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Will Abortion Be Covered In ObamaCare? Is There An Abortion Mandate?

September 12, 2009 | By | No Comments

Charmaine sends this out to the good-guys on AUL Action

Dear Friend,

Wednesday night, before a joint session of Congress and tens of millions of TV viewers and radio listeners, President Obama repeated his claim that, under his health care reform agenda, “no federal dollars will be used to fund abortion.” But, in fact, he is throwing his support behind legislation that will equate abortion with basic health care.


We reported on the President’s speech as it happened on the AUL Blog. Afterwards, we posted an official statement detailing the gap between Obama’s claims and the agenda his administration is pursuing in Congress, including this observation from AUL Action Staff Counsel Mary Harned:

mary_harned_scotus_aul.jpg“No matter how President Obama and Congress change the structure of the health care reform proposals — whether there is a public option, co-op, exchange, or the like — any legislation that provides government funding for health care must contain explicit language that excludes abortion.”

Mary Harned

You can read the entire statement on our blog, and I encourage you to send it to your friends and family so that they’ll understand why it is so vital that the President take positive action to protect life.

Speaking of AUL Action Staff Counsel Mary Harned, she met with Capitol Hill legislative staff on Thursday to brief them on the abortion issues in the health care bills, as part of our “Back to the Hill” campaign. Mary is right at home on the Hill, having formerly served as Chief Counsel to U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla).

I will have the opportunity to relay your concerns about health care reform directly to the White House in less than a week, when AUL Action meets with White House officials Melody Barnes and Tina Tchen. One of our most powerful means to show the President the strength and dedication of pro-life Americans is our Keep Abortion Out of Health Care petition, which I will personally deliver at that September 17 meeting. That’s why, if you haven’t already done so, I urgently ask you to join your name to the thousands who have already signed the petition at

Another important means of influencing Congress to include protections for life in health care legislation is the “Voided Check” campaign of the Stop the Abortion Mandate Coalition of which AUL is a proud member. Click on the “Voided Check” at to contact your elected representatives and tell them you don’t want the government funding abortion.

Thank you for joining me in protecting and defending life!

Charmaine_Yoest_aul_pub_shot_2009.jpgFor Life,

Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D.

President & CEO


P.S. Let me know what you think! You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook, and follow AUL on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. We’re also reachable by e-mail at

The Time Traveler’s Wife & Jeremiah & Longfellow

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Charmaine_Yoest_aul_pub_shot_2009.jpgAmong pro-lifers the words of the ancient prophet Jeremiah have special meaning: ‘I knew you before I formed you in the womb.”

Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D.

This tells us that our lives have a transcendent meaning, and sets a frame for all of our work on life. Those words rang in my memory after Jack and I recently went to see the hit summer movie, The Time Traveler’s Wife.

And while I certainly don’t endorse all of the movie’s values, I was drawn in by seeing a Hollywood movie where the title character is a wife.

(I should warn you though that my son, John, thought it was ‘the worst movie ever,” not enough explosions and car chases, I guess.)

Still, I thought the movie made a powerful pro-life statement. . . albeit entirely unintentional, I’m sure.

I’ll confess that I have always loved stories about time travel. I know I’m not the only one because it shows up so often as a plot device. Our fascination with breaking the confines of time reminds me of C.S. Lewis’ observation about the nature of man; he argues that there must be such a thing as “justice” because we feel so keenly outraged by “injustice”:

A man feels wet when he falls into water,

because man is not a water animal:

a fish would not feel wet.

-C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

We feel wet in water . . . and we feel uncomfortable with the passage of time (“Look how you’ve grown!”) because we are eternal beings experiencing a temporal life.

I believe that’s why we are drawn to stories about time travel. . . and particularly those about a love that transcends time. Because it speaks to the deeper reality of eternity that we recognize with some part of our souls. “I knew you. . .

