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Charmaine’s Presentation to the EPC, June 18, 2008 & USS Bonefish

June 19, 2008 | By | No Comments

Two items for June 18th:

1) It is a day of remembrance in Your Business Blogger(R)’s household, and

2) Charmaine gave speech.

Charmaine’s talk was on the impact that women can have in our culture.

See her From Femme to Fatale.ppt Power point presentation.

MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine to speak at the EPC 28th Assembly


Charmaine’s talk reminded us of the eternal values. Life and Death; this side of eternity and beyond.

At a recent funeral — they seem to come faster and faster as we get older and older — we talked about burials. Cremation, well, lights our fire and speeds up that dust-to-dust transition.

Charmaine asked what we plan to do with the ashes, where on earth to put them. We talk about the extended family’s burial plots.

“Where do you want to get buried?” She asks.

“37º18′N, 137º55′E,” I say.


“The Sea of Japan,” I remind her. Women!

“What’s there?” she wonders.



June 18th is the day we remember the loss of USS Bonefish.

My father, then only a teen-ager from Jersey, left high school, went to war and was assigned to the submarine, USS Bonefish. Just before the final mission of the Bonefish, my father walked off the gangplank – transferred to another assignment. Another man took his place.

On its eighth mission, on June 18, 1945, the Bonefish was lost fighting the enemy in the Sea of Japan, with the loss of all 53 officers and men. It was the last U.S. submarine sunk in World War II…

The article was first published by a number of outlets including the Virginian-Pilot in my hometown.


MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine to speak at the EPC 28th Assembly

June 16, 2008 | By | No Comments


Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D. will speak

at the 28th General Assembly

of the Evangelical Presbyterian ChurchCharmaine will be giving a talk at the annual meeting of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

Wednesday, June 18 – Pre-Assembly Workshop: Re-Engage: Christ as Culture’s Hope

Dr. Charmaine Yoest is Vice-President of Communications for the Family Research Council. In that role, she oversees all aspects of FRC’s strategic communications and messaging. Dr. Yoest is an author, a political analyst and an expert on domestic and international social policy. She has served as a Contributing Editor at the Heritage Foundation in Policy for FRC. Dr. Yoest holds the Ph.D. and M.A. in Politics from the University of Virginia. She and her husband, Jack, live with their five children in the D.C. area.

Dr. Yoest will speak to the ways the Gospel message intersects contemporary culture and its influence on the hearts and minds of women.

Charmaine is joining the following speakers,

Sinclair Ferguson is Senior Minister of the First Presbyterian Church (ARP) of Columbia, South Carolina

and Professor of Systematic Theology at Westminster

Theological Seminary. A graduate of the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, he is the author of some two dozen books, has authored numerous articles and has contributed to various symposia. His writing interests have ranged from works of scholarship to books for children. He has served as minister of two congregations

in Scotland, one on Unst, the most northerly inhabited

island in the United Kingdom, and the other at the center of Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland. For more than twenty years he has been a member of the faculty of Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia

and Dallas, and has served as a visiting professor in various other seminaries.

Sinclair and his wife Dorothy have been married for thirty-five years. They have three sons, a daughter, and three grandsons.

Jeff Jeremiah began serving as the Executive Pastor/Stated Clerk of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in October, 2006. Prior to that he served as pastor of First Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Renton, Washington for twelve years. His ministry in the EPC began in 1987 when, as an associate pastor of Fourth Presbyterian Church of Bethesda, Maryland, the church joined the denomination. At Fourth Presbyterian his pastoral responsibilities ranged from diaconal and visitation ministry to executive pastor and senior associate, beginning his ministry under Dr. Richard Halverson in 1980.

He is convinced that the church of Jesus Christ must come to grips with the 21st century reality that the United States is a mission field and that the missional agenda of the EPC is the most effective way forward.

Jeff has been married to Cindy for thirty years. Together they have three sons – Daniel (26), Jeffrey (24) and Michael (20) who all live in Washington State.

