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Why Didn’t Hillary Clinton Get the Dem VP Nomination?

September 4, 2008 | By | 10 Comments


In the Yoest household kitchen Answer: She’s not married to Todd Palin.

On CNN yesterday Charmaine reinforced the point that women can succeed in any position at any level, if she has a deep support system. Beyond the government safety net.

The best support system is to marry a guy who will embrace the family mission, the family business. A husband who is not distracted by interns at 2am.

And will lift up his wife when her time comes…

And I’m not just talking pregnancy.


About half of all women who enter into a Ph.D. program do not finish. When Charmaine was working on her disertation at the University of Virginia, Your Business Blogger(R), MBA, and Charmaine’s parents, Mom, Ph.D; Dad, Ph.D; Brother, Ph.D. and Penta-Posse gathered together and strategized on the path to make sure that Charmaine was in the half that got ‘hooded.’

The extended family decided to invest in Charmaine.

Money was key but not the entire issue. Wisdom and logistical support were the real needs of house hold and five little ones.

Extended family and a hubby who will sacrifice for the family mission is the solution to whatever success the family, the mother, the mission will achieve.

Todd Palin is my kind of guy. Like me, he married way over his head and is not afraid to let the world know.

We are both married to CEO’s who advance the family mission. Our extended families have made sacrifices and investments to advance very talented women, very talented wives.

If more feminists had devoted husbands, maybe they’d enjoy more success. As well as the other benefits of marital bliss (re Five Children…).

And this is the real reason the liberals hate Sarah Palin. She is normal.


Thank you (foot)notes:


Fish on a bicycle by Ray Troll Feminist icon Gloria Steinem can be blamed for a lot problems these days in verbiage and communication in the battle of men vs women.

But not this phrase.

Gloria Steinem writes to Time Magazine,

“In your note on my new and happy marital partnership with David Bale, you credit me with the witticism A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. In fact, Irina Dunn, a distinguished Australian educator, journalist and politician, coined the phrase back in 1970 when she was a student at the University of Sydney.”

Credit should go to Irina Dunn, graffiti artist and Australian Senator from the Nuclear Disarmament Party.

And made popular more by U2.

Obama & Abortion: Are the Numbers Up or Down? Charmaine in NRO

August 18, 2008 | By | One Comment

Obama is the smartest man in the room. I know this is true because his campaign staff told me so.

During the Iowa Caucuses, Your Business Blogger(R), Charmaine and Penta-Posse stayed at the same hotel as many of the other presidential candidate staffers.

We all often talked in the elevators or at the coffee bar. The Obama staff would remind us that Obama, the smart academic law professor (for 12 years!) was brilliant and well briefed…of course.

This made Obama’s statement at Saddleback all the more interesting. He said that abortions have not gone down in the last eight years.

Abortions, in fact have declined over the last eight years.

Did Obama, the smartest man in the room, not know this simple fact? Was he poorly briefed?

Or did Obama, with the best staff money can buy, know the truth and say otherwise?

Was Obama being duplicitous a politician from Chicago, or perhaps he cannot remember a simple fact that he volunteered?

Charmaine was at Rick Warren’s Saddleback church for the civil questioning and examines Obama’s contradiction in an article up on National Review Online.

She reviews Obama’s new marketing and messaging campaign.

Absolute Reduction

Barack Obama and abortion.

By Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D.

Milling around the media room after the Saddleback Forum, I learned that while John McCain was onstage talking with Rick Warren, Barack Obama was sitting down backstage to an interview with David Brody of CBN News. Brody took the opportunity to press Obama on the issue of his record of opposition to legally protecting babies who are born alive after an abortion.

Obama became visibly irritated and replied to Brody: “I hate to say that people are lying, but here’s a situation where folks are lying.”

Read the rest here.

Charmaine Yoest is president and CEO of Americans United for Life. She served as compaign adviser to the Mike Huckabee presidential campaign.