The Time Traveler’s Wife is billed as a love story, and it is. But in many ways, the love story at the heart of the tale is the bond between the couple and their daughter. The scene that stays with me is one where the wife, Clare, pregnant with their daughter, is taking a bath.

Her husband Henry suddenly returns from time-traveling where he has just been with their daughter, ten years in the future. Clare has suffered several miscarriages, so she worries about carrying the baby to term. . . Having now met their daughter, Henry can reassure her.

‘She’s beautiful, Clare,’ he tells her.

Surprised, Clare looks with wonder toward her very advanced pregnancy and says, “You’ve met her?”

They laugh together with joy, with the knowledge that the very same unborn baby with them that day lives in the future as the vibrant ten-year-old that Henry has just met. They knew their daughter, even before they’d met her in real time.

It’s fanciful. But it also reflects a truth about the unique, timeless, value of each life.

My father used to tell me that before my birth I was “a twinkle in my mother’s eye.”


Similarly, our son James, the youngest of our five children, sometimes asks where he was when he sees the pictures of our family before he was born. We tell him he was an angel in heaven watching and waiting his turn to join the family and increase the fun. The notion reassures him that he has always been a part of our family, unbounded by time and space.

This weekend we’ll be packing up the kids in the Suburban and heading south to North Carolina to visit Jack’s mom.

Helena, Sarah and James Yoest

I imagine many of you will be doing something similar.

As we turn our attention to family and friends this weekend, I wanted to take a minute just to thank you for standing with us and enabling us to defend life together.

First thing Tuesday we’ll be back in the fray as Congress returns and health care reform is at the top of the agenda. The President will be giving a major address on health care on Wednesday and the following week we’ll be meeting with his Domestic Policy Advisor at the White House to talk about the abortion mandate in health care. So we will be ready to run hard again next week and the AUL legal team will have new material for you on Tuesday. We’ll be back quickly to our usual policy focus.

But in the meantime, as we slow down for the Labor Day holiday, it’s worth taking a few minutes together to reflect on why we persevere in this fight. Even Hollywood tells the truth when they want to tell a good story. As Longfellow penned in his Psalm of Life:

Life is real! Life is earnest!

And the grave is not its goal;

Dust thou art, to dust returnest,

Was not spoken of the soul.

Life is real. And it’s worth defending.

Thank you for joining me in working to protect and defend life!

Yours For Life,

Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D.

President & CEO

PS: Let me know what you think: you can ‘follow” me on Twitter and Facebook. You can also ‘follow’ AUL on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube! We’re also reachable by email at

Media Alert: Charmaine CBN, 700 Club on Obama Abortions & Denial of Care

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Charmaine will be appearing on the 700 Club tomorrow discussing abortion and healthcare.


(What an odd juxtaposition of words: Abortion — Healthcare; ‘abortion’ takes the life of a baby and ‘healthcare’ preserves life.) (Except in ObamaCare where there is denial-of-care for newborns and, now, the elderly.)

As Your Business Blogger(R) tells my students, “The best indication of future performance…is past performance.”

The clip can be watched now on the CBN website. Click here: What is the Truth About Abortions and Health Care Reform?

Please watch and let us know what you think. And how you think Charmaine’s hair looks…

Join Fight FOCA


Thank you (foot)notes:

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Reagan Conservatives

Stop the Abortion Mandate

And watch the Bloodmoney trailer:

In reducing abortions, House bills diverge.

Americans United For Life Welcomes South Dakota Decision Affirming a Woman’s Right to Know.

The Thanatos Syndrome: A Book Prediction On Obama Denial of Care

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A must-read book suggestion for our deadly times: The Thanatos Syndrome by Walker Percy. It has been a long-time favorite of ours.

It will soon be everyone’s favorite.

From a few years ago…

Winston Churchill said that if a book is not worth reading twice, it’s not worth reading once. Charmaine has a book suggestion that deserves double coverage.

