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Media Appearances

31 Oct



Media Alert: ABC News Now at 1:35

October 31, 2005 | By | 3 Comments


I’ll be on ABC News Now at 1:35 talking with Sam Donaldson about the Alito nomination. You can watch streaming video live online here.

10 Oct



Media Alert

October 10, 2005 | By | 3 Comments


I will be debating the social and economic rationale behind Mayor Ray Nagin’s proposal to advance gambling in New Orleans. This is his idea of a solution to New Orlean’s problems in the Hurricane Katrina aftermath.

Short answer: Bad idea. Really bad.

Tonight on CNBC’s On The Money around 7pm.

Let me know what you think.


MEDIA ALERT: Today Show in the Morning. . .

July 29, 2005 | By | One Comment


Today Show in the morning — 7:13AM. Bill Frist betrayal.


ProLife Blogs says Frist Pulled a Kerry.

A salute to Open Post at Mudville Gazette who points us to The Unalienable Right posting Frist Flip Flops. And Women in Politics is a must view from Room for Rant.

MEDIA ALERT: ABC Politics Live with Mark Halperin

July 29, 2005 | By | No Comments


Headed back to ABC shortly — at 1:35 EST I’ll be talking with Mark Halperin on ABC News Now about Bill Frist’s new support for embryonic stem cell research. Seen on streaming video here.

We did tape the Coontz interview this morning, but the live feed from the UK preempted it. The producers tell me it will air tonight at 7 PM.

MEDIA ALERT: Debating Stephanie Coontz on ABC at 11:05 AM

July 29, 2005 | By | No Comments

UPDATE Friday afternoon: Taped this morning — bumped by breaking news in UK — WILL AIR TONIGHT at 7PM, streaming video here.


I’ll be on ABC News tomorrowtoday at 11:05 AM EST debating Stephanie Coontz about her new book, Marriage, a History: From Obedience to Intimacy, or How Love Conquered Marriage. It should be interesting. . . .last time she and I squared off, it was, well, lively.

Here’s the cool part: they’ll be streaming live video on the web, so you can access the show here. It’s called “Top Priority: a show for women about women.”

If you are from the DC/Baltimore area . . .

July 26, 2005 | By | No Comments


. . .I’ll be on WBAL, the NBC affiliate in Baltimore, tomorrow night at 11.

It’s a segment that I taped last week about internet porn in libraries. A little girl in the Baltimore area was sitting next to a man who acccessed porn in a public library — the question was: what’s a library to do? Answer: it’s a constant battle.

All of us who use the internet on a daily basis are plagued by pornographers — a pox on them!

As for libraries, parents need to know that a federal law that went into effect last year requires libraries that accept federal money to have filters on their computers.

Important point: the American Library Association opposed the legislation. . . So you can’t assume that your library uses filters. And, even if they do, as we all know, the porn guys employ really ingenious hackers.

See links on MSN

and ABC.

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21 Jul



Me and Sam

July 21, 2005 | By | 2 Comments


The Women’s Chair?

Courtesy Waco Kid!

One of the most irritating, and stupid, themes that I keep hearing is the idea that not only should President Bush’s nominee have been a woman . . . the women’s chair fallacy that I wrote about on Tuesday — but he/she/it should be: just like Sandra Day O’Connor in judicial philosophy.

What??!!! No. No. No.

Sandra Day O’Connor as the reincarnation of the Oracle at Delphi, channeling Constitutional interpretation? What a ludicrous idea. But Marcia Greenberger, Co-President of the National Women’s Law Center, was hitting that argument as hard as she could yesterday when we squared off on ABC.

Well, nice try, Marcia. Fortunately the President hasn’t fallen for that kind of foolishness.


With Sam Donaldson

at ABC News

I took the time to stop and talk briefly with Sam Donaldson afterward. I have to say that, much as I have disagreed with his political positions over the years, the man is charming in person.

MEDIA ALERT: ABC News at 1:35

July 20, 2005 | By | One Comment

abc_abcnewsnowV_041009_t.jpg Posting on the run: I’ll be on ABC News at 1:35 with Sam Donaldson and Mark Halprin, talking about the nomination. . .

16 Jul



MEDIA ALERT: I’ll Be On CNBC on MONDAY Night. . .

July 16, 2005 | By | 3 Comments

UPDATE: Bumped! By Aruba. . . What, not by Harry Potter?


Tune in to CNBC Monday night at 10 — I’ll be on “The Big Idea” with Donny Deutsch, discussing whether or not Internet porn is good for marriages. . .

Wait one, I’m thinking, I’m thinking. . . NO. Let’s see how many different ways I can come up with to say that in half an hour. Also on the panel is a sex therapist who will say, of course, that porn is, well, therapeutic. Whatever. Should be fun.

Drop by afterward and let me know what you think!

12 Jul



Reasoned Audacity on CNN — the Cable Industry and Indecency

July 12, 2005 | By | 2 Comments


I didn’t know that the CNN show that I taped awhile back did finally make it on air. Today I stumbled across a transcript over at that Amanda Toering has posted under “Stupidity Affects Us All.”

The “stupidity” she refers to? I believe that would be me.

See what you think.

# # #


(“SpeakSpeak was created in a response to the right-wing’s stranglehold on the FCC.”)

Filed under “Right Watch” by Amanda Toering — 07/06/2005 — 12:12 pm

CNN’s “Wolf Blitzer Reports” aired a piece yesterday about broadcast indecency and, specifically, the engorged content descriptors now shown at the beginning of most broadcast segments.

During the report, a spokesperson for the Family Research Council states explicitly what the FRC and Parents Television Council regularly imply implicitly: We Americans are so fragile and impressionable that the government ought to protect us from naughty words, racy images, and the like.

JOHN KING (HOST): Have you noticed something different recently while watching cable TV? No, not that Wolf actually took a few days off. That ratings box, in the upper corner of your screen, has gotten bigger. The cable industry says it’s an effort to give parents more control over what their kids watch, but it’s part of a broader campaign to keep the government from having remote control. CNN’s Mary Snow reports.

MARY SNOW, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): It started with Janet Jackson’s bare breast during the 2004 Super Bowl network broadcast. A curse during a televised awards show by rocker Bono heated things up, and complaints grew about indecency and sex on network TV.

That was on the networks, but a year and a half later on cable, you’ll now see this [graphic]. And this [graphic] on cable.

The cable industry has tuned in to the complaints about indecency, and spent $250 million to educate parents on how to control what their kids watch on TV.

Part of the effort: An enlarged ratings system on screen, similar to the one used in movies.

Have parents noticed? Some industry observers say, not so much. But politicians did.

BILL MCCONNELL, BROADCASTING AND CABLE: A lot of lawmakers were threatening to hit cable — cable networks with the same type of indecency restrictions that broadcasters face. A lot of that talk has died down.

SNOW: While the talk may have died down, it hasn’t died.

CHARMAINE YOEST, FAMILY RESEARCH COUNCIL: Putting a warning label on something is not a license for them to just dump raw sewage into our culture.

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