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01 Sep



The Captain’s Wife . . .

September 1, 2005 | By | 2 Comments


We got a formal wedding invitation . . . with no date on it. Instead, it said they’d let us know when the groom could be home for the ceremony.

This picture was taken on day three of a six-day leave. Pretty short honeymoon.

The new husband is now back in Germany, training for deployment to Iraq.

Always remember the families. . .the wives, the children, the mothers and fathers. . .of those who serve, so that we can be safe.

God bless you Josh and Charlee. May you grow old together, in joy and peace.

26 Aug



The Sullivan Boys: A Reflection on War and Communication

August 26, 2005 | By | 2 Comments

It’s worth taking a moment to reflect on how profoundly technology has changed our world. Amidst the frequent criticism of cell-phone technology — detractors argue that it has grossly impinged on our public spaces — we often fail to remember when lack of communication caused real pain.

Most of us know the World War II story of the Sullivan brothers — five young men from one family killed in action. . . but did you know that although they died in November of 1942, in the Battle of Guadalcanal, the family had still not received official word in January, and their mother wrote to the Navy asking about a rumour that they had all died?

Here’s the letter that Florida Cracker found and posted this last week:


Every time I read this, I can’t get beyond the line, “If it is so, please let me know the truth,” without choking up. What an unimaginable loss.


History marches remorselessly on. And we fight another war.

Tammy Pruett sends five sons off to Iraq. But because of Alletta Sullivan’s loss, the Pruett boys would not be allowed to serve together in the same unit.

And another soldier’s mom, a blogger, Some Soldier’s Mom, got a phone call on Tuesday: her son, Noah Pincusoff, had been seriously injured in Iraq. She put up a post asking for prayer for him at 6:37pm.

By 4:30am, she had talked with him by phone in Iraq.

By Friday, Mrs. Greyhawk had seen Noah in person in Landstuhl.

By this morning, Mrs. G was able to talk with Noah’s mom by phone to tell her how well her son is doing. . .

Sure. There are some downsides to the new insta-always-on-communication.

But the upsides are worth it.

* * *

See also — From Michael Yon’s amazing reporting on site in Mosul: Picture of Commander Erik Kurilla calling wounded soldier, Daniel Lama’s, family to reassure them that he is going to be okay.

And more cool technology: open trackbacks at the ever-generous Beth’s Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. . .

And Mrs. Greyhawk, as well as visiting hospitals and giving us the great Dawn Patrol, also gives us Open Post!

War Supporters are. . . Morons??!!: Fisking Robert Crook

August 26, 2005 | By | 17 Comments

His name is Robert Crook. And, if you support the President, and the war in Iraq, he says you are a “moron.”

Yeah, well, c’mon Charmaine, that’s what happens when you get your political commentary from someone who has a can of spray paint in his hand.


No, actually, Salon provides him bandwidth and his very own “Soapbox:”

There is no shortage of morons who support George W. Bush [so true Rob, so true. . .eat your heart out] — Americans who buy the “freedom” and “democracy” bull***t even though it’s clear that the only parties who are benefiting from the Bush regime’s f***ing mess in Iraq are the war profiteers. . .

But presently, it becomes clear that what’s really bothering Robert is that some of those “morons” Americans who support both the President and the war have had a front row seat for the “mess in Iraq,” and have come away with a pretty different account. Robert is not too happy that many (most?) in the American military do support the war, specifically, military mom, Tammy Pruett:


Tammy and GWB


Of course, Tammy Pruett isn’t really the Anti-Cindy because none of her immediate family members have been killed in Iraq.

Tammy can get back to us with what she thinks of Gee Dubya’s Gulf War II if one of her immediate family members is killed.[You don’t think that the thought that one of her boys, or her husband, could get killed has occurred to her, Robert?]

Lila Lipscomb, the mother of a military family featured in “Fahrenheit 9/11,” was supportive of Gulf War II — until her son was killed in Iraq.

What I like most about the news story above, I think, is Bush’s remark that “America lives in freedom because of families like the Pruetts.”

What about the Sheehan family? The Lipscomb family? [Of course them too. Especially them. The President did meet with Mrs. Sheehan in person after her son was killed, remember.] The many other families who lost a member to Bush’s bogus war in Iraq who would not squeal like a giddy schoolgirl if Bush were to mention them in a speech?

Do these families count?

To Bush, I don’t think that they do.

Well, apparently that one line of the President’s — “America lives in freedom because of families like the Pruetts.” — has really rankled the Left.

Eric Jaffa, of, left a comment here about this same statement:

We were a free country before the Iraq War.

We would still be a free country if the US hadn’t invaded Iraq.

We could have an extended debate about the implications of that comment. But here’s what I still can’t believe:

Eric: You left that anti-war comment on my Tammy Pruett post??

So much for “I oppose the war, but support our troops . . ”

* * *

Here at Reasoned Audacity, we are PRO-Mudville Gazette, with thanks for the Open Post.

FRIDAY UPDATE: Ilyka Damen says Crook has a “Dead Kid Quota.” Brilliant. Absolutely Must Read.

24 Aug



I’m in Awe: Tammy Pruett, Military Mom

August 24, 2005 | By | 6 Comments


Tammy Pruett

Tammy Pruett has five sons in the military, four of whom are in Iraq right now. Her husband served in Iraq last year, too.

Look at that face. The Pesident mentioned Tammy today by saying: “America lives in freedom because of families like the Pruetts.” (See Drudge.)

So true. So humbling.

Think we’ll have a spate of media attention on the Pruett men? Not a chance.

Tammy, you and yours have my undying gratitude and respect.

* * *

Also saluting Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette Open Post.