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Video: Management Training for Church Pastors & Leaders — The Answers In 60 Seconds

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Management Training for Church Leaders.

Management Training for Church Leaders:

The QuestionsYour Business Blogger(R) would often tease Preachers about their work-load.

After all, they only work one hour a week. On Sunday.

Pastors always laugh at that old joke. Diplomacy is part of their discipline.

But as managers, Pastors have double duty.

They have the work of an individual contributor.

They have the responsibilities of management.

Between the christening, marrying and burying, they really do have the hardest job on this side of eternity.


The Christian Church which shepherds believers and their faith worldwide, is nevertheless much like any organization in terms of order and structure. Basic management principles apply.

Pastors often must focus on numbers: numbers: attendance, budget, seating, parking, programs.

But the Pastor as manager doesn’t manage numbers, he manages behaviors.

If not of the congregation, then hopefully of his staff.

The following questions concern management strategies. The numbers will follow once skills are in place.

All church organizations and staffs experience personnel challenges and management concerns. The following questions concern management strategies and skill building for pastor-managers who can benefit from knowing that the numbers will follow once the staff is trained and trusted, and skills are in place.


The Pastor leads people and manages behaviors.

The Pastor doesn’t manage numbers; he manages behaviors.

The Pastor doesn’t manage staff; he leads people.

The YouTube video presents 5 common questions. Here are the 5 answers and bonus solutions to many church management problems.

1. What does the church leader, the manager really do?

Plan, Lead, Organize, Control, Motivate.

The pastor’s focus must be on both the congregation and his staff. This requires skill building and continuous learning as the pastor also undoubtedly must commit serious time and attention to study and sermon preparation.

Here the Pastor is radically different from the manager in business and government. In business there are many areas of which the manager will know little or nothing. But he depends upon department heads to support him.

A great deal of the Pastor’s time is consumed in the research and review of the sermon. This is work that only the Pastor can do — this is vocational time.

The Pastor is one of the few managerial disciplines that has considerable management time and the vocational-knowledge responsibilities of an individual contributor.

For most managers the formula is simple: Knowledge plus Network equals Success. The manager’s success is dependent on getting his network…to work. To succeed, the manager needs the support of his Ruling Board, outside peers, and staff.

2. What does the individual contributor do?

The work. The individual contributor does the hands-on work — in business it would be the accountant, brick layer, college professor. This is the vocational, the knowledge-worker.

The manager, in a routine management position, has few vocational duties.

Except for the Pastor.

His is one of the few positions requiring both extensive hands on — sermon writing — and management skills. Little wonder Pastors run out of time.

3. Pastors, why were you hired?

If management wasn’t mentioned, that’s not unusual. Indeed, the search committee had a list of KSA’s (knowledge – skills – abilities), but often they don’t delve into management maturity or the candidates ability to garner support of his network. Pastors usually are hired for their wisdom and judgment.

Traditionally, seminaries haven’t focused on the day-to-day management challenges. So even pastors over 50 may only have the management maturity of a twenty something. Henry Ford once said that, “If you take all the experience and judgment of men over fifty out of the world, there wouldn’t be enough left to run it.”

4. Can the church manager be a victim?

Many Church leaders feel this way – but the Pastor must have impact on his church and the community. The manager must be in control of events or favorably influence outcomes.

The successful Pastor- manager is able to develop a team that is proactive. The Pastor and his staff are on the “offensive” for good. For example, a church received visits by the police for violating noise level ordinances. That church was on defense.

The best Pastor-manager and his team would have anticipated any community friction and worked out solutions.

5. What happens when the team/church staff is angry?

Even if the staff displays no emotion because they are “people of faith,” they still need

a trusted manager to whom they can turn and who knows how to deal with their concerns and get to the bottom of the matter. The worst outcome of an angry staffer in a church work environment is not disobedience, but incentive-stifling compliance. Such negative attitudes, in turn, damage the manager who will often need his team to protect him from (his) mistakes.