Cross Posted at Reasoned Audacity by Charmaine:

I love nothing better as a Christmas present than a good book. (Unless, of course, the present sparkles.) After all the paper has been ripped apart, discarded, and finally cleaned up. . . to sit down with a cup of tea, ignore the kids (who are fighting, hopefully, playing happily with new toys) and lose yourself in another world. . .That’s Christmas cheer for me.

If that’s you, or someone you love, then National Review has the list for you! Kathryn put up today NRO’s annual Christmas book-buying guide.


There are some terrific suggestions from Ralph McInerny, Michael Novak, Victor Davis Hanson, Mary Ann Glendon, and, well, me.

My own suggestion is The Thanatos Syndrome, by Walker Percy. First, it’s just a great story. But with Percy, there’s always two more layers. He’s such an unusual craftsman with words, that it’s a joy to read him, technically — to sit back and just watch the words march across the page. It’s almost like watching Percy play.

More importantly, however, I called this novel “subversive” because it’s not until the end of the book that the full import of the story becomes clear. He subtly pulls the reader along for a ride, then weaves a pro-life message into the book’s wackiness.

I was bemused at the end — I remember turning to Jack and saying, “Wow, how did he do that?” The book won a National Book Award!

Did I mention the underlying pro-life message??

What a hoot.

I think this Christmas, I’ll reread it.

* * *

Now it’s your turn. What else should I be reading this Christmas??

Cross-posted at Zeitgeist.


From Ralph C. Wood,

…Percy likens late 20th-century American life to the Weimar Republic. He finds harrowing parallels between our own behaviorists and the German scientists who practiced eugenics while quoting Rilke and Goethe and Schiller.

Our culture shares with theirs, Percy suggests. a mere utilitarian regard for human life.

The logical conclusion of that view is that those who are “useless” to themselves or the world — unwanted infants, nursing home residents and victims of severe mongolism, epilepsy, encephalitis, arteriosclerosis, progressive neurological disease and hopeless schizophrenia — ought to be “compassionately” eliminated.

In the absence of a “life with dignity,” reasons one of Percy’s humanist technicians, those who make no ‘contribution” to society should all be accorded their right to a “death with dignity.”

The sickness-unto-death that first manifested itself at Verdun and the Somme did not end with Dachau and Hiroshima; it has penetrated to the very core of American culture.

Percy gives our spiritual disease terrifying expression by having a team of well-meaning humanists enact their own deceptively decent form of demonry.

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Stop the Abortion Mandate: The Video

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charmaine_stopabortionmandate_hotair_screenshot_aul.jpg “Let all the babies be born.

Then let us drown those we don’t like from the litter.

Let all the old folks die.

Who wants to feel their pain — they’re so old and bitter?”*

Apologies to G.K. Chesterton.

Charmaine Yoest, PH.D.

Screen Shot Courtesy Hot Air.

Obama is having trouble selling his socialized medicine.

Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood supports Obama’s health care government take over.

Americans United for Life Action does not.

Planned Parenthood has a money-making business model selling abortion. The Obama plan will demand abortion in health insurance plans and will provide tax dollars to provide for abortion on demand. Though all nine months — and beyond: See Obama and the death of a live birth.

Planned Parenthood will make more — lots more — money.

Your Business Blogger(R) loves business. But not this one.


Join Fight FOCA *”Let all the babies be born.

Then let us drown those we do not like.”

GK Chesterton, Babies and Distributism, GK’s Weekly, 11/12/32

Thank you (foot)notes:

Bait and switch healthcare – the Trojan Horse strategy,

Below is an open letter to those who support the life of the pre-born and stand against a mandate which would fund abortions from tax revenue. This letter is from Charmaine Yoest, P.H. D, President and CEO of Americans United for Life. She writes:

“We’ve got inside information: Yesterday a media-relations executive from the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, giving a talk here in Washington on Planned Parenthood’s health care reform strategy, made a comment that revealed the impact we’ve been making in thwarting the abortion industry’s agenda. She lamented that because the “anti-choice” movement — meaning pro-lifers like you and me — had attracted so much attention to her organization’s efforts to mandate abortion funding in health care reform, Planned Parenthood was being forced onto the defensive.

