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29 Nov



Will Obama Forget FOCA? Should Parents FightFOCA?

November 29, 2008 | By | 5 Comments

So Obama keeps Bush man Gates as SecDef. Some hints at not raising taxes. Wants to reduce abortion.

Is Obama governing like a, gasp, Republican?

Will Obama not push for the so called “Freedom of Choice Act” FOCA?


Obama might surrender in Iraq and to Iran even with Gates, but Obama will never surrender on FOCA.

Cecile Richards and Barack Obamacecile_richards_obama.jpg

Three reasons why Obama will fight for FOCA,

Obama will sign whatever Reid-Pelosi pass thru congress.

Obama will not veto FOCA. He does not have the political capital nor the political will to resist. Planned Parenthood paid too much money to be ignored. Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood will earn her million dollar W-2. And Hillary will not let him forget FOCA.

Obama will keep his campaign promise.

FOCA will be the first legislation Obama will sign. When Your Business Blogger(R) did a tour of duty in government the fixed point, guiding star were Campaign Promises. They were a matter a public record and private integrity. If the candidate promised, The Honorable delivered.

But, then again, I worked for a Republican…

Abortion is the religious sacrament of The Party of Death.

The religion of the abortionists appears in the book, The Sacrament of Abortion by pro-abortion Ginette Paris and Joanna Mott

The Alert Reader would well know that abortion is a religious tenet of the Democrat party. To proselytize for the abortionists is, well, Biblical:

they not only continue to do [evil] but also approve of those who practice them Romans 1:32.

Steven Ertelt, Editor of reports,

Detractors Downplay Pro-Abortion FOCA Bill’s Reach, Say Pro-Lifers Exaggerate

Kathryn Jean Lopez, the editor of National Review Online, responded Tuesday to the attempts to downplay the concerns about FOCA.

“Though it’s often referred to as a mere codification of Roe, FOCA, as currently drafted, actually goes well beyond that,” she explains.

She quotes information from pro-abortion Sen. Barbara Boxer who, in a statement on her web site, explains that FOCA would nullify all existing laws and regulations that limit abortion in any way, up to the time of fetal viability.

“While there is strenuous debate among legal experts on the matter, many believe the act would invalidate the freedom-of-conscience laws on the books in 46 states,” Lopez said.

Yes, parents should continue to FightFOCA.

Please sign the petition.

Pro-Abortion Melinda Henneberger from Slate writes,

Lose-Lose on Abortion; Obama’s threat to Catholic hospitals and their very serious counterthreat,

There are also serious questions about whether FOCA as currently drafted exceeds congressional authority. But when Obama was campaigning on FOCA, he didn’t say anything about wanting to change it.

The FOCA fight will continue.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Please note The Warner Family. And see what four fun kids would look like.

The Sacrament

of Abortion Post details: Fight FOCA!

Visit Twenty Items of Interest (v.40)

Read what An Huynh said, in Fighting FOCA.

Real Choice has a better video on Only Women Bleed than seen on Reasoned Audacity.

Ou phoneuseis teknon en phthora (“Thou shalt not murder by abortion”)

Didache, late first or early second century, AD. (Yes, Anno Domini, Latin for The Year Of Our Lord, NOT CE Common Era)

Read an Amazon reviewer’s comment on the confusion of abortion and The Sacrament of Abortion at the jump,

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Media Alert: Charmaine Quoted by Reuters; Americans United for Life & FOCA

November 24, 2008 | By | No Comments

ANALYSIS-Activists hope Obama acts on abortion rights By Ed Stoddard,

DALLAS, Nov 23 (Reuters) – Abortion rights activists, an important component of the Democratic Party’s base, expect to advance their agenda under U.S. President-elect Barack Obama, signaling fresh battles over the highly charged issue.

Changes could take place in areas from judicial appointments to overseas aid. Obama strongly supports abortion rights, in stark contrast to President George W. Bush, a social conservative who often talked of a “culture of life” — code for opposition to abortion.

Obama supports his Party of Death. Bush supports the “Culture of Life.” In policy as well as “code word.”