Robert Norris, host pastor, has been Senior Pastor of Fourth Presbyterian

Church since 1984. Rob came to Fourth after serving three years as Executive Pastor of Program at First Presbyterian Church, Hollywood,

California. Originally from Wales he also previously served as Assistant Minister at The City Temple, London, Chaplain to the City of London University, and Chaplain to St. Bartholomew’s Hospital. He holds degrees from Kings College, London, and St. Andrews, Scotland, has served as adjunct professor at Reformed Theological Seminary, and has taught in seminaries in Ukraine, Malta, Japan, and Sudan. He and his wife Caren have five children.

Bill Vogler, Moderator of the 27th General Assembly, will speak at the Moderator’s Service of Communion and Prayer on Friday morning. Rev. Vogler is the founding pastor of Grace EPC in Lawrence, Kansas, where he has served for the last 19 years. Bill has served on several committees in Mid-America Presbytery and General Assembly.

Bill has been married to Karen for 34 years. Karen has served in women’s ministry in General Assembly, Mid-America Presbytery and at Grace. She leads Bible studies and retreats on various books of the Bible, prayer and reading through the Scripture. Bill and Karen have three children (Joshua, married to Nicole; Sarah, married to Damon; and Grace, a Sr. at Kansas State University), and one grandchild (James to Josh and Nicole).

Denis Haack is the author of The Rest of Success: What the World Didn’t Tell You About Having It All, and has written articles for such journals as: Reformation & Revival Journal; Eternity; Covenant; and World. He is currently working on his Master of Theological Studies at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis. His undergraduate studies were done at the University of Minnesota and University of New Mexico. After a few years of living in a Christian commune (yes, that’s right, they were hippies), he staffed a church as a youth pastor and was recruited by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship with whom he eventually became area director of New Mexico, Arizona, and part of Texas. To support himself and his family, he did everything from pumping gas to delivering flowers to starting a janitorial business that didn’t boom until he gave the business to a friend who took the idea and ran with it. Before he and Margie owned a home, he always declared that their lawn would be made of rocks so he wouldn’t have to mow, but he’s now the proud owner of a self-propelled Honda lawnmower which he also uses to mulch every leaf that blows into the yard.

Denis will bring a keynote address and lead one of the breakout sessions. Learn more about Denis and his ministry at

Steven Garber has a classroom among many people in many places. Known as “a public teacher,” at the heart of his own calling is the longing that people understand the integral character of faith, vocation, and culture. He directs The Washington Institute, whose core conviction is that the church and society are renewed as a richer, truer vision of calling is taught and practiced. Steven is the author of The Fabric of Faithfulness: Weaving Together Belief and Behavior. A Senior Fellow for the C.S. Lewis Institute, he has contributed to the volumes, Faith Goes to Work: Reflections From the Marketplace and Get Up Off Your Knees: Preaching the U2 Catalogue, as well as to the Mars Hill Audio journal, (Tacit Knowing, Truthful Knowing: The Life and Work of Michael Polanyi). A native of the great valleys of Colorado and California, he, his wife Meg and their children live in Virginia where they are members of The Falls Church.

Steven will bring a keynote address and lead one of the breakout sessions.

You can find out more about Steve and his ministry at

Walt Mueller is the founder and President of the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding, serving churches,

schools, and community organizations around the world: in their efforts to communicate the Gospel cross-culturally by helping those who know and love children and teens to understand today’s rapidly changing youth culture. He has appeared on numerous media outlets internationally – including CNN, Fox News, and the BBC – to discuss teenagers and their world. The work of the Center for Parent/Youth Understanding has been embraced by the federal government, offering CPYU numerous opportunities to be salt and light in the culture-at-large. He is the author of five books including Engaging the Soul of Youth Culture:

Bridging Teen Worldviews and Christian Truth, and the Medallion Award winner, Understanding Today’s Youth Culture, which is currently being totally re-written with Zondervan. Walt’s commentary and analysis

on youth culture is heard on CPYU’s daily radio program, Youth Culture

Today. He earned his B.A. in Sociology from Geneva College, his M.Div form Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and his doctorate in ministry to postmodern generations from Gordon-Conwell Theological

Seminary. Walt and his wife, Lisa, live in Elizabethtown, PA., and have four children: Caitlin, 23, a recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh; Joshua, 21 a junior at Messiah College; Bethany, 19, entering

college; and Nathaniel, 14 in the ninth grade.

