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Women in Combat

What Were The Feminists Doing on Sept 10, 2001?

September 9, 2011 | By | No Comments

Following is background from Your Business Blogger(R) in an article published just after 9.11. Things have changed since then. A little.

Booby traps at the Pentagon: Charmaine and Jack Yoest introduce you to the Pentagon’s babes in arms. What do they want? An “open dialogue” on breastfeeding. (Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services)

Originally published in The Women’s Quarterly; January 01, 2002;


Pentagon attack

ON SEPTEMBER 10TH, [2001] the Defense Advisory Committee on Women in the Services, the group most responsible for promoting women in combat, gathered in Pentagon Conference Room 5C1042. This civilian advisory committee, whose members have the protocol status of three-star generals, monitors the concerns of women in uniform. And what was the topic on the eve of the worst attack in U.S. history?

After briefings from representatives of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard, DACOWITS, as the committee is known, issued a formal request for more information on what they deemed a matter of paramount military significance: breast-feeding.

As the terrorists prepared to hit the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon itself, our military leaders were directed “to engage in open dialogue” on lactation tactics.

The Defense Advisory Committee on Women celebrated its fiftieth anniversary last April. At the birthday party, President Bush’s deputy secretary of defense, Paul Wolfowitz, a man well regarded for his level-headed and conservative approach to military issues, lauded DACOWITS in his address as an outstanding organization” and told the…

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In the Land of Conservative Women: The Fetus Beat Us

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The central issue is not privacy–a woman’s right to control her own body–but rather the reality of visibly moving fetuses that they believe to be fully human.

“You can’t appeal to us through our wombs,” Kellyanne Fitzpatrick says. “We’re pro-life. The fetus beat us. We grew up with sonograms. We know life when we see it.”


Kellyanne Fitzpatrick Conway

Smart women and technology and open debate are moving the country to consider the life of the unborn baby. The Atlantic Monthly magazine took note of the shift back in 1996.

Excepts from The Atlantic Monthly, Politics, September 1996

In the Land of Conservative Women

A diverse group of woman

activists, including many young people

and small-business owners, are bringing

new energy to the Republican Party

by Elinor Burkett

NO one had ever before tried throwing a big party for young conservative women.

But even before the RSVPs started coming in, April Lassiter was certain that the Eighteenth Street Lounge, the club she and some friends had rented in Washington, D.C., would be as packed on their Thursday night as on any Saturday night.

The invitation–an entreaty to “Merge Right”–had been an immediate hit.

When the Republicans swept into power on Capitol Hill, scores of young conservatives were suddenly emboldened, sure that they now represented the cutting edge–socially as well as politically.

These were Hill rats–that horde of ambitious, idealistic, and underpaid young people who work as press secretaries and floor assistants in congressional offices, as researchers at think tanks and public-relations companies, and as rising associates at law firms and in special-interest lobbies. They see themselves as a generation wresting the Republican Party away from the country-club set.

“For us, there’s been no galvanizing event to connect us to the government; therefore we don’t trust or need it,” says Kellyanne Fitzpatrick, who at twenty-nine runs her own firm, The Polling Company, and sees herself as one of the nation’s only truly conservative pollsters.

She is also a regular election commentator for CNN. “We grew up in car seats while Ma and Dad pumped gas on odd and even days. We watched Challenger blow up. We were the children of no-fault divorces. When I was seventeen, I watched Geraldine Ferraro accept the vice-presidential nomination at the Democratic convention, and thought it was interesting.

Then I listened to Ronald Reagan and saw someone four times my age, of a different gender, and from a different coast, who was communicating a message that appealed to me as a young adult.

Being a liberal is no longer fashionable. It went out with bell-bottoms. We’re never going to be Stepford Democrats. Most of us make Ayn Rand look like a leftist.”

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Be sure to follow Your Business Blogger(R) and Charmaine on Twitter: @JackYoest and @CharmaineYoest

Jack and Charmaine also blog at Reasoned Audacity and at Management Training of DC, LLC.