Anti-Abortion Coalition Called Into Question, By Sara Jerome

Myths about abortion in “Health Care” debacle

11 Aug


Two Keys Words in Legislative Writing: Shall & May

August 11, 2009 | By |

Your Business Blogger(R) served a tour of duty in government and quickly learned that the two most important words in looking at a law were:

Shall, and


we_the_people.gif May meant, well, nothing. If there is a budget… It’d be nice… You have the option… Whatever. I could ignore it.

And like any time-starved senior manager I was desperate to find anything I could ignore.

But what I couldn’t ignore was that four letter word, “Shall.” (We also couldn’t ignore any campaign promises.)

(In the days before Obama…)


Shall sounded nice. A breezy word; sounding like: shallow or sanguine. Simple.



Yes, those two little words used to dominate my public service life:



Shall or May. In crafting legislation, policy and procedure my two little buddies could dictate or suggest.

Directive or suggestive.

“Shall” was not the first word in a question. ‘Shall’ did not ask, did not seek permission, did not offer options. ‘Shall’ is not squeeshy legalese.

Shall would appear as an ordinary word. But it is not. It is SHALL. It is the Scriptural equivalent of the GREAT I AM.

‘SHALL’ shall not be disobeyed. It meant that the text which follows ‘Shall’ directs that ITS WILL WILL BE DONE.

“Shall” indicated that an action was to be followed. Concrete Action.

‘May’ was a sandy suggestion. An option. An idea whose time may or may not have come.

Whole government departments and the livelihoods of 100′s of thousands of (expensive) bureaucrats hinged on ‘shall’ and ‘may.’

That dreaded word SHALL is back-

Under Obama’s Health Care proposal. Gary Bauer sends this along,

“Obama’s Death Panel”

Sarah Palin is making headlines again, this time by expressing her views on the national debate over healthcare reform. In a Facebook blog entry, Palin wrote, “The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama’s ‘death panel’ so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their ‘level of productivity in society,’ whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil.” I think it’s clear where she stands!

Over the weekend, Washington Post columnist Charles Lane explored the legislation at the root of this particularly controversial aspect of healthcare reform — Section 1233 on end-of-life decisions. Here are some excerpts of his column:

“…at least as I read it, Section 1233 is not totally innocuous. …Section 1233, however, addresses compassionate goals in disconcerting proximity to fiscal ones. …If it’s all about obviating suffering, emotional or physical, what’s it doing in a measure to ‘bend the curve’ on health-care costs? “…the [end-of-life] consultations envisioned in Section 1233 aren’t quite ‘purely voluntary,’… Section 1233, however, lets doctors initiate the chat and gives them an incentive — money — to do so. Indeed, that’s an incentive to insist. …

“What’s more, Section 1233 dictates, at some length, the content of the consultation.

The doctor ‘shall’ [SHALL] discuss ‘advanced care planning, including key questions and considerations, important steps, and suggested people to talk to’; … and ‘a list of national and State-specific resources to assist consumers and their families.’

…Who belongs on ‘a list’ of helpful ‘resources’? The Roman Catholic Church? Jack Kevorkian?”

Emphasis mine.

Lotsa power in SHALL. That’s why “Congress shall make no law…” is so popular.

Lotsa liberty lost in SHALL.

Shall will soon dominate all our lives if Obama has his “health care” way.

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Liberal’s War on the Weak & (un)Planned Parenthood

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margaret_sanger.jpgThe most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.

Margaret Sanger

Founder Planned Parenthood

Happy 4th of July…

Alert students of Your Business Professor know that men are not equal to each other.

This is one of the great challenges in Business Law: understanding that the Law is King. Not the KIng is King. But Lex Rex.