Reuters continues,

On the policy front, activists and analysts say an early skirmish could come over federal funding for nongovernmental organizations that offer abortion operations or counseling in family planning services abroad.

“Family planning services” are “code words” for abortion on demand through all nine months and beyond — if the infant is born alive.

Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, and Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards told Reuters in interviews that rolling back the rule was among their top political priorities.

Abortion rights opponents, many of whom on religious grounds regard the procedure as murder, see any move on that front as the next shot in the abortion wars.

“To reintroduce funding for it internationally is very offensive because there are even people who describe themselves as pro-choice, but don’t want to be involved in public funding for it,” said Charmaine Yoest, [Ph.D.] president of Americans United for Life Action, which opposes abortion rights.

Ed Stoddard notes in that,

Join Fight FOCA

“FOCA has been like a red flag to social conservatives who say it will sweep aside most restrictions on abortion rights, such as parental notification laws and the Partial-Birth Abortion Act that bans a certain late-term procedure.

Americans United for Life Action said that as of Friday, it had more than 230,000 signatures on an anti-FOCA petition on its website — virtually all since the election.”

There are some 260,000 signers now. Please add your name to the good-guys today!


Thank you (foot)notes:

When Charmaine worked in the West Wing of the Ronald Reagan White House, one of the first things she was taught was that Personnel is Policy.

Obama, a good politico, knows this. MIKE ALLEN from Politico reports in Labor ally to head Obama communications,

Ellen Moran, executive director of EMILY’s List, was named White House communications director by President-elect Obama on Saturday.

Moran, a well-known grassroots organizer, has also managed statewide Democratic campaigns and managed the Wal-Mart corporate accountability campaign for the AFL-CIO.

Morgan is a pro-abortionist and hates Wal-Mart. She will be the face and voice of Obama’s administration. Expect little compromise from ObamAbortionists.

Jon at Ubi Petrus, Ibi Ecclesia has Fight FOCA.

A Culture 11 pro, Jillian Bandes, has Freedom of Choice Act Roundup at LadyBlog.

Be sure to check out This Post in this post from David Brooks,

FOCA is the Freedom of Choice Act; an Act that would sweep away all restrictions on abortions, all parental notification laws, all rights of hospitals and doctors to not perform abortions.

It is the duty of every Christian to resist the enactment of this brutal, vile piece of legislation.

Semper Vita is the Family Life Blog in New Zealand.

Michelle (not Obama) writes, Urgent… please read,

Hello! I am sending this out to everyone…about the FOCA bill …President Elect Obama has as one of his first bills to pass. Below are some of the stats taken off of the web site. I encourage everyone to sign. Thanks for reading!

Capitol Hill “Daily Brief” has FREEDOM OF CHOICE ACT,

The nation’s premier pro-life legal organization has launched a new project aimed at stopping passage of the most radical pro-abortion legislation in the nation’s history. With the full support of President- elect Barack Obama, congressional Democrats are poised to pass the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), a law that will make abortion a “fundamental right” much the same as the right to vote and the right to free speech. By doing so, this new federal law would automatically invalidate every federal, state and local law placing even the most common sense restrictions on abortion.

And more.


Clarke Forsythe, senior counsel for Americans United for Life believes the election was about the economy and, in no way, a repudiation of pro-life principles.

“It is very difficult to keep pro-life and other issues of justice at the center of public life in the midst of war and economic crisis,” he told Zenit News Service.

“William Wilberforce’s campaign against the slave trade in Great Britain during the 1790s — which was derailed by the French Revolution, war with France, economic crises and terrible harvests — is a good example. But Wilberforce (and his allies) persevered and things turned around over considerable time”

Read The Reads in Rockwall. Petition Approaches 250,000; Americans United for Life

November 22, 2008 | By | 4 Comments

Join Fight FOCA Log on.

Take a number.

Hit the lottery.

Sign on at and let us know if your number is 250,000.

A quarter million is a nice number. Will it be yours?



Maybe something better — if you are for Life.