In the army the cliché was, “Take care of the troops and they will take care of you. And if you don’t take care of the troops, they will take care of you – the troops always get even.” But even if the staff displays no emotion, the manager will often need his team to protect him from (his) mistakes. The worst outcome of an angry staffer is not disobedience, but supervise compliance.

Of course church staff aren’t really into vengeance; they just hurt, withdraw, and stay

out of sight as much as possible. This is especially true for staff with a distracted pastor-boss and it is why staff-building events, lunches, silly contests and required prayers together seldom work.


Your Business Blogger(R) and Charmaine

and the Penta-Posse on Easter Sunday

2005 Grand Canyon 6. Who are the church ‘constituents’ and ‘customers’?

This is the classic dilemma in the non-profit world – the disconnect between who gives and who gets. The constituents, who tithe in the pews, are not the customers; recipients of charity from the pastor’s discretionary fund or outreach budget are the actual customers.

These ‘customers’ probably are not even members of the church. This poses unique challenges for church managers and staff, who need skills and understanding. Many church employees, especially the young, don’t know that the dynamics they find frustrating are the result of working for a non-profit.

7. When is counsel, coun-‘sell’?

A council of advisors – akin to a church’s Administrative Board or Vestry – should ‘sell’ counsel, advice to the pastor. The pastor can buy the advice or not and making the best decision is the wisdom of mature management.

If the senior pastor isn’t trained to make good decisions by asking for recommendations, people at all the other levels will suffer the consequences and have no opportunity to express themselves.

8. What is the most important concern for the church staff? The work/ministry, the people/congregation or the boss/Pastor?

The Pastor. (Staff and Pastors always get this wrong – staff thinks it has the answer and gives the wrong answer. Pastors know the right answer and give the wrong answer, out of embarrassment…)

Even in the atmosphere of ‘servant leadership’ the Senior Pastor is the final arbiter, the final decision maker and sets the tone for decisions made by subordinates.

Here again, the church leader is quite different than other business leaders. In any other ‘industry’ some managers might prefer to be low profile. Pastors do not have this option; commanding a pulpit three times or more a week puts him, well, front and center whether he wants to be seen or not.

It is the Pastor’s direction that counts in making decisions on the strategic direction of his church. Every church staff member, of course has his work to do.

The staffer does not have his own agenda.

Only the Pastor.

9. Is office politics good or bad?

Politics is the normal interaction of people and power and position and process. Office politics in a church setting is a tool to be acknowledged and used by church management.

10. Is it better for the church leader to have the answers, or to ask the questions?

Neither. It is best for the church leader to have competent staff who anticipate questions, research alternatives and present recommendations. Why does the pastor have to think of everything? (I know, I know…I’m sorry to ask.)

But if the structure only allows for a few associate pastors – those who insulate the church leader or senior pastor – to offer information, the intelligence and experience of other staffers who work in different parts of the church is wasted.

The subordinate should bring not only questions, but suggested answers. The church leader can then grade the answers and make decisions on staffer’s recommendations.

11. How does the Pastor know when he is managing well?

The best church staff will bring a memo/course of action/decision that will require nothing more than the Pastor’s signature.

There is friction if communications channels aren’t in place. Many challenges may not even be known to some staffers who could make a difference; the manager should be looking for input.

12. Does the Associate Pastor have the “right” to church resources?

Nope. The mere position of authority may or may not command compliance from the church bureaucracy. It has to be earned.

Church managers, like mid-level managers in any organization, do not have a “right” to assets or support from his peers in sister departments — even if the manager’s position warrants.

The professional manager nurtures his network.

13. Who is the boss? Who is the subordinate? How can an observer tell if the Senior Pastor they trust as their spiritual leader is the one really making the decisions?

The military has the template. There is a term for a subordinate in the Army called, “Action Officer.” There is no doubt when the superior officer and junior officer work together, that the action, the next steps remain with the lower ranking Action Officer. Management training teaches managers and staff to understand who is tasked with an assignment and what the follow-up will look like. Training reviews the understanding of clean lines in the chain of command and who has the next move.