Men are equal in the eyes of our Creator; in the eyes of the Law. Our governance and justice should be based on Natural Law and the original intent of our Constitution.

Conservatives and Liberals see equality, so to say, differently:






Where all men are equal under the law.

The modern Liberal flow chart is different and cascades so,

Creator (irrelevant)

Law (extension of policy-judges become legislators/politicians)

man = man

Men are equal to each other under the new Liberal equation.

Conservatives however, would submit that each person has equal value under law, under the Creator.

But if the Liberal removes the Creator and Law simply becomes an extension of a political policy shop then the Liberal is left with only Man. Who must be then equal to one another. Because we still do believe in equality.


So how can we judge the new Liberal paradigm of equality without the Creator or the Law?

By observation — By how we treat the least among us. How we treat “retarded people.”

Since all men are obviously “not equal” directly to each other — what do liberals think of the weak, with no Creator? –

What do liberals think of those unequal in their liberal equation; what do they think of those “beneath” them?


NewsBusters’ Noel Sheppard saved us an article from the liberal Huffington Post, HuffPoster: ‘Palin Will Run In ’12 On More Retardation Platform’, July 3, 2009 – 19:52 ET

This is about as disgusting as Palin Derangement Syndrome can get.

A blog just published at the Huffington Post is disgracefully titled “Palin Will Run In ’12 On More Retardation Platform.”

The author, fiction and comedy writer Erik Sean Nelson… actually wrote the following (readers are seriously warned to proceed with caution as this is really vile stuff):

In Sarah Palin’s resignation announcement she complained about the treatment of her son Trig who always teaches her life lessons. She said that the “world needs more Trigs, not fewer.” That’s a presidential campaign promise we can all get behind. She will be the first politician to actually try to increase the population of retarded people. To me, it’s kinda like saying the world needs more cancer patients because they teach us such personal lessons.

Her first act as President: To introduce a Pre-K lunch buffet that includes lead paint chips. Sort of a Large HEAD-START Program.

She will then encourage women to hold off on pregnancies until their 40′s just to mix up some chromosomes.

She now is in favor of abortion only in case of diploid birth [normal chromosomes-this liberal is saying that Palin would only want abortions on “normal” babies. This passes for humor for abortion supporters].

Her policies will increase jobs because Wal-Mart is building new stores each day and someone has to be the greeter. [Liberals hate, just hate Wal-Mart.]

This will lead to smaller government because fewer Americans will have the cognitive ability to hold a government job

Wow. Is this what passes for comedy today?

It will be interesting to see how long this post stays up before someone at HuffPo pulls it.

Stay tuned.

*****Update: The article has been pulled, apparently by the author who claimed: “I got some emails from offended loved ones of the retarded. No one was seeing the absurdity of Palin hiding behind her children, so my piece was not accomplishing anything good.”

Imagine that.

Well, for posterity purposes, here’s a screen-cap of the piece courtesy NB reader Brett Scheer:

Nice job, [HuffPo writer] Erik. Don’t be a stranger.

–Noel Sheppard is the Associate Editor of NewsBusters.

Liberals support Barack Obama’s vote against his state’s Born Alive Infant Protection Act before he became president. His vote would allow babies born alive — from a botched abortion — to die by withholding treatment.

Obama’s concern was that his vote might lead to overturning Roe v Wade which made abortion legal through all nine months – and beyond.

obama_thumbs_up.jpgHis philosophy is not new.

Barack Obama

Supports Planned Parenthood

This thinking was born, so to say, at the turn of the last century and made “popular” by Margaret Sanger, founder of modern Planned Parenthood.

In 2003, Edwin Black wrote a national bestseller War against the Weak: Eugenics and America’s Campaign To Create A Master Race.

War Against the WeakAuthor Edwin Black does not oppose abortion. But he is nevertheless horrified by the disgust that elite Americans feel for the weak, “the least among us.”

