable problems make it absolutely impossible to permit that to happen.

Let me summarize here:

The habitability standards under which our enlisted personnel serve in the ships of the fleet afford almost no possibilities for human privacy. I examined the habitability standards afforded our bluejackets at sea for the Secretary of the Navy many years ago and found that the habitability standards afforded our enlisted personal in the ships of the fleet were less than 50% of the habitability standards allowed our federal prisoners.

Other than a privacy curtain which may be pulled across a man’s berth, there is none. Outside that small space of stacked berths the remainder of the compartment is completely open; thus public nakedness is the norm. The same applies to the heads, washrooms and showers.

These ships deploy for normally 9 months at a time and sometimes much longer. Unlike our air force and army personnel there is no leaving the base after normal working hours except on very restricted liberties when in foreign ports from time to time.

That compartment is our bluejackets’ home 24/7 as long as the ship is deployed. It would create a truly impossible sociological situation to permit openly gay personnel to live in such an environment.

It would most assuredly wreak havoc with the good order and discipline of the ships company Requiring gays to abstain for long periods would be akin to berthing two heterosexual men in a compartment of essentially naked women for long periods; especially when those young men were being driven by an absolute rush off hormones. Impossible!

There is another issue. Homosexuals are as intellectually capable as heterosexuals. Therefore, eventually the gay will win advancement in rate. He will then be in a powerful position to bring exquisite sexual pressure on the non-rated personnel under his control.

As you know, I am also opposed to women serving in the combatant ships of the fleet. I base my opposition not on any failure of intelligence, courage, patriotism or ability of women.

It is based solely on the absolute impossibility of eliminating the powerful drive of sexuality. At least, however, in the case of the women, they may be isolated into their own living accommodations on board ship.

Instead of establishing my qualifications to speak with authority on this vitally important issue, I shall send along an abbreviated curriculum vitae. Please note the enormous experience I have had in serving in eleven ships of the fleet and commanding four of our very best.

Under a B. Hussein Obama administration, homosexuals will be allowed to openly serve in the armed forces. As Allan notes, this will destroy unit cohesion and hurt our military readiness.

Military Readiness will not matter under Obama anyhoo. He will simply surrender to the jihadists making our military power moot.

Voting for John McCain is important. He knows how to run the military.

B. Hussein Obama is an accomplished community organizer.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Update: Alert Reader CourtneyMD comments below on the need for the presentation of a compelling argument rather than two homosexuals pictured enjoying a cruise. This may help:

CourtneyMD, You are close: I’m not 14, but this is an argument any 14-year-old understands. Even My 15-year-old daughter.

We all may not have the reasoning power of a 14-year-old, but let us attempt a review.

The arguments are simple to comprehend, especially for those few that have served in the armed forces.

Close quarters, intimate surroundings strip away modesty. It does not promote good order and discipline in a military unit to enable sexual attraction. The military mission does not have the margin of error to tolerant the distraction caused by having a girlfriend or boyfriend in arm’s reach in harm’s way 24/7.

See close quarters — men and women — on a submarine.

This is different than the soft civilian life most people enjoy, even in dangerous occupations. Females and homosexual firefighters and police-persons can go off-duty.

Can’t really go off-duty on a submarine.

In the absence of privacy, no person — whatever they may tell the pollsters — does not want other service members lusting after their bodies.

A sailor wants his buddy to watch his back — not covet his backside.

As requested, see a compelling argument for unit cohesion.

And let’s not forget B. Hussein Obama’s other sugar stick women in combat.

B. Hussein Obama and Jesus.

Double standards for women in the military.

And thank you for noticing the repetition of B. Hussein Obama — and thank you for repeating it back. Perhaps you are trainable.

Repeating back a negative is something even the professionals have trouble with. See the Bimbo Awards with the late Tony Snow.

Your Business Blogger(R) works at teaching business sense. Here, we are reduced to teaching common sense.

Thank you for commenting,


See Dana Milbank from the WaPo. Your Business Blogger(R) is not related to the Cynthia Yost mentioned in the Milbank article

MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine On CNN: Obama and the Evangelical Vote

June 27, 2008 | By | 7 Comments

charmaine_barney_frank_ethics_in_america_yoest.JPGCharmaine is taping an interview for CNN American Morning on the Senator Barack Obama flirtation with Bible believing, Jesus loving, Evangelicals who hold for the Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D. is pictured at left during a taping of Ethics in America with Barney Frank(D).

