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Veteran’s Day 2008: Will Obama Continue to Mock the Military?

November 11, 2008 | By | One Comment

certificate_cold_war_yoest002.jpgYour Business Blogger(R) wanted a medal.

A piece of paper will have to do.

And it’s not a check…

Certificate of Recognition

for service during the Cold War.

Robert Gates is grateful.


Robert Heinlein wrote in Starship Troopers that only veterans who served in the country’s armed forces would be allowed the privilege to vote.

In Obama’s administration, a voter doesn’t have to be a citizen, goodness, doesn’t have to even be a live citizen.

Obama is NOT Pro-Life: not for babies; not for voting citizens. A dead baby is just fine. A living citizen is not a requirement for voting.

Early in the presidential campaign, Obama maligned the military, for air-raiding villages. And Friended with fellow community activists who tried to blow up the Pentagon.

Will Obama continue his military re-malign-ment? It would appear so.

The popular fellow-liberal, congressional gender-free Barney Frank, not being happy with destroying Freddy and Fannie has now turned his sights on the pentagon, looking for a 25 percent cut in funding.

Veterans do not expect big money bonuses from the government for our service.

But, yes we do want some cash. We would like money… to provide for the common defense for the budget to secure and defend against all enemies foreign…

And domestic. As stated in the oath of office.

Does this mean Obama will go after Bill Ayers as president and commander-in-chief…?

Happy Veterans Day.


Thank you (foot)notes,

Cold War Warriors: Request Your Certificate

Veterans Day, The Liberal Prospective

I Was A Soldier

Arlington National Cemetery, John Wesley Yoest, USN, BMCS

Veterans’ Day 2007 & The 13 Flag Folds

30 Nov



Army Marketing: Army Strong — But Will It Make a Difference?

November 30, 2006 | By | 3 Comments

The Army has a new slogan: Army Strong.


Army StrongThis replaces the Army of One nonsense we have endured for the last 5 years. Your Business Blogger/Old Soldier is delighted with the new verbiage.

Robert Burns, the AP Military Writer reports,

Army officials said the switch did not mean the “Army of One” slogan was a loser, but many have criticized it.

Loren Thompson, a defense analyst at the Lexington Institute research group, said the previous slogan seemed to promote the notion that you could join the Army and preserve your individuality.

“If you want to be an ‘Army of One’ you probably want to join the Hell’s Angels, not the U.S. Army,” he said.

The new war chant is a better descriptor; more authentic as the academics say. And is guaranteed to win advertising awards as it should.

The Washington Post reports on the $200 million a year ad campaign where the,

New York advertising firm McCann Erickson designed the campaign after winning the two-year Army contract, which can be renewed for three additional years.

The ads were tested on hundreds of soldiers, although studies show that it is difficult for the military to gain an accurate measure of the effectiveness of advertising, which is relatively expensive compared with other recruiting tools such as educational benefits and bonuses.

All of marketing, including military, should be measured against a matrix of benchmarks for grading a return on investment.

[Goodness, look-it all those buzz phrases strung together. How impressive!…I’ll have to raise my fees.]

The measure of success in this marketing campaign with the new catch-phrase is in the number of recruits as compared to a like-time frame with the old slogan.

I am not persuaded that the Army Strong campaign will increase the recruiting numbers of the Army.


Heartbeat of AmericaThe Army Strong marketing mirrors the marketing done by Chevrolet with the Heart Beat of America branding from 1987 to 1994.

The genius of Sean K. Fitzpatrick was recognized by a number of awards for Chevrolet’s Heartbeat of America advertising effort.

Interestly, singer songwriter Robin Batteau wrote and sang both Chevrolet’s “Heartbeat of America” and “Be All You Can Be” for the US Army.

Steve Coomes, writes in Pizza Marketplace Image isn’t everything,

The Heartbeat of America, Chevrolet.

It’s not only one of the most memorable ad slogans of the 1980s, it was an advertising industry award winner.

And yet it failed miserably….

“That’s a perfect example of image advertising,” said Cavalloro, whose company, Performance Marketing, is based in Algonac, Mich. “Image advertising is the type of advertising that focuses more on the aesthetics and the artistic quality of an ad. It doesn’t get the reader to take action.”

(Marketing: Pizza, Chevy, Army. Ain’t America great or what.)

As it happens, I drove a Chevy Celebrity during the Heartbeat heyday. Not by choice. It was a company car. It was not, shall I say, reliable transportation.

So, Heartbeat of America won awards and cost millions of dollars. But Chevrolet sales dropped 17 percent in Heartbeat’s first year.

Great slogan. Crappy cars.

My concern is that advertising history will be repeated: The Pentagon will have terrific, award winning eye-wash. But that the results of the slogan’s effectiveness will be poor. Recruitment will remain a challenge.

Not because of a poor product. The Army output is outstanding. No. Recruitment will remain problematic — not because the Army is a difficult lifestyle. Or there is a war and you might die. Not because the Army is too hard.

No. Recruitment will falter because the Army is now seen as being too easy. Too soft.

Even girls can do it.