Edwin Black writes,

Sanger’s solutions were mass sterilization and mass segregation of the defective classes, and these themes were repeated often in [her book] Pivot of Civilization.

“The emergency problem of segregation and sterilization must be faced immediately. Every feeble-minded girl or woman of the hereditary type, especially of the moron class, should be segregated during the reproductive period.

Otherwise, she is almost certain to bear imbecile children, who in turn are just as certain to breed male defectives. The male defectives are no less dangerous.

Segregation carried out for one or two generations would give us only partial control of the problem.

Moreover, when we realized that each feeble-minded person is a potential source of endless progeny of defect, we prefer the policy of immediate sterilization, of making sure that parenthood is absolutely prohibited to the feeble-minded.”

Edwin Black then guides us to Margaret Sanger’s solution,

Sanger was willing to employ striking language to argue against the inherent misery and defect of large families. In her book, Woman and the New Race, she bluntly declared,

“Many, perhaps, will think it idle to go farther in demonstrating the immorality of large families, but since there is still an abundance of proof at hand, it may be offered for the sake of those who find difficulty in adjusting old-fashioned ideas to the facts.

The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”

It would appear that liberal elitists like Obama, in keeping with Margaret Sanger’s world view, might have prefered that the Palins abort Trigg, Sarah’s Down syndrome newborn.


To avoid the “pain and despair” these children have and cause, so says Obama.

Because an unexpected child is a “punishment.”

What kind of political party would even consider a man with this world view to govern?


Edwin Black tells us more and connects the events in War Against The Weak,

During the period between the wars, the American [eugenics] movement viewed National Socialism [in Germany] as a rising force that could, if empowered, impose a new biological world order. [National Socialism] eugenicists promised to dispense with the niceties of democratic rule.

So even if America’s tower of legislation, well-funded research and entrenched bureaucratic programs still monopolized the world of applied eugenics in the 1920′s, National Socialism promised to own the next decade.

American eugenicists welcomed the idea.

Obama and the The Party of Death.


Thank you (foot)notes,

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Your Business Blogger(R) and Charmaine are celebrating Independence Day at The Dude’s All Star baseball tournament with our large family — The Penta-Posse. When we got married we didn’t know it would be so large…and so much fun. This is (un)planned parenthood. What would Margaret Sanger and Cecile Richards say?

Happy 4th of July from Americans United for Life: Keeping the Founding Fathers’ Legacy Alive

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Charmaine sends this out to the AUL good-guy list,

dude_pitching_14_yorktown_high_school_2009.jpgIt’s nearly Independence Day, and, here in the Yoest household, that means a road trip!

Friday afternoon, Jack and I are filling up our black Suburban and taking our ‘Penta-posse’ — our five kids — to Charlottesville, VA, for our 14-year-old son John’s all-star baseball tournament. How wonderful to spend July 4th in a city steeped in American history near the University of Virginia (my alma mater!), which was founded by Thomas Jefferson just a few miles from his Monticello home.

John Yoest, age 14

[Pitched a no hitter on his JV team -- as an 8th grader]

Photo Credit: Hannah Yoest

But although the calendar — and the heat index — says it’s July 4, in my heart it feels like late November.

Independence Day has always been a kind of early Thanksgiving for me. I think about the sacrifices made by the Founding Fathers and their families, and of the blood shed by patriots so that America could be free, and I am so very thankful to be able to raise my children in the greatest country in the world.

The Founders wrote in the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

In naming three inalienable rights as endowed by humanity’s Creator, the Declaration’s authors were recognizing something unique and beautiful about being human. Taken together, those rights enable all the goods necessary for human flourishing.

More than that, the order in which the Founders listed the rights carries special meaning; it reveals the way one right flows from another. The right to liberty — the freedom to thrive — flows from the right to life, and from that liberty flows the ability to seek the happiness that will give one’s life meaning and purpose.