Obama has a chance with some church goers. About 30% of self-identified Christians voted for Bill Clinton.

Obama believes reporter Michael Weisskopf who wrote that members of the Christian Right are, “largely poor, uneducated, and easy to command.”

So while the poor impoverished are clinging to guns and religion, how would the elitist Obama lead the nation?

1) Bring legislation forcing citizens to embrace homosexual demands: Homosexual Marriage and the Homosexuals in the military.

2) Raise taxes.

3) Raise gas prices by punishing oil companies. He refuses to explore and drill for energy.

4) Demand that some babies born alive be left to die.

5) Force citizens how and what to think. Mark Steyn is being sued under hate-crimes law in Canada for his writing about Islam in America Alone, a must read. Barack X. Obama supports this mind-thought control through legislation.

The ObamaNation will force churches and the Boy Scouts to hire Homosexuals.

The ObamaNation will force government-controlled doctors on the country.

The ObamaNation will place women in land combat and in submarines.

The ObamaNation will take more of the citizen’s money in taxes and fees.

The ObamaNation will force these government doctors to perform abortions.

The ObamaNation will force babies born during a botched abortion (re: live birth) to die.

The ObamaNation will continue the African-American genocide thru Planned Parenhood.

The clip will air next week. Hit times will be announced. Please let us know what you think. Comments are now open.


Thank you (foot)notes,

Obama may be a disciple of Jesus Christ, but he doesn’t understand the Bible. And after attending Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years, it figures. For example, the Old Testament dietary restrictions no longer apply. This is a “new” teaching in the New Testament that is different from the Old. Obama is going to be confused about these Old and New Testament issues:

Dietary restrictions.


Animal sacrifice.

Homosexual abominations remain in effect.

Obama is fuzzy on his Biblical interpretations. And a bit confused on secular matters — but he is consistent with the old-style liberal world view.

Your Business Blogger(R) looks forward to the continuing debate between Obama and Dr. Dobson of Focus on the Family.

Obama might come to Jesus yet…

Voters will not answer the ObamaNation altar call, Lord willing.

Click here for more on Ethics in America.

Larry Cirignano sends us this article by Bishop Harry Jackson on Planned Parenhood.

26 Jun


Obama: Abortion & The Death of a Live Birth

June 26, 2008 | By |

“Let all the babies be born.

Then let us drown those we do not like.”

GK Chesterton, Babies and Distributism, GK’s Weekly, 11/12/32

GK Chesterton writes a prophesy: He sees evil and wants it to stop –

Barack Obama writes a policy: He sees no evil and wants it to continue.

Obama is the full-spectrum abortion candidate.

Abortion thru nine months

Abortion at birth

Abortion after birth

Obama demands that some babies born alive be left to die.

Obama makes clear what he will do about the killing of babies — born and pre-born,

“Thirty-five years after the Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade, it’s never been more important to protect a woman’s right to choose. Last year, the Supreme Court decided by a vote of 5-4 to uphold the Federal Abortion Ban, and in doing so undermined an important principle of Roe v. Wade: that we must always protect women’s health.

obama_wiping_out_America_one_baby.jpg“With one more vacancy on the Supreme Court, we could be looking at a majority hostile to a women’s fundamental right to choose for the first time since Roe v. Wade. The next president may be asked to nominate that Supreme Court justice. That is what is at stake in this election.

Read More

MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine on CNN: Homosexual Marriage, The Video

June 19, 2008 | By | No Comments


Charmaine recently appeared on CNN with a sound bite on the recent court actions in California. The video clip is here.

Charmaine, the Vice President for Communications at FRC, appeared on CNN’s Situation Room June 16, 2008 to discuss the granting of marriage licenses to same-sex couples in California.

This is not good for civilization.

The liberals with an anti-family world view are over reaching in this political season.

Charmaine above on an earlier cable appearance on homosexual “marriage.”

MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine Soundbite CNN: Homosexual Marriage, The Problem.

June 16, 2008 | By | No Comments


Charmaine on an earlier

CNN appearance Charmaine will be recording a taped interview to appear on CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.

She will be discussing the recent court actions in California on homosexual marriage.

One of the questions these court rulings have is to remind us that we have allowed ourselves to be governed by judges. Five Guys now rule America: An oligarchy.

When Benjamin Franklin was asked what kind of government our infant nation had created for ourselves, he replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.”