Women Loving WeaponsRecruitment will be troublesome because the Army is using double standards — different standards for men and women. For example,

Army men must do 75 push-ups…and run two miles in 13 minutes. Women soldiers must do 46 push-ups…and run two miles in 15:35.

The Army has soft, gentle, kinder standards for females. Double standards. New slogans will not fix this policy.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Management Training Tip: When recruiting new talent, don’t make the job sound easy. Make the job a challenge.

See the Chevy icon in…China.

The Women in Combat Debate and Celebrating Veterans' Day on Fox

November 10, 2006 | By | No Comments

Fox News here in Your Nation’s Capital is taping a segment on women in the military. The interview will air on the 11th. Veterans’ Day. I will be discussing the contribution of women in the uniformed services.





DoD photo by: SGT R. KLIKA

Date Shot: 20 Jun 1985Our women in uniform are serving with distinction and honor in our Armed Services. The nation is proud of our women in uniform for their outstanding contribution to the security of our nation. They have faithfully discharged their duty and oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. We are grateful for their service.

To defend out institutions and our way of life. Our women in the military have made sacrifices. And for too many, the supreme sacrifice.

Women have served with distinction in Iraq and Afghanistan in the global war on terror. There is no debate, no question on the patriotism of our women in the military and their contribution to our national security.

Nothing that has happened in Iraq and Afghanistan changes the debate on women in combat. That women have been placed in combat.

The President, the Commander in Chief, has said that women willl not be in [land] combat.

Congress has decreed that women will not be in land combat.

Army rule and req have forbidden the placement of women in land combat.

The American people have demanded that women not be placed in land combat.


Women are dying in combat.

Todate, 67 women in the service have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. In the Vietnam era only 17 women were killed. And most of those female casualties were nurses. We do not have to sacrifice our women in combat.

What has changed?

During the Clinton era army regulations were weakened to where women are now exposed to a substantial risk of capture. The end results of this change has been tragic. As we now have seen with the capture, torture and murder of our female soldiers.

We are proud of our women in the military. But we did not send them off to a war zone to be killed and captured in combat.

Double Standards involving Women (DSIW)

…here’s what a 22-year-old man and woman must do to “max” (get a perfect score of 300) the physical fitness test in each service.

Marine men must do 20 pull-ups, 100 sit-ups and run three miles in 18 minutes. Women Marines must hold the flexed-arm hang for 70 seconds, do 100 sit-ups and run three miles in 21 minutes.

Army men must do 75 push-ups, 80 sit-ups and run two miles in 13 minutes. Women soldiers must do 46 push-ups, 80 sit-ups and run two miles in 15:35.

Women are held to lower physical standards than men. Lower physical standards can jeopardize mission accomplishment and evacuation of wounded fellow soldiers.

Only about 3% of military women test as well in physical training as the average male. Women have much to offer in knowledge, skills and abilities to our armed forces. Man-handling an 80 pound back isn’t one of them.

If one of our soldiers is wounded, do we know that a female could move her buddy to safety?

This doubt, this hesitation on rescue is what destroys unit cohesion.

Women in combat does not improve the ability of our Army to fight and win.


US Marine Corps Drill Instructor Staff Sergeant Schliesman and the other Drill Instructors of the 2nd Battalion, H Company, watch as new recruits do dead hang pullups at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, South Carolina. (Released to Public)

Pullups. Men have to do them. Women don’t. Double standards. For the feminists.


Thank you (foot)notes: Update: The interview was bumped. We’ll let you know when segment is re-scheduled. Your Business Blogger serves as the Vice President of the Center for Military Readiness

12 Oct



Media Alert: Center for Military Readiness on C-SPAN

October 12, 2006 | By | 2 Comments


The Center for Military Readiness is having our Eleventh Annual Celebration, this afternoon, Thursday, October 12, 2006 in Washington, D.C.

C-SPAN has confirmed to cover the event.

The Celebration will be held at the National Guard Association of the U.S. Building — Hall of the States, on

One Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington D.C. 2002, one block west of Union Station.


Elaine Donnelly, President, Center for Military Readiness, will preside. I will MC.

CMR Issues Briefing

4:00 PM — 5:45 PM

The CMR Issues Briefing panel will discuss the question Respect for Women: Where is the Military Taking Us?

In addition to CMR President Elaine Donnelly, guest panelists will include:

Kate O’Beirne Washington Editor of National Review, author of Women Who Make the World Worse, and former member of the 1992 Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces

Charles W. Gittins Noted attorney, USNA alumnus and former Marine naval flight officer and lecturer who has successfully defended many men who have been caught up in high-profile legal and cultural controversies at the service academies and in the military

Karin L. Agness Founder and President of the Network of enlightened Women (NeW), which helps female college students to confront radical feminists and liberals on fifteen college campuses. Ms. Agness is a Phi Beta Kappa member and student of law, University of Virginia.

