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MEDIA ALERT: Video Of Charmaine On Glenn Beck: Co-Ed Dorm…Rooms

May 8, 2008 | By | No Comments


Charmaine giving a lecture

on abortion at Princeton Rakes, Cads and leering Don Juans — that is to say: all normal men — have been attempting to seduce women for 4,000 years.

Our institutions of higher learning have noticed this and are helping out. No, not helping the parents, not the girls, not our culture.

Nope. Your local college administrator, acting in place of the parents, has now made it possible for the young women to undress in front of the young men in the privacy of their own (parental-paid) room.

This is not the No-Tell Motel. It is the college dorm room.

Higher Education has been working for decades to help separate not the women from men, but women from their clothes in front of men. And now the colleges and the men have succeeded.

The colleges, Your Business Blogger(R) would suggest, are acting less loco prarentis but just plain loco.

Charmaine recently appeared on CNN Headline News’ Glenn Beck Show Monday, May 5, 2008 to discuss the emergence of co-ed dorm rooms on college campuses.

Watch the clip here at the Family Research Council. Sorry for the extra clicking.


“Professor” Diana York Blaine

Womyn’s Studies

Normal people think co-ed dorm rooms are lunacy.

But the “professor” on the left is a typical Leftie that passes for normalcy on the local college campus.

Womyn’s Studies Professor and lunar worshipper Diana York Blaine offers Alert Readers Full Disclosure on helping college men in learning all about the modern womyn. The nutty professor Blaine teaches at USC. It is not known if clothing is optional.

Higher Education at its best.

Research Institutions pride themselves on ‘advancing scholarship.’

These days, Higher Ed is advancing an agenda.

And it is not a pretty site.


Thank you (foot)notes:

But sure to catch Charmaine’s recent appearance on FOX News March 1, 2008 where she debated the prevalence of shock-style — nasty — advertising in the media. Click here to view the video — please forgive the extra click on thru on the FRC site. Now that’s a Pretty Woman.

Full Disclosure: Charmaine has taught Politics and the Family at the University of Virginia; Your Business Blogger(R) teaches Business at the Northern Virginia Community College.

Blaine tells us on her site that,

Dr. Diana Blaine is a PhD philosopher, writer, adventurer, bon vivant and buttkicker. She’s read and studied how gender dynamics function in our culture…

Emphasis mine. Some lady. Email us your comments.

Pro-Life Student Forced to Remove Abortion T-Shirt

May 1, 2008 | By | 6 Comments

This is a guest post by The Diva. The script was written by The Diva. Really.

Talent on screen, The Diva ; Camera-Direction, The Dude;

Grip #1, T-shirt, clapper, The Dancer;

Grip #2 ALL paper, Baby-Boo

My name is Helena Yoest, and I was harassed by the principal of my school because of a shirt.

Ok, so I went to class, just like a regular school day, I had the shirt on, no one was offended or anything by it.

Then my teacher- Mr. Young- says “Mrs. Schaffner wants to see you”

I walk over to her in the hall, she was talking to some other teachers with one or two students flocking around her.

She stops talking when she sees me, pulls me over to a corner, and says plainly

“you can’t wear the shirt”

Wow. 5 minutes into the day and I’ve been caught in this t-shirt. (say sarcastically) Shoot.

I say very politely “may I go get something from my locker?”

Mrs.Shaffner says, “eh, yes”

So I go down to my locker to get a piece of paper, it’s a magical piece of paper that gets me out of trouble.


National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day From the American Life League.

Actually, it states my civil rights and how I CAN wear the shirt, no harassment.

I hand over the letter and she hands me a t-shirt with the school name on it. Oh joy.

So I head to the bathroom to change and I hear her say, “were going to have to visit the principal about this.”

So there I am, in the principal’s office. Mrs. Annan (the principal) reads the letter Mrs. Shaffner is babbling about how they’ve never had this happen before, while Mrs. Annan is reading.

Mrs. Shaffner gets called away to do vice principal stuff and

Mrs. Annan pulls up a chair to sit beside me. “How do you know about this political issue?” she asks. “My mom” I say.

