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Why Entrepreneurs…and Academics Cannot Manage

April 4, 2009 | By | No Comments

Why Academics…and Entrepreneurs Can’t Manage

Entrepreneurs and Academics are typically poor managers. Not only because they might lack a particular skill set, but because of the expectation of vocational perfection. They share the passion for the perfect in their products. But to understand and practice management, a “batting-average” model of non-perfection is needed.

There is a fundamental difference between the work of the individual contributor and the contribution of a manager. The entrepreneur, as an individual contributor, brings a new vision for a new product or service. But introducing the New Next Big Thing requires basic management.

The teacher and new-product visionary are individual contributors whose work is the creation of “perfection.” But management does not — must not — deal only in this perfection. Because it is the managerial skill set which brings the individual contributor’s perfect product to market to do business.

The entrepreneur as individual contributor understands the basic formula:

work = results

But the teacher working with the individual contributor, who needs to become a manager, must emphasize that work alone will not have the world beat a path to the inventor’s door.

Management has a more complicated formula with an additional variable: Network. This ‘Network of Support’ is the ability of the entrepreneur as manager to get the support of investors, advisors, external stakeholders, customer, staffers and subordinates.

The entrepreneur should see his role as manager with a new formula:

Work + Network = Results

The results and success of the entrepreneur’s venture depends as much on his ability to manage as his brilliance in new product creation.


Jack Yoest is an Adjunct Professor at the Northern Virginia Community College and is president of Management Training of DC, LLC. He worked with Menlo Care, a start-up medical device manufacturer as part of a team that moved sales from zero to over $12 million, resulting in a buy-out by Johnson & Johnson.

He also served as Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Resources in Virginia, where he was responsible for the successful Year 2000 conversion for the $5 billion, 16,000-employee unit.

Jack has been published by Scripps-Howard News Service and has contributed to Small Business Trends, Small Business Trends Radio, The Business Monthly, Business & Media Institute and National Review Online.

His web-log was nominated for Best Business Blog in 2006. Jack is a former Captain in the Army.

He earned an MBA from George Mason University and completed graduate work in the International Operations Management Program at Oxford University. Jack and Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D., live near the Nation’s Capital with their five children.

aka: Your Business Blogger(R)

Charmaine Quoted in AP, Americans United for Life Action Opposes Sebelius

March 2, 2009 | By | No Comments

sebelius_dress.jpgCharmaine at AUL was interviewed by the Associated Press by phone while we were in Laguna Niguel over the weekend.

Sebelius, credit: Tony’s Kansas City

JOHN HANN writes, Abortion foes vow to fight a Sebelius nomination,

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — National anti-abortion groups promise a vigorous fight if President Barack Obama nominates Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius as U.S. health and human services secretary….

“It’s not just that she has a pro-abortion rights viewpoint,” said Charmaine Yoest, president and chief executive officer of Americans United for Life Action. “It’s her very close association with one of the most infamous abortionists in this country.”…

Abortion foes said Friday an important issue is a reception Sebelius once had with a late-term abortion provider who’s now facing criminal charges.

Administration officials disputed the idea that abortion is an issue as to whether Obama nominates Sebelius. She is considered a leading candidate for the HHS job, although the White House has said others are being considered.

Abortion opponents acknowledged Friday that they’ll probably be uncomfortable with nearly anyone Obama nominates, but they’re particularly upset by the prospect of Sebelius.

A major reason is an event in April 2007 at the governor’s residence with Dr. George Tiller and his Wichita clinic’s staff. Abortion foes eventually obtained photos from the reception and posted them last year on the Internet.

Charmaine’s reports that Sebelius opposes and has voted against Parental Notification and safe, clinical standards for abortion offices. See the Americans United for Life Action blog,

The need for this critical legislation was predicated, in large part, on evidence of shocking conditions in Kansas abortion clinics.