See Charmaine’s previous article in NRO: Huckabee and McCain — The Enthusiasm Gap

F-18 Hornet Trouble

June 21, 2008 | By | No Comments

dude_baby_boo_airforce_academy_yoest.pngFollowing is from a Naval Aviator. The Dude, pictured on left with Baby Boo a few years ago at the Air Force Academy, loves jets and jet noise and wants to fly.

Charmaine is not so sure.

The Air Force crashes about 75 jets in routine training accidents apart from the war zones. The Navy budgets two jet losses per carrier per deployment.

Producing a number of widows, orphans and grieving families.

Even training is dangerous.

Our cousin Will was an F-18 pilot after graduating from Harvard.

He assures us that Naval Aviation is safe.

Except when it isn’t.

Subject: Oyster Here . . I Think We Need To Rig The Barricade [ To Catch This Thing ] !

Here’s a personal story of an F-18 pilot’s . . at o’dark thirty . . with the carrier’s barrier in place. The barricade’s an impressive 20 foot high stiff net, that can be stretched across the deck to ‘ capture ‘ birds during extreme emergencies.

” Oyster, here. This note is to share with you the exciting night I had the other month. So There I was .

. . manned up with pins pulled on the hot seat for a 2030 night launch on the Hornet about 500 miles north of Hawaii. I taxied off toward the carrier’s island where I did a 180 and got spotted on Cat number 1. They lowered my launch bar into position and the take-off routine began. On the run-up, all systems appeared to be ‘ in the green.’

After waiting the requisite 5 seconds to make sure all my flight controls were OK, I turned on the exterior lights, then shifted my eyes to the catwalk to watch the deck edge dude move his head while clearing me, left and right.

With the back of my helmet, I touched the head rest for…what was coming.

The Hornet cat shot is pretty impressive. Particularly at night. As the cat fired, I clicked in both afterburners…and I am along for the ride. But just prior to the end of the stroke there’s a huge flash with a simultaneous B-O-O-M ! …

continue reading at the jump.


This article has been circulating on the web. Credit to John Howland’s USNA-At-Large.

Be sure to read Your Business Blogger(R) getting bested by his pre-teen Diva. And no, this is not a case study for women in combat. Read The FireDrill: Practice Success to Avoid Failure,

Your (Army) Business Blogger[R] had no business in the cockpit. My instructor was a Vietnam vet with MigKlr license plates on his truck.

He said the F-14 was a “Man’s Plane.” He sounded sexist. He explained that the old-generation hydraulics required real strength — after a couple of hours, even the manliest studs needed two hands on the stick.

No place for girls.

Or so I thought.

But I was wrong, again.

I bring the Five-kid Penta-Posse to Oceana Naval Air Station to show them how macho military men (like their father) defeated Communism.

We get invited to some F-14 training. I climb in the simulator. No photography is permitted. And a good thing, too…

Alert Readers know that the F-14 is now retired.

Read More

Charmaine’s Presentation to the EPC, June 18, 2008 & USS Bonefish

June 19, 2008 | By | No Comments

Two items for June 18th:

1) It is a day of remembrance in Your Business Blogger(R)’s household, and

2) Charmaine gave speech.

Charmaine’s talk was on the impact that women can have in our culture.

See her From Femme to Fatale.ppt Power point presentation.

MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine to speak at the EPC 28th Assembly


Charmaine’s talk reminded us of the eternal values. Life and Death; this side of eternity and beyond.

At a recent funeral — they seem to come faster and faster as we get older and older — we talked about burials. Cremation, well, lights our fire and speeds up that dust-to-dust transition.

Charmaine asked what we plan to do with the ashes, where on earth to put them. We talk about the extended family’s burial plots.

“Where do you want to get buried?” She asks.

“37º18′N, 137º55′E,” I say.


“The Sea of Japan,” I remind her. Women!

“What’s there?” she wonders.



June 18th is the day we remember the loss of USS Bonefish.

My father, then only a teen-ager from Jersey, left high school, went to war and was assigned to the submarine, USS Bonefish. Just before the final mission of the Bonefish, my father walked off the gangplank – transferred to another assignment. Another man took his place.