Thank you (foot)notes,

Full Disclosure: Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D., served on the Board of Advisors on the Independent Women’s Forum.

Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D., has retained The Polliing Company to research attitudes on abortion.

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MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine Quoted in CNN On Obama’s ‘Christian Left’

July 1, 2008 | By | 3 Comments

charmaine_yoest_cnn_headline_abortion_card.jpgCharmaine is quoted in Obama works to mobilize ‘Christian left.’

She says that all voters should care, “…[A]bout the public policies the person is going to put in place.”

Charmaine is pictured at left on an earlier CNN appearance debating abortion.

The policies of which Charmaine speaks are the ‘vote-changing’ issues Grover Norquist writes about in his book Leave Us Alone: Getting the Government’s Hands Off Our Money, Our Guns, Our Lives.

The Leave Us Alone coalition is made up of groups who want the government to do only constitutionally-restricted work, and to, well, leave us alone.

Following is a short list of loose associations Norquist cites who want less government and less outside intrusion:


Gun Owners




The Alert Reader will note that this conservative Leave Us Alone coalition includes the Pro-Life community. This is the only group in Grover’s group that wants the government and the courts to protect life and stop the option of killing of unborn children — just as the government stopped the option of slavery.

The Christian Left is willing to sacrifice freedom in order to pay higher taxes — this small segment that occasionally attends church is delighted with large government and the government confiscation of property, life and wealth.

These young Christians are confusing government with God — remember, for most liberals, the government is their god.

sonogram_side_by_side.jpgThe Leftist group is a bit confused on Biblical teaching and looks forward to the tyranny of a ObamaNation. Mature followers of Jesus Christ look to the Ten Commandments, including the directive, Do Not Kill, or more accurately, Do No Murder.

The deliberate taking of innocent life is a vote-changer for thinking Christians.

MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine On CNN: Obama and the Evangelical Vote

June 27, 2008 | By | 7 Comments

charmaine_barney_frank_ethics_in_america_yoest.JPGCharmaine is taping an interview for CNN American Morning on the Senator Barack Obama flirtation with Bible believing, Jesus loving, Evangelicals who hold for the Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D. is pictured at left during a taping of Ethics in America with Barney Frank(D).

Obama has a chance with some church goers. About 30% of self-identified Christians voted for Bill Clinton.

Obama believes reporter Michael Weisskopf who wrote that members of the Christian Right are, “largely poor, uneducated, and easy to command.”

So while the poor impoverished are clinging to guns and religion, how would the elitist Obama lead the nation?

1) Bring legislation forcing citizens to embrace homosexual demands: Homosexual Marriage and the Homosexuals in the military.

2) Raise taxes.

3) Raise gas prices by punishing oil companies. He refuses to explore and drill for energy.

4) Demand that some babies born alive be left to die.

5) Force citizens how and what to think. Mark Steyn is being sued under hate-crimes law in Canada for his writing about Islam in America Alone, a must read. Barack X. Obama supports this mind-thought control through legislation.

The ObamaNation will force churches and the Boy Scouts to hire Homosexuals.

The ObamaNation will force government-controlled doctors on the country.

The ObamaNation will place women in land combat and in submarines.

The ObamaNation will take more of the citizen’s money in taxes and fees.

The ObamaNation will force these government doctors to perform abortions.

The ObamaNation will force babies born during a botched abortion (re: live birth) to die.

The ObamaNation will continue the African-American genocide thru Planned Parenhood.

The clip will air next week. Hit times will be announced. Please let us know what you think. Comments are now open.


Thank you (foot)notes,

Obama may be a disciple of Jesus Christ, but he doesn’t understand the Bible. And after attending Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years, it figures. For example, the Old Testament dietary restrictions no longer apply. This is a “new” teaching in the New Testament that is different from the Old. Obama is going to be confused about these Old and New Testament issues:

Dietary restrictions.