For example, two inspections of the same Topeka abortion clinic discovered fetal remains stored in the same refrigerator as food;

a dead rodent in the clinic hallway;

overflowing, uncovered disposal bins containing medical waste;

unlabeled, pre-drawn syringes with controlled substances in an unlocked refrigerator;

improperly labeled and expired medicines; carpeted floor in the surgical procedure room; and visible dirt and general disarray throughout the clinic.

Dr. Krishna Rajanna, who operated the unsanitary clinic, also consistently violated the practice guidelines for conscious sedation.

These unsanitary medical practices would close a restaurant, let alone an abortion office. Other issues that disqualify Sebelius,

On balance, Gov. Sebelius’ record demonstrates that she is unfit to serve as HHS Secretary and should not be in a position to make such important policy determinations including:

* Whether to rescind, modify, or retain HHS rules requiring that recipients of certain federal funding certify their compliance with existing federal law supporting healthcare fights of conscience;

* Whether to expand the over-the-counter availability of abortifacients such as “Plan B” (so-called “emergency contraception”) to allow minors to obtain these controversial and dangerous drugs without a prescription or doctor’s involvement; and

* Whether to rescind approval for or, at a minimum, review the safety and efficacy of RU-486 (“the abortion pill”) which has killed at least 7 women in the U.S. since it was approved by the FDA in September 2000.

Alert Readers know that Your Business Blogger(R) worked in a restaurant as a teenager. My boss was always worried that the Health Department Inspector might find some random rat dropping. My restaurant manager would have nothing to fear if Sebelius was the governor. Sebelius is not qualified to oversee a food service business. And she is not qualified to run Health and Human Resources.


FREE Management Training: The One Minute Manager Meets The Monkey

February 2, 2009 | By | One Comment

Conservatives have the correct content and communication, but what is needed now is control — the control seen as a component of management*.

Quin Hillyer at the AmSpecBlog, the American Spectator Blog, writes, We Need Managers,

I can think of all sorts of conservative organizations that need better management skills. Maybe they should try to learn something here.


yoest_stern_business_school_NYU_nov_2006_cropped.jpgAlert Readers know that Your Business Blogger(R) reminds students and clients that management is defined as more than merely getting things done through others.

Management is getting things done through the ACTIVE SUPPORT of others. Lean how.

Your Business Blogger(R)

at the Stern Business School

at the New York University

Following is your invitation.

You Are Invited.

The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey: An Introduction

How to Manage Your Staff and How to Manage Your Manager

Well-run organizations have managers and staff who work to control events, instead of events controlling them. They anticipate the future . . . adapt to the present . . . and learn from the past.

Who: Managers who need to get in control of events or to better influence results

What: An introduction to The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey

1. The Management Equation:

Vocational Time vs. Management Time

2. How Management Really Works:

The Molecule of Management

3. The Who and How of Promotions:

The Freedom Scale

When: Wednesday, Feb 18, 2009, 11:00am to 12:15pm

Where: Northern Virginia Community College,

Alexandria Campus, campus map

The new Bisdorf Auditorium, room 196

3001 North Beauregard Street, Alexandria, VA 22311 street map

Why: Improve managerial effectiveness and staff efficiency.

Cost: No Charge. Register here.

The class will center on the work of Ken Blanchard and Bill Oncken in their book The One Minute Manager Meets The Monkey. Also used will be the Harvard Business Review article, Managing Management Time: Who’s Got the Monkey?, published in 1974, by Bill Oncken, Jr.. The article, an edited excerpt of the Managing Management Time™ seminar, has gone on to become one of the two most requested reprints in the history of the Review. The training summarized in the article is sometimes called the “Monkey Management” seminar.

Jack Yoest, Adjunct Professor of Management and President of Management Training of DC, is a former Armored Cavalry Officer in Combat Arms. His military leadership training and experience guides his management philosophy at the core of Managing Management Time™. He has managed software, health care and international human resource management companies.