14. Is there a relationship between the time a manager ‘works’ and the results?

No. The manager should see himself, not just as the captain of a ship – but as the helmsman with a light touch on the rudder. Where the slightest movement, the smallest effort moves the rudder and can direct the largest vessel.

15. What is the Pastor responsible for?

All that his church does, or fails to do.

Even if The Senior Pastor delegates to another pastor and gives him both the responsibility and the authority, the congregation will likely still demand that the Senior Pastor do it instead: the christening, marrying and burying.

16. What makes for the best Associate Pastors?

If the Associate Pastor, or any staff, waits until being told what to do or has to ask what to do, the senior pastor is not running a healthy organization — he is running a kids-daycare center for adults. Associate Pastors need to know what to do, how to do it, and when. Training and discipline preparation for them is not unlike the Army’s definition: Prompt obedience to orders or the initiation of appropriate action in the absence of orders.

Every Senior Pastor’s deam.

Every Senior Pastor should be training his successor.

17. When should the church leader raise his voice? – When should the church leader not take counsel?

When the sanctuary is on fire. And a fire-and-brimstone sermon, to be sure.

Emergencies are the few times that a direct order — or direct shouting — is required. And maybe not even then if you’re Presbyterian…

In most instances the Pastors should make a moment to take council of the mature adivsors. Seldom in any situation will the manager need to raise his voice.

For more on management in 60 seconds, see:

Management Training: A Formula For Success


Thank you (foot)notes:

Cross Post at Management Training of DC, LLC.

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Video: The Manager’s Formula for Success in 60 Seconds

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Your Business Blogger(R) reviewing

The Manager’s Formula For Success Knowledge+ Network= Success

Managers looking for a formula for success do not need complicated, expensive, pronouncements from academia* or beyond.

As Occam’s Razor suggests, the simplest solution is usually correct.

See E=MC squared. Einstein simple.

Email me if you would like an expansion on the formula and the key constant, support.

Professional managers know well that Knowledge can be nil in the formula and the manager can still be successful.

The Pros know that, if given a choice between Knowing and Getting — for example, the hiring manager evaluating a candidate for a management slot — chooses the ability to garner support.

Even more than knowledge.

A manager can know nothing — but as long as the net in his network is well constructed, he will not be let down.

The transcript is at the jump.

Knowledge plus Network equals Success


The Penta-Posse (-) and Einstein

at Princeton University

Monkey Business



Thank you (foot)notes:

*Your Business Blogger(R) is an Adjunct Professor of Management in Business Technologies at the Northern Virginia Community College.

See: The William Oncken Corporation Announces Licensed Marketing Agreement With Management Training of DC, LLC,

Press Release: The William Oncken Corporation Announces Licensed Marketing Agreement With Management Training of DC, LLC

Dallas, Texas, July 4, 2007 – The William Oncken Corporation (WOC) is pleased to announce it has signed on Management Training of DC, LLC, (MTDC) to launch an initiative to broaden the world-wide reach of WOC’s leadership training products.

Since 1961, The William Oncken Corporation, (WOC) a management consulting company, has trained more than one million managers and leaders. WOC’s flagship seminar, Managing Management Time™, was specifically designed for those individuals in an organization who are valued as much, if not more, for their judgment and influence than for their time and personal effort.

For more on William “Bill” Oncken see bio at the jump.

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Support Soren Dayton!

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Is Obama Wright? – Pastor Jeremiah Wright & Senator Barack

forwarded by Soren DaytonFellow Blogger Soren Dayton forwarded an outstanding video that weaved Barack X. Obama’s words and actions and pictures.

We live in the sight and sound generation. Where our preferred medium of communications is the moving picture.

A recent human resource management survey revealed that some 80% of influencers and decision makers in hiring will view a video of a job applicant. If you are applying for a job — send a YouTube.

This is what Soren Dayton did. The video Soren Dayton forwarded is a type of job application for Obama and the presidency.

It is compelling! It is creative! It is brilliant!

Soren Dayton is fired. The McCain campaign threw Soren under the bus.