Animal sacrifice.

Homosexual abominations remain in effect.

Obama is fuzzy on his Biblical interpretations. And a bit confused on secular matters — but he is consistent with the old-style liberal world view.

Your Business Blogger(R) looks forward to the continuing debate between Obama and Dr. Dobson of Focus on the Family.

Obama might come to Jesus yet…

Voters will not answer the ObamaNation altar call, Lord willing.

Click here for more on Ethics in America.

Larry Cirignano sends us this article by Bishop Harry Jackson on Planned Parenhood.

F-18 Hornet Trouble

June 21, 2008 | By | No Comments

dude_baby_boo_airforce_academy_yoest.pngFollowing is from a Naval Aviator. The Dude, pictured on left with Baby Boo a few years ago at the Air Force Academy, loves jets and jet noise and wants to fly.

Charmaine is not so sure.

The Air Force crashes about 75 jets in routine training accidents apart from the war zones. The Navy budgets two jet losses per carrier per deployment.

Producing a number of widows, orphans and grieving families.

Even training is dangerous.

Our cousin Will was an F-18 pilot after graduating from Harvard.

He assures us that Naval Aviation is safe.

Except when it isn’t.

Subject: Oyster Here . . I Think We Need To Rig The Barricade [ To Catch This Thing ] !

Here’s a personal story of an F-18 pilot’s . . at o’dark thirty . . with the carrier’s barrier in place. The barricade’s an impressive 20 foot high stiff net, that can be stretched across the deck to ‘ capture ‘ birds during extreme emergencies.

” Oyster, here. This note is to share with you the exciting night I had the other month. So There I was .

. . manned up with pins pulled on the hot seat for a 2030 night launch on the Hornet about 500 miles north of Hawaii. I taxied off toward the carrier’s island where I did a 180 and got spotted on Cat number 1. They lowered my launch bar into position and the take-off routine began. On the run-up, all systems appeared to be ‘ in the green.’

After waiting the requisite 5 seconds to make sure all my flight controls were OK, I turned on the exterior lights, then shifted my eyes to the catwalk to watch the deck edge dude move his head while clearing me, left and right.

With the back of my helmet, I touched the head rest for…what was coming.

The Hornet cat shot is pretty impressive. Particularly at night. As the cat fired, I clicked in both afterburners…and I am along for the ride. But just prior to the end of the stroke there’s a huge flash with a simultaneous B-O-O-M ! …

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This article has been circulating on the web. Credit to John Howland’s USNA-At-Large.

Be sure to read Your Business Blogger(R) getting bested by his pre-teen Diva. And no, this is not a case study for women in combat. Read The FireDrill: Practice Success to Avoid Failure,

Your (Army) Business Blogger[R] had no business in the cockpit. My instructor was a Vietnam vet with MigKlr license plates on his truck.

He said the F-14 was a “Man’s Plane.” He sounded sexist. He explained that the old-generation hydraulics required real strength — after a couple of hours, even the manliest studs needed two hands on the stick.

No place for girls.

Or so I thought.

But I was wrong, again.

I bring the Five-kid Penta-Posse to Oceana Naval Air Station to show them how macho military men (like their father) defeated Communism.

We get invited to some F-14 training. I climb in the simulator. No photography is permitted. And a good thing, too…

Alert Readers know that the F-14 is now retired.

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How One Woman Serves the Military

June 2, 2008 | By | No Comments

Remembering the fallen

Watch the video

courtesy: Military Times

Alert Readers know that Your Business Blogger(R) does not care to see women any where near combat.

Real men fight their own battles.

Real men fight their country’s battles.

Watch how How One Woman Serves. This is why men fight. She is why families sacrifice.


Thank you (foot)notes:


The forward torpedo room Pictured is the Penta-Posse on the retired submarine USS Becuna moored at Philadelphia. This highlights the close quarters men and women would live for months at a time under a Obamanation.