Jack also served in the Governor’s Office of the Commonwealth Virginia as Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Resources where he acted as the Chief Technology Officer for the secretariat. He was responsible for the successful Year 2000 (Y2K) conversion for the 16,000-employee unit. He was also a manager with a medical device start-up and helped move sales from zero to over $12 million, resulting in a buy-out by Johnson & Johnson. Jack has consulted in China and India.

Questions? email or call Jack at 202.215.2434 to save your spot.

Suggested class reading:

Do You Have An Incompetent Manager? From The Washington Post

Who’s Got The Monkey? from the Harvard Business Review

One Minute YouTube Introduction:

Jack Yoest


Adjunct Professor


*Management is traditionally defined as planning, organizing, leading, motivating and controlling.

There is no free lunch. The class is not FREE. It will be presented at no charge to the guests.

Parking and Directions at the Campus here.

The One Minute Manager Meets The Monkey: An Introduction; FREE

January 28, 2009 | By | No Comments

oncken_one_minute_manager_meets_the_monkey.jpgBased on the book The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey by Kenneth H. Blanchard and William Oncken, Jr.

Save the Date: Wednesday, February 18th, 2009, at the Northern Virginia Community College in Alexandria, Virginia.

11am to 12:15



Space is limited and registration is required: email me to reserve your seat or for more information.

Jack Yoest,

Adjunct Professor, NVCC


*Well, no, the class is not free.

It will be presented at no charge.

The cost is covered by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

What’s The Best Way To Find A Job?;

What’s Best To Do While Looking For A Job?

Managing Management Time(tm) Intro

Known as Monkey Management by Bill Oncken

Stop the Abortion Business Bailout; Planned Parenthood vs Americans United for Life

January 27, 2009 | By | One Comment

cecile_richards_obama.jpgYour Business Blogger(R) teaches marketing at the local college and collects fund raising letters to study sales tactics.

Cecile Richards and Obama

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood sent me her January direct mail piece. Long copy, hair-on-fire prose, multiple choice graduated dollar ‘ask’, closing with a final “Please act as quickly as possibly” PS appeal.

A very good letter. About what this professor/student would expect from a billion dollar enterprise. The best your tax dollars could buy.*

In the body of the letter Cecile Richards demonized her pro-life opposition.

That would be Americans United for Life.

Alert Readers know that the legal eagles at AUL have been working for decades crafting model legislation to protect women and their babies. AUL works with state and local lawmakers to build in safeguards for women and their children considering abortions.

This state-by-state incremental approach has wide, deep and popular support. These incremental laws are changing the culture and attitudes. Everyone — including pro-choice supporters — wants to know if their minor girls are seeking an abortion.

No one wants an abortion performed by a social worker instead of a skilled physician.

This incremental tactic is working for AUL and against Planned Parenthood.

Cecile Richards writes,

[W]e must push back against [those] who are working state by state to win legislation…We must prevent states from passing laws…that’s not how this country works.

Yes, Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, this is exactly how our country works best. The People have demanded that locally elected lawmakers work to protect Life.

Just as laws had to be changed to eliminate slavery– Laws are being changed today to eliminate abortion on demand.

Even as Planned Parenthood needs abortion to generate revenue.

AUL is helping to reduce abortion and to reduce Planned Parenthood’s abortion bucks.

Cecile Richard’s fund raising letter is attempting to maintain the revenue streams from each of it’s 880 abortion offices.


Charmaine has sent the following email to some 250,000 of her closest friends.


In this letter: A report on the March for Life . . . the petition count has crossed 500,000 signatures! . . . an update on FOCA and what to expect next — “FOCA-by-Stealth.”

Dear AUL Supporter,

Surrounded by over 300,000 fellow pro-lifers — many of you! — on Thursday AUL Action staff and our families marched up Constitution Avenue here in Washington DC, from the base of Capitol Hill to the steps of the Supreme Court. There were so many thousands of people thronging the streets that at times we couldn’t move. My eight-year-old daughter, Sarah, marched next to me, and I explained to her that we were headed to the Supreme Court so that the judges would know we believe abortion is wrong.