So Soren Dayton is out of the campaign gig. Which makes him available. Hire Dayton for your next project.

Dayton will get you noticed…


Thank you (foot)notes:

Join the Support Soren Dayton! group on Facebook. Your Business Blogger(R) did. I’m member number 61, I believe.

Soren Dayton volunteered his time and good name to support John McCain’s candidacy for the Presidency. When he linked, via his Twitter account, to a hard-hitting video mashup against Barack Obama, the McCain campaign dumped Soren, and a national media conflagration ensued.

The purpose of this Facebook group is twofold:

1) To express support for Soren Dayton.

2) To let the McCain campaign know that we expect them to FIGHT, not roll over at the merest hint of controversy.

Soren Dayton Roundup.

MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine on FOX, Cavuto Obama and Wright: Do They Hate America?

March 14, 2008 | By | No Comments


Trinity United Church of Christ/Religion News Service

Sen. Barack Obama and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright God D@mn America,

God D@mn America,

God D@mn America…

The “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright cussing for the congregation.

Wright continues,

“We started the AIDS virus…

America is still the No. 1 killer in the world…

We supported Zionism shamelessly while ignoring the Palestinians”

Barack Hussein X. Obama tithed some $22,000 to Wright’s church to enable him to use other profanities such as “SH!T” from the preacher’s podium.


Elmer Gantry” Wright gives new meaning to “Bully Pulpit.”

Charmaine will have a one on one interview with Neil Cavuto to discuss the impact of Obama’s pastor’s statements and whether it will negatively impact Obama in the general election. Check local cable listing for Your World with Neil Cavuto.

Ronald Reagan said that personnel is policy. Obama is constantly telling us that he would surround himself with capable advisors. Because “Reverend” Wright has been one of them, the country should be worried.

Anyone who gets recruited for a top management job is hired for his wisdom and judgment. Obama admitted he’s not old enough to display any wisdom to compete with McCain. Now Obama is demonstrating he doesn’t have any judgment either.

Hit time is scheduled for 4:05 eastern. Please email us and let us know what you think. Your thoughts will be added to the comments section once our platform is repaired.



Charmaine at Princeton UniversityThank you (foot)notes:

See RONALD KESSLER’s article in The Wall Street Journal. At the jump, Mr. Obama consulted Mr. Wright before deciding to run for president. And now Obama doesn’t wear an American flag lapel pin. Mrs. Michelle X. Obama is not too happy with America either. Watch the video.

If Obama doesn’t win and McCain does, Wright’s first sermon might well be To H3LL With The Chief…

See A defense of Obama’s church and minister

Charmaine served as a senior advisor to the Huckabee for President campaign.

Read More

What Kind of (Military) Leader Are You? Take The Test. Grateful American Coin

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William Tecumseh Sherman.

National Archives Our friends at have a short, four question test to determine which military model of leadership you might fit.

No wrong answer.

No bad answers either.

Your Business Blogger(R) tests out as Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman.


I married into a Georgia family with deep Confederate roots. Poor back then, they would remind me when we visit near Atlanta, No slaves.

They are still mad about Sherman’s March to the Sea. They’all are not going to appreciate my test results.

When in the south, do not say “Civil War.” It was technically, “The War Between The States.” We just wanted to leave, say my southern kin. The North wouldn’t let us be and came after us.

Firing on Fort Sumter didn’t help, though…

Take the Leadership Profile evaluation.


But if you are thankful for our current, reunited uniformed services, you might consider the Grateful American Coin. It is a Challenge Coin to present to veterans. Neat gift. 100% of Net Proceeds Benefit Wounded Veterans.

Your Business Blogger(R) bought a bunch. You should too. Why?

Why are we doing all of this? …The answer is gratitude.

Grateful American Coin was founded on the belief that it is out of a deep sense of gratitude that we should honor and acknowledge the sacrifices of members of the U.S. military. In doing so, we should individually do what we can, however small, to help those service men and women who have sustained the most severe injuries.

We feel that there are a great many Americans who share our sense of gratitude and are looking for an ideal way to express it.