“What would you think if a kindergartner went up to you and asked you what it is?” she says pointing at my shirt.

“I would say ‘it’s where doctors and hospitals kill babies’”

You should’ve seen her face when I said that. “I just don’t want you to be uncomfortable.”

She leads me to a bathroom “you can turn it inside out, or you can change, whichever you want” so I change into this ew yucky t-shirt with the school name on it, so they would be happy and quit bothering me.

This is how it was in the classroom:

“Whydya change your t-shirt?” my classmates ask.

“She made me” I say, which isn’t stretching the truth.

I went to art, and my teacher came in the middle of it and said

“walk with me” so I walk with him and he says “you can change into your shirt now, or after art, what do you want?”

I changed after lunch.

Can you believe that?

The principal of an elementary school, pressured and manipulated a 5th grade student to do her wills.

The principal, of all people! Wow.



Growing, Growing…Gone Pro-Lifers are the new Progressives.

Thank you (foot)notes:

Please send us your comments!


The Penta-Posse L to R: Baby-Boo, The Dancer,

The Diva, The Dude, The Dreamer

The Roe Effect

The American Life League sponsors the annual trouble-making event. The Dude was also spoken to by school officials. But no action was taken against him.

The “magical piece of paper” from the American Life League.

See The Roe Effect


The Diva protesting at the Afghan Embassy, 2006

She is no stranger to controversy

The Diva making phone calls for Mike

at the Huckabee for President headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa

Video Credit: The Dreamer See The Dude’s post on the Abortion T-shirt at Panzer Commander.

Mike Huckabee Focuses on Florida, Ed Rollins: A Class Act

January 21, 2008 | By | 3 Comments


Charmaine, right at her Little Rock office

The Face That Launched Me A 1,000 miles.

Chip Saltsman’s office is next door on right. Saturday nite Huckabee came in three points down in South Carolina. So close — a mere field goal. But still a loss.

Charmaine’s leave of absence had come to an end. This meant one thing to Your Business Blogger’s household:

Road Trip.

We started packing up the Penta-Posse after Huckabee’s Saturday evening concession speech and set the alarm for 0:darn-thirty, military time and left Virginia for Little Rock on Sunday morning. We arrived at Charmaine’s office some 16 hours later late last night.

Nobody got hurt. (This trip anyway.) (We’ve got the best kids on the planet.)

We knew that the campaign would fly Charmaine home, but we thought we could drive home and visit kin along the way. A little delayed Christmas and New Year’s — Charmaine worked through both this year. We would also be implementing a lesson from World War II and Vietnam:

To Decompress.

After WWII the returning troops returned via slow ship transport with their buddies and slowly adjusted from combat to the idea of civilian life and regular sleep, regular food. And adjust to the idea that nobody was gunning for you.

Much like a presidential campaign…

Vietnam vets had no such decompression. They went from battlefield to seat 3B to USA tarmac in 24 hours. No wonder a few had such difficulty with re-entry. There was no time to cry.

We wanted to drive some 2,000 miles to learn from the wars. And learn from the war.

While I was a-driving cross country with the Hucka-Truck full of MacDonald’s wrappers, Charmaine was eating steak with Ed Rollins, Chairman; Jim Pinkerton, Senior Adviser and David Polyansky the Chief Operating Officer. They were saying goodbye.

Ed picked up the check. He’s a class act.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Ed bought the steaks instead of watching some football game. Where the NY Giants beat the Packers 23 to 20 in overtime. Ed has his office in New York. He gave up watching the playoff game to huddle-adieu. Ed knows how to coach a team…

Mike Huckabee is preparing for the next debate on Thursday in Florida. We will continue to cheer him on in any way possible.

We look forward to rejoining our Cherrydale Baptist bible study!

On The Campaign Trail With Huckabee: The Dude’s Big Break

January 17, 2008 | By | 2 Comments


The Dude’s broken wrist

on the campaign (ski) trail Your Business Blogger has the rambunctious Penta-Posse on the road supporting Huckabee for President. Alert Readers ask,

“How do you do it?”

The one word answer,


And I would follow-up: “Nobody gets hurt.”