“Mommy,” she asked, “how many people will it take to overturn Roe v. Wade?”

How many people indeed. My thoughts immediately went to you — the hundreds of thousands of you who have signed the FightFOCA petition — who have taken a public stand to say: our voices will not be silenced.

The day before the March for Life the petition count reached HALF A MILLION signatures!

As I write today, the number has jumped to over 585,000. That’s partly because many people saw FightFOCA signs at the March.


But it’s also because so many of you responded to our call to spread the word to your churches on Sanctity of Life Sunday — the flyers were downloaded over 20,000 times! Thank you!

The success of this petition is because of YOU. The message has spread through email and through blogs and through Facebook and through word-of-mouth. Your efforts.

In fact, we have been so successful that now Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, and others are saying that they aren’t going to try to pass the Freedom of Choice Act, (FOCA).

Don’t believe it for a second.

If your opponent gives up the frontal attack . . . you better start watching your flank.

We are now seeing the abortion forces waging an incremental battle — working to pass what we have termed “FOCA-by-Stealth.”

They think that if they take FOCA and repackage it and pass it in pieces and under different names . . . that we won’t notice.

But with apologies to Shakespeare, FOCA by any other name, smells just as bad. And as they pass the Stealth FOCA’s, more babies will be killed and more women victimized by the abortion-on-demand regime.

Case in point: I’m sure you’ve heard that the day after the March, President Obama used an executive order to overturn the long-standing ban on funding organizations that promote and perform abortions overseas. The media portrayed him as sensitive to pro-lifers because he waited till after the March — in fact, he released the order at 5:00 on Friday — a textbook stealth move to keep the story under the media radar.

And now they’ve added subsidies for the abortion industry into the economic stimulus package. No surprise: Cecile Richards used to be the Deputy Chief of Staff to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. So it’s no wonder we saw Pelosi on the Sunday shows arguing that more tax dollars for Planned Parenthood — and fewer children — helps the economy. Incredible.

Friends, this is just the beginning. We have a lot of work in front of us.

Please keep encouraging your friends to sign the FightFOCA petition.

We will be using those signatures on Capitol Hill in the days ahead to argue against FOCA and ANY and EVERY piece of legislation that promotes abortion.


The FightFOCA petition says to Planned Parenthood and their Congressional allies: we will not be silenced.

The week before the March, my husband, Jack and I had the honor of attending the funeral of the pro-life hero, Father Richard John Neuhaus.

We were all reminded that in one of his last speeches, Father Neuhaus encouraged the pro-life movement by saying, “Do not grow weary.”

How many people will it take to overturn Roe? It takes you.

Thanks for your work and being a part of this movement.

Yours for Life,


Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D.

President & CEO

AUL Action The Legislative Arm of Americans United for Life

P.S. — PS: More pictures from the March are posted on my Facebook page . . .


*Planned Parenthood receives over 300 million of your tax dollars each year.

CBN reports, Abortion Policy Sets ‘Disappointing Tone’

Visit Fight FOCA – Barack Obama’s plan to eliminate restriction on abortion nationwide

The Spin Cipher has more on FOCA.

See Abortion News Today

Read The Catholic Review

Kara from Texas gets it right — see My 3 Son’s

Catholic Dad ask a question

Is Anybody There? wonders about Obama.

Jeff Leach has reactions from both sides.

See Traditional Catholic Reflections

Our Visit With President Bush

January 14, 2009 | By | 3 Comments

President Bush is leaving office and has kept our country safe as the commander-in-chief for eight years. We have not been attacked on USA soil since 9.11.01.

I’m not sure anyone has thanked George Bush.

bush_george_laura_charmaine_jack_yoest_2008.jpgSo Your Business Blogger(R) and Charmaine dropped by the White House over the Christmas Holidays to thank President Bush. We wanted him to know that someone appreciated his work.