On its eighth mission, on June 18, 1945, the Bonefish was lost fighting the enemy in the Sea of Japan, with the loss of all 53 officers and men. It was the last U.S. submarine sunk in World War II…

The article was first published by a number of outlets including the Virginian-Pilot in my hometown.


Crew Nationals Oakridge Tennessee, Video; Father’s Day & Al Gore

June 14, 2008 | By | No Comments

Al Gore, Jr played high school basketball. Al Gore, Sr was a Senator, a very important man in Your Nation’s Capital. Gore Sr never watched his son play. Never watched a game. Never. Dad was too busy.

But there is a highway named after Gore, Sr. And Junior got a Nobel Peace Prize.

Every dad does it different, I guess. And the kids turn out different…


The Dreamer rowing stroke:

closest rower to the coxswain Alert Readers will remember Your (insufferable) Business Blogger driving 20+ hours to watch a five minute boat race.

The Nationals competition was held in Oakridge, Tennessee, Al Gore’s home state.

Yorktown High School from Arlington, Virginia had a very respectable showing. We didn’t win, but we did watch.

It was important: We Were There.

Business consultant guru, In Search of Excellence, Tom Peters writes and lectures that for important meetings people show up. In Real Life, IRL.

If it’s big: be there. In person. Live. Not just in spirit, in the flesh.

Important events: Births, Deaths, Marriages…Kids’ competition.


The Dreamer, winner of Most Valuable Rower The Crew Team had their awards banquet and The Dreamer was recognized.

We are so proud of her. It’s a Happy Father’s Day indeed.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Yorktown Crew 2007 – 2008Alert Readers will recall that Al Gore, Jr., did not carry Tennessee when he ran for president. I would submit that his home state voters didn’t want him as president, because his dad didn’t watch him play a basketball game: His dad really didn’t care; his voters really didn’t care either.

Real men know that it is not all about them, “it’s about the children” as our liberal friends constantly remind us.

Dads must be crazy — crazy about his kids.

Al Gore, Sr. was a very smart, very accomplished man. And he wasn’t crazy.

Maybe the country would be better off if he was.

See: Teamwork & Rowing: 2008 National Scholastic Championship, Oak Ridge, TN

Your Business Blogger(R) of Management Training of DC, LLC, is a licensed agent for the William Oncken Corporation presenters of Managing Management Time(TM) fondly known as Monkey Management.

UPDATE: Yorktown Crew 2008 Spring Sports Night Awards

Please Support Hannah’s Mission Trip to the DR

May 31, 2008 | By | No Comments

me painting (2).jpg

Hannah painting in Peru, 2007

Dear Family,

Hi! It’s the end of my first year at Yorktown High School and I am planning to join my church’s mission trip to the Dominican Republic this summer. Last year I had the amazing experience of witnessing to Peruvians in the Callao Festival, Lima, Peru. I was able to watch as thousands were brought to Christ. With memories of last year dancing in my mind I can only dream of how awesome this year’s mission is going to be.


This year I want to be an asset to my team and need your help getting me there. I’m raising the money needed to devote to the mission trip which will be from July 23-30. Support goes toward food, logistics, rooming, and baseball equipment (for ministry to younger children in the Dominican Republic). Your support would mean so much to me this year, helping me reach my goal of $1,600. Even the smallest donation can make all the difference. If you’d like to send support online, you can do that at

Direct link for donations: HERE

Over the last year I’ve grown closer to Jesus and want to extend that feeling to others through ministry. I’ve been taking my friends to church and spreading God’s word at school and in my sports activities. My electives also include art as a medium I hope to expand in as a ministry tool. This year I’ll be joining the Children’s Ministry team, and the General Missions team, where I will be able to interact with all the groups and see all the various ways the Gospel can be spread. Other teams on the mission include: Drama team, Choir, Baseball, Clowns, and Construction.


Last year I was on the construction team, but this year I think I’m better suited for Children’s Ministry. Last year the Construction team was delayed by circumstances and I was able to join with other teams and street evangelize. I had the opportunity to witness to Special Needs kids at a children’s school where we washed the kids’ feet, and once we were able to start construction, I was able to help paint the alleyway of the woman’s house we were working on.