Grateful American Coin is a non-profit organization and has submitted a 501(c)(3) application.

Grateful American Coin is based outside of Tampa, FL and is entirely staffed with non-paid volunteers.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Thanks to John Howland at USNA at Large for the referral to Grateful American Coin. Unpaid link.

What’s a Challenge Coin?

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Cold War Warriors: Request Your Certificate

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Your Business Blogger

circa 1979

courtesy: US Army “A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon,” Napoleon Bonaparte.

Sometimes a piece of paper will do.

The largest, most effective human resource management machine in the world, the US Army, knows that the best motivator is appreciation.

The Department of Defense is issuing the Cold War Certificate.

“Members of the armed forces and federal government civilian employees who faithfully served the United States during the Cold War era, from Sept. 2, 1945, to Dec 26, 1991,” are eligible for recognition.

You will need the following:

1. Forms from U.S. Army Human Resources Command

2. DD214 (don’t know? don’t ask)

3. Fax machine. Send to 1.800.723.9262.

4. Patience. Wait is six months.

There is no charge. DoD has budgeted about a million-five for the printing.


Yoest ROTC



Thank you (foot)notes:

Be sure to follow Your Business Blogger(R) and Charmaine on Twitter: @JackYoest and @CharmaineYoest

Jack and Charmaine also blog at Reasoned Audacity and at Management Training of DC, LLC.

In Harm’s Way even in the motor pool.

How To Obtain a Cold War Certificate from

See Cold War Veterans: Cold War Vets get the shaft again!

The Clinton administration under SecDef Bill Cohen managed to screw-up even this simple recognition. The original award was to be a medal.

I Was A Soldier.

Cold War Recognition Certificate.

Hat Tip to John Howland USNA At Large.

Legislation verbiage at the jump.

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Mike Huckabee Focuses on Florida, Ed Rollins: A Class Act

January 21, 2008 | By | 3 Comments


Charmaine, right at her Little Rock office

The Face That Launched Me A 1,000 miles.

Chip Saltsman’s office is next door on right. Saturday nite Huckabee came in three points down in South Carolina. So close — a mere field goal. But still a loss.

Charmaine’s leave of absence had come to an end. This meant one thing to Your Business Blogger’s household:

Road Trip.

We started packing up the Penta-Posse after Huckabee’s Saturday evening concession speech and set the alarm for 0:darn-thirty, military time and left Virginia for Little Rock on Sunday morning. We arrived at Charmaine’s office some 16 hours later late last night.

Nobody got hurt. (This trip anyway.) (We’ve got the best kids on the planet.)

We knew that the campaign would fly Charmaine home, but we thought we could drive home and visit kin along the way. A little delayed Christmas and New Year’s — Charmaine worked through both this year. We would also be implementing a lesson from World War II and Vietnam:

To Decompress.

After WWII the returning troops returned via slow ship transport with their buddies and slowly adjusted from combat to the idea of civilian life and regular sleep, regular food. And adjust to the idea that nobody was gunning for you.

Much like a presidential campaign…

Vietnam vets had no such decompression. They went from battlefield to seat 3B to USA tarmac in 24 hours. No wonder a few had such difficulty with re-entry. There was no time to cry.

We wanted to drive some 2,000 miles to learn from the wars. And learn from the war.

While I was a-driving cross country with the Hucka-Truck full of MacDonald’s wrappers, Charmaine was eating steak with Ed Rollins, Chairman; Jim Pinkerton, Senior Adviser and David Polyansky the Chief Operating Officer. They were saying goodbye.

Ed picked up the check. He’s a class act.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Ed bought the steaks instead of watching some football game. Where the NY Giants beat the Packers 23 to 20 in overtime. Ed has his office in New York. He gave up watching the playoff game to huddle-adieu. Ed knows how to coach a team…

Mike Huckabee is preparing for the next debate on Thursday in Florida. We will continue to cheer him on in any way possible.

We look forward to rejoining our Cherrydale Baptist bible study!