Walt will be leading one of our breakout sessions.

Richard Cizik, an EPC minister, is Vice President for Governmental Affairs of the National Association of Evangelicals. His primary responsibilities include setting NAE’s policy direction on issues before Congress, the White House, and Supreme Court, as well as serving as a national spokesman on issues of concern to evangelicals. He received his B.A. in Political Science from Whitworth College; an M.A. in Public Affairs from the George Washington University

School of Public & International Affairs; a Master of Divinity from Denver Seminary; and an honorary Doctorate of Ministry from the MethodistEpiscopal Church in Christian Leadership. He is the author of over one hundred published articles and editorials, author and editor of The High Cost of Indifference (Regal Books), a contributor to On Christian Freedom (University Press of America), and the Dictionary of Christianity

in America (Inter-Varsity Press). Richard and his wife, Virginia, have two boys, Rich Jr., and John, ages seventeen and fourteen. The family resides in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Richard will be speaking during the lunch gathering at the Hyatt Regency

on the National Association of Evangelicals’ landmark document “For the Health of the Nation: An Evangelical Call to Civic Engagement,” to which he was a major contributor.


Thank you (foot)notes:

Full Disclosure: Your Business Blogger(R) served as a Deacon in the EPC.

Charmaine and I are indebted to the Fourth Presbyterian Church. We met there. I picked her because she was virtuous and industrious. I don’t know why she picked me… The Alert Reader will notice that both the Norris’s and the Yoest’s have five kids in each family: We will fix Social Security all by our selves.

This is in no way an endorsement of Richard Cizik, who does not believe that abortion is the evil of our time. He would be more comfortable in another mainstream denomination — like say, the ones that are losing membership for fuzzy thinking and confused Biblical interpretations.

What is the purpose of life? The EPC gives the answer in the first question. At the jump.

Your Business Blogger(R) of Management Training of DC, LLC, is a licensed agent for the William Oncken Corporation presenters of Managing Management Time(TM) fondly known as Monkey Management. No, evolution is not taught. But I do subscribe to Intelligent Design.

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Defending The Family 2008 & Beyond

June 5, 2008 | By | No Comments

Charmaine will be in New Hampshire tomorrow, Friday the 6th to give a talk to strengthen the conservative, pro-life movement.

See the Family Forum Flyer,

Learn how to recapture Traditional American


WHAT: A grassroots training seminar designed to educate and equip citizens to promote traditional family values in your community. Learn practical how-tos for effective communication and creating and managing your message to be persuasive in the public debate!

WHERE: Thomas More College

Merrimack, NH

Charmaine will be speaking on the power of words to frame a debate. She noticed that Your Business Blogger(R) has a line drawing of the HMS Victory over his desk; a profile of the body of the ship that Lord Nelson made famous in the sea battle at Trafalgar against the French; against Napoleon. The English won, as usual.

VICTORY. There is no ship in the Royal Navy named “Success.” And this is where President Bush gets the Global War on Terror wrong: Men don’t die in combat for “Success in Iraq.” They will sacrifice and die for “Victory.”

We don’t have “Success in Jesus.” We have Victory.

The wordsmith knows the difference. (And the Christian…)

Charmaine will also speak on Bimbos. If you are anywhere in the Northeast, go visit and sey hey to Charmaine.


Thank you (foot)notes:

“Bimbos” as we are using it, is the intellectual property of Merrie Spaeth. Another brilliant women who knows the power of words. And like Charmaine, she worked for Ronald Reagan, of course.

Spaeth reminds professionals and public speakers to always recite the positive and to never repeat the negative accusation — usually advanced by a commie reporter. Public affairs should only be handled by professionals.

When I say ‘public affairs’ I am not speaking of Bill Clinton’s weaknesses…

See Indra Nooyi: $5 Million Gets You Bimbos . . . and Boycotts. . .