Your support this year would mean the world to me and thank you so much for whatever you can give! The smallest donation counts. If you don’t want to donate online, any checks you donate need to be made out to Mclean Bible Church, Dominican Republic Mission; and Hannah Yoest needs to be written in the left hand corner. (The mailing address is: P.O. Box 9300 McLean, VA 22102)

Thank You so much for your help and love, please keep me in your prayers!

Love and Thanks,


Virginia GOP Convention 2008

May 29, 2008 | By | No Comments


Virginia GOP Convention

2008, Richmond, VA Your Business Blogger(R) is honored to be a delegate to the Commonwealth of Virginia GOP Convention.

We will be driving down this weekend with a partial Penta-Posse to vote for the future leadership of the Commonwealth and the Nation. The Convention will be a terrific education.

I hope to get the kids into a smoke-free/smoked-filled-back-room deal-doings. Everyone loves kids.

Except the baby-killing Obama. No, no — Barack X. Obama has never performed an actual abortion.

That I know of.

He just votes for letting babies born alive … to die. Obama opposed the Born Alive Infants Act. Not even Hillary Clinton did that. Not Ted Kennedy.

Goodness, not even the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) lobbied against the Born Alive Infants Act.

Obama against

Babies born alive

Warning: explicit images

thank you Catholic Fire


Thank you (foot)notes:

Nobody hangs up when a kid callsJeff Frederick is out-polling John Hager for Republican Party of Virginia chairman on the Family Foundation Blog.

Can Pro-Choice Gilmore win? Here’s how.

See The Convention Is Almost Here.

Watch The Diva and The Dude work the phone bank in the Des Moines Presidential primary,

Dick Cheney is the headliner for the dinner on Friday nite.

Where are the strongest grass roots? It’s not with the Obamanation.

Your Business Blogger(R) of Management Training of DC, LLC, is a licensed agent for the William Oncken Corporation; presenters of Managing Management Time(TM) fondly known as Monkey Management.

Subway Resturants to Homeschoolers: You Have No Class

May 27, 2008 | By | No Comments

The Dreamer scored in the 93rd percentile in Math for her grade in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I promised her a reward night out — But a daddy-daughter-dinner-date at Subways won’t be happening.

A good deal of her education was in homeschooling where Your Business Blogger(R) worked with her on that topic that counted: Counting. The hard sciences that “girls don’t do well.”

Not good in Math? Not my girls. My expectation was that they would do well in the quantitatives. (Parent and teacher expectations are the biggest variable in the success of students.) My wife is a genius with SPSS and regression analysis . The Dancer and The Diva are rabid readers and love ‘rithmatic — and are bloggers.

The Penta-Posse are outliers on the bell curve of school age young’ums.

So. I promised The Dreamer a night out. But not at Subway. The restaurant is off the good-guy list for two reasons:

1) The company doesn’t care for homeschoolers, and

2) They can’t spell.

Our friend Don Wildmon at the American Family Association sends this along,

Subway tells home schoolers: We will not allow you to participate in our contest. Subway discriminates against home schoolers.

Subway, the sandwich restaurant, wants to hear your child’s story – unless he or she is home schooled.

The national chain’s “Every Sandwich Tells a Story Contest” offers prizes and a chance to be published on the Subway Web site and in Scholastic’s “Parent & Child” magazine but specifically excludes home schoolers. Subway’s website states:

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Contest is open only to legal residents of the Untied (sic) States who are currently over the age of 18 and have children who attend elementary, private or parochial schools that serve grades PreK-6. No home schools will be accepted.

Subway will probably say they excluded home schools because of the main prize ($5,000 worth of athletic equipment to the winning child’s school). But Subway could have given it to a local park, church or school of the winning home schooler’s choice.

Subway’s Web site promotion not only misspells “Untied (sic) States,” but offers the grand prize winner a “Scholastic Gift Bastket (sic) for your home.”