FightFOCA is an on-line petition to persuade our national leadership: President-Elect Obama, Senator Majority Leader Reid and House Majority Leader Pelosi that limiting states rights is not what the voters want.

[Correction: Alert Readers will note that Pelosi is the Speaker of the House, Democrat Steny Hoyer from Maryland is the House Majority Leader.]

The public wants the financial market regulated.

The public wants the abortion market regulated.

The public wants common sense oversight of abortion.

Parents want to know if their child is having an abortion.

Women want all surgical procedures to be to the highest medical standards.

The public wants licensed doctors doing surgery; not social workers.

Women want information about their babies through the science of sonograms.

Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, is against all these regulations. Why?

Quo Bono?

Follow the money. Planned Parenthood grosses — so to say — a billion (that’s B as in Billion) (a 1,000 million) dollars each year.


L: A Baby

R: A BabyPlanned Parenthood profits from abortion.

Planned Parenthood gets a $300 million bailout each each year from the taxpayer.

Planned Parenthood wants a blind eye on their abortion money-machine.

Your Business Blogger(R) is a capitalistic-for profit kind of guy — but who would want to earn earnings from the slave trade?

Or abortion?

If you want your state’s rights to guard your child’s health, sign the petition.

Their will be a special recognition for the 250,000 milestone.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Robert was Number 45,704. An early adopter, as we say in marketing…

FOCA Would Wipe Away Every Restriction on Abortion Nationwide.

This would eradicate state and federal laws that the majority of Americans support, such as:

* Bans on Partial Birth Abortion

* Requirements that women be given information about the risks of getting an abortion

* Only licensed physicians can perform abortions

* Parents must be informed and give consent to their minor daughter’s abortion

FOCA would erase these laws and prevent states from enacting similar protective measures in the future.

Be sure to visit the Americans United for Life blog.

Even our liberal friends are noticing the work of Americans United for Life. Right Wing Watch writes,

“Any time you have a loss like that, you have an opportunity to reassess and come back stronger,” said Charmaine Yoest, president of Americans United for Life. “If they want to see this as a big loss that will set us back, that’s OK. Our people are very energized, and ready for Round Two.”

Visit The Webbs, Fight for Life., Election Results Don’t Mean Pro-Life Movement to Stop, Limit Abortions is Dead.

ZENIT, Life and the Elections,

In 2008, 45 states considered nearly 450 measures related to abortion alone. Among 2008 pro-life victories are:

– An omnibus measure in Oklahoma, requiring that a woman undergo an ultrasound prior to an abortion, regulating the provision of RU-486, and prohibiting coerced abortions;

– New laws in Ohio, South Carolina, and South Dakota requiring that abortion providers offer a woman the opportunity to view an ultrasound prior to an abortion;

– Legislatures in Colorado, Maryland, and Michigan limiting the use of taxpayer funding for abortions and abortion counseling;

– Idaho lawmakers strengthening the state’s informed consent law and prohibiting coerced abortions;

– Meaningful funding of abortion alternatives in Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania.

DFW Catholic posts, Fighting the Freedom of Choice Act. And visit ProLife Dallas.

The international All News Web reports, Abortion: Obama’s nightmare,

Obama has promised to restore federal funding to international family planning services, that is, his administration will financially support institutions around the globe that perform abortions. Obama has also promised to sign FOCA or the Freedom of Choice Act. Anti-abortion activists are mobilising for a battle as they now realise they no longer have an ally in the White House.

Americans United for Life is gathering up signatures at a frantic pace to oppose FOCA. has Catholics Who Vote for Freedom of Choice Act Could Face Automatic Excommunication, Cardinal Francis George of Chicago says,

“Parental notification and informed consent precautions would be outlawed, as would be laws banning procedures such as partial-birth abortion and protecting infants born alive after a failed abortion. Abortion clinics would be deregulated,” said George.

“The Hyde Amendment restricting the federal funding of abortions would be abrogated. FOCA would have lethal consequences for prenatal human life,” he said.

