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Two World Views

May 14, 2006 | By | One Comment

Following is a scene as seen from a car in Your Nation’s Capital. It is not safe for children to see. It is not polite for adults to see.

But this is Your Nation’s Capital. This is politics.

The passion from Liberals. The passion from Conservatives.


The Liberal:

External Hate

Internally inspired


The Conservative:

Internal Love

Externally inspired

The two world views. Same planet, different universe.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Your Business Blogger is, no doubt, at some legal exposure on publishing the license plate of the Bush hater. A legal defense fund will be established when notified by counsel. Again.

03 May



The Business of the NFL: Growing a Customer Base

May 3, 2006 | By | 3 Comments


Coach Will Lee

giving a life lesson We were anticipating watching the National Football League draft. Then THE CALL comes. From the NFL. They want The Dude. Charmaine and I were ecstatic!

And relieved. I had already spent his signing bonus.

But I wasn’t expecting THE CALL so soon. The Dude’s only eleven.


Junior Player DevelopmentThey suggested The Dude come out for something called Junior Player Development. JPD. Sponsored by the NFL. For kids about to enter junior high school.

No signing bonus.

The program is designed to get the young people ready for life. But it gets me ready for football. With my boys.

Lifetime customers. For the NFL. And everyone wins.


Warm up drills;

emphasis on discipline There are 160 young players at the Laurel, Maryland site. Notice the individual player bags in the background. Dress/Right/Dress. In a straight line. A Drill Sergeant would be proud.


The Dude on the field The 21 coaches at this site take this seriously. And so does the NFL. Each coach goes through an extensive background check and 60 hours of training.

The JPD football camp is a three week program. At no cost. All equipment is provided at no cost. Retail price on a comparable camp would range from 600 to 1,000 dollars. An NFL investment. In the kids’ character.

My guess is that the NFL does not want to become anything like the NBA.


Motivational cardsThe NFL learning points are handed out to each player as a take away.

The NFL pro’s are, well, pro’s. They have outlined

The 7 Guiding Principles of NFL Youth Programs. Adults should use them. Businesses should use them,

1. Make It Fun This is the primary objective and cornerstone of the entire philosophy.

2. Limit Standing Around Many professional coaches put a major emphasis on fast paced and interactive practices that eliminate downtime.

3. Everyone Plays Football at the youth level should be an inclusive experience.

4. Teach Every Position To Every Participant Don’t pigeonhole kids in one particular position because of their physical size and/or ability.

5. Emphasize The Fundamentals Build a foundation that will never crack by properly teaching the basics.

6. Incorporate A Progression Of Skill Development For Every Participant Regardless of a player’s skill level, it is your responsibility as a youth football coach to teach every kid on your team.

7.Yell Encouragement, Whisper Constructive Criticism Keep it positive. As a youth football coach you should never tolerate negative comments from your players, parents, coaching staff.


Coach Will begins and ends each

practice with a life lessonCoach William E. Lee is the site manager. He’s worked with the NFL’s JPD for seven years. He tells the young athletes, “My life is your life.” The youngsters know the coaches care. Coach Will emphasizes obedience to make “A good impression of who you are.”

This isn’t that feel-good self-esteem nonsense taught in some public schools.

These kids are knocking the snot out of each other.

And when the helmets crash, you should hear the yelling and whooping. From the parents.

There is hope for America yet. Coach Will and the NFL and the kids. God Bless them.

So we didn’t get drafted and didn’t get the big money. But our boy is getting character development — something better that will last for generations to come…

…I’m still getting an agent.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

For more on youth football, see Winning With Your Heart. And visit Laurel Hurricanes Maryland State Champions.

Looking for a cool web site’s navigation to copy? Visit the NFL. Even if you don’t like football as content, you’ll like everything else.

More at the jump.

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Walking The Red Carpet; In 7 Easy Steps.

May 1, 2006 | By | No Comments


L to R: Elaine Donnelly, President,

Center for Military Readiness;

Charmaine; Chris Buckley;

Your Business Blogger “Isn’t that Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame up ahead?” Asks Charmaine.

“I think so,” I said. “Quick, let’s get in their frame.”

Charmaine and Your Business Blogger are on The Red Carpet. Roped off from the unwashed masses as we enter the Washington Hilton for the White House Correspondent’s Dinner Saturday night. Cameras, flashing lights, squeals.