Subway’s leadership clearly does not understand the value of homeschooling. In addition to learning how to spell, we are keeping our kids clear of the public schools’ Family Life Education: Which is, as is commonly known, Sex Ed taught by liberals. When almost 20% of teens have herpes — one would hope that this objective fact might persuade our feminist free-lovers that the condom classes might not be working.

Nope. The public payroll sex trainers are working even harder.

Here’s some of what appears in Family Life Education for grades six through eight,

6.1 The student will learn that there are many health care and safety agencies in the community.

No need to talk with mom or dad, or aunt Sally or uncle Joe. The Planned Parenthood abortion clinic is just around the corner.

6.7 The student will be able to describe the etiology, effects and transmission of the HIV virus.

Clean needles for drug users? Contaminated blood supply? This is more important than spelling or math? The school will not reveal the detail of homosexual sex acts in the spread of the HIV virus. I did see a very nice man who teaches the course, however.

6.8 …[E]valuate …sexuality, and gender stereotyping…

The feminists are determined to get women in combat in the armed services.

7.7 The student will recognize that sexual behaviors are conscious decisions…

The public schools are a bit confused even about their own world view: homosexuality is a conscious decision; a preference — not an orientation. FLE lurched into the truth.

So Subway supports only public schools, can’t spell and doesn’t like homeschoolers.

Dinner at Subway? No sirree — We all are a-going to Chick-fil-a.




Thank you (foot)notes:

Tom Peters once remarked that excellence should permeate an organization, especially for managing the perceptions of the customer. This is why managers make so much money. Airlines, in the consumers’ mind, must understand that if the tray tables are dirty, the airline doesn’t do engine maintenance.

The Army taught if boots were not shined, the soldier couldn’t shoot straight.

If Subway can’t spell, their food will make you [sic].

Send an e-mail to Subway President Frederick A. DeLuca. Tell him you will not eat with them anymore until and unless they allow home schoolers to participate. ©2008 Doctor’s Associates Inc. SUBWAY® is a registered trademark of Doctor’s Associates Inc.

This is an unpaid endorsement of Chick-fil-A.

See some commonsense at The sexual ‘revolution’ that keeps on turning

This is a cross post from Pro-Life Unity.

No School: Coke-Mentos Explosive Rockets

May 26, 2008 | By | No Comments

The Dreamer writes, The Dude, a dominant male homo-sapien, attempts to explode a bottle of diet coke with mentos. Commentaries by The Dreamer and The Diva. Grip by The Baby Boo.

This is a typical Penta-Posse activity when not in the class room and distracted by getting a conventional education.

Proving that the public schools are good for something…

No animals were harmed in the making of this film.

Happy Memorial Day!

The frustrated attempt:


Teamwork & Rowing: 2008 National Scholastic Championship, Oak Ridge, TN

May 21, 2008 | By | One Comment


Launching area for the crew regatta

click on image for live feed web-cam Building Teams and Teamwork is the mantra of the modern manager.

How does a manager take a group of talented individual contributors and motivate them to, well, pull together as one unit in the same boat?

Last year The Chronicle of Higher Education lurched into the truth in an article All for One.

It was a story on rowing.

And in it Your Business Blogger(R) read a business lesson.

For both my business practice and The Dreamer’s crewing at her high school.



Race Course

Click on image for live feed

web-cam The Oak Ridge Rowing Association and the Scholastic Rowing Association of America is sponsoring the 2008 National Scholastic Championships in Oak Ridge, TN. Several thousand visitors will go down to the river and pray for blue skies and flat water.

We are packing up the monster Huck-a-truck and the Penta-Posse (minus The Dreamer traveling with her team) and will gas-guzzle our way to the Volunteer State to watch our girls compete at the regatta.

With a monster carbon footprint.

Listening to the Oak Ridge Boys .

(Ain’t America great or what?)

The Women’s Freshmen Eight will row at 10:15am on Friday the 23rd. Please check the schedule.

The Women’s coach was able to persuade decision makers to allow his team to use the Invictus. A new and faster boat used by upper class men at their high school.

