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Marine Corps Marathon

Yorktown High School Students Complete Suntrust Richmond Marathon, Hannah and John Yoest

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Hannah & John at the

Suntrust Richmond Marathon

November 14, 2009

Yorktown High School students Hannah, 16, and John Yoest, 14, from Arlington, Virginia completed the Suntrust Richmond Marathon on November 14, 2009.

Hannah credits her crew training for her sub-six hour time.

“Our crew coach [Carol Dinion] tells us to put in the miles and to be focused,” said Hannah.

John reports that high school sports provide, “the discipline and practice and concentration to finish strong.”

There are two kinds of marathon-ers: competers and completers.

Those who run to finish and those who run for time.


L to R,

Charmaine, Hannah with medal,

Jack, John with medal, Helena,

Front, L to R: Sarah & JamesClick on images to enlarge.

John and Hannah wanted to run a modest measured pace to finish and — encouraged by marathon-experienced parents — finish without injury.

They ran a 13:12 minute mile X 26.2.

They crossed the finish line together with a time of 5:47:24. 5,188 competitors registered for the marathon; 3785 finished.

Hannah, is the Vice President of the Junior Class at Yorktown High School and member of the Varsity Crew team.

John is President of the Freshman Class and member of the Junior Varsity Baseball and Freshman Football teams.


Parents Charmaine & Jack Yoest

Hannah, Helena, John,

Crestar Richmond Marathon,

November 13, 1999Hannah and John first witnessed the marathon in 1999 watching their parents, Jack and Charmaine complete the hilly 26.2 mile course then known as the Crestar Richmond Marathon.


Jack, Hannah, Charmaine

Marine Corps Marathon, 2007This is Hannah’s second Marathon. She completed the Marine Corps Marathon in 2007.


Thank you (foot)notes:

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Huckabee: The New Great Communicator

December 13, 2007 | By | One Comment

Charmaine was backstage with Governor Huckabee as he walked off stage from the podium after delivering his blockbuster speech to The Washington Briefing 2007: Values Voter Summit by the Family Research Council last October.

Charmaine (Ph.D. in political science) wanted to policy-wonk-talk with the next president of the US of A.

But Huckabee had something better to talk about. He wanted to continue their earlier conversation on running — not the country — but running marathons.

Huckabee had advice for Charmaine for when she would run the Marine Corps Marathon. His Huckabee-Reagan advice was, “Finish strong, with your arms raised up!” Finish with your head up and win with a smile.


Your Business Blogger, The Dreamer, Charmaine

Following the Huckabee advice to Victory


Thank you (foot)notes:

Alert Readers will remember that Charmaine worked in the West Wing of the Reagan White House in Presidential personnel. Motto: Personnel Is Policy. If a voter wants to know how a candidate will govern, the voter should look to who the candidate hires.

Look who Huckabee hires.

And look how Huckabee communicates. Even The Washington Post gets it right. See: Analyzing the Dance of the GOP Debaters. In the Style section.

By Amy Argetsinger

Washington Post Staff Writer

Tuesday, December 11, 2007; Page C01

What accounts for the astonishing Mike Huckabee surge of recent weeks?

“He listens,” says Karen Studd. “He’s willing to hear other perspectives.”

“It’s about innovative ideas,” says Karen Bradley…

A man of confident gestures and lively demeanor, Huckabee just might be this cycle’s Great Communicator in the quadrennial contest that Bradley claims always comes down to the candidate with the greatest “shaping” ability — the subtle body language that conveys warmth, strength, energy, whatever it is that makes people think they like and trust you….

Mike Huckabee: It’s not any one trick or gimmick; he’s simply the most “integrative” guy in the race, the professors say. Talking about the need for preventive health care, he moves his hand forward and brings his body’s full weight along, his eyebrows lifting in perfect synchronicity. The message? “That all of him is invested,” says Studd….

“He’s capturing the complexity,” says Studd.

And no one knows how to put on a listening face like Huckabee. Eyes wide open, brows at attention, very I’m taking it all in.

Be sure to read Huckabee, like Reagan, wouldn’t be an ‘easy kill’ by James P. Pinkerton,

So is Mike Huckabee an “easy kill” for the Democrats? And are the Republicans the distinct underdogs, no matter whom they nominate for the presidency?…

But it’s also possible that the Democrats might have miscalculated the Republican race – certainly plenty of Republicans have done so – and now they are spinning, while reassessing.

It’s happened before. Long ago, I worked in Ronald Reagan’s 1980 presidential campaign. And I well remember Democratic politicos insisting that Reagan was the weakest Republican opponent that Jimmy Carter could face as he sought re-election that year. Was that “psychological warfare” by the Democrats? Or did they really think that the 69-year-old “cowboy” ex-actor – not yet known as “The Great Communicator” – would be the easiest Republican to beat? Probably a little of both.