No. Not for us. George Clooney is here somewhere. Probably trying to get in our frame.

We are there for the reception only, courtesy NRO. But we still get a walk on the red side.

There is a science to RCW, Red Carpet Walking. It takes years of study. But this should be a part of your business etiquette.

Here’s Walking in 7 Steps:

1) Never a wear name tag. Ever see Madonna with badge on her breast? Or anything at all, besides traffic cones?

2) Drop the drink. It may be sparkling water, but looks like scotch and soda. Your board will think you are boozing it up. Or worse — you’re having a good time. Smiling with the staff.

3) Look back at your backdrop. Your assistant should handle this, but be aware of what’s behind you. If I did, I would have noticed the light poles growing out of our heads. See pic above. Not cool — even if the light poles were for the tennis courts where Justice Scalia was headed.

4) Delay at the door. This gives the person ahead of you time to clear out. It will also compress your posse behind you, if your entourage is to trail. Count to Five. Expectation mounts. Walk in with your head back and smile. They’ve been waiting for you.

5) Stop for the Paparazzi. And cameras. Even fast shutter times might blur. Walk slow. Smile. Again. The cameras never blink, as Dan Rather said.

6) Never wear a coat. Fur yes, but not outer winter wear. You are walking only from the limo car to the door. No need for a coat. And it hassles the staff. You don’t do coat checks.

7) Get in the picture. Now if Maria Bartoloma is ahead of you, cameras will follow her. Camera equipment, as has been well documented, is carried by lonely, sex-starved men. Photo-journalists are like 14-year-old boys, but on the payroll. Get close behind the celebrity, especially if it’s a woman. It makes it difficult to photoshop you out.

Now you know The Red Carpet. In case your daughter is part of the Academy Awards, or for your blockbuster IPO, or if you simply walk through the wrong door.

Like we did.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Cross Post at Management Training.

Read on the marketing brilliance of Chris Buckley’s Smoking at Tony Snow, Bimbo’s.

Be sure to read more at NRO’s The Corner.

Basil’s Blog has a picnic.

Open Post at Mudville Gazette.

The Carnival of Marketing is at Fire Someone Today

April 24, 2006 | By | No Comments


Fire Someone Today, The Blog And expertly edited and summarized by Bob Pritchett.

And while there, see the other Fire. Brains on Fire with Thanks for showing your Pride, by Spike Jones. Your Business Blogger now knows that Delta Airlines does engine maintenance, because the tray tables are clean. (Apologies to Tom Peters.) (!)*


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Thank you (foot)notes:

The Carnival of Marketing is the creation of Noah Kagan who blogs at

Be sure to see Bob Pritchett’s book. Reviews at the jump.

See Managing Expectations; Managing Exits.

And The First Two Actions a New (Female) Manager Must Take.

*Tom Peters once commented on excellence through out a company that, “If the tray tables are dirty, the airline doesn’t do engine maintenance.” Attention to detail by every employee counts. And is noticed.

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18 Apr



What Does China Admire Most About America?

April 18, 2006 | By | 3 Comments


It is good to have health

and strength

…number one…

a strong country

It is good to support

your country… Your Business Blogger was touring a large Chinese university. (Goodness, every Chinese university is large.)

Anyway, I was interested to see China’s interest in American marketing. American ideals. American riches. The American source of riches:




The United States of America Internal Revenue Service.


…Strength through taxes

IRS Form 1040 signs

at a university

in the Middle KingdomThe IRS. China uses the IRS Form 1040 as …inspiration.

For Heaven’s sake.

China’s leadership looks to the American model of tax collection as the enlightened path to good government funding.

China looks in amazement at the American population compliance to the tax code. Population control. Clean compliance.

Without revolution.

But this is depressing. I wish Americans were more revolting.

On taxes.

Happy Tax Day.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

China doesn’t need to look half around the world for a taxing template. Hong Kong would be a terrific start: a 15% flat tax. And no capital gains tax. Steve Forbes would be pleased if the USofA were more like this part of China. Compliance is easy when the cost of tax payment is less than the opportunity costs of tax evasion.

See AllFinancialMatters.

Visit Simon World for reasons to move to China.

Few have traveled to China as much as Director Mitch at The Window Manager.

Blogroll Virtual Handshake for references.

More at the jump.