Where tenths of a second determine winners, the perception of crewing a world-class shell can make the difference. If the women think they are faster, they will be.

Rowing is 90 percent mental, the other half is physical.

Apologies to Yogi Berra.



Scholastic Rowing Association

of America

Regatta 2008

Which brings us back to Notes From Academe, in The Chronicle of Higher Education. Writer Scott Smallwood visited the Cambridge University Boat Club in the UK to write about the yearly Oxford-Cambridge competition.

Alert Readers will recall that Charmaine and Your Business Blogger(R) read at Oxford and attended our first rowing event on the narrow creeks that pass for rivers at ox ford.

Duncan Holland, the Cambridge coach with some 20 years experience, helped Dutch rowers to an Olympic medal. He well understands that even though he’s got winning seasons, only one race matters as a condition of (enjoyable) employment:

Beat Oxford.

Picking eight rowers seems like an easy task for a coach,

With rowing machines that can spit out reams of numbers about how fast and hard every rower can pull, what’s so hard about choosing a team? Why not just pick the eight strongest guys and be done with it? It turns out…that team dynamics are trickier than that. The eight who are eventually chosen will be not necessarily the fastest individual rowers, but the best combination of rowers.

Smallwood continues,

Quintus Travis, a past president of the boat club and now treasurer, puts the mystery more bluntly: “There are always a couple [of rowers] who are stunted, but somehow they make the boats go faster.”

The Brits can be brutal.

Mr. de Rond is a professor at Cambridge’s Judge Business School and is studying the Cambridge athletes and the team and the coach,

…de Rond sees the answer [of the faster boats] in how team members bond. He draws a comparison from a 2005 paper in the Harvard Business Review by Tiziana E. Casciaro, of Harvard, and Miguel Sousa Lobo, of Duke University. The pair studied likability versus competence. Their work boils down to this: When choosing whom to work with, do you pick the lovable fool or the competent jerk? People, especially managers, often say they value competence above all. But in practice, they’ll often trade some of that competence for likability. And that may not be so dumb.

Mr. de Rond doesn’t think any of the Cambridge rowers are incompetent. No matter how lovable you are, you can’t get in this boat unless you’re a top-notch rower.

But here the Cambridge rowers become a self-directed team. Something business managers talk about but seldom see,

When the tentative roster was chosen,” says [de Rond], Dan wasn’t originally on the list.” The other men successfully lobbied the coaches to put him in the varsity boat, even though by the numbers he was a borderline choice. Now, he says, [Dan's] social skills — he’s the class clown, really — have improved the psychology of the entire team.

Like the coaches, this is where managers work their magic. To assemble a team that maximizes strengths and minimizes weaknesses, as Peter Drucker said.

So the women’s coach got a better boat for his team. Coaches and managers get paid to figure out the immeasurables; the intangibles that go into building a winning team.

This Freshman Women’s coach has got it figured out.

If he reported to me, I’d get him a raise…



Yorktown Crew Boosters Thank you (foot)notes:

On April 7, 2007, in the 153rd match-up: Cambridge beat Oxford.

This is a cross post from Management Training of DC, LLC.

All for One by Scott Smallwood was published on May 4, 2007 in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

See video from the Stotesbury Regatta.

From The New York Times, From a World-Class Rower, Tips to Sharpen Technique. Watch the video on how to film a rower’s movement and a slide show on training.

Mix It Up

“There’s this saying that ‘Miles make champions,’ ” Michelle Guerette said. So she spends up to five hours a day on the water, doing a variety of workouts. Mix these pieces into your own sculling training:

BUILDING BLOCKS A base training session “addresses fitness, feeling and rhythm,” Charley Butt said. As with a runner, he said, what matters is “how a rower gets in the miles.” He advised rowing for 25 minutes at 75 percent of full pressure at a stroke rate of 16 to 20. Then, he said, paddle for 5 to 10 minutes and repeat. Maintaining a low stroke rate allows you to concentrate on technique.

Stan Hudy will not be at the races. A loss for us all.