So what is the problem with homosexual marriage? Maggie Gallagher tells us that the homosexual activists are equating homosexual preferences with racial civil rights. Conservatives who disagree with homosexuals are called bigots and worse.

There is no free and open and honest debate with the members of the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA). (Motto: Sex by 8 or it’s too late.)

Just as racists these days cannot get, say, an FCC license, Gallagher says that the homosexuals will make it impossible for “homo-phobes” to be a part of the mainstream of society. “Gay Pride Parades” will be considered first normal then mandatory. And you better be there with your children, smiling. At all the nekked men.

John McCormack writes in The Weekly Standard, May 26, 2008,

…[T]wo Christian doctors [in California] are being sued for refusing to artificially inseminate a lesbian, and last summer four firefighters sued the city of San Diego on sexual harassment grounds after they were required to participate in a gay pride parade over their objections. How would California deal with doctors who refused to treat an African American? Revoke their licenses. How would San Diego treat firefighters who objected to marching in a Martin Luther King Jr. parade? Fire them.

Is this self-governance as envisioned by our Founding Fathers? Nope.

The homosexuals are on a marketing campaign using marriage and the military through the courts for acceptance.

Robert P. George, Ph.D. believes that we should have open vigorous debates on marriage, abortion, stem cells; the big moral issues of our day. George writes in First Things, January, 2008,

We will be advised to frame arguments in coded language so as not to scare off the soccer moms or whoever is playing their role in the next election cycle.

All of this must be resisted…

The question, then, is not whether there are truths about such things as the morality of abortion and the nature of marriage; the question in each case is, What is true?

The homosexual activists do not want truth or government by the citizens. Liberals and the homosexuals in the Obama-Nation are happy with the dictatorship of the courts.

Most people want the self governance of a constitutionally-limited republic — protected by good Republicans…

CNN is attempting to open up the conversation on homosexual marriage. We are anxious to see how they edit the tape.

Hit time for Charmaine is between 4 and 6pm today. Tune in and let us know what you think.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Dr. George teaches at Princeton University and sits on a number of boards, including the Family Research Council and Americans United for Life.

Your Business Blogger(R) also blogs at Management Training of DC, LLC.

Subway Resturants to Homeschoolers: You Have No Class

May 27, 2008 | By | No Comments

The Dreamer scored in the 93rd percentile in Math for her grade in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I promised her a reward night out — But a daddy-daughter-dinner-date at Subways won’t be happening.

A good deal of her education was in homeschooling where Your Business Blogger(R) worked with her on that topic that counted: Counting. The hard sciences that “girls don’t do well.”

Not good in Math? Not my girls. My expectation was that they would do well in the quantitatives. (Parent and teacher expectations are the biggest variable in the success of students.) My wife is a genius with SPSS and regression analysis . The Dancer and The Diva are rabid readers and love ‘rithmatic — and are bloggers.

The Penta-Posse are outliers on the bell curve of school age young’ums.

So. I promised The Dreamer a night out. But not at Subway. The restaurant is off the good-guy list for two reasons:

1) The company doesn’t care for homeschoolers, and

2) They can’t spell.

Our friend Don Wildmon at the American Family Association sends this along,

Subway tells home schoolers: We will not allow you to participate in our contest. Subway discriminates against home schoolers.

Subway, the sandwich restaurant, wants to hear your child’s story – unless he or she is home schooled.

The national chain’s “Every Sandwich Tells a Story Contest” offers prizes and a chance to be published on the Subway Web site and in Scholastic’s “Parent & Child” magazine but specifically excludes home schoolers. Subway’s website states:

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Contest is open only to legal residents of the Untied (sic) States who are currently over the age of 18 and have children who attend elementary, private or parochial schools that serve grades PreK-6. No home schools will be accepted.

Subway will probably say they excluded home schools because of the main prize ($5,000 worth of athletic equipment to the winning child’s school). But Subway could have given it to a local park, church or school of the winning home schooler’s choice.

Subway’s Web site promotion not only misspells “Untied (sic) States,” but offers the grand prize winner a “Scholastic Gift Bastket (sic) for your home.”

Subway’s leadership clearly does not understand the value of homeschooling. In addition to learning how to spell, we are keeping our kids clear of the public schools’ Family Life Education: Which is, as is commonly known, Sex Ed taught by liberals. When almost 20% of teens have herpes — one would hope that this objective fact might persuade our feminist free-lovers that the condom classes might not be working.