When boys and girls are close together, they get, well, close together.

The Navy will not tell us how many women get pregnant.

Our guess is that the pregnancy numbers are so high that the politically correct Navy will not disclose the prego incidents for fear of feminists. One anonymous service member said that the only women not getting pregnant in the military are the lesbians.

Barack X. Obama, the metro-sexual, girlie-man plans to put women in land combat, in harm’s way and into submarines.

He is not quite a real man.

John McCain does not want women on submarines or in combat. He is a real man. With the scars to prove it.

McCain gives us his body once broken. Obama has never broken a sweat. Never had a blister, the poor sweet man.

Our poor country…

Your Business Blogger(R) was once honored to give a speech to some sub vets,

Submariners’ Memorial Service, Saturday May 13, 2000, Outer Banks, North Carolina

Debt of Honor

It is an honor to join you here today and remember the submariners “still on patrol.” And to remember our debt of honor due. I’ve asked my son, John, to join us today — a day I expect him to remember and take to his grave.

During World War II, my dad, a teenager from New Jersey, left high school, went to submarine school and was assigned to the USS Bonefish.

When John saw previews of the blockbuster movie U-571, he asked if it was about his grandfather. The movie is a story about honor, courage, strength, character, what being a man, a warrior really is. Yes John, your grandfather was in the movie, and so were each of the submariners here today.

But in the movie the men came home. We are here today for the men who didn’t.

The only women on submarines during WWII were the Korean “Comfort Women” used as sex slaves on the Japanese boats. We won that war.

Subway Resturants to Homeschoolers: You Have No Class

May 27, 2008 | By | No Comments

The Dreamer scored in the 93rd percentile in Math for her grade in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I promised her a reward night out — But a daddy-daughter-dinner-date at Subways won’t be happening.

A good deal of her education was in homeschooling where Your Business Blogger(R) worked with her on that topic that counted: Counting. The hard sciences that “girls don’t do well.”

Not good in Math? Not my girls. My expectation was that they would do well in the quantitatives. (Parent and teacher expectations are the biggest variable in the success of students.) My wife is a genius with SPSS and regression analysis . The Dancer and The Diva are rabid readers and love ‘rithmatic — and are bloggers.

The Penta-Posse are outliers on the bell curve of school age young’ums.

So. I promised The Dreamer a night out. But not at Subway. The restaurant is off the good-guy list for two reasons:

1) The company doesn’t care for homeschoolers, and

2) They can’t spell.

Our friend Don Wildmon at the American Family Association sends this along,

Subway tells home schoolers: We will not allow you to participate in our contest. Subway discriminates against home schoolers.

Subway, the sandwich restaurant, wants to hear your child’s story – unless he or she is home schooled.

The national chain’s “Every Sandwich Tells a Story Contest” offers prizes and a chance to be published on the Subway Web site and in Scholastic’s “Parent & Child” magazine but specifically excludes home schoolers. Subway’s website states:

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Contest is open only to legal residents of the Untied (sic) States who are currently over the age of 18 and have children who attend elementary, private or parochial schools that serve grades PreK-6. No home schools will be accepted.

Subway will probably say they excluded home schools because of the main prize ($5,000 worth of athletic equipment to the winning child’s school). But Subway could have given it to a local park, church or school of the winning home schooler’s choice.

Subway’s Web site promotion not only misspells “Untied (sic) States,” but offers the grand prize winner a “Scholastic Gift Bastket (sic) for your home.”

Subway’s leadership clearly does not understand the value of homeschooling. In addition to learning how to spell, we are keeping our kids clear of the public schools’ Family Life Education: Which is, as is commonly known, Sex Ed taught by liberals. When almost 20% of teens have herpes — one would hope that this objective fact might persuade our feminist free-lovers that the condom classes might not be working.

Nope. The public payroll sex trainers are working even harder.

