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Justice Sunday

Justice Sunday 3!

January 9, 2006 | By | One Comment

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Pastor Lusk just kicked off JS3 after being greeted by his congregation by an enthusiastic standing ovation — Now they are standing for Tony after Pastor Lusk gave said he had recently been here and “set our souls on fire” from the pulpit.

Senator Santorum — no better place than Philly to talk about liberty. Freedom is at risk because of liberal activist judges on the Supreme Court. Must confirm Judge Alito. . .but Democrats on the judiciary committee are poised to drag the hearings into the gutter. This is our generation’s watch.

Alveda King began by singing and then again concluded by leading the audience in “We Shall Overcome.”

Pastor Lusk now speaking. . . .Psalms says: if the foundations be destroyed, what shall the righteous do. Hosting this event has been interesting. “I’ve been called everyting but the child of God.” Sell-out, Uncle Tom, a maverick to the black church.

Pro -life? Then I’m a maverick.

If being a maverick means supporting the original intent of God Almighty to have a husband and a wife.

Then I want you to mark right next to my name: Herbert Lusk II — maverick.

The foundations are being tampered with. 55 of the original signers of our Constitution were men of God. Like never before: hostility against the people of God.

I may not speak for all Black people; but there’s some Black folk I speak for (standing o again) We will not go down lightly.

Looking at this thing, maybe we ought to just wave the white flag —

The audience: No!

Maybe we out to cry uncle —


The fact of the matter is the foundations will not be destroyed because Jesus said: upon this rock I will build my church.

First of all: be careful how you fool around with the church.

Dr. Dobson up now: “You folks have got my blood going!”

Let me enter into a dialogue with you: do you believe school children should be able to read the Bible in school?


Pray in school? At Graduation? At sporting events?


Do you resent that the courts have made that impossible?


Do you believe that every child should be protected and welcomed into this world and given a chance at life?


Dr. Dobson now saying he believes Judge Alito will be an originalist — the Democrats planning to try to defeat him. “I urge you to contact your Senators and tell them two things –1) Do not filibuster


and 2) give him the courtesy of an up or down vote.

Dr. Falwell now speaking.

I’ve never looked on abortion and family values as a political issue — these are moral issues. If the church is not going to speak about those issues, then what are they going to speak about?

Everybody has two US Senators — if you don’t know who they are, you ought to repent first (laughter), then call them and urge them to confirm Judge Alito.

There could be a reconstruction of the United States Supreme Court in our lifetime. What a wonderful thing that would be.

Tony now speaking. I want to challenge you to pray.

We need to be praying for our nation, for those in authority: we need to pray for those who curse us. Let’s pray for those who say we shouldn’t be here; who want to take away your voice.

Psalm 122 instructs us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Asks everyone to go to and sign up for the Prayer Team — and commit to praying intently for our nation for the next 21 days.

And sign up for the Washington Update.

After you pray, get up from your knees, and take action.

People are saying we are intolerant: what are they talking about? We’re the country people are coming to to worship as they want to!

Abortion isn’t a white man’s issue.

Don’t spit in my face and call it rain.

Stand up now and be the people God has called you to be. This is our time.

Tony said that we couldn’t end without doing what we are calling people to do: to pray. Now a large group of pastors — both Black pastors and White pastors gathered together at the altar, leading the congregation in prayer. It’s quite a sight.

Morning in Philly

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Picture Credit: The Dude

It’s morning in Philadelphia, and we’re getting ready for Justice Sunday 3.

There’s still time to sign-up to view the simulcast — details about the event and how to watch are at!

I’ll be blogging the event here all weekend, as well as at FRC’s brand new blog: You’ll be able to find other blogger coverage at Captain’s Quarters, Mind and Media, LaShawn Barber’s Corner and RightwingSparkle.

Protests to Hit Justice Sunday 3

December 22, 2005 | By | One Comment

More Info Here

Justice Sunday III is coming to Philadelphia on January 8th, the night before the Alito hearings are scheduled to begin on the 9th.

And Planned Parenthood will be there, too.

Here’s the email they’ve sent out to their Pennsylvania affiliates:

On Sunday, January 8th, a coalition of right-wing activists will gather in Philadelphia for the third in a series of “Justice Sunday” events sponsored by organizations and individuals such as Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council and Jerry Falwell himself. The event is timed to coincide with the start Judiciary Committee hearings for Samuel Alito and to exert influence over the actions of Senator Arlen Specter in that process.

For those who are not familiar with Justice Sunday, the events have become a permanent fixture of the religious right’s effort to inject religion into the debate over the selection and confirmation of federal judges. Broadcast through Christian radio and television, Justice Sunday III: “Proclaim Liberty Throughout the Land” urges Christian Americans to support conservative judicial nominees through activism and prayer.

Planned Parenthood affiliates and a statewide judicial coalition are in the planning stages for Philadelphia activities preceding Justice Sunday III. Justice Sunday III starts at 7:00pm, and our event will take place in the afternoon beforehand. Please mark your calendars for Sunday, January 8th and we’ll keep you posted as our plans solidify!!

And here’s another email alert from Liberal Oasis:

If there isn’t already a splashy Stop Alito grassroots action being planned, in advance of the hearings, I would suggest slapping one together is worth doing. Granted, events often can be not worth the time and effort that goes into them, but we can’t let Justice Sunday give the impression that Alito has grassroots momentum going into the hearins.