Most Americans think the country is on the wrong track. Representatives like Heather Wilson may have been a part of the deterioration of the GOP branding and why citizens are dismayed: Republicans are not behaving like Conservatives. Wilson she wanted women in combat. She advanced abortion. This is not a conservative. Wilson just lost her primary race. Thank goodness.

Watch Charmaine’s debate with Heather Wilson(R) from New Mexico a few years ago on women in combat. Ignore the Army women exposing their breasts.

More at the jump.

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Teamwork & Rowing: 2008 National Scholastic Championship, Oak Ridge, TN

May 21, 2008 | By | One Comment


Launching area for the crew regatta

click on image for live feed web-cam Building Teams and Teamwork is the mantra of the modern manager.

How does a manager take a group of talented individual contributors and motivate them to, well, pull together as one unit in the same boat?

Last year The Chronicle of Higher Education lurched into the truth in an article All for One.

It was a story on rowing.

And in it Your Business Blogger(R) read a business lesson.

For both my business practice and The Dreamer’s crewing at her high school.



Race Course

Click on image for live feed

web-cam The Oak Ridge Rowing Association and the Scholastic Rowing Association of America is sponsoring the 2008 National Scholastic Championships in Oak Ridge, TN. Several thousand visitors will go down to the river and pray for blue skies and flat water.

We are packing up the monster Huck-a-truck and the Penta-Posse (minus The Dreamer traveling with her team) and will gas-guzzle our way to the Volunteer State to watch our girls compete at the regatta.

With a monster carbon footprint.

Listening to the Oak Ridge Boys .

(Ain’t America great or what?)

The Women’s Freshmen Eight will row at 10:15am on Friday the 23rd. Please check the schedule.

The Women’s coach was able to persuade decision makers to allow his team to use the Invictus. A new and faster boat used by upper class men at their high school.

Where tenths of a second determine winners, the perception of crewing a world-class shell can make the difference. If the women think they are faster, they will be.

Rowing is 90 percent mental, the other half is physical.

Apologies to Yogi Berra.



Scholastic Rowing Association

of America

Regatta 2008

Which brings us back to Notes From Academe, in The Chronicle of Higher Education. Writer Scott Smallwood visited the Cambridge University Boat Club in the UK to write about the yearly Oxford-Cambridge competition.

Alert Readers will recall that Charmaine and Your Business Blogger(R) read at Oxford and attended our first rowing event on the narrow creeks that pass for rivers at ox ford.

Duncan Holland, the Cambridge coach with some 20 years experience, helped Dutch rowers to an Olympic medal. He well understands that even though he’s got winning seasons, only one race matters as a condition of (enjoyable) employment:

Beat Oxford.

Picking eight rowers seems like an easy task for a coach,

With rowing machines that can spit out reams of numbers about how fast and hard every rower can pull, what’s so hard about choosing a team? Why not just pick the eight strongest guys and be done with it? It turns out…that team dynamics are trickier than that. The eight who are eventually chosen will be not necessarily the fastest individual rowers, but the best combination of rowers.

Smallwood continues,

Quintus Travis, a past president of the boat club and now treasurer, puts the mystery more bluntly: “There are always a couple [of rowers] who are stunted, but somehow they make the boats go faster.”

The Brits can be brutal.

Mr. de Rond is a professor at Cambridge’s Judge Business School and is studying the Cambridge athletes and the team and the coach,

…de Rond sees the answer [of the faster boats] in how team members bond. He draws a comparison from a 2005 paper in the Harvard Business Review by Tiziana E. Casciaro, of Harvard, and Miguel Sousa Lobo, of Duke University. The pair studied likability versus competence. Their work boils down to this: When choosing whom to work with, do you pick the lovable fool or the competent jerk? People, especially managers, often say they value competence above all. But in practice, they’ll often trade some of that competence for likability. And that may not be so dumb.

Mr. de Rond doesn’t think any of the Cambridge rowers are incompetent. No matter how lovable you are, you can’t get in this boat unless you’re a top-notch rower.