Here’s some of what appears in Family Life Education for grades six through eight,

6.1 The student will learn that there are many health care and safety agencies in the community.

No need to talk with mom or dad, or aunt Sally or uncle Joe. The Planned Parenthood abortion clinic is just around the corner.

6.7 The student will be able to describe the etiology, effects and transmission of the HIV virus.

Clean needles for drug users? Contaminated blood supply? This is more important than spelling or math? The school will not reveal the detail of homosexual sex acts in the spread of the HIV virus. I did see a very nice man who teaches the course, however.

6.8 …[E]valuate …sexuality, and gender stereotyping…

The feminists are determined to get women in combat in the armed services.

7.7 The student will recognize that sexual behaviors are conscious decisions…

The public schools are a bit confused even about their own world view: homosexuality is a conscious decision; a preference — not an orientation. FLE lurched into the truth.

So Subway supports only public schools, can’t spell and doesn’t like homeschoolers.

Dinner at Subway? No sirree — We all are a-going to Chick-fil-a.




Thank you (foot)notes:

Tom Peters once remarked that excellence should permeate an organization, especially for managing the perceptions of the customer. This is why managers make so much money. Airlines, in the consumers’ mind, must understand that if the tray tables are dirty, the airline doesn’t do engine maintenance.

The Army taught if boots were not shined, the soldier couldn’t shoot straight.

If Subway can’t spell, their food will make you [sic].

Send an e-mail to Subway President Frederick A. DeLuca. Tell him you will not eat with them anymore until and unless they allow home schoolers to participate. ©2008 Doctor’s Associates Inc. SUBWAY® is a registered trademark of Doctor’s Associates Inc.

This is an unpaid endorsement of Chick-fil-A.

See some commonsense at The sexual ‘revolution’ that keeps on turning

This is a cross post from Pro-Life Unity.

Chief of Naval Operations on PBS Series Carrier

April 9, 2008 | By | No Comments

Our liberal friends at PBS have put together a program on the Navy.

Remember, any time ‘Hollywood’ gets near the military, the result always degenerates to an anti-war film.


USS Nimitz From: Chief of Naval Operations…

Beginning Sunday, April 27, PBS will air a reality-TV documentary

entitled “CARRIER”, filmed while the production company was embarked

during the entire USS NIMITZ’s 2005 deployment. The program will air

over five nights from Sunday, April 27, to Thursday, May 1, 2008,

9:00-11:00 p.m. ET.

Ten hours of film will be aired, selected from almost 2,000 hours that

were shot over the course of a 6-month deployment to CENTCOM. I have

viewed the production and want to share context and some thoughts

with you.

While “Carrier” shows the outstanding work our young Sailors do every

day and the opportunities the Navy offers, it also shows Sailors

making mistakes in their personal and professional lives. The

snapshot is frank and may be somewhat disconcerting to some who came

into the Navy some time ago. However, that said, I believe it will

also resonate with a significant segment of our country, especially

potential recruits and young Sailors serving today.

1) What we did. We provided unprecedented access to our Sailors,

and this production tells their story in a very personal way. There

is no narrator — the stories are told by the Sailors themselves.

You get unvarnished views from junior personnel about their hopes,

aspirations, and challenges of life in the Navy aboard the carrier.

We did not get between the film crews and the Sailors.

2) What we got. The production highlights the racial, gender,

religious, and socio-economic diversity of our Navy. The hard work

our Sailors perform and the remarkable feat of forging thousands of

individuals on a carrier into a truly unique team really shines

through. Culling through hundreds of hours of video, the producers

created a 10-hour reality-TV documentary that shows selected aspects

of our Sailors’ personal and professional challenges. The

cinematography is very high quality and the visuals and music are

sure to appeal to younger audiences.

3) What we did not get. We did not get a Navy “commercial” in the

traditional sense. “CARRIER” is very different from the hardware

documentaries we have supported in the past. This program focuses on

our people and the reality-TV approach gives it a sense of

authenticity and credibility. Since we did not monitor the

individual interviews and ongoing production, the program contains

material that does not always and fully represent the discipline,

values and mission of the U.S. Navy.