Charmaine thanked Bush saying that we hoped history would remember him well.

“Thank you,” he said smiling, “But I really don’t care who gets the credit.” He actually meant it.

Father Richard John Neuhaus Requiscat in Pace

January 8, 2009 | By | No Comments

father_richard_john_neuhaus.jpgAbout a month ago, while in New York City, Charmaine had the opportunity to visit Father Richard John Neuhaus, who served on the Board of Advisors for Americans United for Life. They talked about leadership and the Pro-Life movement.

At the time, Charmaine noted his remarkable dignity and thoughtfulness. But she also mentioned that he didn’t seem entirely well.

Indeed. He was leaving this side and rowing for a distant shore.

AUL Mourns the Loss of Richard John Neuhaus

By: PR Newswire

Jan. 8, 2009 02:00 PM

CHICAGO, Jan. 8 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Americans United for Life (AUL) mourns the loss of advisory board member and former governing board member Father Richard John Neuhaus. Fr. Neuhaus passed away this morning in New York City.

Throughout his adult life, Fr. Neuhaus engaged the most pressing issues of civil rights and social justice facing the nation and world. He consistently defended the rights of the unborn, the handicapped infant, and the terminally ill against the terrible realities and threats of abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia.

His numerous books, including The Catholic Moment, The Naked Public Square (1996), Doing Well and Doing Good: The Challenge to the Christian Capitalist, Death on a Friday Afternoon (2001), and As I Lay Dying (2002), were major contributions to the understanding of religion in public life. As founder and editor in chief of the journal First Things, Fr. Neuhaus promoted public dialogue and understanding on the religious, philosophical, and political dimensions of democracy and culture.

“Father Richard Neuhaus consistently worked to encourage religious leaders to understand the centrality of the sanctity of human life as an issue of civil rights, and to put aside denominational differences and work together for the common good of protecting the unborn. He never wavered on the centrality of the life issue as a matter of human rights and social justice,” said his close friend and AUL Board member, George Weigel.

“As a former board member and generous supporter of the work of Americans United for Life, Father Neuhaus inspired us and a generation of pro-life leaders, and we will strive to carry on this work with unwavering determination,” said Dr. Charmaine Yoest, AUL President & CEO.

AUL’s Defending Life 2009 — a state-by-state legal guide to abortion, bioethics, and the end of life, which will be released this month — will be dedicated to Fr. Neuhaus in memory of his service to the life movement and AUL.

About Americans United for Life

Americans United for Life (AUL) is a nonprofit, public-interest law and policy organization whose vision is a nation in which everyone is welcomed in life and protected in law. The first national pro-life organization in America, AUL has been committed to defending human life through vigorous judicial, legislative, and educational efforts at both the federal and state levels since 1971. The Wall Street Journal has profiled AUL, and PBS’ Frontline program chronicled AUL’s successful efforts in Mississippi.

SOURCE Americans United For Life

FightFOCA: What Would Karl Rove Do?

January 7, 2009 | By | One Comment

rove_karl_yoest_election_2008.pngJust before the election, Charmaine and Your Business Blogger(R) attended an intimate off-the-record lunch with Karl Rove.

Karl Rove, Charmaine and Your Business Blogger(R)

Rove talked about election strategy and the Obama wish list.

Obama promised Planned Parenthood that the ‘Freedom of Choice Act’ or FOCA would be the first item of legislation he would sign.

Karl Rove has some experience against the Planned Parenthood machine — the billion dollar enterprise that will push for FOCA; for the removal of any regulation of abortion on demand: Partial birth, parental notification, clinical standards, physician standards. It is possible to win against Planned Parenthood.

Rove has beaten a Richards before.