But here the Cambridge rowers become a self-directed team. Something business managers talk about but seldom see,

When the tentative roster was chosen,” says [de Rond], Dan wasn’t originally on the list.” The other men successfully lobbied the coaches to put him in the varsity boat, even though by the numbers he was a borderline choice. Now, he says, [Dan's] social skills — he’s the class clown, really — have improved the psychology of the entire team.

Like the coaches, this is where managers work their magic. To assemble a team that maximizes strengths and minimizes weaknesses, as Peter Drucker said.

So the women’s coach got a better boat for his team. Coaches and managers get paid to figure out the immeasurables; the intangibles that go into building a winning team.

This Freshman Women’s coach has got it figured out.

If he reported to me, I’d get him a raise…



Yorktown Crew Boosters Thank you (foot)notes:

On April 7, 2007, in the 153rd match-up: Cambridge beat Oxford.

This is a cross post from Management Training of DC, LLC.

All for One by Scott Smallwood was published on May 4, 2007 in The Chronicle of Higher Education.

See video from the Stotesbury Regatta.

From The New York Times, From a World-Class Rower, Tips to Sharpen Technique. Watch the video on how to film a rower’s movement and a slide show on training.

Mix It Up

“There’s this saying that ‘Miles make champions,’ ” Michelle Guerette said. So she spends up to five hours a day on the water, doing a variety of workouts. Mix these pieces into your own sculling training:

BUILDING BLOCKS A base training session “addresses fitness, feeling and rhythm,” Charley Butt said. As with a runner, he said, what matters is “how a rower gets in the miles.” He advised rowing for 25 minutes at 75 percent of full pressure at a stroke rate of 16 to 20. Then, he said, paddle for 5 to 10 minutes and repeat. Maintaining a low stroke rate allows you to concentrate on technique.

Stan Hudy will not be at the races. A loss for us all.

Meet Dr. Herb London Tuesday, May 13th: America’s Secular Challenge: The Rise of a New National Religion

May 12, 2008 | By | No Comments

Eli Gold, from The Harbour League writes,


Dr. Herb London

As you are aware by now, on this Tuesday May 13th the Harbour League will be hosting a talk by the Hudson Institute president and THL board member, Dr. Herb London. In consideration of the attendance of our entire board of trustees, the event will take place at: The Cloisters, 10440 Falls Road in Lutherville, Maryland and not at the Harbour League’s office.

The evening will begin at 7 pm (doors open at 6:30pm)with a talk given by Dr. Herb London entitled, “America’s Secular Challenge: The Rise of a New National Religion”. Dr. London will suggest that the rise of secularism in the United States is a flaccid response to the challenge presented by the fanaticism of radical Islam. In the so-called war of ideas we are handicapped in our ability to thwart the inroads of fanaticism by a reflexive belief in relativism, one dimension of secular humanism.

The rise of secular humanism not only challenges the traditional antecedent of the nation, it is an ineffective response to the challenge of Islam. The result? If you don’t know what you believe in, you are unable to defend what is worthwhile. Something that, if understood, can change Maryland for the better.

Following the talk and question and answer session, there will be a dessert reception that will give you a chance to talk with any member of member of the board regarding the movement.

To RSVP to this for this event or to the dinner prior to the talk please visit or call 410-753-4560.

We look forward to seeing you there.

The Harbour League

2800 Quarry Lake Drive, Suite 140

Baltimore, MD 21209

410 753-4560

410 415-0800


Thank you (foot)notes:

Herb London’s daughter, Stacey London, will NOT be present (I don’t think). Although he might answer questions…

Your Business Blogger(R) and Charmaine and The Dude will be attending.

More on Dr. London at the jump.

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MEDIA ALERT: Charmaine on FOX News with Martha McCallum & Glen Beck

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Glenn Beck on CNN Today is Cinco de Mayo. Memorable for Your Business Blogger(R) for a number of reasons. One of which is our anniversary. The guys say this is not fair — because it is so easy to remember…

So Charmaine and I are a-celebrating. Off to New York City. The Big Apple. See some old friends. Take in a couple of shows. Charmaine is looking forward to them…

I wish I was with her.

She will be appearing on The Glenn Beck Program: The Fusion of Entertainment and Enlightenment. (Which might be about the best reason to tune in CNN these days. CNN is trying.)