You will see some Sailors making personal and professional mistakes,

and expressing opinions that are different from the Navy’s. However,

the production shows that these are the exception, not the norm, and

that leadership is engaged to shape lives and appropriate outcomes.

There are abundant examples of how the Navy changed Sailors’ lives

for the better by giving them opportunities and a disciplined


4) Why did we agree to the project? This production, although not an

all-inclusive picture of the Navy, will give potential recruits and

those who influence them a glimpse of what life is really like in the

Navy. We want the American people to know, understand and appreciate

the contribution our Sailors make each and every day while deployed

around the world. We also want them to know us, not as a monolithic

bureaucratic entity, but as a diverse organization of individual

Americans who have set aside the comforts of home and have put

themselves on the line to serve a greater cause. You already know

how inspiring our people are, but few in our Nation get to see our

people in an operational environment.

Some of you may be called upon to offer public comments about this

film to the media or to community groups. We will soon distribute PA

guidance to support your efforts and will be putting additional

information on in the near future. If you need any

additional information, please contact CHINFO, RDML Frank Thorp.

Thank you for all that you do.

All the best,

Gary Roughead


Thank you (foot)notes:

Thank you to John Howland at USNA-AT-LARGE for sending this out.

See more pictures.

The Mike Huckabee Presidential Campaign Ends

March 5, 2008 | By | No Comments


Governor Huckabee and Charmaine

In the background, Princella Smith and our Diva-girl Watching the Huckabee concession speech and leaving the race Tuesday night made for an emotional evening in the Yoest household.

Charmaine sent short emails to the Huckabee team — their responses were each measured and even-tempered, almost upbeat, having fought the good fight.

Today’s Washington Update, from FRCAction notes:

Despite his exit, no one can deny how influential Mike Huckabee was in championing values issues in this crucial race. While yesterday was clearly a victory for McCain, the Arizona senator acknowledged that his work is just beginning.

To succeed in his bid for the White House, McCain must consolidate his support among conservatives, including social conservatives, which will not happen just because he is the Republican nominee.

In the wake of the Republican scandals that began to surface in 2006 and the failure to advance most of the social conservative agenda, unqualified support for the GOP has diminished.


David Huckabee and Charmaine

A poll released last month by George Barna revealed that if the election were held then, only 45 percent of Evangelicals would vote for a Republican candidate.

That number is down from 85 percent of Evangelicals who voted for George W. Bush in 2004.

John McCain will have to convince social conservatives that their issues matter and that he can talk about them as a candidate and act upon them as president.

Conservatives/evangelicals still have questions about McCain’s stand on the major issues of family values, immigration, campaign finance and women in combat. But McCain is our guy.

Obama-Clinton is not.

# # #

Thank you (foot)notes:

Read Mike and Janet Huckabee’s email at the jump.

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Mike Huckabee for President: “Romney Is No Conservative”

February 1, 2008 | By | No Comments

Alert Readers know that the best indicator of future performance is…past performance.

Is it possible to change at the age of 60? Your Business Blogger would hope that we all would embrace continuous learning and update our skills. And to embrace truth. At whatever age.


How many convictions can one man change — all at once — all at a mature age?

Change on Reagan?

Change on abortion?

Change on guns?

Change on homosexuals in the boyscouts?

And each of the changes of heart happens to coincide with position of the Republican conservative base?

This does not seem, as we say in academia, to be authentic.

Watch the clip: Huckabee suggests that Romney found conservative puberty at 60.

Voters should be slow to completely trust any teenager…


Thank you (foot)notes:

Full Disclosure: The wife of Your Business Blogger, Charmaine, has been a paid senior adviser to the Huckabee presidential campaign.

Correction: It is not known if Romney has changed his position on allowing homosexual Boy Scout Masters.