Nope. The public payroll sex trainers are working even harder.

Here’s some of what appears in Family Life Education for grades six through eight,

6.1 The student will learn that there are many health care and safety agencies in the community.

No need to talk with mom or dad, or aunt Sally or uncle Joe. The Planned Parenthood abortion clinic is just around the corner.

6.7 The student will be able to describe the etiology, effects and transmission of the HIV virus.

Clean needles for drug users? Contaminated blood supply? This is more important than spelling or math? The school will not reveal the detail of homosexual sex acts in the spread of the HIV virus. I did see a very nice man who teaches the course, however.

6.8 …[E]valuate …sexuality, and gender stereotyping…

The feminists are determined to get women in combat in the armed services.

7.7 The student will recognize that sexual behaviors are conscious decisions…

The public schools are a bit confused even about their own world view: homosexuality is a conscious decision; a preference — not an orientation. FLE lurched into the truth.

So Subway supports only public schools, can’t spell and doesn’t like homeschoolers.

Dinner at Subway? No sirree — We all are a-going to Chick-fil-a.




Thank you (foot)notes:

Tom Peters once remarked that excellence should permeate an organization, especially for managing the perceptions of the customer. This is why managers make so much money. Airlines, in the consumers’ mind, must understand that if the tray tables are dirty, the airline doesn’t do engine maintenance.

The Army taught if boots were not shined, the soldier couldn’t shoot straight.

If Subway can’t spell, their food will make you [sic].

Send an e-mail to Subway President Frederick A. DeLuca. Tell him you will not eat with them anymore until and unless they allow home schoolers to participate. ©2008 Doctor’s Associates Inc. SUBWAY® is a registered trademark of Doctor’s Associates Inc.

This is an unpaid endorsement of Chick-fil-A.

See some commonsense at The sexual ‘revolution’ that keeps on turning

This is a cross post from Pro-Life Unity.

McDonald’s: Funding Homosexual Activism

May 6, 2008 | By | 6 Comments

McDonald’s is funding homosexual activism–and I’m NOT lovin’ it!


Charmaine and the Penta-Posse

at a McDonald’s

somewhere in Middle America

circa 2005 Buying a McDonald’s hamburger now promotes the homosexual lifestyle. Here’s a sample open letter to the McDonald’s leadership, supplied by the Family Research Council,

Dear Chairman McKenna,

We are writing to request that you end your “Corporate Partnership” with the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) and refrain from making corporate contributions to this or other homosexual organizations.

[If individual members of the board of McDonald's wishes to give to any charity, have it your way, so to say -- but a corporation should not

use earnings for charity. Charity is a test of the individual heart -- not corporate or government largess.]

We also request that you adopt a policy which would prevent your corporate officers from using the McDonald’s corporate name to lend legitimacy to work they may do for such organizations. The National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce exists to generate business for companies that are owned by homosexuals. While we do not object to McDonald’s doing business with any suppliers who can provide a quality product or service at a good price, we also do not understand why anyone would engage in affirmative steps to seek out suppliers based on their sexual behavior, or assist in promoting businesses for that reason.

[Your Business Blogger(R) has spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in McDonald's PlayPlaces. I'm not sure I've ever seen a homosexual in a McDonald's. The demographics do not fit the fast food market segment.

No. The homosexuals do not want to eat at McDonald's any more than they really want to serve in the military. Homosexuals are on a marketing campaign for normalcy. And they are looking for a stamp of approval in basic cultural institutions: Ronald McDonald, marriage and the military.]

However, the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce does not exist just to promote the economic interests of their members. They also promote an extensive political agenda, including explicit support for legislation and litigation that would:

* Undermine the unique treatment granted to marriage between one man and one woman under the law

* Treat homosexual and “transgender” behavior on the same basis as race under federal civil rights laws

* Label disapproval of homosexual behavior a form of “hate” under so-called “hate crime” laws.

[Parents should ask if McDonald's will embrace open unisex restrooms where transgenders and transvestites and cross-dressers can have proximity to the wee ones.]

The NGLCC promotes a controversial social and political agenda that is offensive to tens of millions of your customers. A corporation like McDonald’s, which prides itself on providing a family-friendly product in a family-friendly environment, should not be associated with any narrow political agenda. Thank you for considering my views.

Let the homosexuals dine on fast food at Starbucks. With the rest of the liberals.