Delectare et Docere

She will debating the wisdom of the trend for co-ed dorms in institutions of higher education. See more at the jump.

Hit time is 7pm and 9pm eastern on CNN HeadLine News. Tune in and let us know what you think.


Martha McCallum on FOX Charmaine will also be appearing on the FOX News Live Desk with Martha McCallum to discuss today’s hot topics:

Michigan and Florida Delegates, Celebrity Endorsements, Oprah Winfrey in Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s church.

Hit time is 1pm eastern on FOX News.


Thank you (foot)notes:

National Review Online is running an article by Your Business Blogger(R) and Charmaine on Hillary Clinton’s management style:

JACK & CHARMAINE YOEST: The woman can’t manage. “Bad Management” 05/05 4:00 AM More at the jump.

Please email us your comments.

May is also the anniversary of getting my car. (This is important to car guys.)

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Pro-Life Student Forced to Remove Abortion T-Shirt

May 1, 2008 | By | 6 Comments

This is a guest post by The Diva. The script was written by The Diva. Really.

Talent on screen, The Diva ; Camera-Direction, The Dude;

Grip #1, T-shirt, clapper, The Dancer;

Grip #2 ALL paper, Baby-Boo

My name is Helena Yoest, and I was harassed by the principal of my school because of a shirt.

Ok, so I went to class, just like a regular school day, I had the shirt on, no one was offended or anything by it.

Then my teacher- Mr. Young- says “Mrs. Schaffner wants to see you”

I walk over to her in the hall, she was talking to some other teachers with one or two students flocking around her.

She stops talking when she sees me, pulls me over to a corner, and says plainly

“you can’t wear the shirt”

Wow. 5 minutes into the day and I’ve been caught in this t-shirt. (say sarcastically) Shoot.

I say very politely “may I go get something from my locker?”

Mrs.Shaffner says, “eh, yes”

So I go down to my locker to get a piece of paper, it’s a magical piece of paper that gets me out of trouble.


National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day From the American Life League.

Actually, it states my civil rights and how I CAN wear the shirt, no harassment.

I hand over the letter and she hands me a t-shirt with the school name on it. Oh joy.

So I head to the bathroom to change and I hear her say, “were going to have to visit the principal about this.”

So there I am, in the principal’s office. Mrs. Annan (the principal) reads the letter Mrs. Shaffner is babbling about how they’ve never had this happen before, while Mrs. Annan is reading.

Mrs. Shaffner gets called away to do vice principal stuff and

Mrs. Annan pulls up a chair to sit beside me. “How do you know about this political issue?” she asks. “My mom” I say.

“What would you think if a kindergartner went up to you and asked you what it is?” she says pointing at my shirt.

“I would say ‘it’s where doctors and hospitals kill babies’”

You should’ve seen her face when I said that. “I just don’t want you to be uncomfortable.”

She leads me to a bathroom “you can turn it inside out, or you can change, whichever you want” so I change into this ew yucky t-shirt with the school name on it, so they would be happy and quit bothering me.

This is how it was in the classroom:

“Whydya change your t-shirt?” my classmates ask.

“She made me” I say, which isn’t stretching the truth.

I went to art, and my teacher came in the middle of it and said

“walk with me” so I walk with him and he says “you can change into your shirt now, or after art, what do you want?”

I changed after lunch.

Can you believe that?

The principal of an elementary school, pressured and manipulated a 5th grade student to do her wills.

The principal, of all people! Wow.



Growing, Growing…Gone Pro-Lifers are the new Progressives.

Thank you (foot)notes:

Please send us your comments!


The Penta-Posse L to R: Baby-Boo, The Dancer,

The Diva, The Dude, The Dreamer

The Roe Effect

The American Life League sponsors the annual trouble-making event. The Dude was also spoken to by school officials. But no action was taken against him.

The “magical piece of paper” from the American Life League.

See The Roe Effect


The Diva protesting at the Afghan Embassy, 2006

She is no stranger to controversy

The Diva making phone calls for Mike

at the Huckabee for President headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa

Video Credit: The Dreamer See The Dude’s post on the Abortion T-shirt at Panzer Commander.