I’m so honored to be working with the AUL team to further the understanding that the right to life enshrined in our Declaration extends to all humanity and includes the unborn.


The right to life is the foundation of all the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. This is what we must teach our children on this family holiday, so that they and their children and their children’s children may continue to live in a free country long after you and I have left this world.

Jack, Helena, Hannah, Charmaine, John, James, and Sarah at Hannah’s recent

Sweet Sixteen celebration.

My friend and AUL colleague Bob told me today about a wonderful Fourth of July tradition in his family. Every year, he and his wife host a barbecue that is highlighted by having one of the children present, usually his own daughter, read out loud the entire Declaration of Independence.

Jack and I like that idea so much that we are adopting this as a Yoest family tradition. I think we’ll have Helena, our 12-year-old who has a dramatic flair, read the Declaration of Independence before we watch the fireworks after John’s baseball game. If you’d like join us in that tradition, click here for a printable copy of the Declaration.

Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy Fourth,


Charmaine, and the Yoest family

P.S. On Monday, the AUL team will be back at the job of defending the right to life, all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court. For the latest news on President Obama’s high-court nominee, visit It’s a one-stop resource we’ve created to share in-depth background and analysis from our legal team on Judge Sotomayor, including detailed information on why she is worse on life issues than retiring Justice David Souter.

Join Fight FOCA


Thank you (foot)notes:

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Pro-Abortion Hispanic Group: Sotomayor Set Policy, Not Involved in Legal Briefs, by Steven Ertelt, Editor, July 1, 2009,

“Although the Senate will have a significant amount of materials to wade through, Charmaine Yoest, the president of Americans United for Life, has seen enough to say Sotomayor is pro-abortion and worse than Justice David Souter, whom she would replace.

Yoest points out that, during Sotomayor’s time on the PRLDEF’s board, its efforts “included no less than six briefs in five abortion-related cases before the Supreme Court — pushing aggressively for an interpretation of abortion rights that would eliminate most or all state and federal abortion regulations while requiring state and federal funding of abortion.”

In two of the legal briefs, “the PRLDEF’s briefs took positions more extreme than those of Justice Souter, who joined with the court’s majority to uphold restrictions the fund wanted struck down,” Yoest added.

Ultimately, “Justice Sotomayor has never disavowed any of the PRLDEF’s briefs, which are packed with the kind of extreme rhetoric more typical of left-wing blogs than of serious legal documents.” ”

U.S. appeals court upholds Virginia’s ban on partial-birth abortion, By Catholic News Service

RICHMOND, Va. – Virginia’s ban on partial-birth abortion is constitutional, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in a 6-5 decision June 24.

“The head of Americans United for Life, which filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the case and assisted the state with the litigation, said the “ban protects not only the unborn, but also the health and welfare of women.”

“We are thrilled that the 4th Circuit followed clear U.S. Supreme Court precedent and upheld Virginia’s ban on partial-birth abortion – which is more accurately called partial-birth infanticide,” said Charmaine Yoest, president and CEO.

“It is a law that the vast majority of Americans are justified in supporting,” she said. Opponents of the ban are expected to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to review the appellate court’s decision.

The 2003 Virginia law makes it a felony to perform a partial-birth abortion, but it never went into effect because its constitutionality was challenged by a Richmond doctor who said the procedure can be necessary to protect the life of the mother. He also said the ban could prevent doctors from performing legal procedures for fear they would be prosecuted. ”

From PA Pundits – International

“the relentless pursuit of common sense” – A Variety of Opinions From Various Writers -

“Only the pro-life group Americans United for Life has made a significant campaign against Sotomayor’s ascension to the high court, calling her record on abortion rights “worse than [current Justice David] Souter’s.” Still, the fight should pick up once Sotomayor’s confirmation hearings begin July 13.”