“FOCA would have an equally destructive effect on the freedom of conscience of doctors, nurses and health care workers whose personal convictions do not permit them to cooperate in the private killing of unborn children,” George continued.

“It would threaten Catholic health care institutions and Catholic Charities. It would be an evil law that would further divide our country, and the Church should be intent on opposing evil. On this issue, the legal protection of the unborn, the bishops are of one mind with Catholics and others of good will.”

The liberal, etiquette-ly challenged Low and Left Part Deux will not link to Americans United for Life, behaving more like the liberal main stream media than a hard-working blogger. Spiteful when he should be cite-ful…The Pushback and 2012 Has Started. Note the link.

TIM DRAKE, Senior Writer at the National Catholic Register writes, The Abortion President? Pro-Lifers Sound Warning on Freedom of Choice Act.

Kenrick Social Justice blogs, Americans United for Life has Petition Against FOCA.

Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth, Study to show thyself approved unto God… (2 Tim. 2:15), writes, Fight FOCA.

Good links at Random Junk from an Intellectual Wannabe.

Vivificat! posted the code.

Women of Faith and Culture has FOCA on the Family. Bringing Faith and Reason to Life.

If you have posted the code on your template, please email us! We will be in your debt.

The Story of Intrepid, Not the Story of Obama

November 20, 2008 | By | 6 Comments

intrepid.jpgSo pre pre-schooler Baby Boo walks by as Your Business Blogger(R) is watching The Story of the Intrepid. The story of the famed WWII aircraft carrier.

The boy catches a few seconds of battle, of war, the triumph of good over evil; an American civics lesson. He listens to the music.

He asks, “Is this a Jesus movie?”

“No,” I said. “But it’s hard to tell the difference…”

Must see clips: USS Intrepid

We don’t know exactly how Obama will attempt to lead as Commander-in-Chief. But we do know his liberal belief philosophy.


From his pastor: Jeremiah “God D@m America” Wright.

MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine on FOX, Cavuto Obama and Wright: Do They Hate America?

In contrast, another must see clip,

Thank you to USNA at Large for Intrepid’s link.

Read More

17 Nov



Charmaine on CNN Debating Condoms; Obama Will Export Abortion-Condom Funding Overseas

November 17, 2008 | By | 8 Comments

Warning: The Condom Commercial is for mature audiences.

In the 1990′s CNN had a terrific talking-heads-shouting-show called Crossfire. Regular Hosts included Michael Kinsley, liberal, then moved to Slate. Pat Buchanan, conservative, former GOP, now gone from the Republican Club but still Pro-Life.

The show ran five nights a week for 30 minutes. Hosts earned about $200K and were worth every dime.

Charmaine appeared in a number of segments. In this episode she debated Kristine Gebbie from the Clinton administration on the marketing and efficacy of condoms. Charmaine’s points are valid today — truth is, well, timeless. John Sununu is in the conservative chair, on the right, of course.

Oddly, liberals demand that conservatives use science in any debate — but whenever a conservative uses real science with real data, we are then accused of “imposing our values.” A liberal pivot.

The actual condom failure rate is some 20 percent. The cost of failure could be pregnancy. Could be death.

This is described by anti-science liberals as “fear based sex ed.”

So what will Obama do about abortion and condoms?

Even before Obama gets legislation from congress on abortion, Obama will, by Executive Order, repeal the The Mexico City Policy (1984) which,

Prohibits the use of federal funding for organizations and programs “which perform or actively promote abortion as a method of family planning in other nations.”

Media Alert: Obama may very well use the Clinton’s Dancing Condom Marketing Campaign. For the Domestic and International markets.

Watch the video and let us know what you think.

Join Fight FOCA


Sign up on FightFOCA. Your Business Blogger(R) did.

Thank you (foot)notes:

CatholicCitizens writes,

For starters, we may expect removal of the present administration’s ban on destructive embryonic research, and rejection of the Mexico City accords which restrained abortion and eugenics.

Crossfire: The Condom Campaign first aired on January 4, 1994.