Marine Corps Marathon, 2007, the 32nd Running: The Dreamer Finishes

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There were three 14′ers we could find.

No, we were not taking in mountain scenery in Colorado. Charmaine and Your Business Blogger were looking for the youngest finishers at yesterday’s 32nd running of the Marine Corps Marathon.

Billed as “The Peoples’ Marathon” a runner had to be among the first 30,000 to enter. The run takes place from the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia ending at the Flag Raisers at the Iwo Jima memorial.

The run route passes Arlington Cemetery were my dad and friends rest.

We three had been following a work-out regiment for months, following the military dictum that the more one sweats in training, the less one bleeds in combat.

No one is bleeding, but everything still hurts. Charmaine didn’t cry as much this time.

The marathon was run with, well, military precision. The Marines run a class act, having some experience with logistics and human relations and victory.

And business.


Challenge Coin from USAA The MCM is expensive. To help underwrite the event businesses lined up. Sponsors included CVS/Caremark; Wal*Mart; Brooks; CISCO, Saturn, Arlington, Virginia; Aetna; AT&T; BAE Systems; Bar Clif,; CROCS, Crystal City: EDS; jetBlue Airways; Maggiano’s Little Italy; Rosslyn; symantic; UPS; VSP; The Washington Post; Sodexho: Einstein Bros Bagels: Her Sports; News Channel 8; ABC 7; HOT 99.5; BIG 100.3; DC 101; 97.1 WASH-FM; 98. WMZQ; SportsTalk 980.

But the best SWAG was from USAA.


Thank you (foot)notes:

About 20,600 of the 30,000 registrants finished. Thank you for not asking our time…

More on SWAG at All Things Orange Save the Date for The National Multiple Sclerosis Society Dinner in Baltimore and 7 Steps in Making Money at Trade Shows

History of the Challenge Coin at the jump.

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31 Jul



Marine Corps Marathon, Training Tips

July 31, 2007 | By | 2 Comments


Your Business Blogger and me

running the Richmond Marathon We are training for our third marathon. And this year The Dreamer will be able to join us.

She has done a triathlon, so she knows training and preparation and, well, pain, I think. A child’s pain, is always more painful to parent than child.

Which makes this marathon doubly painful. I got mine. I got hers.

Jack is a pain…sometimes. And sometimes not.

So we have the hurts and the runners’ high at the same time. Highs and Lows. Contradictions.

Except I’m not sure just how much pain she’s in. The Dreamer has not been running for a decade yet. (One track coach said she had natural talent. The only thing her parents could do was mess her up…) At the track, she laps her parents with ease.

So we don’t really know her pain level, but we do know ours. And knowing the pain will be a-coming, the hardest part is getting started. We are using the Jeff Galloway training program and he has advice for GETTING STARTED,

Those who run for 20 years or more tend to have the following things in common:

They enjoy most of the miles of almost every run.

They take extra days off from running to recover from aches, pains and burnout.

They don’t let goals (and training schedules) interfere with running enjoyment.

Or any of life’s enjoyments. With all of its contradictions:

Life is solidary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.


Life is Good.

On our New Balance we’ve had more of the latter than the former.


Thank you (foot)notes:

This is an unpaid advertisement/endorsement – From Running Getting Started by Jeff Galloway.

Nasty, Brutish and Short is not a law firm. But there is a very good blog Nasty, Brutish & Short, Penned by legal counsel, of course. Jack and I share a passion for ellipitcals with the lawyer at NBS. Both the trainers and reasoning, I guess.

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Powerade at the Marine Corps Marathon!

June 10, 2005 | By | No Comments

When Jack and I trained for past marathons we floated Pepsi stock on the gallons of Gatorade we drank and spilled. Now, we’re training for the Marine Corps Marathon coming up in October and we won’t be drinking Pepsi products: it will be Coke’s Powerade for us.


Turns out everyone will be drinking Powerade! It’s the official drink of the race and, according to race HQ, “POWERade will be filling more than 180,000 cups across all 13 water points to aid runners in maintaining proper hydration.”

The water stations at a marathon are a sight to see . . . The Marine Corps Marathon has 30,000 runners participating — and they all need (a lot) to drink, and most don’t want to stop running, so every other mile there’s a major logistical effort involved in throwing hydration at the runners. Imagine 180,000 cups!


So hey: memo to Coca-Cola (maker of Powerade) — there’s time to roll out Camo-Ade in time for the Marine Corps Marathon!!

Major E. may still be thirsty. But if POWERade can get fluids to Washington, DC, Irag should not be far behind.

* * *

Running with The Open Post at Mudville Gazette