Rove was the, well, architect of the Bush victory over Ann Richards for Texas governor. The late Ann Richards is the mother of Cecile Richards, the present president of Planned Parenthood. Richards the younger has been trained in the workings political machinery.

To beat the current wily Richards (let’s not call her “Tricky Dick”), Rove might suggest tactics he’s done before to win. This time to FightFOCA; simple as 1-2-3,

1. Unify

2. Target

3. Turnout

1. Knowledge is good; and a winner. Conservative Pro-Lifers will be able to unify and bring together even Pro-Choicers who are concerned about knowing if their daughters are going to have an abortion. Pro-Abortionists would approve of the abortion. But all parents want to know if their children are playing with edged weapons and more so if they go under the knife. FightFOCA brings together Pro-Choice and Pro-Life voters. Obama would indeed be a ‘uniter.’

2. Rove would suggest targeting this constituency who would have a passionate position on knowing if their children are going to have surgery by strangers. And who would be paying for the abortion. No parent would allow a stranger to give candy to their children; parents would not allow a stranger to operate on their child. Rove would identify this group, persuade them and then prompt them to action. The best sales process involves acknowledging pain — avoiding the pain and providing a solution to solve the problem. The fear that mom and dad will lose control over the health decisions of their child is worrisome enough without Uncle Sam stepping in.

3. During an election the Rove strategy was to get a segment to the polls — he knew he didn’t need all the voters, only 50 percent + one to win a state. The action to FightFOCA is to bring the voters to movement — so that Obama would have to delay the FOCA coming from Reid and Pelosi. This will be a challenge: Cecile Richards served as Pelosi’s deputy chief-of-staff a few years ago. The tactic would be to make FOCA a costly, bloody fight of Obama against parents. Win or lose, Obama would be severely weakened in approval polls. And ‘Pro-Life’ Senator Reid, a Mormon, is not doing so well in his re-election polling from his home state of Nevada. His approval is 38 percent; negatives at 54.

Alert Readers know that it is nearly impossible for a candidate to win an election with negatives above 40 percent. Reid is in trouble.

Reducing abortion now polls very well for Lifers. Parental involvement polls at 70 percent approval. No liberal, finger-in-the-wind president fights this trend in the polling numbers.

At least not in his first term. Obama will delay if there is any chance that key voting groups of groups would vote against him in 2012 — from Pro-Choice parents to Pro-Life activists; from liberal Catholics to conservative Evangelicals.

Not all agree. Alert Reader SoMG sends this counter-analysis on FOCA

Obama has everything to gain by passing FOCA. It will establish him as someone who means what he says. His friends will rejoice in his smile and his enemies will tremble at his frown.

It is not certain that Obama wishes to create any enemies — at least not until after the ’12 election. Conservatives have a number of concerns — but we are not ‘trembling.’

The payoff will swamp the investment in political capital. Any honest right-winger from Machiavelli to Pat Buchanan to Carl Rove would say the same. What does he have to lose? Right-to-Lifers in general and the Catholic Church Hierarchy in particular declared war against him more than a year ago and their prosecution of their war has been limited only by fear of losing tax-exempt status and after the election by not knowing how vengeful he might turn out to be. He has nothing to lose.

If Obama cannot keep the Catholic vote, he will lose in 2012. The conservative Pro-life Catholic constituency running the Catholic hospital system will shut down rather than perform or refer for abortions.

As much as Obama wants chaos so that he can attempt to consolidate power in a single payer national health care system, he cannot lose the health care capacity in the near term of the closing of the Catholic hospitals. One hospital in 8 is controlled by the Catholic Church. And close they will if FOCA passes.

SoMG continues,

I count a filibuster-proof pro-FOCA majority in the Senate. Fifty-seven Dems, plus two Independents, minus RTL Dem Casey, plus three pro-choice Republicans makes sixty-one and that’s assuming the scheisskopf beats the clown in Minnesota which doesn’t look so likely given that if the recount’s too close the US Senate decides…

My prediction about FOCA: with great pomp and circumstance (to coin a phrase) the Congress will amend FOCA to specify that it doesn’t mean Catholic hospitals have to refer for abortions in order to get paid by the government.