I can’t say that any more.

On the way home from New Hampshire I steered the Hucka-Truck with the Penta-Posse for a day of night skiing at Pat’s Peak.

Charmaine suggested that taking five children out on the slopes is a formula for trouble.

Skisbootsglovesgoggleshelmetspolescoats X 5 + Your Business Blogger = Charmaine is right again.

So. Under close parental supervision — meaning within cell phone range — The Dude and The Diva were doing a Double Black Diamond double time.

Their first run down the Diamond was slow, deliberate and measured in keeping with our family motto of Safety First.

Their second run was faster. The Dude took a jump, grabbed some air, ate some snow.

That was the only thing he ate that night. He took the pain like a trooper. Better than me.

I wonder about the coming physical therapy though…


The Dude before his big break at the Victory party in Iowa

Photo Credit: Brooks Kraft from Time


Thank you (foot)notes:

Jeffrey Lovallo, MD, installed the cast. The Dude got the cast in black. In memory of the diamonds. No complications and the cast should be off in six weeks.

Dr. Lovallo,

is currently an upper extremity consultant to the Washington Redskins and the DC United professional soccer team. He is a consultant for DePuy Medical, the leading total shoulder joint replacement company in the US. As a total shoulder arthroplasty consultant for DePuy, he has produced a state of the art video on total shoulder replacement.

I asked if he could help us get The Dude on the field as a walk-on for the Redskins. He mentions some nonsense about how the NFL has rules on eligibility: a junior in college. But he says there might be an exception for homeschoolers…

The Dreamer Goes To Peru…Without Her Mao Bag.

July 21, 2007 | By | 6 Comments


Boo, The Diva and The Dancer

with Your Business Blogger’s

Mao Man Bag (for diapers) I asked the woman why she wanted to work for us.

“The Terrorists are trying to kill me.”

I knew this was not to be an ordinary job interview.

Charmaine and I were hiring a housekeeper in the early 90′s, and Mrs. C was referred to us, because she was well qualified. She used to own a day-care business.

In Peru.

And her husband was a manager for a manufacturer for a US based company. The rebel communists, the Sendero Luminoso — or Shining Path — had picked up the local company organization chart and began picking off the managers in quick order.

A well executed plan.

Like a good org chart shaped like a pyramid, the terrorists started at the bottom and were working their way up the corporate ladder fast.

The hierarchy of the career path was easy to follow for the Shining Path. The communists are nothing if not consistent. Just as they were in Stalin’s day, the communist’s were executing the managers, killing their way up the org chart.

Mr. C thoughtfully decided to leave the company, wanting to spend more time with the family…in another country.

So Mrs. C packed up her two girls and hubby and moved to America and was given earned asylum. I admired her resilience. Her ingenuity. Her gumption.

Her green card.

Filled with compassion, as is my nature, I hired her and her valid status.

We learned a bit about Peru and the kind of terrorism that kills immediately and immediate family. The terrorists, with the accent on the last syllable. We learned that the people of Peru loved freedom, hated communism.


Cameron Diaz

with Mao bag in PeruSo we were surprised that the well-briefed commie babe Cameron Diaz would go to Machu Picchu, Peru with her trendy, yet practical, Mao Bag with bold Red Star and well-placed slogan Serve the People in the ever- popular military drab olive green.

Peruvians did not appreciate her “style.”

The nation of Peru is still healing from the almost 70,000 murdered by the Shining Path. Not quite the head count of Stalin or Mao, but still a not-too-shabby benchmark in the Commie Accounting.

Cameron Diaz did apologize for her thoughtlessness.

But it is not just the thoughtless commies in Hollywood who are insulting the people of Peru. Our very own (elected) commies Democrats in Congress are insulting Peru.

Democrats are insulting the government of Peru by modifying trade deals. Not content with attempting to run our lives here in the States, the Dems are micro-managing in Peru. And are screwing up a good trade deal.

But Your Business Blogger wants to assure our friends in Peru that the American People are not represented (so to say) by the Democrats in our Congress. That our government really wants free trade and free people to do business.