Should be interesting. I’ll be blogging Justice Sunday again, here — and also on a new FRC blog that will debut in the New Year. Blogger’s Row for Justice Sunday 3 includes Captain Ed of Captain’s Quarters, La Shawn Barber, Stacy Harp of Mind and Media and Rightwingsparkle, of the Cotillion. So stay tuned.

SPECIAL NOTE TO BLOGGERS NEAR PHILADELPHIA: If you are interested in attending Justice Sunday and would like press credentials as a blogger to join Blogger Row, CONTACT ME.

Taking Back the Black Vote from the Democrats: Bishop Harry Jackson

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Trey Jackson has video up of an interview with Bishop Harry Jackson:

If we get 16% [of the black vote], you can destabilize the Democratic party on a national basis.

18 Aug



MEDIA ALERT: ABC News Now at 1:35 Thursday

August 18, 2005 | By | 2 Comments


Final leg of our trip home tonight. . . headed to ABC News Now tomorrow afternoontoday. Hit time is 1:35 — I’ll be talking about Justice Sunday with Mark Halperin and Chris Cuomo. Probably with a liberal blogger.

Thursday morning UPDATE: The debate will be with Elliot Mincberg, Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Legal Director of People for the American Way. Streaming video is available from ABC online.

Here is PFAW’s reaction to Justice Sunday.

15 Aug



Searching for God . . . and Finding Him

August 15, 2005 | By | 8 Comments


On the same night, two stories of a search for God. Two different endings. . .

I spent a long time tonight talking with a man who was at Justice Sunday as part of a documentary he is working on chronicling his “search for God.” He kept returning to the theme of “tolerance” — or actually the “intolerance” of insisting that the only way to salvation is through Jesus Christ. We had a lengthy, somewhat tortured, fairly theological discussion, straying pretty far afield from judicial politics.

I surprised myself by tearing up a little right at the end when he looked at me directly and said, “Well, how do you know that God exists?” And I started trying to formulate an answer that could adequately convey my own experience of how truly, and personally, real God makes Himself when you do trust Him. . . but the problem is that you really can’t fully express it. The answer only makes sense this side of the Leap of Faith.

I know God exists because He makes Himself real to me. And that is profoundly humbling. I believe God speaks to each individual person in a way that makes sense particularly and uniquely to them.

My interviewer finally walked away, probably as much of a skeptic as he was when we began, convinced that he can define truth for himself. Without bowing to the Truth.

But tonight, Beth Woodfin told me of another skeptic who did have the courage to make the Leap. . . and found the answer she longed for. I wrote just on Saturday about fellow blogger (and Cotillion babe) Denita Two Dragon’s beautiful post about praying with her son and her own quest for God. But later that very day, Denita put up another eloquent post about coming to faith:

And so it was that a few minutes to midnight on the night of August 7th, I converted to Christianity. I did so in a disheveled studio while IMing a good friend, with my hair unwashed and wearing a tattered muu-muu. And somehow, I got the strong feeling that the God to whom I have officially sworn my allegiance wouldn’t have cared if I came to Him freshly showered and in a fancy dress, or reeking of sewage and wearing little more than scraps. And that’s just what I like about my new-found faith. I don’t feel like I have to put on airs in order to prove myself a faithful follower.

So true, Denita. Thanks for sharing the great news.

“Seek and you will find.” Matthew 7:7-8

Bishop Harry Jackson — A Blogger Favorite

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With Bishop Harry Jackson

Among the bloggers, a favorite speaker? Easily Bishop Harry Jackson.

I know he had me when he declared: “I’m not black alone, I’m American. And a Christian.”

Tom DeLay Speaking at Justice Sunday II

August 15, 2005 | By | One Comment

Tom DeLay, House Majority Leader

Tom DeLay’s reputation as a politician is as “the Hammer,” not as a speaker. But tonight, he gave a remarkably effective and compelling speech.

He began by challenging the audience by saying that “it’s never enough to stand on the sidelines and watch history pass you by.”

He then went on to emphasize the difference between legislators and judges — underscoring that the former makes the law; the latter interprets it. “Elections,” he said, “are the cornerstone of democracy.”

The way we hold our politicians accountable is through the ballot box. But the judiciary, he argued in a turn of phrase that I particularly liked, “has found the public will inconvenient to its designs.” Activists judges, he said, have been using the courts to pass legislation.

Because of the controversy surrounding his appearance, I had low expectations for his speech — I guess I thought he would bring something fairly routine. But instead, Tom DeLay came to play, and he delivered. I found it to be an unexpectedly good, and unflinchingly hard-hitting, speech.

Just what I should have expected from the Hammer.

14 Aug



Live-blogging Arrives!

August 14, 2005 | By | 2 Comments


Trey Jackson, of Jackson’s Junction, right behind Tom Edsall of the Washington Post.

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A handful of protestors across the street. Love the baby stroller. (Okay, I know I said “no comment” but can’t help myself.)

One of the Penta-Posse shot this picture. They have been taking some great pictures for me. The Dude has some video of the protestors and a panorama of the line waiting to get in. I’m going to have to get Trey to teach me how to compress it and get it up on line for you.


Standing in near-100 degree heat, waiting in line for the doors to open.