That’s the most likely interpretation anyway–the Act forbids governments, not the providers paid by the governments, from discriminating against (or for) abortion.

If your client gets an equal choice between a Catholic hospital that doesn’t do abortions, and an abortion clinic that doesn’t do live births, you’re not discriminating, right? But they’ll write it in explicitly.

Then the GOP will take credit for saving the Catholics from abortion, the Dems will take credit for being reasonable in victory (much more so than the Republicans were), women in the armed forces will be able to get abortions without going off site which it’s very stupid for them to have to do.

Everybody will win. Right-to-lifers will rejoice in new Federal protection for the right to refuse abortion and grow your pregnancy, which will be increasingly important as we continue our ongoing transfer to government health care and government acquires a greater interest in aborting problem pregnancies.

Conservatives and the Catholic Church have picked FOCA as the hill to live or die on — if FOCA passes with religious exceptions, conservatives know that this would be a liberal incremental step to first minimize, then marginalize and finally eliminate the church in the public square.

Join Fight FOCA


Thank you (foot)notes:

Read the commentary at Eternity Matters with post, Fight the Freedom of Choice Act by Neil.

Visit DeaconJohn about FOCA.

Obama and how he will FOCA women and children. Obama’s Abortion Bombshell:

Unrestricted Abortion Over Wishes of Individual States a Priority for Presidency.

See Online Prayer Requests by our friend Horace Cooper.

Social conservatives have long road ahead, by Ed Stoddard at Reuters.

Fight FOCA at Spreading Joy.

Visit rosettasister.

Visit Fight FOCA at Streams From The Rock. This writer is worth knowing.

See Austin’s Everyone Should Know.

Get Informed at The Old House Spill.

Can Obama keep up with all his promises? asks dmweblife.

Visit, and thank them for posting the FighFOCA code, Against the Holocaust of Our Unborn Children

Getting Business Done: A Code for Virginians

December 12, 2008 | By | No Comments

seal_of_virginia.png The Commonwealth of Virginia is a terrific state to do business.

Alert Readers and my students well know the bias of Your Business Blogger(R) has toward Virginia — a talented labor pool, low taxes, and a right to work state (re: employees don’t have to join a union).

Virginia has had a business friendly culture since the county’s founding. A few decades ago the beliefs were memorialized.

Sic Semper Tryannis

Thus Always to Tyrants

A Code for Virginians

Developed by a special committee of the Virginian State Chamber of Commerce and adopted by the membership in annual session at Roanoke on April 9, 1942


Virginia was the scene of the first permanent English settlement in the New World. In its colonial legislative halls the fundamental principles of a new democracy were developed. Here the pattern of a government for a free people was evolved.

Patrick Henry sounded the keynote of the Revolutionary War. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Deceleration of Independence. George Washington led the army that made the formation of the United States a possibility. James Madison fathered the Constitution. George Mason’s Virginia Bill of Rights. Here in Virginia was launched the struggle for freedom that gave birth to a new government conceived and fostered by the sons of its soil.

It is fitting, then, that we who enjoy and seek to preserve the benefits that our forefathers provided for us, should reaffirm our faith in the principles upon which this nation was founded. We should pledge our support and dedicate ourselves, our institutions, our organizations, and our individual businesses to the principles whose adoption has brought our nation and our people to be the exemplars and leaders of the civilized world.

Since a system of free enterprise is not based upon any fundamental human right, the obligation rests upon our conduct of business that under this system the public welfare is best served.

To Virginians and Virginia institutions has come the opportunity to raise anew the battle cry of freedom, to crystallize into fulfilling action the tenets that have made of this a promised land. They who gave to us this priceless heritage will not sleep if we who now enjoy it let it slip from our grasp.