So we put The Dreamer, our first born, on Copa Airlines this morning out of Dulles Airport with a suitcase full of new shoes for children in Lima.

The Peruvians fought communism and are now fighting Democrats, the least we can do is support these freedom fighters.

The Dreamer, being brighter than Cameron Diaz, did not take her Mao bag to Peru. She is taking our good will and a big heart and a suitcase full of shoes.

To make a difference one child to one child.


The Penta-Posse minus The Dreamer

at a Potomac Nationals minor league game in

Northern Virginia. We won beating the Salem Avalanche,

farm team for the Houston Astros.


Thank you (foot)notes:

The Dreamer blogs at A Different Kind of Drama. Visit for another shot of the Mao bag.

Last year, when our church went to share Jesus with the people of Peru, they found many children arriving to Bible studies in bare feet. . . this year, our group from McLean Bible Church will arrive with over 500 pairs of shoes so that they can practice “Feet-First” evangelism.

Your Business Blogger bought the Mao bag on a trip to China. It was, I believe the only item in the entire country that was not violating American intellectual property.

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Unlimited Youth Football in Northern Virgina

July 16, 2007 | By | 2 Comments


Northern Virginia

Unlimited Youth

Football Association Alert Readers know that we’ve moved around a bit.

Which means new schools, piano teachers, friends, coaches.

The Penta Posse has taken each uprooting and replanting as normal.

As we constantly remind them: We are not normal…

Anyway, The Dude has always been lucky to find the best coaches in sports.


The Hurricanes Maryland state champions Our luck continues in our move back to Virginia from Maryland. After some checking around, we learned that there is no local Pop Warner football league in Northern Virginia.

But we may have found something better for our boy.

The Northern Virginia Unlimited Youth Football Association is just what The Dude was looking for. The league’s motto is,

“Let the Big Guys Play!”

The program is designed for 6th-8th Graders Only (11-14 Years of Age), and most important:

No Weight Limit, No Experience Needed

The NOVA UYFA tag line continues,

“Prepare Yourself For High School Level – Come Experience The Fun!”

If you are looking for an advanced level of football for high school prep. Contact Joe or leave me a comment.

Or come to the FREE conditioning camp:

July 16th is the start of our Conditioning Camp.

Time: 6pm to 7:15pm

Place: White Oak Elementary School

The minimum weight is 130 pounds, so players are big. And serious.

Email me for questions.


The Son of Thunder

October 2005

“The Equipment Manager”


Thank you (foot)notes:

One of the challenges that this league is facing is a government bureaucracy. Your Business Blogger has wrestled a bit with bureaucracies and managing bureaucrats and working with bureaucracies well understands the challenges. The local government employee/zealots have made it difficult for the budget-conscience league to market to the general population. The most common marketing effort for the local sports teams is to place temporary roadside signage.

But the local governing jurisdictions are hammering the leagues with litter-laws, and other special big-government applications.

Joe Whibley, the Executive Director of NOVA UYFA says word of mouth works to identify football players.

“We are always looking for more players to join,” and Joe asks that we all help, “advertising…spreading the word…and recruiting for us.”

The counties are not yet silencing blogs as a media outlet. This is an unpaid endorsement for the Northern Virginia

Unlimited Youth Football Association.

See What Is The Best Predictor of Successful Leadership? See Management Training.

NOVA UYFA is Endorsed by the Northern VA High School Coaches Association

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Easter: He Is Risen; Family, Faith & Freedom

April 7, 2007 | By | 2 Comments


Charmaine, Your Business Blogger

Penta-Posse at the Grand Canyon

Easter 2005 In this political season, every Presidential Candidate will be in church on Easter.

A photo op, if nothing else.

Two Easters back we traveled west on business and celebrated Easter in Arizona.

Your Business Blogger had the Family celebrate our Faith with tax supported Freedom at the government owned and operated Grand Canyon.

I remember asking the officiating pastor at Sunrise Service if liberals were attempting to shut down the event at Mather Point. Church/State and all that.

He said, “We’ve been having [Easter sunrise service] for decades. No one has bothered us.” Preaching on public land. Imagine.