The Managerial Woman

May 1, 2008 | By | No Comments

Dr. Mom has written extensively on women in management. I appreciate her writing: it keeps her and Charmaine out of Nordstroms

Here is a speech she gave some 20 years ago — it seems that mom was on the cutting edge.

Note her use of ‘alliances’ used by managers to get things done. Your Business Blogger(R) was using the term “networks.” Bill Oncken uses “support” both as a verb and as an adjective describing ‘system’ in his “molecule of management.”

Dr. Crouse has the better word, I believe.

The Managerial Woman


By JANICE SHAW CROUSE, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs,

Taylor University

Delivered to the Career Women’s Council, Marion, Indiana, August 19, 1986

It is with a tremendous amount of gratitude and to be honest just a few pinches of regret that I stand here today and officially close the first year of the Marion-Grant County Career Women’s Council. I hope that you all share in the sense of satisfaction at what has been accomplished this year. There is a summary of the year’s activities at your place setting. Here you see the joint product of the hard work of this year’s officers and committee chairs as they worked to launch this organization and to plan challenging and interesting programs. I am proud of the growth and development that has occurred in our founding year and I know that you join me in expressing appreciation to each person who made this year such a success. Further, I look forward to the coming year since I know that the new officers whom we installed today are well-qualified and the plans which they have already begun laying out for next year are exciting. I look forward to seeing the continuing progress and growth which is sure to come under their leadership….

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National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day American Life League

April 29, 2008 | By | No Comments

UPDATE: School Officials direct student (our Diva!) to remove Pro-Life T-shirt. DEVELOPING…


The Penta-Posse L to R: Baby-Boo, The Dancer,

The Diva, The Dude, The Dreamer

The Roe Effect Today is the Sixth Annual National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day.

The bright blue t-shirt shows a baby growing and growing then black — nothing. So simple even school age children understand what abortion does.

So compelling that even the teen-aged Dreamer donned the shirt.

Our five wee-ones will be wearing the garment-billboard today at school and around town.

Here comes trouble.

Our public school system is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic party, Planned Parenthood and the teachers’ union.

(The only debate allowed is who would be better for the country, Obama or Hillary. And how awful Ronald Reagan governed and when global warming will kill us all. War is not the answer, etc and etc…)


National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day So our city is our mission field.

The schools will not be happy to see Pro-Life T-Shirts. We will be setting up a legal defense fund when the sheriff comes a-calling. Details to follow.

The American Life League sponsors the annual trouble-making event. The legal eagles at the ALL non-profit have provided a helpful handout for the students if they are confronted with the intolerant abortion lovers.

Free Speech in the public schools? We’ll see.


Growing, Growing…Gone Pro-Lifers are the new Progressives.


Thank you (foot)notes:

UPDATE: It took 8 minutes before one of the Penta-Posse principals called — comparing abortion to the disruption of “liquor, cigarettes or guns…” The school is really unhappy with the Pro-Life T-shirt. Your Business Blogger(R) was most polite. DEVELOPING…

UPDATE: The school leadership has made The Diva turn her shirt inside out — Charmaine found out and lost her sense of humor — the t-shirt is right side out, we think. A school official asks The Diva, “What will you say when the kindergarteners ask about your t-shirt?” The Diva doesn’t miss a beat, “That doctors kill babies…”

The Diva hits the mark.

From the American Life League,



The Diva protesting at the Afghan Embassy, 2006

She is no stranger to controversyIf you are a student at a public school, you have a right to wear a pro-life shirt to school. Our experience is that most young people who wear a pro-life shirt to school on National Pro-life T-shirt day do not have any problems. Occasionally a misguided school official may ask you to remove the shirt. This is a violation of your rights.

Read more at the jump from the good-guys at the ALL.

The Diva making phone calls for Mike

at the Huckabee for President headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa

Video Credit: The Dreamer

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Did Mike Huckabee Change His Positions During the Campaign?