[Free enterprise may not be based on an enumerated right, but capitalism is Biblically based. The Commandment Thou shall not steal is a protection for private property and that property can only change hands — legally — with a willing buyer and seller.]

That we may express our faith in and pledge our support of our system of private enterprise the following code has been adopted by the Virginia State Chamber of Commerce to be displayed by all its members and proclaimed to the people pf this state and nation.

1. Business in all its forms, in all its activities, must command the respect, confidence, and support of the public and its own personnel. to this end it must keep its own house in order. only through the adoption and self-enforcement of ethical standards of conduct can business justify the right to freedom of action. By this means business can minimize the need of governmental regulation.

[Any human behavior needs to be protected from evil. Many cultures use government. We are blessed with self-government with self-regulation...enforced not with brute government, but with 'intermediating institutions' -- associations between citizens and government.]

2. The privilege of doing business in Virginia is freely acquired. It is a license to serve which imposes obligations upon business to deal fairly, openly, and honestly with the public, the employee, the investor, and the government.

[Virginia has low taxes and low barriers to entry to open a business.]

3. Laws regarding business should be based on the principle of guaranteeing freedom of action to all. They should prevent the abuse of power. Fulfillment of the statutes in spirit as well as in letter in an obligation of business.

[President Jefferson said that the purpose of government is to restrain evil -- not to do good.]

4. The freedom enjoyed by individuals in a democracy imposes commensurate obligations, applying equally to those engaged in business, professional, and governmental activity. All business enterprises, enjoying rights guaranteed to persons, must recognize the same obligation as are required of the individual.

5. The foundations of our established form of government rest upon the preservation of the fundamental, inalienable rights of the individual expressed in the Declaration of Independence, the Virginia Bill of Rights, and the Constitution of the United States of America. These rights can best be preserved under a system of free enterprise.


Rules for Office Staff: Bank Behaviors 1854

December 9, 2008 | By | No Comments

Bank Managers of the 1800′s would not recognize today’s Banking-Finance ethics let alone the bailouts. “Bankers’ Hours” would not come until over a hundred years later.

Huddleston & Bradford was a bank that transferred large sums of money — in safes on trains in London.

Edgar Trent was the bank owner and published “Rules for Office Staff” in 1854.

1. Godliness, cleanliness and punctuality are the necessities of a good business.

2. The firm has reduced the working day to the hours from 8:30 to 7p.m.

3. Daily prayers will be held each morning in the main office. The clerical staff will be present.

4. Clothing will be of a sober nature.

5. A stove is provided for the benefit of the clerical staff. It is recommended that each member of the clerical staff bring 4 lbs. of coal each day during cold weather.

6. No member of the clerical staff may leave the room with out the permission from Mr. Roberts. The calls of nature are permitted and clerical staff may use the garden beyond the second gate. This area must be kept clean and in good order.

7. No talking is allowed during business hours.

8. The craving of tobacco, wine or spirits is a human weakness, and as such is forbidden to the clerical staff.

9. Members of the clerical staff will provide their own pens.

10. The managers of the firm will expect a great rise in the output of work to compensate for these near Utopian conditions.

There is no mention of tattoos or body piercings.

The “near Utopian conditions” are actually enjoyed today. All staff these days are warm, well-fed, granted tobacco consuming smoke breaks and counter-consuming healthcare.

Even without unions.

We are so lucky today.


Thank you (foot)notes:

The Great Train RobberyAlert Readers know that Your Business Blogger(R) does not work on Sundays. It is indeed a Biblical injunction but taking a real day off per week is physically and spiritually a goodly habit to live by.

So Charmaine and I attempt to do nothing productive on the Sabbath day of rest (not that we are all that productive the remaining days…). We read for pleasure that day. My current “Sunday Book” is an early publication (1975) by Michael Crichton, The Great Train Robbery. Terrific read. Yes, it might even be better, if that were possible, that his later books.

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