Alert the (main stream) media. Call the ACLU.

The sponsoring church secures the permit and 1,600 people show up well before dawn. To watch the sun rise.

Which makes for the perfect photo op.

Be sure to visit Pro-Life News. To see this Faith in action.


Pro-Life News TV

See the press release at the jump.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Full Disclosure: Peter Shinn at Pro-Life News TV is the tech-guru for Your Business Blogger.

Easter at the Grand Canyon? Maybe not necessary…Finding God in a Technical Memo.

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Charmaine at the National Religious Broadcasters Association National Convention

February 16, 2007 | By | No Comments


Ronald Reagan

addressed the 1984

NRB Convention Charmaine and The Diva flew south to Orlando, Florida this morning for the annual NRB convention and exposition. Charmaine’s team will be manning the Family Research Council’s trade show booth.


President Bush at a previous

NRB convention

Reagan and Bush appreciated the NRB. And so, it seems, some of the current (GOP!) presidential candidates also appreciate the gathering of Jesus-loving media professionals. Charmaine is scheduled to link up with Mitt Romney on Sunday and John McCain on Monday. She’ll do updates here and at the FRCBlog.

If you are anywhere near Orlando or at the convention — go visit the FRC booth!


Thank you (foot)notes:

See 7 Steps in Making Money at Trade Shows

Which answers the following issues for trade show attendance:

Why are we here?

Get professional help.

Logical Logistics.

Center of Attention.


Follow Up.

Return on Investment.

I am an enthusiast for Trade Shows. But remember, the purpose is to sell.

See Charmaine at last year’s convention Lawyers and Good Books for the Middle Kingdom.

Blogging from NRB: Calm Before the Storm.

Is John McCain Courting the Religious Right?

Charmaine Debates the Mitt Romney Presidential Bid on FOX

Read More

Work and Family: One Size Does Not Fit All

December 23, 2006 | By | No Comments

No ‘cookie-cutter’ solutions: Family expert Charmaine Yoest says creativity, flexibility are keys to resolving work/family issues

Charmaine Yoest acknowledges that creative solutions to juggling work and family are never easy. “That’s part of why I study it as an issue.”

By Elizabeth Kiem [from May 14, 2004]

Charmaine Yoest, a doctoral candidate in U.Va.’s Woodrow Wilson Department of Politics, is an up-and-coming young expert on family policy issues.


Charmaine Yoest

Photo by Andrew Shurtleff By normal counts, her 10 years at the University have been hyper-productive: Her papers on the subject are prolific, as are her media appearances, congressional testimonies and academic presentations. She has written a book on working mothers and is completing a second on parental leave policies.

But Yoest’s career must be viewed in the context of a not-so-typical doctoral student’s family life — she is the 39-year-old mother of five children, ranging from age 10 to infancy.

“I hope it’s inspirational to some,” she said of her ability to pursue her studies and career even with a full capacity mini-van. “Obviously I couldn’t do what I’ve done unless my husband was willing to live a nontraditional life as well.”

Yoest acknowledges that her domestic situation, with close family near by to step into the child-care breach and a husband willing to reduce his workload significantly to help raise children, has been unusually conducive to her career. Nonetheless, she would like to see more families adopt a “nontraditional lifestyle” to accommodate childrearing and professional equality among the parents.

There is such an emphasis on work and family that sometimes the family gets lost because people are so focused on ‘how can we facilitate work? she said.

A regular on the political talk-shows, Yoest is careful with her words, aware of just how politicized the debate has become. She is quick to emphasize that her pro-family stance in no way negates her advocacy for women to pursue careers and advanced education, as she has done. The mission, she says, is to find creative ways to do both — and women require the participation of spouses and employers to do so.

Continue reading at the jump.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Originially published by UVA Insider May 2004.

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Merry Christmas

December 19, 2006 | By | One Comment


Merry Christmas to you and yours,

from Your Business Blogger, Charmaine and the Penta-Posse

If you would like to be added to our good-guy Christmas Card list please email us.

Read about London’s John Calcott Horsley and the business of the first Christmas card at the jump. And the original meaning of “merry.”

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