March 31, 2008 | By | No Comments

CPAC_08_SAT_penta _posse_Huckabee_culberson_panoramicvisions.png

Back row, L to R: Belinda Culberson,

Congressman John Culberson, Mike Huckabee

Front, L to R: The Dancer, Baby Boo,

Miss Culberson, The Diva, The Dude

Back ground Bob Wickers, Charmaine

Credit: Panoramic Visions/CPAC 2008 The Purple State-New York Times has a video on Mike Huckabee’s campaign. The clip claims that Huckabee changed, modified his positions once he became popular and donations came in. (Oh how these liberals love evolution…)

The narrator makes the assertion that Huckabee “compromised his position” on the conduct of the war.

The Purple Stater implies that Huckabee grew in office and had to change his positions on the war and immigration to satisfy big-money donors.

Two problems with the PS-NYT clip:

1.) Huckabee remained constant on his positions, and

2.) Big-money donors were not all that big.

Goodness, it would have been nice to be tempted by big donations. But the temptation was easily avoided because the really big money; wheel barrels full of cash weren’t there.

Alert Readers will recall that funding for Huckabee staff had to be cut back after the loss of South Carolina by 3 points to McCain. Most of the campaign workers were released, resigned or worked for free.

The clip speaks of Huckabee being “cavalier on going to battle.” This is a liberal interpretation, of course. In that there are no wars of which liberals approve. Huckabee as governor was most sensitive to the responsibilities of the leader sending soldiers into harm’s way. And that Huckabee saw this as a weighty — a deadly responsibility.

Just as he exercised the death penalty in Arkansas.

“Cavalier” is precisely the wrong word.

The New York Times gets Huckabee wrong. But this is not news.


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Thank you (foot)notes:

Charmaine Yoest, Ph.D., served as Senior Advisor to the Huckabee for President Campaign.

Purple States: Huckabee Reviewed.

I would suggest that this clip is designed to malign Huckabee for his “deep conviction for life.” Abortion is the sacrament for the liberals’ theology.

Purple States is less Red than Blue,

“This election season, we aren’t interested in hearing politicians and pundits talk about what the people want. We don’t want analysts to trot out a list of issues that have polled well, or polled badly. We don’t want one campaign to focus-group-test a pitch here, and another campaign to focus-group-test a pitch there, and use the results to divide and conquer. We are tired of hearing about who is jockeying for first place in the presidential horse race. This election is about more than politics, politicians, or political science. It is about us.

We want to see a mother of three with medical bills of over $15,000 ask Mike Huckabee how his health insurance proposal can help her. We want to see a pistol-packing Republican ask Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama how they propose to keep the country safe. We want a man with Mexian-American [sic] grandchildren to talk with John McCain or Mitt Romney about their immigration policies, and be challenged by the wife of a construction worker whose livelihood is being threatened by cheap labor. This is Purple States. There is no filter and no script. We are a group of citizens who look like America, going nose-to-nose with the candidates and each other, asking the questions closest to our hearts, wrestling with the implications of this choice for us, our families, our communities, and our country.”

I’m not sure about the compassion of Purple States for the plight of immigrants when they can’t spell ‘Mexican.” This is liberalism defined: All heart; no brain.

Alert Readers know well that when compromise is presented, it is always the conservatives who must move. When does the liberal democrat change on abortion?

Purple States is run by Cynthia Farrar, Ph.D. from Yale University. Your Business Blogger(R) and Adjunct Professor of Management would challenge any reader to identify a pro-life conservative in the political science department at Yale. I would suggest Dr. Farrar is pro-abortion and wants a ‘pro-choice’ president. And uses Purple States to move the country from Red to Blue.

Special appreciation to Lisa De Pasquale, CPAC Director, The American Conservative Union. About CPAC 2008,

“… A showcase of the heart and soul of American conservatism”

Los Angeles Times

“… Unmatched in both the numbers it draws and the quality of speakers who appear”

The Politico

“ The nation’s premier gathering of conservatives…a key event for conservative candidates ever since the first gathering was held in 1974.”


Bob Wickers of Dresner, Wickers and Associates, is the genius behind the filming of the Huckabee TV spots. His firm is based in San Francisco (!).

Please email me any spelling corrections. Extra credit for the Alert Reader…

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