Jeff Cornwall has a great graphic. Go visit.

Visit the Tax Carnival at Don’t Mess Wtih Taxes.

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Wilberforce and Gapingvoid

April 15, 2006 | By | No Comments

A tale of two sales guys. One made the big, small. The other made the small, big.


Cross Your Business Blogger recently was privileged to view an advance screening of the movie trailer about Wilberforce and his lifelong fight against slavery.

Amazing Grace. Due out in March, I saw the movie thru a marketing lens.

Wilberforce was able to sell a very big project by making the intangible, tangible. From global-big to individual-small. He made the individual slave real to the individual Member of Parliament.

Today, MacLeod is able to sell a very small project by making the tangible, intangible. From individual-small to global-big.

Micro brand to global presence:

A small, tiny brand, that “sells” all over the world.


Same Cross, Hugh MacLeod

Wilberforce and MacLeod: From the U.K. One-to-one marketing at its best.

Because we each have our Cross to bear.

Happy Easter.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Your Business Blogger has purchased calling cards from Gapingvoid. You should too. I got the ‘company hierarchy card.’ For sociopaths.

Mudville has Open Post.

Read Hugh MacLeod’s Easter post. Like a visit to the country. In another country.

More on Walden Media at the jump.

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The Carnival of Marketing at BrainsOnFire

April 12, 2006 | By | No Comments

And hosted by Spike Jones. Be sure to visit and thank him!


Ben and Jackie And while at Brains, be sure to visit Church of the Customer writing on Chevy Tahoe Statistics. Numbers for gnarly-guys.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

More on Brains On Fire at the jump.

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Corvettes in China

April 11, 2006 | By | One Comment


1958 ‘Vette with standard accessories Years ago Your Business Blogger tooled around town in a vintage ‘Vette. Pictured with factory options. The blond came (and went) with the machine.

It didn’t have 12 cylinders. But it was a product of marketing perfection that got better over the decades.

The late 50’s Corvette profile has become the car-guy subliminal imprint. A peculiar American case of brain damage. Suffered by gnarly-car guys who bend wrenches and needles. American Men. Marlboro Men.

I thought.

Except I now have proof that all males the world over have this marketing image in the manliness DNA. Even to the other side of the world.

China manufactures cars. And makes a very good Chevy product. Chinese auto manufacturers wanted to sell the new models a recent car show.

And used a late 1950’s ‘Vette to advertise the show. The old girl attracts. And seduces men the world over.


Car Show in China


A Vette


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Thank you (foot)notes:

So I sold the ‘Vette to buy a Ph.D.. I took the Corvette off the pedestal. Charmaine has been there since. Not a bad trade.

But I did buy more Corvettes. And I did put girls in them not my wife.


The Dreamer in her ‘Vette and driving instructor, 1997

Mudville Gazette has Open Post.

Argghhh! has open backtracks.

Read what Peter Thinks on more manufacturing moving to China.

See the GM FastLane Blog. World Keeps Getting Bigger for Chevorlet. Corporate and good.

Carnival of Marketing is Up

April 7, 2006 | By | No Comments

And nicely hosted by

A Marketing Blog by Marketing Journal

A marketing blog for all marketing, advertising, branding, sales and business related news, knowledge and other interesting information – with marketing comics.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Visit A Marketing Blog and click back to his business site…lots of free downloads. FREE is a good word.

Men Hunt; Women Shop

April 6, 2006 | By | No Comments


From Tom Peters! Dunkin Donuts Presentation

Men and women are different.


Your Business Blogger was looking over Charmaine’s shoulder as she was working on her dissertation. One of her findings was about how men and women used parental leave in the academy.

Here’s what was claimed: Here’s what happened:

When women took parental leave to care for a new born baby:

Women took care of the new born baby.

When men took parental leave to care for a new born baby:

Men worked on their research.

Charmaine thought: Men, taking unfair advantage of the system!

Jack thought: Men, taking care of business.

Charmaine thought: Women, taking leave to change diapers!

Jack thought: Women change diapers, I’m taking a nap.

There’s a gap in more than how we move around in the GAP.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Full Disclosure: Your Business Blogger has changed a diaper. Or two. Alert the media.

Hat tip to Rob May at Business Pundit for blog rolling Tom Peters. Be sure to read Rob’s Relationships.

Visit Laura and her Open Trackbacks. She gets it right.