Nope. The next time I need to take the Penta-Posse out for fast food — Lord, the money we spend — we will not go to McDonald’s. And neither should you.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Market Research for McDonald’s

Your Business Blogger(R) has enjoyed eating at McDonald’s the world over. I’m not sure of the support for homosexuals in, say, China. See China’s New Statue for Brotherhood and World Peace. And learn where the ad, I’m Lovin’ It was developed.

Religion & Politics: Easter in Arizona, What Would Obama Do?

March 22, 2008 | By | No Comments


Charmaine, Your Business Blogger(R)

Penta-Posse at the Grand Canyon

Easter 2005A few years ago Alert Readers will recall that Your Business Blogger(R) et al attended a Sunrise Service on the rim of the Grand Canyon in John McCain’s home state. The Grand Canyon is Federal Property, but the surrounding locals quietly support a congregation of church and state.

McCain is a Red-State kind of guy — even though Arizona is one third blue.

So it is likely that McCain would permit a continuation of Easter Services on Federal Lands.

But would any Democrat candidate? Obama or Clinton?

We may have a hint. We know the church habits of Obama and the Clintons.


Cross Obama attends the Hate America First church and is mentored by Jeremiah Wright.

The Clintons attended Foundry Methodist church when they lived in the White House in Washington, DC.

Your Business Blogger(R) attended services a time or two at Foundry Methodist during the Clinton tenure. It is a liberal church that differs from Obama’s church only by degree, not kind. I stopped visiting.

Your Business Blogger(R), John Wesley Yoest, now has little use for the church founded by John Wesley.

The United Methodists at Foundry have run off the Biblical rails,

“…we proclaim this statement of welcome our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender brothers and sisters: we affirm you…”

Obama and Clinton support liberal churches. Clinton’s church supports Obama’s church. It is likely they would both enforce liberal theology. It is certain Obama and Clinton will both support liberal positions.

yoest 019small.jpg

Sunrise Service, Grand Canyon

Photo Credit: The Dreamer

I would predict that either Democrat would shut down Easter Services at the Grand Canyon.

McCain would let the services continue.

Happy Easter.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Easter: He Is Risen; Family, Faith & Freedom

He is risen! He is risen indeed!

See Clinton’s church — Foundry’s supporting STATEMENT CONCERNING THE REV. JEREMIAH WRIGHT — Obama’s church, at the jump.

Read More

Values Voter Summit September 12: Save The Date

March 19, 2008 | By | No Comments


Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D. addresses

the 2,600 attendees at last year’s Summit

Photo Credit: Peter Shinn Hold September 12 on your calendar for the Values Voter Summit in Your Nation’s Capital.

Called “the most exciting meeting there is in Washington” by author and radio host Bill Bennett, FRC Action’s 2007 Values Voter Summit (formerly “The Washington Briefing”) attracted over 400 national and international members of the media, a waiting list of speakers, and thousands of values voters representing nearly every state in the union and many foreign countries.

On September 12-14, 2008, 60 days before an historic election, FRC Action (a 501c4) will host its third annual Values Voter Summit at the Hilton Washington in downtown D.C., and you are invited.

As a participant in one of the conservative movement’s must-attend events of the year, you’ll have the opportunity to hear from some of America’s key leaders at a decisive moment in our nation’s history, including invited speakers such as Newt Gingrich (confirmed), Chuck Colson, Lou Dobbs, Bill Bennett (confirmed), Lt. Col. Oliver North, Gov. Bobby Jindal, Gov. Mike Huckabee, Star Parker (confirmed), Justice Clarence Thomas, Patricia Heaton, Roger Hedgecock (confirmed), House and Senate leaders, and all the 2008 presidential nominees.


Charmaine at the podium 2006 In addition to lively discussions on issues ranging from life, marriage, school choice, and radical Islam to judicial activism and religious liberty, attendees can take part in: celebrity book signings; breakout training sessions; Radio and Bloggers’ Row; special co-sponsored meals hosted by Focus on the Family Action, American Values, and Alliance Defense Fund; a unique student track (including a Friday night reception); and the Faith, Family, and Freedom Gala Dinner on Saturday evening.

The Values Voter Summit is quickly becoming one of Washington’s most anticipated weekends of the year. Packages start at just $95 for adults and $50 for students and pastors. Sign up now and enjoy a $25 early-bird discount! Registration opens online tomorrow, March 15, at Call 1-877-372-2808 for more details.


Thank you (foot)notes:

See Values Voter Summit 2007 and more.