Ed Rollins Joins the Mike Huckabee Presidential Campaign

December 14, 2007 | By | 2 Comments

Personnel is Policy Ronald Reagan.


Bare Knuckles and

Back Rooms

by Ed RollinsMike Huckabee is announcing today in New Hampshire that Ed Rollins will be joining Huckabee campaign. Nobody knows politics like Rollins. He is The Strategist in America who can advise on how to work with and unite social and economic conservatives.


Charmaine Yoest debates Giuliani’s

Presidential positions

Credit: Peter Shinn MIke Huckabee is putting together a terrific team. (The unbiased opinion of Your Business Blogger…)

Alert Readers will remember Ed Rollins debating Charmaine on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 in November — of 2006. This is a long campaign season.

Watch the short segment here and let me know what you think.


Ed Rollins Ed Rollins was the political advisor for Ronald Reagan in 1984. Ed Rollins is a genius who knows how to win and win big.

Our friend Rich Lowry, from National Review has endorsed another presidential candidate. Lowry tells us on Laura Ingram’s talk show that Huckabee has the challenge of bringing the economic and social conservatives together. And that,

“Huckabee has been running his campaign out of his back pocket, and has done it extremely well. There’s a reason, though, that serious candidates surround themselves with policy experts….”

Ed Rollins is another of the experts Huckabee has hired. This hire renders moot each of Lowery’s concerns.

There was only one Ronald Reagan. We cannot bring back the Gipper, but we can bring back his winning team.

Personnel is policy.


Thank you (foot)notes: Charmaine and Ed never met during the Reagan years. Alert Readers will remember that Charmaine had the honor of working for President Reagan (in a more modest position).

The press release,

Presidential Candidate, Governor Mike Huckabee Names Ed Rollins as National Campaign Chairman

Little Rock, AR — Former Arkansas Governor and Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee has named Republican political strategist Ed Rollins as his National Campaign Chairman.

“I am proud to announce the addition of Ed Rollins as my National Campaign Chairman,” said Governor Huckabee. “Ed is an unparalleled strategist and is well-known as the man who directed the most successful Presidential campaign in the history of the United States. Ed’s experience and track record building winning coalitions within our party bringing together social, economic and foreign-policy conservatives, and even reaching across party lines, makes him a good fit for our campaign.”

Rollins served as the National Campaign Director to Ronald Reagan in the 1984 presidential election in which Reagan won 49 states.

“I am honored to be joining Governor Huckabee’s remarkable campaign,” added Rollins. “I have always said that I want to work for candidates with convictions who can communicate those convictions. And Governor Huckabee is that candidate. He has the ability to change the political conversation in this country. Among the presidential contenders, he is also the one with the most executive experience. I look forward to working with the Governor over the coming year on the road to the White House.”

Mr. Rollins served in the administrations of Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Reagan, joining the Reagan administration as one of the President’s top advisors in the role of Assistant to the President for Political and Governmental Affairs. He is currently the Chairman of the Rollins Strategy Group, a communications and crisis management firm with offices in New York and Washington, D.C.

Pro-choice Eliza, who blogs at Anderson Cooper 360 Review says,

Charmaine just flat out says Giuliani has no chance and then proceeds to twist the knife around a bit by proclaiming that with his views he should run against Hillary as a democrat.


Ronald Reagan and Charmaine

Your Business Blogger has an on-line subscription to National Review. And has been published by NRO.

I hope they will publish me again…someday.

MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine Presents at New America Foundation: The Politics of Parental Leave

November 21, 2007 | By | One Comment


Charmaine at the

New America Foundation Charmaine recently spoke at the New America Foundation on The Politics of Parental Leave. Her talk was based on her research at The University of Virginia. Her work was funded with a quarter million dollar grant from the Sloan Foundation.

Your Business Blogger found her findings most interesting. In particular, Charmaine discovered that when female academics take parental leave, women use the time off for parenting: to change diapers. Men took the time off to write a book; their wives still changed the diapers.

Who knew male academics were so…traditional?

