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Reasoned Audacity in Writing

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Mother in the Middle

Co-Authored by Charmaine Yoest

“…The authors explore the conflicts of employed mothers who are criticized for not being home with their children and stay-at-home moms who are denied recognition by a society that defines success by career title and income level.” – Chicago Sun-Times

“Mother in the Middle … reminds us that for families to function well, they need both mothers and fathers, each performing their unique and irreplaceable roles.” – Wade R. Horn, Ph.D., Assistant Secretary for Children and Families, Health and Human Services

“Thumbs up for … attempting to answer the difficult question of what can be done in the public sector to recognize the importance of motherhood and children.” – Leah Dobkin, Columbia School of Social Work, for Three Village Times, New York City

“Mother in the Middle is an indispensable resource for every dedicated mother…” – Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Toward Tradition, Radio KVI, Seattle, WA


Free to be Family

Co-authored and Editited by Charmaine Yoest (1992)

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Book Chapters

Teenage Pregnancy

“Contraceptives Fail to Prevent Pregnancy,” Teenage Pregnancy, Stephen P. Thompson, Book Editor, Greenhaven Press, Inc., 1997, other contributing authors include: Barbara Defoe Whitehead, Joe Klein, Charles Murray, Douglas Besharov, Charles Krauthammer, Donald Lambro, Barbara Vobeja, Suzanne Fields, Kristin Luker.


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