Kim Gandy from NOW Stepping Down See the Charmaine and Kim Smackdown

June 15, 2009 | By | No Comments

LifeNews reports that Kim Gandy is leaving the leadership of the National Organization for Women (NOW) to spend more time with her family. Maybe…

It is more likely that she will join the liberal feminists running the Obama administration.

gandy_yoest_six_panel_smack_down.JPG Charmaine has crossed paths with NOW’s Gandy a time or two. The most memorable was in November 2005. At the time Your Business Blogger(R) noted the altercation,

I was in the middle of drafting an article on the glass ceiling for women. And got a first person account instead.

Click on image to enlarge; Charmaine on Right in red.

Today I thought I’d give the little woman a respite from the laundry and the kids. “Go play in the Nation’s Capital,” I said to Charmaine this morning. “Have a fun lunch with the girls!”

Then on the radio I hear Rush talk about a smack down at the Supreme Court and see a photo of Charmaine in her red power suit at Rush Limbaugh EIB Extra… .

She had Kim Gandy in a half-nelson. Elbowing Gandy aside at a press conference.

I have sat through a number of cantankerous board meetings. Adversarial budget negotiations. Hardball sales presentations. Terminations. Giving and getting.

But no one actually got spanked.

I thought the gathering of girls today would be a powder puff tea party of cooperation. Sweetness and light and reason and ‘Please’ and ‘Thankyou.’

I was wrong. No one fights like a woman on a mission.

I’ll have to rewrite the glass ceiling article.

(It is a joy to marry over your head.)

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Press Release: AUL Senior Counsel Clarke Forsythe Publishes new book.

Dr. Charmaine Yoest, AUL President & CEO said, “Politics for the Greatest Good is a critical book for the pro-life movement at this time in history. This important focus on the achievable in political strategy…AUL Action

FOXBusiness reports, Americans United for Life Senior Counsel Clarke Forsythe Publishes Politics for the Greatest Good is now available at bookstores and

Rights of Conscience for Pro-Life Supporters

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Americans United for Life is a public interest law firm that works to protect life in law.

AUL also works to protect the freedom of conscience of health care providers.

And the freedom of conscience of school-age children.

Alert Readers will recall the trauma inflicted on The Diva caused by our union-backed local elementary school. Watch her tell her story of harassment in her own words:

Student harassed for Pro-Life T-Shirt See AUL’s overview and philosophy of Rights of Conscience,

Healthcare Rights of Conscience Overview

“Legal protection for healthcare freedom of conscience affirms the need to provide quality care to patients, but also acknowledges that certain demands of patients, usually for procedures that are life-destructive and not life-saving, must not be blindly accommodated to the detriment of the rights of healthcare providers. Individuals and institutions do not lose their right to exercise their moral and religious beliefs and consciences once they decide to enter the healthcare profession.

Those who oppose laws protecting freedom of conscience, primarily pro-abortion advocates and groups, increasingly couch their arguments with references to women’s right to healthcare access (including access to contraception) and seek to compel providers to act in violation of their consciences. However, the use of the term “access” is a red herring, as there is no real problem, when a conscientious objection is made, with a patient going to another (willing) healthcare provider for service.”

It is not certain that the Sotomayor “empathy” would extend to The Diva.


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Potomac Flacks: Producer for Lars Larson Named Communications, By Matt Mackowiak

Heather Smith has been hired as Director of Communications at Americans United for Life. Smith most recently was a producer for “The Lars Larson Show,” a nationally-syndicated radio program. (CQ’s “People on the Move” column)

No, Matt did not link to the AUL press release.

Americans United for Life Launches New Website:,

Americans United for Life will be alerting the public about the Pro-Abortion-Choice affinities of Sotomayor and the abortion agenda of president Obama. AUL has published a new website .

Pelican Project Pro-Life

Funding to Promote Abortion, By SBrinkmann,

Also responding to the vote was Charmaine Yost, Ph.D., president and CEO of Americans United for Life . “If this act becomes law, it will be a grave injustice to women around the world,” Yost said.