CMR Celebration Reception 6:00 PM — 8:00 PM

2006 Honorees, 7:00 PM

“CMR Spotlight Award” Janet Parshall, Salem Radio Network

Ambassador Robert D. Stuart, Jr. of the Stuart Family Foundation


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Your Business Blogger is proud to serve as the Vice President of CMR. The Center for Military Readiness is an independent public policy organization that specializes in military personnel issues. Information about issues of concern to CMR can be seen on our website, More at the jump.

Read More

01 Feb



Staff Sergeant Dan Clay – "I know what honor is. . ."

February 1, 2006 | By | 2 Comments

Last night, President Bush paid tribute to Staff Sergeant Dan Clay, who died in Iraq last month. The President read portions of a letter Dan wrote to his family. But his full letter gives a powerful Christian testimony — my friend Stacy Harp at Writing Right has posted that letter:

MOM, DAD, KRISTIE, JODIE, KIMBERLY, ROBERT, KATY, RICHARD, AND MY LISA: Boy do I love each and every one of you. This letter being read means that I have been deemed worthy of being with Christ. With MaMa Jo, MaMa Clay, Jennifer … all those we have been without for our time during the race. This is not a bad thing. It is what we hope for. The secret is out. He lives and His promises are real! It is not faith that supports this … But fact and I now am a part of the promise. Here is notice! Wake up! All that we hope for is Real. Not a hope. But Real.

But here is something tangible. What we have done in Iraq is worth any sacrifice. Why? Because it was our duty. That sounds simple. But all of us have a duty. Duty is defined as a God given task. Without duty life is worthless. It holds no type of fulfillment. The simple fact that our bodies are built for work has to lead us to the conclusion that God (who made us) put us together to do His work. His work is different for each of us. Mom, yours was to be the glue of our family, to be a pillar for those women (all women around you), Dad, yours was to train and build us (like a Platoon Sgt.) to better serve Him. Kristie, Kim, Katy you are the five team leaders who support your Squad ldrs, Jodie, Robert and Richard. Lisa you too. You are my XO and you did a hell of a job. You all have your duties. Be thankful that God in His wisdom gives us work. Mine was to ensure that you did not have to experience what it takes to protect what we have as a family. This I am so thankful for. I know what honor is. It is not a word to be thrown around. It has been an Honor to protect and serve all of you. I faced death with the secure knowledge that you would not have to. This is as close to Christ-like I can be. That emulation is where all honor lies. I thank you for making it worthwhile.

As a Marine this is not the last Chapter. I have the privilege of being one who has finished the race. I have been in the company of heroes. I now am counted among them. Never falter! Don’t hesitate to honor and support those of us who have the honor of protecting that which is worth protecting.

Now here are my final wishes. Do not cry! To do so is to not realize what we have placed all our hope and faith in. We should not fear. We should not be sad. Be thankful. Be so thankful. All we hoped for is true. Celebrate! My race is over, my time in war zone is over. My trials are done. A short time separates all of us from His reality. So laugh. Enjoy the moments and your duty. God is wonderful.

I love each and every one of you.

Spread the word ….. Christ lives and He is Real.

Semper Fidelis

* * *

God bless the Clay family. How humbling — we all live more safely today because of their sacrifice of their son. May we make grateful and good use of that gift.

More on Iran. . .

January 3, 2006 | By | No Comments

The Guardian is really pushing the Iran story. More today. They quote an unidentified “western intelligence assessment” from last summer that says Iran is agressively pursuing nuclear technology, equipment and supplies.

Although are we surprised? At the same time, Iran has cooly announced that they will resume nuclear fuel testing. On Monday.

Sleep well.

via Drudge.

Pearl Harbor Day

December 7, 2005 | By | No Comments


The Pearl Harbor Telegram

We were at war.

We are at war.

Tom McMahon did the thinking. I’ll do the linking.

Be sure to check out his 4-block world.

The truth is always simple.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Red State Rant has more on 7 December 1941.

05 Dec



Send a Card to Joshua Sparling Today

December 5, 2005 | By | 3 Comments


Wow. This is just a jaw-dropper.

Lisa from Two Babes and a Brain was at Walter Reed this weekend and took a picture with a camera-phone of this card that had been sent to one of our soldiers, recovering from a gunshot wound that he got fighting for our country in Iraq.

Even if it’s a fake, and some adult wrote it to look like a kid did it, still. . .how horrible.

Michelle Malkin provides Joshua’s address:

Joshua Sparling

c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center

6900 Georgia Avenue N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20307-5001

Jack used to work Walter Reed when he was in medical sales and he says our soldiers need our cards and visits. . .

UPDATE: Here are the names of other wounded soldiers at Walter Reed, from Brian Kilmeade of Fox News, via Michelle Malkin:

Capt. James Ollinger

Sgt. Zavian Simspon

Specialist Brian Radke

Specialist Jason Braase

Sgt. David Nevins

Sgt. Jose Ramos

Cpl. Todd Bishop

Sgt. Ryan Donnelly

Sgt. Eva Diane Cochran

Why Do They Serve?

October 25, 2005 | By | One Comment

Greyhawk posts today results from a survey of Utah’s National Guard reporting why they are reenlisting, or not.

Why are you staying in? Here’s the one answer that really got me:


20 Oct