12 Nov



Proposal for Action by Conservative Organizations

November 12, 2008 | By | 4 Comments

obama_cnn_malkin_credit.jpgConservatives are giving voice to moving ideas to govern. Heidi Brennan developed this article which deserves a wide audience.

Obama: Did we elect a president?

or a logo?

A man?

or a Brand?

Proposal for Action by Conservative Organizations

By Heidi L. Brennan

The results of last week’s national election are being endlessly dissected and discussed in news rooms, board rooms, and living rooms, but the following should be clear:

The loss of the White House and substantial losses in both houses of Congress are NOT due to a failure of conservative policy. They are the failure of those in the Republican Party who neutralized, ignored, and/or fought every conservative principle over the past eight years.

The Democratic Party outspent and outmaneuvered Republicans, especially at the grassroots level and in sophisticated internet communications strategy.

The two most interesting people to emerge in this campaign are: Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber.

The current collapse of our economy is shrinking everyone’s budget, and the consequences will include reduction of donations to non-profit advocacy institutions, including those promoting conservative values. Though funding will lessen (initially), a strong conservative values base continues to exist and will make every effort to contribute to dynamic advocacy. Conservative voters are poised to become new community activists. They may rightfully expect new ideas and strategies for promoting enduring principles. Education and policy organizations must find ways to engage these grassroots conservative values advocates with new resources, developing simplified ways to deliver timely political information along with easily usable policy research information.

Palin and the Plumber captured the enthusiastic support of voters because they transcended debate by doing more than espousing basic conservative principles. They told their personal stories in an authentic, simple manner effectively linked to election debate. There were no gimmicks, and no controlled published biographies in advance. Today’s most successful public relations and marketing plans tell a story, engaging the targeted consumer, voter, or client so that they are motivated to act.

Conservative organizations should consider the following:

· Prepare stories and recruit/prepare effective storytellers to reflect their mission/values.

Assess current databases and develop others, especially directed at grassroots conservative activism.

Increase the use of internet-based media/information-sharing tools.

Expand leadership training opportunities beyond the college age population, to include high school and middle school students.

Recognizing that all parents are their children’s primary teachers, especially of moral and civic values, develop easily-accessible internet-based materials for parents to utilize within their families.

Conservatives cannot afford to wait until January’s inauguration of our next President and Congress to implement new thinking and approaches. Organization development should begin now.

more at the jump

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Veteran’s Day 2008: Will Obama Continue to Mock the Military?

November 11, 2008 | By | One Comment

certificate_cold_war_yoest002.jpgYour Business Blogger(R) wanted a medal.

A piece of paper will have to do.

And it’s not a check…

Certificate of Recognition

for service during the Cold War.

Robert Gates is grateful.


Robert Heinlein wrote in Starship Troopers that only veterans who served in the country’s armed forces would be allowed the privilege to vote.

In Obama’s administration, a voter doesn’t have to be a citizen, goodness, doesn’t have to even be a live citizen.

Obama is NOT Pro-Life: not for babies; not for voting citizens. A dead baby is just fine. A living citizen is not a requirement for voting.

Early in the presidential campaign, Obama maligned the military, for air-raiding villages. And Friended with fellow community activists who tried to blow up the Pentagon.

Will Obama continue his military re-malign-ment? It would appear so.

The popular fellow-liberal, congressional gender-free Barney Frank, not being happy with destroying Freddy and Fannie has now turned his sights on the pentagon, looking for a 25 percent cut in funding.

Veterans do not expect big money bonuses from the government for our service.

But, yes we do want some cash. We would like money… to provide for the common defense for the budget to secure and defend against all enemies foreign…

And domestic. As stated in the oath of office.

Does this mean Obama will go after Bill Ayers as president and commander-in-chief…?

Happy Veterans Day.


Thank you (foot)notes,

Cold War Warriors: Request Your Certificate

Veterans Day, The Liberal Prospective

I Was A Soldier

Arlington National Cemetery, John Wesley Yoest, USN, BMCS

Veterans’ Day 2007 & The 13 Flag Folds