Charmaine’s topic title was, The Politics of Parental Leave: Is Paid Parental Leave an Effective Means of Promoting Gender Equity in the Workplace? From the New America Foundation website by Paul Testa, Research Associate to the Health Policy Program,

“U.S. political candidates are beginning to produce work and family policy positions in response to what most Americans feel — that work and family balance is a major issue facing American families. Women in particular struggle with such balance and with achieving equality in the workplace. From the floors of Congress to the campaign trails Mandating paid parental leave has often been suggested as a possible solution to such struggles. But is this approach best for women as a whole?

To further this debate, Rev. David Gray, director of the Work Force and Family Program at New America Foundation welcomed Dr. Charmaine Yoest of the Family Research Council for a timely discussion of the politics of parental leave.

Dr. Yoest presented research from her time as the Project Director of the Family, Gender, and Tenure research project at the University of Virginia, which focused on the effectiveness of paid parental leave in academia.

…academia was “crucial case,” to assess whether paid parental leave could really level the playing field for women. “If there’s going to be any place in America where you’d expect paid leave to work, it would be in academia,” she said.

Dr. Yoest’s research centered on a survey of assistant professors with children under the age of two in tenure track positions at universities that offered paid leave policies. Her results questioned several of the traditional assumptions about paid parental leave.

Universities with paid parental leave policies did not have higher levels of female faculty and that paid parental leave policies were not associated with higher rates of promotion for women to more senior faculty positions.

In fact, Dr. Yoest argued paid leave policies may have been detrimental to leveling the playing field. The majority of leave-taking women felt they had less-time for research and writing when they returned and were more likely than their non-leave taking peers to consider dropping off the tenure track. The majority of leave-takers felt such policies made almost no difference in their efforts to receive tenure and some suggested there was a stigma associated with taking a paid leave.

Based on these findings, Dr. Yoest concluded that, “Paid leave may operate as a political fig leaf. The institutional results indicate that the policy by itself does not result in higher levels of achievement for women, making the use of political capital to establish the policy, a poor investment.”

[Her] provocative presentation was followed by lively round of question and answers.”

The New America Foundation has professionally included a video of her 60 minute talk and an audio and her Powerpoint on their site.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Also see You Are Invited: The Politics of Parental Leave at the New America Foundation

And Charmaine’s next talk, MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine at the New America Foundation debating America’s Changing Social Contract

The Effect of Parental Leave Policies

Maternity leave creates workplace debate

What Are the Benefits of Longer Maternity Leave?

House leaders seek to expand staff’s parental leave, By Karissa Marcum, Chris Good contributed to this article.

You Are Invited: The Politics of Parental Leave at the New America Foundation

November 13, 2007 | By | No Comments

charmaine_speaking_ceadarville.GIF Charmaine will be giving a presentation on The Politics of Parental Leave: Is Paid Parental Leave an Effective Means of Promoting Gender Equity in the Workplace? at the New America Foundation.

Start: 11/15/2007 – 12:30pm to 1:30pm

at New America Foundation

1630 Connecticut Ave, NW 7th Floor

Washington, 20009


New America Foundation

From the New America Foundation web site,

U.S. political candidates are beginning to produce work and family policy positions in response to what most Americans feel – that work and family balance is a major issue facing American families. Women in particular struggle with such balance and with achieving equality in the workplace. Several bills have been introduced in Congress to mandate paid parental leave to help women achieve better balance and more equality. But is this approach best for women as a whole?

Dr. Charmaine Yoest of the Family Research Council served as the Project Director of the Family, Gender and Tenure research project at the University of Virginia. The research is the only study of its kind to examine the effectiveness of paid parental leave in the United States.


The University of Virginia

Dr. Yoest’s experience as a researcher, policy advocate and mother of five give her an important perspective on this current debate. Join the New America Foundation’s Workforce and Family Program for a provocative discussion on paid parental leave.

Be sure to visit and let us know what you think.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Charmaine did her dissertation on the Family Medical Leave Act, titled: Empowering Shakespeare’s Sister: Parental Leave and the Level Playing Field.

More on the New America Foundation at the jump.

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